Work From Home In Oregon – Upper Klamath Lake from Chiloquin Ridge

Work From Home In Oregon

question of Sara Lena Trenkel : Do I have to pay taxes to California State and Oregon, if I’m Resident military spouse
My husband is active duty military stationed in Oregon, but is a Florida resident. I am an Oregon resident and my job is time-shifted me to California for about 18 months. I plan to come back to Oregon. I’ll still have my home in Oregon and will often visit (weekends, holidays, etc.). I need to pay California state taxes? How about Oregon taxes? Any help would be appreciated Best answer:.

Reply by Mike W
as an OR resident file and CA non-resident (in this order). CA will give you credit for any taxes paid, or your CA income.

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Upper Klamath Lake from Chiloquin Ridge
Work From Home In Oregon
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Mountain Lakes Wilderness, Mount McLoughlin and Sky Lakes Wilderness in the background. This photo was taken from Chiloquin Ridge above Hagelstein Park near Klamath Falls, Oregon gemacht.Dieses image is on the way home from work today (I work in the Klamath Tribal Health & Wellness Centre one day per month).

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Work From Home In Oregon