Work home jobs – are there any Lagit work from home jobs?

work home jobs

question of ang : is there any work from home jobs Lagit ?
Envelope stuffers, and so on, no good work at home jobs, and how would you check before you pay, if not a scam Best Answer:

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They are all scams. If you want to work from home, try day care. It pays $ 135 per week per child.

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J0 – the master definition of “job” and the test of “full employment” openREDtools #
Work home Jobs
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* I FEEL fully employed, so I’m fully engaged …. EVERYBODY wants * to create more jobs. But it seems to me that our system for driving jobs for our supply to meet all of our needs is very reliable, completely gebrochen.Zum example, how can the Cameron govt claim to create a lot of nice new jobs for us when the economy crashes down the drain, yet again? [Apparently] How to tell the Office for National Statistics, the unemployment percentage decreases if any popular poll suggests that more and more people can not afford their daily bread, how come the greatest economic brain, that buy money may, if all gathered in their high masses, in order to assess the latest cure for all our woes, when they look at their huge tables and say: “… hmmm Treble-dip recession here we come, and searching for jobs are still up? That’s odd, “and then just go back to their wine and canapes and the photo shoot of himself shaking hands in the same old uniform display of fake confidence? And how come when we” all doing so well! “That is used only 1 of the 7 well-trained men and strive to complete my little family network? I think it’s because we are. no idea what a job have And because we are so stuck in this traditional old way of thinking, and so emotionally married to our own version of political ideology that we change on ignoring this humongous elephant in our collective economic space to halten.Trotz epoch progress in all other areas of life [actually, I think, because of them], we combine still no effective system to the correct points on how we run the Wirtschaft.Unsere ‘Jobs’ factory is still far back in the dark ages now, when? You want to make the right amount of something, you first need to know how to count it …. Back in the day when unemployment was fortunately demonstration of a stark, upper wild guess [often turned quickly from a surprise and unruly of a mass mob of near-death starved wannabe workers arrive awkwardly outside number 10, followed fresh from their long walk all the way from … Ohh .. Where? … Jarrow, say!] … Way back then counting tasks was easy! Take a sharp, little boy fresh out of compulsory education. You go to him about his father shipyard. Work pay him the going daily rate for each hard day. Fine him for each decline, so you do not break the company coffers. And keep in mind that every day, until he drops dead – some 50 years later when he hat.Oh luck, and you pull a token payment of his salary in a friendly society deposit so he can claim it back, when he no longer work for him and his to keep in bread and lard … Oh, and a few shekels per week floats for his union heads of its kind just to stay afloat. And a small fine as its contribution to the king to helfen.Und is a Job.Keine probs! … Fast fwd 80 years, and things seem a bit komplizierter.Für the beginning is the mistress Pay now works. So we have to cover them for jobs. Thus, a family needs more than a job, now …. [Or is it? …] And the typical working crazy. It was maybe 8 or 12 working hours per day, 5 or 6 days a week. Sunday: illegal. Peace and church nur.Und now? Forget church. Euro-philes say any more than 35 hours is cruelty. Doctors are working 60 to 70 hours. Most vacancies I see on store windows round tell me 7.5 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours tops and Self-employment “totally flexible.” – To be successful, that is – has 80 hours of hard work. 7 days a week. [Often without paying;! Sometimes without sleep] And we said that the country must now compete with all the sweat shops in India, China and Brazil … At eye level! … Workers are never going home? But David say that your statistics, that only * one hour of work per week * equal to ‘One Job’ is …. Hmm? Surely not! … Back in the day, meant unemployment “is a confusing little effort, where many of those pesky Northern work types to be lazy instead of grinding our beautiful kingdom share in world trade” is not. Unemployment was not really a question for the working classes dann.Grundbesitzer were not looking for work, they were looking for guidance their rent and square footage yields up. And the banks and political classes were only ensure that all of their accounting books entered twice and ordentlich.So nice job count was like a bean-counter side issue behandelt.Aber now? Unemployment affects just about everyone … And then there’s the other question is how long we want to work, and if you would be happy to pass: We have to go to school for 14 years, working for another 50 years with [ luck] and then retire [humble] for a final 5 years, say [and with even more luck], but now we are going to school for 21 years working for 0-44 years, then [luxuriant -. compared ] retired for another 15-58 years [plus 44 more years, if you had actually never worked] … Does this mean that we need more jobs, fewer jobs, or just the same number of jobs per average UK issue now ? *** What the bleedin hell is: A job and some work that you do, * is * a job, and some * not * a Job.Wenn I go to school, I’m not in a job, [but I could] get paid. But if I’m an intern trainee in the work, I’m in a job [tho probably unpaid]. If I’m exhausted caring for family, I’m not in the job. But when I put my clogs and pop has to take a professional nurse, she is in a job, if I sick, I’m not leaving for a job because I am “economically inactive” [or “scrounging scum”, depending on your particular point of view] – irrelevant to the economic master plan [apparently] .. . But when I come back dutifully to work for another look, I would find that it is ready no work ready for me! And that I am now forced to take on the dole … Only now [you could’t make this up!] – ‘Excellent’ – I am now the “economically active”! A bump ‘returnees’ to the UK success story [holding the pills, David] … All this is because the system is designed only for historical, based on money nitpicking, not as an active tool for future-oriented mass entrepreneurship. Who cares how many jobs we need tomorrow Well, I care …. And then there’s paying the dirty question: Obviously, if I were sampled in the next govt stats labor market survey, I was able to show how a beautifully used 100% of community population size 1 [Unpaid work for family business – profitable or not – is considered to be fully employed.] And Age Your tireless but well passed retirement age mother, who could still be part-time work in their church for pocket money, say? Well … it would be counted by the Tories [and labor, and the Liberal Democrats, and George, and the Germans, and the U.S. and the IMF – but perhaps not the Chinese and the Indians] to contribute a shining example of One Whole, full-economically-active, growth-driving, blue-flushed Private Sector Job What? And if you go your energy bills through the roof, and you can not travel afford to work, and bread sky rocket and meat has become a luxury, and you can not pay your rent [because your salary was ‘modest’, or because landowners their losses back to balance and walking it up] and your savings in the bank as rewarding as much toilet paper … . Does it still that you keep the same number of jobs as you were last year? If a graduate of the University of leaves with £ 30,000 debts and receives a diploma job earning £ 16,000, on a 1-year contract. If the exit is the same as a 16 year old school and connection Tesco durable, with no debt, earn £ 12,000? If the average living wage for a singleton is £ 25,000, is how many jobs need the land, in order to create, for to cover? 1 job 2? No idea? If the UK average wage is about £ 20k, and a council CEO is a region of young spoiled unemployed on £ 120k, he considers himself just a job? … or 6? And when the Olympics actually had 10,000 new jobs on an average of the last 2 years invested, it is now true that Boris’ employment gap in London has just vaulted up from 10,000? … Or just 400? [10,000 living wage / 50 yrs desirable working life * 2 years real job longevity = 400 healthy family lives] And the hordes of volunteers Let’s not coy here: they were good citizens waiving their rightful [and worthy of] salary for the good of the nation, as advertised ? Or were they [inadvertently] labor dumping;? ‘selfish’ destroy the chance of a real paying job for all other [Or were we all just manipulated blindly into a mess on the importance of the actual work – only for David’s numbers look decent ] But when volunteering was really the answer then, why not Lord Coe volunteers, as well why he was paid about 2 or 3 times the salary of our Prime Minister? [I think we all can always be excused really, really confused now! ] And when a banker – the one that says for his services to the banking industry through the last lose AM, Knight was beaten – then to tighten our entire economy is fired Did he just lost a job for his incompetence, or is his modest pension.? of 340 grand a year, until he finally released his clogs at the ripe age of 122 or as one continuing jobsworth include in the bank [he finds] keep * his * household nice in cozy gloves? And as many jobs as its financial incompetence actually destroy the rest of us? Any guesses? If Sainsbury and Co-op say, were too early a full-time, withdraw Senior High-salaried employees and were then to take take three minimum wage temporary part-time unskilled workers his workload would David say then that he had created only 2 more net private sector jobs? Or he would fess and say that he actually does nothing at all done? Or he would go further and add even more honest and that the majestic British economy had shrunk by just a little? And if your job is sharpening pencils pencils if nobody uses anymore, or if you are just weeks drilling for oil run mainly by the oil to … Are you still “fully engaged”? Or do we need to create another job for you: URGENT [So that you might sleep nights, confident that you will not tacitly condemned to a long period of systematic unemployed man suffer abuse, brutally dealt out by the Jobcentre “respectful”? [# 1 their service promise] you mistreat as “yet another long-term benefits-scrounging good for nothing lazy piece workshy scum! “] [Yes I was the white feather of female distrust and despise given yesterday And yes:.. It made me angry bad] And if I really do not like my job … Or is it just does not fit my family needs is? that a person is well-tuned a job? Or not? David has something else has to do for me, or I’m just picky and selfish? And if a million impoverished EU migrant workers would come rushing to our shores, too hectic Dyson-up this plague of microjoblets that David strategically scourging our promised land with that seeking migrants could in fact be able to feed all * their * families [said because when all is said and done, David, we are all people in the same lifeboat on this], David would be right when he says he just another million green-job-private shoots for material created or does he has just lit the fuse of his own political time bomb? … If you measure with this is woolly, you can say just about anything you want, without a trace of fear, she had found out that actually tells the unholy unholiest liegt.Sie ​​can bluff and plow on, but I do not want you to claim competently. And you certainly can not claim to be in control Not if this is important … The basic problem is:.? What do you want David [or whoever is responsible] for target What do you want him you ? more One minute he says: Britain is booming, look I did increase GDP, the next he is crowing:! Britain is booming; look GDP is below, but I did work up then it’s down wages, but! he ensured that inflation Thurs not gone, the roof, or it exports up [we can only see all that our city streets are to turn the ghosts!] And if not all of this enough! He even new “happiness” survey comes for you to show us all how professional he really doing well … I think he’s just afraid he might be, * his * job verlieren.Es’s just not worth listening to more ! Why can not we just focus one thing only, a measure which is the same for all [No need for embarrassment, that this is the only primary target, George -.! No need is too large, with all the banker-friendly economic buffoonery mate] Sache.Eine Just one thing, if there is a shortage, it means that it came at the time the tough transition: And quickly, if there is more, it simply means that all the better for unquestionable. all is …. Well, I think that’s es.Es is a redefinition of the role and amount of ‘One Job “…. Each job definition must be easy for several crucial players in different ways, however, it must all still add up meant a single, coherent and successful people insgesamt.In the old days, a job for a working family, you had to earn the full reasonable expectation standard of living for the whole family, for a whole Generation.Dies was the same for the employer, but he only needed it for as “a full week’s pay for a fiscal period of 50 years [at which point a full-time need schoolleaver would be brought in to replace the full-time retirees] ausmachen.Die Romans, the denarius had: [ In ancient times it was given a simple task-based monetary unit A coin for a day’s work sufficiently met for a daily bread journeyman] And that’s worked well for home carers to -.. usually the wife and grandmother – behind parallel to work scenes would make the whole family unit of a man enjoying wage. Yet this did not need external measurement because it was easily treated at home, as a matter of common sense. So the real work at home they made was not as “job” ever counted [This is where our system was not future-proof right from the get-go. we confused ‘job’ to ‘pay’ and called all unpaid as “economically inactive” … now “economically inactive” ! financially crippling We put the bean-counting (temporarily), but we will destroy the value of the Community and Enterprise …] And, economically speaking, if your employer they worked – say in a shipyard – it is meant that the ships were built, and that ship jobs were filled, and the trade happened, and taxes flowed and good ol Blightie books were filled. All good.Noch easy! [Ish] It worked because the ‘job’ was the atomic unit of the good Enterprise, the good economy and the good life. [intended no pun] But if the money value varies wildly and when family is not family anymore and if all working family members adults want and in the care of the organization and when working to shrink life spans weeks or days or hours, and when human life spans distance and when school is not flowing into the work and if retirement is not the retirement anymore and if the services mean unemployment is not incomelessness and when company comes and goes in the blink of an eye, and when leisure becomes a profit source, and if the most profit doesn ‘t need no employees at all! … All that beauty and simplicity of control … It is easy to mash! … So I think the answer is over again anfangen.Um again from the top, at the very mother, what we all really want. And to define a job unit that works at this level. Only when we have made clear, we should then go down in a detailed economic systems and nitpicking …. My video shows, what I should think as’ One Job “werden.Das understood at this top-level nature of it at the time [not money, roles, salaries, locations or head count]. A job here is the time equivalent of the total available habitat time in a typical family unit dargestellt.Ein part of it is used in the work. This is necessary, the duty to raise and transform a sufficient amount of profit in the family camp for producing the quantity and quality of enjoyment time they expect essential. [By the way covers, enjoy time to sleep in a warm bed]. Happen to work for this time, it must be a company to do the work activities to be hosted. So there is a space called a factory. But at this level there is no real difference between work and home. So the house room and the factory space connected at the hip. It’s not all Unternehmen.Sie can work without a house. And you can not work without a house. [It is only recently modern life that we found specialized space and time to such an extent that we now see these things as a completely separate and get really frustrated when the numbers do not match … is more beautiful] is the lucky End product: With his hard-earned products transforms the family their own pleasure at its own tacit stock of Joy [remembers how the fact that beautiful memory of last summer family holiday in Majorca] mean Sun Mrs Jones is happy and goes to Mr Jones.. And Mr. Jones is happy [easier] and feels good about his self-worth, and he appreciates his work as a matter of honor and dignity among his peers. And little Tommy Jones sees his father on the way and respects and loves him buy him toys and play with time to football with him, and sees his mother smooch him on the sofa … And so he wants to be just like his father when * he * leaves school [School implied in this model – part pleasure, part-time work]. And little Alice Jones sees her mother enjoying her shopping spree, and sees her mother smooch her father, and is jealous. . And so Alice wants to grow fast and get married, just like her mother did [By the way, cooking and cleaning is really time to work in this model: only refined production and Enterprise Improvement] And so socially One job is the same as a wonderful, healthy little micro-community. An atom of a good Gesellschaft.Alles seems good to me! Yes And look, we do not even have the concept of money yet we do not need an economic policy!. We do not need a government growth. We do not even need a government. [David is out of a job!] Everything just kind of happened! [Actually, I think that the role of the state implied in this model, the .. within the ongoing dialogue of family and in the fine man-woman family values ​​that drive their collective positive behavior for the good of the survival of the whole.] And companies here just the other side of the coin is the same life. It is a split Sache.Es are no production and services. There is no need for a distinction between public and private sectors. No Third Sector, no NGOs. Charity no. Not capitalism. No Socialism. No social enterprise. No left or right. No pointless Small Government / Big Society mantra … Everything is just nonsense modern pulp and mess that only serves to mess up this true, uniform meaning of Enterprise. [Bring him confused so completely that no one knows what they should do more.] There is no “economically active” and “inactive”, there is not even an “economy” is not! There are definitely no free market. There is no market! [But I guess it’s * free *!] And there are no paid vs. unpaid jobs, non-profit vs. not-for-profit companies, not volunteering, not slavery. That’s redundant Denken.Es only the ability, time and positive behavior. All together in this space: a volatile, living in the bubble infinitity the human cosmos. Life …. And I think the sum of it all – the figure – is what I call mind: the beauty of the whole, healthy, keeping in perfect sync with harsh reality. The daily life ticking like a faithful Standuhr.Es is the spirit of full employment [Faulty spirit and cracks will quickly start to appear everywhere.] … Furthermore, change the positive side effect of this desire-time joy-loop: the Company is in the process of positive change work. And the family is built to get positive to benefit verändert.Häuser process. Factories get set-up and repair. Resources get depleted. Workers weary. People age. To develop relationships begin and end. Specialized roles, and in particular the development of social hierarchies. Technology developed and perfected. Community formed and developed only gereift.Alles necessary and naturally over Zeit.Diese development can be observed at any time as its state of balance. The company around. And the community around. [FREE views of the same thing] And we know about this mission through accessible information about it. By what we perceive and memorize. And how we feel collectively and talk about our world. It is stored in our language and in our ideas …. I want to emphasize the concept of profit at this point. . [There is no concept yet of a modern business organization and so accounts and no tax: There is no money, remember] But it is Profit.Aber I have the whole idea of ​​’profit’ rewired * result is not here what about after the workers left all paid off, it’s what. the family with which to begin, it is desirable to afford living off hat.So the product of any applicable income of the employee profit, as wage And the income from that is the profit as a family pleasure in exploiting its payroll. And any difference is the profit lost in the universe as Abfall.Und profit only exists because it is fed from a rich external source of some sort [as the sunlight that contributes to our little piece of heaven.] In this model, profit the medium of joy live. Without them: no Leben.Es a critical commodity is but I think it is really best seen as “waste”, not as “asset” your stock profits can either be rate-limited or finite supplies.. In any case, it must always be used efficiently, minimizing any waste that is otherwise only perhaps by raising the chimney gehen.Durch waste it, you * are * a desirable option margin [profit here has its ancient biblical sense. Gut. It is what we all seek a common sufficiency. By good, positive social manners and behavior . Through Good Enterprise] … By the way, “austerity measures” in this model is a ridiculous concept: Mrs Jones refuses to buy enough food to feed the family properly so, Mr Jones, he finds work as less then [for some reason known only to himself!] Mrs Jones instinctively nags him work even harder, cos she is [strange] not only as happy as it was yesterday! [Carry on, David!] … The absolutely critical thing about profit, though, is this: * Earnings are equitably distributed, providing for the welfare of each member of the family, with due regard to the merits, it deserves, and the utility that they [I hope you do now. my point is to see here: the “prize” was a mistake to only accounting dirty word for some, and the money in his one and many, many others, and it has screwed us badly! I say we have it all ass-about-face: if there is any evil in profit, it is not the existence – it is important in this model – no, it would be in the evil * distribution * should be there that ever approved be.] Another way to win this concept is to see themselves, not as a “title” to a merciful. long and prosperous life. Even as the jealous heir Papas cash cow. But see themselves as “lucky tramp”, a random settlers; through grace, what or who knows, given the * option * authentically pursuing your own vision of the good life dream jetzt.Ich am very happy here and I should at this point . It would mean that I and my friends can now survive with confidence. I can now – will be filled with hope – authentic. This plot of land on the planet, the squat from me, this temporary territory … My * Home *. My * job *. Is the mortal * value * for me. I measured it at my peril. And I struggle to the death benefit to him is really the life blood halten.So * option *. And hence “field” or areas that represent valuable not at all! Mr Jones … ‘square footage on the ground is of no value * without * his work, and without Mrs. Jones’ wishes and helpful habits, and without a factory to work, one that explores the products that the joy of his mistress fit in is harboring and without the ability of the whole continues to churn out the right amount of family joy, every day, for all Zeit.Es is the whole that is of value, not any single factor in itself. [If you sell or rent anything were in this model, one could only validly Price The Opportunity – independence business plan, so to speak -. On an all-or-nothing basis] So if we ** on the concept of territory and land ownership were now lead, and then a monetary value for time occupied it: Rent. And then, if we offer this rental business prospect as a going concern;. And it was called “value property ‘Well, we’d completely lost have to point the only thing * I myself am * I The only thing of value!. is * my life *. [If I’m wrong on this, then the house prices crash of 2008 and the global collapse of the Western banks and the destruction of the euro by greedy Spanish land speculators and construction tycoons of them is awesome ‘invest’ in all the pleasure domes of Kubla Khan, that they may dream – with not a person willing to go in one of them … If all this land and property in intrinsic value, then all this is just a sign of healthy vitality of modern economic success! ? … Yer right, David!] … So benefit and opportunities, and a lifetime of joy and goodness to society when properly integrated, and when properly by us as * The Spirit of full employment * are estimated, all really just the same. morally equivalent. Economically wichtig.Gut …. Right! Good? Everything looking very solid, but still hopelessly hypothetical … Would I vote for one of these? [Where is my crystal ball? …]