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Joseph Wilkerson House, Boydton 1–Spring 2010
Work From Home Nc
Image by Universal Pops (David)
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Boydton in Mecklenburg County, Virginia has an unusually large number of old houses for a town of about 500. Part of Boydton Historic District, this wood Queen Anne was built by Joseph Wilkerson, a contractor, in 1912. The front façade has both a gable and a dormer projecting from the central hip roof, each with a round-headed casement window. A two-story bay is marked by the gable projection, containing large windows on both levels; these windows are six panes wide of two different sizes, 12 smaller on top and 6 longer on the bottom. Brick steps lead to the porch entrance, which is pedimented; this entrance is flanked on both sides by a turned post balustrade. The porch is wraparound—the main porch and a small portion extending back from the gazebo-like bay, domed with a finial. The bay divisions of the porch are marked by wooden, fluted Ionic column supports for the roof. The single door entrance has sidelights and a segmented transom. On top of the house is a widow’s walk. The cast iron fence with gate was the one-time fence for the Courthouse Square in Boydton to keep cows off the lawn. The Boydton Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places May 16, 2002 with reference #02000511

The house, on a 1.63 acre lot, apparently has been sold. It has 3,844 square feet; online realtor information states 4 or 6 bedrooms, and 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 baths. Online information also lists the date of the house as 1905. It also lists the contractor as Wilkinson rather than Wilkerson. The perennial question—how credible is information online? The foundation of my information is from the Virginia Department of Historic Resources:…

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