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question of crystal journeys : How does a foreclosure on a home in NC Working
Someone I know is auctioned her foreclosed home / on Tuesday in Charlotte NC, and I need to find it quick info. How long they will have to get their stuff to get out of the house if the sale / auction will be held on Tuesday? If they have to take off her clothes until Tuesday? Or it is at least a certain amount of time to get their stuff together and move out? I’ve advised her to start packing and moving it all. I also found a place that offers plenty of storage space, but need to find manual work, the stuff out for them. Any suggestions in search of manual labor would move their stuff also appreciated someone werden.Kennt the process? specifically for NC would be awesome, thank you in advance. 🙂 Best Answer:

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So it is in the sales phase of the foreclosure? She did not know this day would eventually come here? It’s almost a 3-4 month period between the date of the reminder was issued or she was before a judge and now you are in luck erscheinen.Nun something. Normally sale / auction a few things passieren.1. Someone makes a successful bid on the property and the new owners. It takes a few days to clear the title and can be recorded at the county recorders office. It has at least 4-5 working days before contacting anyone and tell her she has to bewegen.2 of the new owner. On sale / auction nobody bid the minimum, the property is now the property of the lender. Again, it takes several days prepared and signed by all parties involved, especially if the lender is out of town and not a local Kreditgeber.Da it is now the property of the lender, the lender, in most cases, especially the legal documents that will or has a local real estate broker, real estate sell for any price set by the loan balance. These real estate broker or agent will contact you. He / she expects you to enter a date to get out of the property. You might even be able to move you a bit of money. One could say that the reason why she has not moved is because she has no money. In some cases, they are entitled to them moving some cash, as long as they do not trash the place versprechen.Ich hope that has been of some use to you, good luck.

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Work From Home Charlotte Nc
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