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Work From Home In Oregon – how far is sweet home,oregon to corvallis,oregon and albany, oregon?

Work From Home In Oregon

Question by : how far is sweet home,oregon to corvallis,oregon and albany, oregon?

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Answer by Skye
It’s 32.6 miles from Sweet Home to Corvallis and 30.3 miles from Sweet Home to Albany.

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73-11-19 Steve Prefontaine competing in and winning the 1973 NCAA cross country championship, Spokane, WA
Work From Home In Oregon
Image by The Happy Rower
Steve Prefontaine competing in and winning the 1973 NCAA cross country championship, 19 November 1973. Pre won the 6 mile race in a time of 28:14.8, at Hangman Valley Golf Course, Spokane Washington, in 38 degree F on a clear and sunny day. About 4300 spectators were in attendance. The University of Oregon team placed number one in team standings, well ahead of runner-up UTEP).

Pre is to the left of the photo behind Weber State runner Danny Dean wearing 404, who finished 191st. This was Pre’s last race as an Oregon Duck. He had red-shirted the fall of 1972 after the Olympics, so he was able to compete for Oregon the following fall after he graduated from that school.

The identified runners in the photo are as follows, left to right by the reference numbers below the photo (photographer unknown, may be by Jeff Johnson who took many photos of this event):

1. Wearing 221/finished 9th place – William Louv, Wm & Mary
2. 24 (dark singlet)/27th – Joe Rukanshagiza, Siena Col
3. 350/23rd – Charles McGuire, Penn St
4. 170/27th – Johan Halberstadt, OK St
5. 145 (hidden #)/1st – Steve Prefontaine, U of OR
6. 404/191st – Danny Dean, Weber St
7. 1 (hidden #)/9th – John Ngeno (head above 404’s left shoulder), WA St/Kenya
8. 310/109th – Michael O’Shea, Providence Col
9. 101/2nd – Nick Rose, WKY U
10. 93/34th – Tony Waldrop, UNC
11. 115? (1st # hidden)/36th – likely Paul Peterson, UTEP who wore 115
12. 19/63rd – David Anderson, Kansas
13. 92/24th – Sam Torres, Murray St
14. 205/7th – Doug Brown, U TN
15. 9/52nd – Keith Anderson, U WA
16. 202/158th – John Angel, U TN

The top 26 of the 210 runners who finished are listed below (the top 26 finishers were designated All-American cross country runners):

1. Steve Prefontaine (U OR) 28:14.8
2. Nick Rose (WKY U) 28:20.0 (won the 1974 NCAA XC championship)
3. Gordon Minty (E Mich U) 28:22.0
4. Neil Cusack (E TN St) 28:28.0 (won the 1972 NCAA XC–Pre red-shirted fall 72)
5. Waigwa Wilson (UTEP) 29:32.6 (3rd in the 1974 NCAA XC championship)
6. Pat Mandera (Indiana U) 29:38.8
7. Doug Brown (U TN) 28:40.4 (2nd in 1972 NCAA XC championship}
8. Cary Bentley (S Dak St) 28:44.0
9. John Ngeno (WA St/Kenya) 28:45.6 (2nd in the 1974 NCAA XC championship)
10. Craig Virgin (U ILL) 28:47.8
11. Ted Castaneda (U Col) 28:55.0
12. Christopher Ridler ((WKY U) 28:56.8
13. Larry Brown (UTEP) 28:58.2
14. Edward Liddy (E TN U) 28:59.4 (3rd in 1972 NCAA XC championship)
15. Edward Mendoza ((U Ariz) 28:59.6
16. Dan Murphy (WA St U) 28:59.8
17. Robert Eden (Duke U) 29:05.4
18. Michael Durkin (U ILL) 29:06.2
19. William Louv (Wm & Mary) 29:07.2
20. Michael Peterson (U CO) 29:08.2
21. Paul Bannon (Memphis St) 29:10.0
22. Terry Williams (U OR) 29:12.4
23. Charles McGuire (Penn St) 29:13.6
24. Sam Torres (Murray St) 29:12.2
25. Daniel Hayes (Indiana U) 29:12.2
26. Jim Koster (Air Force) 29:17.6

This was the third of three NCAA XC championships won by Pre. He won in 1970, 1971, and 1973. Gerry Lindgren of Washington State also placed first in three NCAA XC championships in 1966, 67, and 69. Pre remains the all-time highest-finishing NCAA XC championship top-ten winner, with four such finishes–he placed third in 1969.

The below narrative is derived from and quotes information from the following publications:
The Eugene Register-Guard, uncredited article, Nov 20, 1973
Spokane Daily Chronicle, article by Bruce Brown, Nov 20, 1973
Lewiston Morning Tribune, article by Phil Henzel, Nov 20, 1973
Associated Press newswire report, uncredited, Nov 20, 1973
United Press International newswire report, uncredited, Nov 20, 1973

Pre had to overcome a 50-75 yard lead set early in the race by by British sophomore Nick Rose of Western Kentucky University.

Pre stated: "It was the farthest anyone has ever been ahead of me in a cross country race that I can remember. I thought Rose had gone out too fast–8:57 for the first two miles is something–and I knew that I was coming to the strongest part of my race. My strong point is between the fourth and sixth miles. Rose was very competitive. He went after it [the championship]. I realized that after he had an 8:57 for the first two miles."

Rose ran a 4:20 first mile. Steve Stintzi of W. Michigan, and John Ngeno also helped set the early pace.The three were well ahead of the pack at three miles. Ngeno then faded back, as did Stintzi. Pre and Gordon Minty of E. Michigan suddenly forged into the scene.

After four miles, in 19:10, Rose has still hanging on to the lead, but Pre was running an excellent second, while Minty had passed Ngeno to take third position.

Rose was still up by 20 yards entering the 5th mile and was on top by 15 yards through mle 5. The first 5 miles were completed in 23:40. With less than a mile to go, Pre made his move.

It took Pre most of his strong four to six mile finish to overcome Rose’s lead and pull away to win. He had a slight edge on Rose as they crossed a bridge about a half mile from the finish line.

"I didn’t look around to find out where I passed him," said Pre. "We crossed a bridge with about one-half mile to go; we came to a hill . . . and I charged it, rested it up at the flat and, then, went at him [Rose]."

"I could’a walked it in!" said Pre, straight-faced.

Rose commented,"He caught me and dropped back on my shoulder . . . just dropped back; I was pretty surprised. Then, sat back . . ." As Pre said, he could have "walked in."

Rose said: "I was still with him then and really thought I had a chance. but then he we started coming past the people and they started yelling ‘Go Pre!’ Wow–he went, like a shot. He left me there."

"I was dreaming I had him," Rose chuckled. "I was satisfied with my race, I felt I ran my type of race." Nick would win the 1974 NCAA cross country championship the following year in Bloomington, Indiana.

Pre did pour it on, quipping "I really charged that last hill, just before the finish. I knew I had him then. I think I could have walked in from there, but I just kept my pace and came on home."

"It was a great race to end the [Oregon University] career on," Pre wowed. "Competition-wise, I’d say this was my toughest race; but the course itself was the easiest. It’s very fast . . . and an excellent course."

"In cross country, there are really no records," said NCAA cross-country record holder Pre. "In cross country, every course is different; every course offers a challenge . . . bridges to cross, hills to climb. You just can’t judge. Now, if it was always held here, then you could say it was here."

With the end of his college running career, Pre said, "I’ll be out job hunting . . . hope to work and continue my athletic endeavor. I’m a home-owner, taxpayer and have a lot of responsibility. When you’ve run as often as I have, you don’t have to run as often to stay in shape. I like to compete. I will compete in the mile or the 10,000 meter. But, right now, I just want to retain my rapport with the people of Oregon."

Pre added: "I’d like to run at least two more years and I think my potential as a runner is just now being realized. I think I could run for about another 10 years." But he said he was likely to retain his amateur standind, foregoing the fledgeling professional track circuit for a shot at the 1976 Olympics. [Pre turned down a 0,000 contract offer to turn pro, a huge sum of money in that era]

About pro track, in it’s second year of existence, Pre remarked: "At this particular moment, I’m not really interested. What they’re going to do is try to buy my athletic freedom. They’re a lot like a small-rise circus. That’s the way you always start out [if you’re in a new pro league]."

Pre was quoted a little differently in another story about pro track: "The pro track setup is still very young as yet and if they are to buy my freedom, amateur status and athletic talents, they are going to have to come up with a super offer. Right now I have a feeling they have nothing to offer me. They are still probably two or three years away from being a solid organization."

The six-mile distance was run 1965 to 1975. The NCAA XC race has run the 10,000 meter distance 1976 to the present (6.21 miles). Four miles was the distance run 1938 to 1964.

By the time he finished his career at Oregon University Pre had won seven NCAA national titles: Three in cross country, 1970, 1971, (he did not compete in the fall of 1972) and 1973 and four in the three-mile in track, ‘70, ‘71, ‘72, and ‘73. Prefontaine was the first athlete to win four consecutive NCAA track titles in the same event.

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Work From Home In Oregon

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