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Question by Yo momma: What makes a home , a home?
Why do you call YOUR home , “home”?
is it your family or the house or memories?

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Answer by CrimsonSnow
“Home” encompasses many aspects. The obvious surface answer,
a home is house, a shelter, a place to sleep. However, your question runs very deep! Making a “home” is a primal drive for both men and women. Mothers strive to create warm, safe, joyful, peaceful surroundings for her family. Little girls begin ‘playing house’ very early in life. Likewise, men ‘work’ to bring home enough money to buy/build/sustain a house, food, necessary provisions for life.

But I call ‘home’ the place where I’m known well and still loved and accepted.
“Home” is a place where your soul finds peace, security and rest.
True ‘home’ is in the arms of God. If you think about it, only when we
have finally arrived at that place where we can be completely known, accepted, loved, safe and comfortable do we call it ‘home’. Here on earth, ‘home’ can only be temporary. Parents die, houses burn, memories fade, families change, relationships within families change.
There is no guarantee of a permanent, place of acceptance, and security on earth. So, at least for me, ‘Home’ is in the arms of God.
Knowing He loves me and loving Him. This way, I am always at home,
because I’m always secure, safe, loved and content.
If you are looking to create a ‘home’, I would say creating a place that is safe, relatively clean, (because order gives us a sense of peace),
a few items of beauty, regular simple meals that can be shared (brings people together for a joyous celebration – food!) and strong loving leadership – parents/guardians who are both just and lovingly merciful.
There is nothing more powerful than knowing you are valued and loved.
That makes ‘home’…. it is a state of mind and heart.

I’m glad you asked because it made me realize what I need to give my family and what it is I long for!

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