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What does ”A loose cannon” mean
EX. ”till the cows come home”.

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Answer by Tracy O
That dude’s a loose cannon, he may go off at any time. Someone with a short temper.

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Lamarck’s work
Translation Work From Home
Image by Darkroom Daze
Plinth beneath the statue of the great naturalist, geologist and biologist, Lamarck (1744-1829), near the eastern entrance to the Jardin des Plantes, Paris (France).

The green stains on the plinth are probably verdigris washing down from the bronze statue of Lamark, above.

Informal translations of the titles listed in the inscription here are, respectively:-

Fossils of Paris Area
Zoological Philosophy [In English at least, the term ‘natural philosophy’ at that time, referred to what later became ‘natural science’ or just ‘science’, not to ‘philosophy’ as in modern usage. The modern meaning of the word ‘science’ is relatively recent (1834 – So Lamarck’s title really means ‘zoological science’ or simply ‘zoology’.]
Natural History of Animals Without Vertebrae [i.e. invertebrates]

These and other important works by Lamarck are available online in the public domain through the Biodiversity Heritage Library. The carvings of invertebrate animals are a reference to some of the treatises that Lamarck wrote, as in the inscriptions around the plinth. He had a special interest in molluscs, and the carvings reflect that, and include a bivalve (upper L), a ‘live’ reconstruction of an ammonite (upper R) with its tentacles. There are other inscriptions with titles of Lamarck’s treatises and other carvings of animals and plants, around the other sides of the plinth.



The key works of Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet, Chevalier de Lamarck (1744-1829) (some of which are listed on this side of the plinth, and others are listed on the other sides) include important treatises on invertebrates, fossils, hydrogeology and botany. He is credited with the word ‘invertebrate’ and the modern use of ‘biologist’. But he also published on evolutionary theory, and this work stands as an important stepping stone from older evolutionary ideas and the Darwin-Wallace theory of natural selection. In fact, Lamarck’s evolutionary work was discredited in his own time by some of his French contemporaries, Nevertheless, Darwin, amongst others acknowledged Lamark’s evolutionary ideas and built on them, not least because Lamarck was the first to seek a rational law of evolution. On the other hand, Lamarck is most often remembered today for his notion of ‘inheritance of acquired characteristics’ which modern Darwinist evolutionists have tended to reject outright and even mock. However, in the light of modern epigenetics research, this point of view is an oversimplification, and Lamarck’s work is due for modern reevaluation.




Photo from the second day of our crazy long distance rail trip from home (London) to Sicily. We spent the first day travelling from home in London to Paris, by Eurostar train, and were meant to the take an overnight train from Paris to Rome that same evening. But our Eurostar train out of London was badly delayed due to ‘a fatality [unexplained – perhaps fortunately] on the train’. So we missed our onward connection to Rome and had an unexpected but happy second day in Paris. We left Paris that evening, on the equivalent Rome service.

By the end of the whole holiday trip we had seen things and sites from ancient Greek time to modern, so the trip felt like a mini Grand Tour. Or given the rich mythology of Sicily, Etna and the Straits of Messina (Odysseus, the Cyclops, Scylla & Charybdis, etc.) perhaps our trip was like a modern mini Odyssey of our times. Odysseus took ten years to get home. It took us ten trains – but no monsters.


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