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question of PtGood : How much could a home be worth advertising on Google
How much could a company (like Nike, McDonald’s, Toyota, Coca-Cola) to pay to its logo have on the Google homepage for a day? Could it be worth more than a billboard in the Super Bowl? I know that it is not possible, but I wonder how you work it könnte.Wenn work in display or large communications company, please send some information, I’m really curious Best answer:.

Reply by Stuart D
It would never never never passieren.Es would be no call for them, and it would never be allowed werden.Für definitely a period of 24 hours could it be worth over 100 million dollars I think. The knock on effect on the value of the Google brand would most negatively effecting though, as I think in the long run it would be advertising the brand if they like Nike and other bluechip war.Langfristige I think that would be a massive negative impact the two brands, as it would be unprecedented and it would be natural under handed and bustle of the people would be suspicious.

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fido … Google closes FIDO crusade passwords (23 April 2013), … Article 2 replace .. Online registration of FIDO (13 February 2013), … be protected
Work For Google From Home
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The consortium, called the Fast Online Identity Alliance (FIDO) is working on standards-based alternatives for the verification of the identity of a user when they try to develop websites and online accounts login. Founded in 2012, the Group proposes specifications which supports a variety of authentication technologies, including biometric data such as fingerprint scanners and voice and face recognition, as well as security tokens, Near Field Communication and one-time passwords …… …. ***** All images are copyright protected by their respective authors ……… Search Royalty Free Photos and Images – Free Image Finder / pic / index.php? pic = marsmet548 .. Article 1 …..) …. Google closes FIDO crusade to replace passwords …… CNET News … … CNET News Security & Privacy Google closes FIDO crusade to replace passwords in the face of rampant weak password choice group aims to replace passwords for identity authentication, if you are in websites and online Konten.von Steven Musil 23 April 2013 06.40 clock PDT …………………………. img code photo … Privacy …………………………. A group of tech companies, the passwords for online identity authentication replace has a powerful ally Tuesday in the form of Google.Das consortium, called the Fast Online Identity Alliance (FIDO) is working on standards-based alternatives for the verification of the identity of a user when they try to sign up websites and online accounts to develop. Founded in 2012, the Group proposes specifications, a variety of authentication technologies, including biometric data such as fingerprint scanners and voice and face recognition, as well as security tokens, Near Field Communication and one-time passwords unterstützt.Der Web giant Lenovo joins founding members, PayPal, Nok Nok Labs and validity on the board, and chip makers NXP and input device maker CrucialTec, also to the Board on Dienstag.WEITERE ARTICLE … LivingSocial hacked, affecting 50 million … Twitter rolled out a new password security check? … IRS does not believe in warrants to the e-mail “Joining the FIDO Alliance is a great way to get the industry to increase momentum around open standards for strong authentication,” Sam Srinivas, information security efforts lead for Google, said in a statement . “We look forward to continuing our ongoing development work on powerful, universal second factor token as part of a new alliance FIDO working group.” Google has been a significant advance in this arena with two-step verification, which is something the user knows (a password) is combined with something the user has (a one-time code sent to a smartphone with the account). In January release key security officials at Google a paper that said, “It’s time to give, to complex password rules and look for something better.” Despite the vulnerability presented by weak passwords still many Internet users to their safety at risk bring by common words or numbers that are easy to guess. In the past two years were the three most popular passwords “password”, “123456” and “12345678”, veröffentlicht.Themen late last year after a report: Security Tags: identity, passwords, authentication, FIDO, Google, password …. …. Item 2) …. Online registration will be protected from FIDO …… … … You are here: Home »Online registration of FIDO werden13 protected. February 2013 | Leading Internet companies, system integrators and security vendors have the FIDO Alliance (Fast Online IDentity) formed to revolutionize online authentication with industry supported standards-based open protocol. FIDO Alliance founding member organizations Agnitio, Infineon Technologies, Lenovo, Nok Nok Labs, PayPal validity and develop the specification and FIDO-compliant products. The Internet requires users to confirm their identity and application access to many online accounts and services ………………………. img code photo … … fido ………………………… This password authentication is weak due to the reuse, malware and phishing, and lets enterprises and end-users vulnerable to financial and identity theft. Fido standards-based approach automatically detects when a FIDO-capable device is available, and offers the user the possibility passwords with authentication methods that are safer and easier to use to replace. The Alliance promotes FIDO and invites the participation of all companies and organizations that easier, stronger authentication wollen.Die FIDO standard supports a broad range of technologies, including biometrics such as fingerprint scanners, voice and face recognition, as well as existing authentication solutions and communications standards such as Trusted Platform Module (TPM), USB Security Token, Near Field Communication (NFC), One Time Passwords (OTP) and many other existing and future technology options. The protocol should be extensible and open for future innovations, as well as take to protect existing investments. The FIDO protocol enables the interaction of technologies into a single infrastructure so that security options are tailored to the different needs of each user and organization. As more companies join the FIDO Alliance, more applications and technologies are to be part of the solution “The Internet -. Especially with the recent fast mobile and cloud expansion – makes users and enterprises, more than ever before to fraud It. is important to know who you’re dealing with on the internet. FIDO The Alliance is a private sector-driven and industry cooperation to combat the very real challenge of the confirmation of each user’s identity on the Internet, “said Michael Barrett, President and FIDO Alliance PayPal Chief Information Security Officer. “By the users choice in the way they authenticate and an open approach to standards, we can universal online authentication a reality. We want every company, supplier and organization, user identity check to us in the online authentication must easier and safer to come for users everywhere. “” The focus of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) is a call for the private sector in the development of open technology standards, a trusted and safe will lead enable identity ecosystem. FIDO The new alliance is committed to doing just that, “said Jeremy Grant, who’s leading the implementation of NSTIC is a Senior Executive Advisor for Identity Management at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). “I’m excited to see what can the FIDO Alliance members do to improve the type of use, cost effective, privacy protection, to deliver presented innovations in NSTIC interoperable strong authentication.” “IDC predicts that the market has a strong authentication to realize more than 0.2 billion euros sales alone in 2016. This demand for social networking, Internet, Cloud and mobile, all of which higher levels of authentication of governments, businesses and consumers will need driven, “said Sally Hudson, IDC Research Director, Security Products and Services. “We believe that the standards-based, automated solutions as advocated by FIDO significantly contribute towards making this a reality.” FIDO The Alliance is a revolution in the authentication methods that today’s markets demand. Although many authentication systems and solutions consisted point before the FIDO alliance, they were proprietary, difficult and costly to manage and / or insufficient scale. FIDO The Alliance’s goal is to be all-inclusive, incorporating both existing and new authentication methods and hardware with the FIDO open protocol. FIDO compatible smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops with a password dependence and exposure of sensitive information by users are automatically and transparently providing the user’s credentials when they are obliged to ersetzen.50 billion Internet-connected devices expected on the market by 2020, according to Cisco Systems. The FIDO protocol approach inherently supports consumerization trends, end-user a choice of authentication method. At the same time FIDO shifts control to providers to make the authentication from the user transparent and can reduce the risk of fraud. Each site will cause it to better account and transaction security in a position to give and improving their user experience with more comfort, better privacy and protection of persons and fortified Sachen.Heute users are often required to remember a range of security issues, a unique ID to a master password, and may be a software or hardware token, as well. Most users have a handful of slightly varied passwords they use on multiple sites and accounts to access. This cross-use of passwords serious danger if an account is compromised and exposed to the user’s potential fraud of a user’s account area credentials. Providers are always implied when data is injured and exposed personal information on a site or an application. Repeated attempts to better security practices and behaviors do not change user sketching gelungen.Die FIDO alliance committed to overcome prevailing constraints through the development of an authentication ecosystem with a standardized global protocol and required interfaces. With users free to select any FIDO compatible token type, even devices that were previously adapted for use as proprietary and new providers with new protocol-enabled devices can easily create part of the market geworden.Die FIDO Alliance and the open standards, not proprietary and flexible authentication protocol framework to implement cost and improve return on investment by equipment and systems already on the market to reduce to authenticate users. Today more and better security options are available and at better prices. Given new market dynamics and the risk FIDO solves problem for users and providers is broad market adoption of secure authentication now successful gesetzt.Die FIDO Alliance invites all companies and organizations to be active members. Members define the requirements of the market and FIDO specification. Interested organizations are invited to go to learn more and to join the alliance FIDO .. ….

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