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question of Haleydeshae1 : Does anyone know of REAL LEGIT work at home jobs, stay-at-home moms
I really want to work from home because I want to go with my 9 month old son. However, I would not engage in fraud or something. If you have any suggestions of jobs like this, share that you have seen the work, please! Thanks Best Answer:

response from RENEE
I’d say you can do avon?. its not a scam .. they are known for their makeup and skin care products.,. their direct selling business and to start little and you can sell to friends and family at gatherings and to be with your son while pointing magazines .. (:

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Design Quarterly 143 (1989) .. Here Today – Gone Tomorrow … What is a good person – The Secret Police will certainly not promote the episode! (June 23, 2012/3 Tammuz 5772) …
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Now you’re traveling through the Far East with some friends. One night, while your friends are out at a movie, the secret police come to your hotel room and say: “. Your friends have been identified as dangerous spies, tell us where they are – or we will kill you,” Uh-oh!. What do you do? Course turning your friends to do a terrible thing. On the other hand, you do not want to die – and nobody will ever know that you finked to your friends. (! The Secret Police will certainly not promote the episode) you can still have a successful surgeon, nor your beautiful family, yet rich and famous – and still make it home in time for the Harvard graduation What do you do? ……… ***** All images are by their respective authors ………… Pos) 1 …. … / sp / f … HOME SPIRITUALITY STIFTUNGENWas is a good PersonDer human quest “to be good” drives virtually everything we do. In order to maximize pleasure in life, we need to distinguish between “good material” and “spiritual good.” ……………………….. ………… img code photo … What is a good person / images / What_is_a_Good_Person_ (medium) _ (English) . gif …………………………………… 23rd Juni 2012/3 Tammuz 5772von Rabbi Noah Weinberg html We all want to be good, but it’s not easy. If you are a bad person and a good person the same question: “Are you a good person?” Who do you think is more likely to say: “I’m good”? The good or the evil one? The evil! He could take his own mother in the stomach and still think he’s good. They say: “This is terrible How could you do such a thing?” He rationalizes and says: “You do not understand, you asked me to take out the garbage when I do, who knows what she would otherwise for next.. ask? This could go on forever! “As for the good person, he takes out the garbage. But if you then tell him: “I see you’re a good person,” he says, “No, I’m not so good Did you not notice that while I was there, the garbage I bring out my mother. entered the stomach? “” What are you talking about? I saw your mother and you did not kick in the stomach! “” Well, I did not really kick it. But I was grumbling as I carried the garbage. I wanted my mother . feeling bad I was in the middle of a good book, and if I do not register my protest, who knows – they might ask me to do it again tomorrow, “Do you see the difference? The evil man will always say he’s right. He did not bother to be good, so that he never feels a fight. He just assumed he gut.Während is the person who really tried, “good” knows how tough the job. And he is always striving for a higher Ebene.Es is a third kind: The fully righteous person, the tzaddik. He takes out the garbage and says. “It is my pleasure, Mama you work so hard to take care of us, thank you for the opportunity to express my appreciation to express.” —– TWO HEARTS ” wants “and” desires “The struggle for good comes from the two opposing tendencies in every human being to do. A person has two hearts: one to the right loves to do, and one that prefers to be selfish. You have an awareness of the struggle is to develop in you. For example: .. – You want to use your time more effectively, compared to you feel procrastinating like -. You want to eat healthily, over you feel like chocolate cake -. You want wisdom, towards you feel Fernsehen.Ein loves heart to the right do, it attracts others to be selfish. “Willing” is for durability. It is rooted in reality. “Desire” is for the moment, with little regard for future consequences. It is a Flucht.Dieser conflict is between your body and your soul. Your eternal soul seeks permanence. He wants to do all the right things: love humanity, strive for righteousness, his altruistic, sensitive, honest and responsible. Your soul is anxious to erfüllen.Unterdessen their potential, the body tries destined for the grave. Satisfaction for the moment Drawn by comfort and ease, they want to eat, to sleep, to know begehren.Du, it is not right to refuse to take out the garbage, and your heart really wants to be good. But your other heart, the heart of desire, rather inside, where it will stay warm, with a book in Komfort.Selbst time you read this, your soul they came: “Be careful – that makes me!” But your body disagrees. “! All this hard work and concentration is too painful I was just as well as I was before” With every decision, collide the two hearts and a Dilemma.Mit each decision, and the two hearts collide a dilemma. To good to be triumphant in the battle, you need to focus on your innate desire to be good. Remind yourself every day that you want to be good, and do not let that awareness lay fallow. Make yourself look at it part of your way of thinking, and you will have observable effect during the day. They make more mature and effective decisions —– BETWEEN TWO HEARTS Under Scheidenes can be very confusing to clarify what we wünschen.Bitten of what we want you someone. “What is more important – money or happiness?” .. “I’d rather be happy Give me basic food, clothing and shelter -. And then I’ll gladly take a lot of luck Still want what of fool nature a miserable millionaire?” “Okay, give me a week and I guarantee to show you how be happy “” Well, this is an interesting offer … Maybe one day I’ll consider it. “” Okay, I’ll make you a deal:. After a month, if you’ve raised your hand, I’ll give you a bonus of, 000. “Now you see the guy you go in. Why? What is more important to him – money or happiness is happiness important course. But this is only the intellectual understanding of the soul. On the other side of the body is distracted by the sight of these green stacks of bills! Physical lust confused our thinking. Materialism may be attractive enough to think we fooled that are what we really want! Unless you bother to distinguish between your needs and your desires and to clarify what aspect do affects your actions, then you are probably valuable opportunities to reach your goals verlieren.Get in touch with what the conflict is, by two simple questions: What do I want to be, compared to what I feel like right now? What you want to do is usually the right thing, while that which you desire is often what is most convenient thing. .. The alarm in the morning. You want to get out of the bed and start your day. But you feel comfortable like hitting the “snooze button”, and sleeping late. It’s a tug of war. Getting out of bed to a moral dilemma does not matter if you win or lose depends on the loudest voice in the moment of decision is: will the voice, or the voice of Begehrens.Sobald you remember the conflict and the fact that you are struggling you’re able to more listen carefully to the voice of the good heart, and dismisses the voice of the selfish heart. —– DEFINE “GOOD” A proper definition of “good” is the starting point for everything, what you do in life. Obviously you can not just invent your own definition of what is “good.” You have to investigate reliable sources, and then analyze which one best describes the human condition and Wirklichkeit.Seien careful! If you do not work, the definition for yourself, you will end up with someone else’s idea of ​​a good thing you do not want to carry around 20 years down the road and you have a bad Paket.Sofern work your way up the definition, you are on end with someone else’s idea of ​​a good thing in Gaza, the definition of “good” someone whose willing belt. a bomb to his stomach and detonate it in a crowded Israeli Markt.Eine common Western definition of “good” financial success The people are pulverized from depression because they are not successful. “What’s wrong with me, I can not get a job, I must be bad. Get me a therapist!” This feeling leads to the way we consume. Our CD collection, our carpets, our fancy cars are a part of convenience, two parts status. We want to show that we are “good” idea of ​​society. Fit (politely, of course, so do not think the people we are barbarians!) Always ask yourself: Am I the definition of “good”, as what looks good to the fast-food Cable TV Hollywood segment of society or I am the definition of “good” as that which has real meaning, a deep message, and makes a valuable contribution to society? If we can not keep our guard, then we could end up like the rich and famous on the drugs addicted and suffering from depression. Why is the typical image of a movie star one who is involved in litigation, can not keep a marriage together, and spends countless hours in psychoanalysis? In Judaism, is the definition of the good found in the Torah. It regulates how a good man to his friends, family, and society as a whole wirkt.So keep your definitions straight. And be careful. Society definition might end up being your death sentence. —– By your definition STANDSobald you down your definition, then you must stick to it wherever you go, no matter what you tust.Andere will always try your definition of “good” change, especially if it makes them feel bad about themselves. But you have to stand by your own definition, even if others mock you dafür.Warum play Russian roulette anyone? Because he afraid mocked, which is called a coward. But who is the real coward? The one without the courage! About this travesty At the end, instead of living as a coward he dies a coward! The ultimate irony: Loss perception reality Do not let go of what you know —– GOOD IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN LIFE ITSELF .. Imagine that you’re a successful surgeon!.. You’re famous, you’re rich, you have. A beautiful wife and beautiful children You are president of your synagogue, and you’ve just been nominated to receive an honorary doctorate from Harvard University. Life is great! .. Now you’re traveling through the Far East with some friends. One night, while your friends are out at a movie, the secret police come to your hotel room and say: “. Your friends have been identified as dangerous spies, tell us where they are – or we will kill you,” Uh-oh!. What do you do? Course turning your friends to do a terrible thing. On the other hand, you do not want to die – and nobody will ever know that you finked to your friends. (! The Secret Police will certainly not promote the episode) you can still have a successful surgeon, nor your beautiful family, yet rich and famous – and do know it’s still at home in time for the Harvard graduation Nobody will ever! that you finked your Freunde.Was you do? Now we want the ante. What if the secret police, you are asked to kill 1,000 children? “Kill 1,000 children and you can go back to the States, to your beautiful life.” Do you think you will ever be able to do that No, we just do not have what it takes to be angry. (And even if you could bring yourself to kill the children … you would probably go back home and shoot.) This scenario shows something very deep in the makeup of every human being: Being good is so important that we will be ready even for them to sterben.Auch if this scenario is a bit extreme, it illustrates an important principle: If you are willing to give, your life as “good”, then it is no higher goal than his life well be too! Now go and live there! Use this power to understand you! Follow wisdom be as well. Make kindness your goal in life. Be willing to give up everything. Others might call you a fool, but you have to always win when you do the right thing. You are not doing anyone a favor by giving good, you’re doing just what you want the “inner you”. SeinUnser —– Everyone wants great desire to be good is really just the tip of the iceberg. Actually, we all strive to go beyond “good” -. “Great” and nobody wants to be the average. Try saying: “I want to be mediocre.” One can not have the words out! To be great because we are not only well you soll.Möchten the person to discover the cure for cancer or eliminate the threat of nuclear war? Of course! We would all like to rid the world problems and unite humanity in peace and harmony. This is the Jewish concept of the Messiah. He is the world back together to setzen.Ich once asked a class, “Tell me honestly.’s Secret, innermost part of your heart, you have to cherish the desire to be the Messiah himself?” The entire class raised their Hände.Jetzt Here is a deep spiritual secret: the soul, the divine spark within each of us, the longing for union with the source of all life – the Almighty God. And for this reason, every human being, including those not even satisfied is the Messiah. Our soul wants to be like God himself sein.Also, why we want it? Not because we do not want to change the world. But because the effort seems to groß.Die Torah, our guide for Living, offers a way to work toward this problem. One of the 613 mitzvot is to be like God, to his way to emulieren.Wir all have the potential to make a significant contribution to society. The sages teach that everyone should say, “The whole world was made for me!” This does not mean that you plunder the property of others. Rather, each individual responsible for the world. Act accordingly – you’re here to make it just heraus.Es is a lot of hard work. But it’s what we really want. And in the process, you’re going to be not just good, but great —- WHAT CAN I do however ask a young person of today? .. “What are the chances of a global nuclear war in the next 20 years? “You get a range of answers. Some say, 90%, about 20%. How awful! So what are you going to do? .. “I What can I do? The president is responsible! But I’m only one person. Who am I?” In Judaism, we say that if you were the Almighty Himself helps you knew, what would you do everything Well, here’s the good news? God is behind you. God says: “If you try, I’ll help you I want to straighten out the world..” Judaism says, it’s a commitment, become great. This is our national mission of “tikkun olam,” repairing the world. If we withdraw our responsibility, we need to answer for it one Tag.Im Judaism there is no giving up. You want to be great, you can be great, and you have to be large. To go out there and slug. Use your strong desire for size. It leads you, whether you like it or you nicht.Treffen right effort, and God will surely help you achieve ….. 3 Great Ideas start with an income today as Stay At Home Mom 1) Making an income from your favorite hobbies . Many mothers have found that they have been at home, they have picked up on some type of craft or hobby in their spare time between doing loads of laundry or cooking meals. Some of these ideas are bows, blogging, sewing, decorating or baking, household goods, wood crafts, painting for children or home-made home decor items. Is this something that you like, start picking your favorite hobby in your spare time. Share with your friends. Or on social media sites such as Facebook pictures of the items, you can make Open an online store on If your hometown fairs or festivals, book a booth to your products or services. Many mothers find that if they love something they start, they are actually able to make a nice profit on the side. 2) Multi-level marketing companies could stay another object as a mother at home, ‘this society “, which we all know someone in. Most people at first thought the very idea of ​​being in a multi- Level-turned part company. However, many people have great success of these companies, if they put the time and effort into working them. The downside of this business, it is does involve a lot of face time with contacts, and most recommend that the first People who go to you, as the views are your friends and family, most of us
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