Work From Home Charlotte Nc – Trying to find my spiritual home in charlotte, nc?

Work From Home Charlotte Nc

Question by ms. hardcore: Trying to find my spiritual home in charlotte, nc?
I am looking for a good Church in Charlotte, NC. Here are somethings I look for in a church, and if you know of a place like that, please advise. Looking for openminded, devoted Christians who are accepting of people in all walks of life. Christians who don’t mind getting dirty to meet people where they are. Somewhere that offers bible study and is biblically accurate. Not looking for places that outwardly state women are not supposed to be in authority roles. Accepting of homosexuals and with a large population of young, single fearless people of the Lord. I know, I know, it’s a long shot. Oh, and if you don’t like what I am looking for in a church, please don’t comment. (because i don’t care.) Serious responses only.

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Answer by cristoiglesia
What you describe sounds like the Unitarian Universalists or perhaps the Anglican-Episcopals.

However you said that you are looking for a Church that is biblically accurate and teaches truth and this Church can only be th Catholic Church. It is the Church that the Bible promises will be the “Bulwark and ground of the truth”.

In Christ
Fr. Joseph

BTW- homosexuals are welcome to attend and women are in positions of authority.

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Carnivals, Candy Cotton and You
Work From Home Charlotte Nc
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An orange sunset at my home in Charlotte Court House, Virginia. The title is from a song “Orange Skies” by the group Love on their 1967 album “Da Capo”

“Orange skies
Carnivals, cotton candy and you”

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