Work From Home Jobs In Maryland – Archaeologists Dig at Historic Annapolis Black Home Produces Surprisingly rich booty

Work From Home Jobs In Maryland

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archaeologists at Historic Annapolis Black Home Produces Surprisingly Dig rich booty
Work From Home Jobs In Maryland
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University of Maryland Nachrichten13. June 2011Archäologen dig at Historic Annapolis Black Home Produces Surprisingly rich booty college PARK, Md. – An archaeological team from the University of Maryland is the discovery of an unexpectedly rich haul of household materials from an historic African American home in Annapolis – With less than a week in their excavation gehen.Eine middle class home in 1850, one of the first African Americans to work for the U.S. Naval Academy bought – The team is working on the James Holliday House in Annapolis. They say their findings in detail how a well-off African American family, a middle class lifestyle adapted to the realities of the post-Civil War Annapolis. They are also exploring the family and marital ties to the city Philippine Gemeinde.James Holliday – born a slave in 1809 and freed in 1819 – served as a messenger of the Superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy for nearly 40 years. He took the job in 1845, and five years later bought the house at 99 East Street in Annapolis.Siehe pictures of his current excavation here: / uniini / release.cfm? ArticleID = 2453 The excavation of the Holliday House is conducted by the University of Maryland Archaeological Field School in Urban Archaeology. You are in the works this year on Thursday 16 Completed in June and the site closest Tag.ERSTE RESULTS AND ANALYSEDas team of graduate and undergraduate students began work in the summer of 2010, identifying an intact archaeological treasure trove four feet deep on the site, and attracting a large number of broken dishes and bottles, both whole and broken. These have since been analyzed at the University of archeology lab. The results are here for the first time gemeldet.Die archeology at the site shows the Holliday family for good, especially after emancipation in 1865, based on the quality of the food used to eating, the team includes African-Americans. “In Annapolis displayed the outward appearance according to Victorian etiquette by buying and using imagination, up-to-date dishes, but clearly, in limited quantities, “says University of Maryland archaeologist Mark Leone, who created and directs the Archaeology in Annapolis program. “They have them in small numbers, perhaps for financial reasons, perhaps to dining set their own unique stamp on her., The table saw up-to-date, but the courts do not have a single decorative pattern.” Leone and its Students have a similar approach only in the other 19 Century Annapolis African American households, as the Maynard-Burgess House, found excavated in the 1990s. White families do not seem to have set their tables in this way. “Lack of appropriate sentences in African American assemblages in Annapolis is not indicative of African-Americans are not aware or unable to middle class look like,” Kate Deeley adds , a University of Maryland student of archeology, co-led the work on the site and the laboratory analysis. “Rather, it is a conscious decision to acquire dishes in small quantities and not in matching sets. Nineteenth century ceramics were marketed in etiquette books and newspapers as sets of complementary dishes. A serial production of these ceramics that are available, even the poorer consumers.” analyzes of the dishes from the James Holliday House have shown a variety of different decorative techniques and a large number of different forms court within the Assembly, which corresponds to the trend among African Americans. “Over time, the ceramics at the Holliday house was a preference for the more stylish give types of ceramic, with a transition from earthenware to pearlware, then white goods, “says Deeley. “The Holliday family was aware of the expectations of Victorian society and felt the need to adapt, but with a smaller number of courts.” Medicine and mineral water bottles showed that the Holliday family home remedy used for self-medication, which means that they often did not have access to professional medical care – a pattern in separated Annapolis. African Americans used the same brands of bottled water, according to the work done by Justin Uehlein, an undergraduate student working with Dr. Leone.Zu beginning of the 20th Century the Hollidays married Filipinos of Annapolis. In the 19th and early 20 Century, African-Americans and Filipinos was similar discrimination against whites dominated city. Many Filipinos came to the United States by the U.S. Navy and settled in port cities such as Annapolis, after completing their Dienstes.Studenten and faculty will be blogging from the website: / AIA / tag / james-Holliday House / media for a tour of the site by contacting Mark Leone arrangieren.Medienkontakte Mark LeoneUMD-Archäologe202 841-7832 (cell) 301-405-1429 (Office) mleone@anth.umd.eduNeil TicknerÄltere Combine Media Relations University of Maryland


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Work From Home Jobs In Maryland