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Question by vivienleigh06: Leaving home for NYC?
My parents are always planning always wanting me to do things their way. I love them & I know they love me, but I need an out. Suicide has been often contemplated, but lately I don’t think I am ready to die. I have always wanted to move to NY, but I know that if I tell my parents they will disagree. I am 19 going on 20 in September. I have about 2000 dollars in my bank account, and I have a friend who will be joining me. I just need reassurance. Anyone with experience. I don’t want my parents to hate me for doing this. Can anyone offer up any tips. I found a hotel in Manhattan starting at 79$ a night. I guess I am running away, but its not illegal since I am 19…but I just can’t tell my parents until after I am gone. HELP! I am driving myself insane.

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Answer by LJ
First of all, you are not running away. You are just moving out. You are of age. I was younger than you when I moved out of my parents house and lived on my own. And yes, I came to NYC.

But I came here to go to college. I had a reason to come here. I had a place to live. I had money to live on.

You are not in the same situation. The fact that you consider it to be “running away” is a bad sign. The fact that you have only $ 2000 do to this on is a bad sign. The fact that you are considering moving into an unsafe situation like a $ 79 room in a crummy hotel is a bad sign. the fact that you have previously considered suicide is a terrible sign.

You sound like you might be suffering from depression. Perhaps what you really need is to see a counselor. Yes, you should get out of your parent’s house, but in a more practical way. Try moving out to someplace near you, that you can afford, first. Find someone to talk to. And then, after taking care of your own well being, you might decide to move here.

But don’t move here to “run away”! You are only running away from yourself!

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Bayonne Bridge
Work From Home Nyc
Image by andy in nyc
From the archives. I’m not sure that I can adequately explain the thought process that went into taking this photo. I hadn’t uploaded anything to Flickr for a while, which always gets me itching to go out with my camera. It had been raining hard all the previous night. I’d also been working all day, despite it being Presidents’ Day, a holiday for most workers here, which put me in a somewhat irritated mood…

So out I went, late in the afternoon, in search of somewhere new to take photos. And as such, I ended up in the middle of a swamp, with a bag full of lenses and my tripod, photographing arguably Staten Island’s least glamorous bridge under threatening, overcast skies.

I was so muddy by the time I returned home I had to throw everything I was wearing straight into the washing machine – forgetting I’d left a 512MB compact-flash card in the pocket of my jeans until half way through the cycle. And yes, it still works. Consider that a strong endorsement for Sandisk cards…

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