Real work at home jobs – every idea into a real home data entry job?

real work at home jobs

question of lionel : an idea to a real home data entry job
Looking for a home data entry job, can anyone help Best Answer:

Henry answer
Unless you are very specific skills, such as graphic design, web design, computer programming, there are no real internet work at home jobs. You will be

bombarded with all kinds of fraud
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Genuine work at home Jobs
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Why? Lifting the veil: wakey wake key ~ It’s time to wake up from the dream larvae. It’s time to emerge from the chrysalis and transform. It’s time to break out the plastic straitjacket step and remove the blindfold tightly around the body and mind bound by unsafe family, indoctrinate school and insincere relationships. It’s time to decide who you really are, what you’re really here – to ask and warum.Es’s time, “what is” work “, which is a ‘job’, what freedom is, and what in the hell is everyone does – and why “It’s time to stop, non-existent illusory money and anchoring disinterested social recognition by to speed your time and energy, the destruction of the biosphere of our planet – time, a real life in a real life world is running but a rat race designed by a pseudo-civilization of heinous architects concrete toilets in a meaningless maze of toxic termite towers leben.Ja, yes, you’ve all heard before and you already know what’s going on. You do not need to talk. You know what you must do. You already know how you could really live, thank you. You are about to get it in your own sweet time, if you have paid your debts, if your family is grown up, if you have some free time to pause and change tack when you retire, if you win the lottery. If you’re good and fertig.Sicher, buddy. Sure sis. You to get around to doing the right thing when you are dead – in your next incarnation on a planet that has helped you to thoroughly degrade and ruin – if you are born again in Bangladesh and Mongolia, and Sub-Saharan Africa rather than in a better, blessed place where you can actually be free and make a difference, like here and jetzt.Es is time to find ways to share what remains of our beautiful planet with honor and without guilt. It’s time to decide whether a life of truth and beauty to live or to die for a lie, you know, wrong. You have already chosen your actions and “lifestyle” are your choice, and the time has come to rethink your choices and make your new Schicksal.Es is time to realize why you look so incredibly rare and privileged life that you actually have the space, mentality and leisure time to sit back and read you have given this little polemic. Now is the time and the person you are on the spot. They are the ones we need to save the world – now, at this critical juncture between past and future. Life for life or death for the death? Select. Jetzt.Das system is designed to make you think that you are either on the road to material success or sliding doors are a slippery slope to failure of a loser, but it is designed to ensure that you will fail in the end. “Company” is set to anything you build or create will be taken from you, to ensure piece by piece, of plaice plaice, and select each of you, stolen to inherit it. Lazy obsolescence is in everything that you have been sold and everything you are told gebaut.In modern societies, all-consuming, you are taxed more heavily than all the old feudal serf, and even if you buy something outright you have just begun to pay for it only with what you can ever really own – your time. The time of your life is from those who you taxed for the world to vote on behalf of remote controls, who think they “own” and stolen. There are many alternatives to manipulate their systems, but they are all carefully verborgen.Die you most people base their whole life – plans, hopes, fears, dreams and strategies – for brainwashing by the time server in it programmed outdated assumptions. Smother their children in regimental uniforms and do not care enough to notice how playing time is attenuated, as mind restrained and retrained freedom in uniform dullness. Follow the footsteps of torpid boobies and wonder why a regimented life is boring sad. Subservience to by thousands of years of warring feudal lords Trained humanity can only by detours, which continues to approach lead people astray absolute truths (and long-term survival). Schooling is not education. It is a system in which an open mind successfully closed, and all that is not forbidden mandatory. Guaranteed ‘Modern’ education that always cheats prosper and that tyrants and liars always prevail in the “real” world outside of the Economy and Finance. Today’s educational institutions are developing stupid money factories to extort obedience voluntary slaves. No intelligent independent heads are found in them, no one can überleben.Schulen it, colleges and universities are swamps of brainwashing, cultural imperialism and mindless training for non-destructive jobs that will soon cease to exist – developed training meters to in the current needs of the industry ownership run by short-sighted paranoid sociopath to serve. They are the birthplace of hierarchy and corruption. You know it’s true. Any real learning is achieved is irrelevant. Scores and achieved a comfortable job where you can lord over others are everything. Learning and knowledge are secondary victims Ziele.Das system is manipulated by and by by and for the worst elements to ensure that only the most egregious people climb to the top of the dung heap and thrive. Only the worst control freaks and insecure jerks with killer instincts’ claw their way to the summit. You know it’s true. There is no “survival of the fittest” (or even the most adaptable) involved. Companies are involved in change and evolution, but in security, status, and stasis. And sooner or later stasis always mean extinction, not the Überleben.Aber you may be different. This will allow your children. Deny the loveless death of blind conformity and confirm a free loving life with each action. Be what you wanted before it to harm “not always be. If you meant well and as the multiverse provides. Choose. Jetzt.Die people are bigger than their straitjackets., You have the power to remove any blindfold and widen your vision, if you choose., you have the ability to concentrate, to meditate, to think and to liberate. Only you can do it. Only you can to rid yourself, heal yourself, to grow and learn. No one can do it for you, and who says that she is a liar, that you must avoid. And you have to do these things before the time or die blind, lonely and unvollständig.Sie are a psychic immortal, the exactly what you will get created. Only when people develop the inner divining and dowsing the facilities they are latent in all conscious beings capable of truth from lies-able to actually say, to know the truth., you can only be free if you drop all this culture system and to learn how to open your inner eyes. You can only decide what is what, what to do and why, if you allow real personal insight to haben.Willkommen on the new Aeon, a time will finally set as dangerous ancient myths to rest and healthier new legends from the ashes of yesterday ignorance entstehen.Ein easy way to learn the truth is to ask two simple questions, “Why?” And “Who Profits?” Keep this liberating queries in mind as you continue to progress … Here’s a handy list of dangerous myths we need to lay to rest (and drive stakes through the heart. Repeats). “What have you done to the world ?, Dad / Mom to save ‘Lie # 1:. The planet will absorb mess people machen.Es is not – not visible in any time frame from you, we will all be dead before the planet repaired and replanted unless , we go and clean our messes, stop the destruction of the living resources, replant entire continents of forests and weeds and nourish them for generations, starting yesterday. deprived Most brain, corrupt “leaders” seem to think that the planet has only .. repaved are not “solutions” to fall for her plaster Opt out deadly “civilization” and help you start fresh companies in the green living world beyond the Mauern.1b: Trees are a renewable resource. Forests grow again if we do not cut them after they are unten.Das. You do not have it. If the soil has washed up, went for the seed and rainfall is gone (because most of our forests to make rain, and store most of our fresh water) you have killed the most interesting, nourishing and beneficial plants and animals inherit a desert of sand, clay and rock. It takes centuries for trees to be large enough, with large cavities enough to support viable populations of animals – including humans. Forests without animals are exposed shaggy dead zones deprived Nährstoffe.Idioten are still cutting down trees for money if it provided better, cleaner, cheaper, and completely renewable solutions for everything from natural forests available – for everything except clean water, food and air ! Somewhere near you, right now, today, cut down a forest. Help all who try it is to stop. Jetzt.Ohne global forests will fit you not to drink the water to breathe air not fit and have to eat any plants. The truth is not “out there” – it is obvious to one who actually blinkered eyes to sehen.Lüge No. 2: is not dangerous for the ecosystem or the people burning fuels with deadly toxic gases, and we need to to do it to be a prosperous civilization to tanken.Es. We do not. If you do not know about better technologies that are already available to vampirise your head in the sand with the dust in the ‘realists’, in search of another oil field or coal seam. Some developed nations are already fueled entirely by clean, renewable energy. Literally hundreds of patents for new energy technologies are literally suppressed and stolen by “intelligence” and “military” in the name of the ruthless killer corporations every year. Clean, free energy systems have for over a century removed on the market and over again, along with their investors (see / search / label / free% 20energy ). A name should be sufficient to explain much, Nikola Tesla.Die truth is not “out there” – it is actively suppressed all around you. Why? The answer is a nested series of onion skins, the Russian dolls of money, control and power around an inner core of ultimate frightened uncertainty gehüllt.2b: man-made global warming is a lie by some unnameable group dispersed to control our lives and We have not ärmer.Ist. Instead of greed planet killers who make tens of mining and sell toxic and unnecessary products – The fossil power people have you been so successful that many or most people have convinced ecologists have some interest in misleading she lied. CO2 is a greenhouse gas “, whose levels, global temperatures have bestimmt.Ob for billions of years, we inject enough heat into the biosphere in order to prevent an impending ice age cycle or simply create a global desert, every industry, the carbon dioxide in the biosphere squirts as a byproduct of pumping far more deadly chemicals in your body all the time, in the interest of profit meaningless. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying or is just ignorant.Jedes time someone says that carbon dioxide not a greenhouse gas, or that manmade global warming is a lie, they ask for some data – no real facts – and you will not be those who are unable to get constructs of half-truths, misdirect distractions and lies people are heating the planet with toxic emissions independent of. industry shills and clandestine ignoramuses say (see nexusilluminati.blogspot .com/search/label/co2 .) Time for an inconvenient and little appreciated fact: If climate scientists say there will be, say, a five degree Celsius increase in global temperature, they are talking about global averages – including sea temperatures, which is unlikely to rise. A ‘five degree average rise “a TEN DEGREES rise – or more – in the country (outside the tropics) – where you and everything is possible for you to survive makes lives actually forget drowning drown cities and islands -. Everything what is left is desert and dust when we allow our “leaders” bribes from dust in ‘realists’ blind competitive to halten.Es is no truth on the side of profiteering companies, surprisingly enough – and the only “invested interest “Environmentalists have is the desire to survive and thrive Have you heard of the precautionary principle, if you have not, google it The truth is not.?.” out there “, it is quite simple: the use of toxins by toxic fuels to make profits for toxic monopolies run by toxic people angeheizt.Berechtigt DocterdsLüge No. 3: “. formation is liberation” We are repeatedly informed that it is not. Learning is liberation, education is quickly red indoctrination. The most dangerous, authoritarian ignorant are those who stayed in school the longest. No one with a doctorate is completely healthy. Can be trusted to heal No one who cash in exchange for the sick, demanded the rights and freedom of others protecting, repairing or the ecosystem education, they know nothing of truth and are part of the problem, not the solution. Everyone who benefits from another misery, hardship or terror is actually functional, a heartless Soziopath.In “Advanced” ideas today more people die from medical errors than from any other cause. Only a few years ago docterds ensure that just about everyone in the “developed” ideas had organs removed from the body “just in case” something went wrong. Each child was expected that their tonsils and adenoids (lymph nodes) have, appendix and wisdom teeth “removed”, just in case their docterd could not afford a flashy car or another lover. And many an operation led to another in order to correct the errors in the first. It was all bullshit and almost everyone fell for it because of how priests and lawyers prevail docterds entitled to a false monopoly on access to life and death and only by terror. See / 2012/09/16/freeing-god ‘s-slaves-the-e … Today, fluoridation, toxic vaccines, toxic medications and a variety of other techniques give slow death and eternal dissolution on the incredibly patient ( trusting, ignorant and scared) Patienten.Siehe / search / label / fluoridation and / search / label / vaccines your health and mind are in your hands. Sawbones / surgeons may occasionally be useful in an emergency but best avoided at all other times. From time to time you can so much damage you need some repairs, but done the only real cure you, yourself to your body. The placebo effect – which, if you believe that you will be something to cure it, regardless of whether it has any active or not – is estimated from reputable sources as forty percent – that’s 40%! This means that almost half of all cures are widely accepted as a principle magical-consciousness-driven – in nature. The other sixty percent as gut.Zeit for a few WahrheitenCui Bono? Who profits? Who is he truth # 1: Who benefits? No one who does not have another planet or two readily available profits from old-style industrial societies. To destroy an entire planet and civilization – so that they can have surrounded a car or other flashier mansion complex of bodyguards and electric fences, but there will always be some deluded people in power willing are millions to töten.Es always those who so they have successfully brainwashed actually believe that Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Messiah, a Savior, a large bearded genocide racist asshole in the sky, his fallen enemies or his mythical toady son real – and these make NAIFS fine booty for patriarchal pedophile priests proselytizing pederasts. Who but the ignorant innocents fall for such superstitious drivel? Who but an insecure control freak with delusions of grandeur would like to keep yourself as an intermediary between you and your divine psychic heritage in between? Anyone who tells you the Divine is only by some gowns wear po-faced priest, or a Bronze Age tome as a merciless and barbaric dictators, or cobbled together by an idol or guru or scholar who is lying. All that some odd bod God or other fetish simply trained “worship” to doff the forelock, kneel, bow scrape, and be subservient to a dead or mortally psychopathic control freak. Attention, little girl! Bums on the wall, guys Christinanity, Islime and idiocy – to name just a few – are nothing more than some of the newer destructive heresies death focused on lies of the pie in the sky at the expense of happy, healthy life in the only real place – here and now. All other “great religions” are as bad or worse. Religion is a region with a li (s) in it. But they make huge profits tax-free! Cui bono? Truth is always simple. The only beliefs that are true, are the ones who spread the life, light, health and diversity – the marks of the true wisdom and survival. Everything else is deceptive Bullshit.Wenn you really learn how the deity who want to access the birthright and crown of all beings, all you have to do is listen to the endless programs through the wheel of the rat through the head – and transcend. Anyone can do it if they try, but the younger and fresher you deprogram yourself and tuning in “higher” or “lower” consciousness the better start. See / search / label / Meditation and / search / label / magic if you learn how you will wollen.Aufklärung always be available, to every true seeker with an open mind and compassionate heart. Guides are always available if you are looking for simple, but won accept no substitute for self-confidence – and anyone who demands money in exchange for spreading the light of universal consciousness is no person you with nothing to do.The Lore of the country Truth # 2: There is no government. There is no law. There are no companies or corporations. There is no money. They are fables, illusions, widely accepted truisms – but they are not the things. They do not really exist, except as agreements between people. You have no own power. They are clever perishable Illusionen.Wenn you will look closely you will notice that none of the laws in your country faces in every fact. In fact, you will find that your nation is just a term, agreed a fable of a cut segment some of the people, not all, and not necessarily the most, but only those who have the most to of the fable profitieren.Nein “higher power” or external “divine plan” or government controls your life. No dog, no masters. You are God (of the). All man-made laws are simply designed and made treaties and not written in stone. The only real proper law is the lore or karma and dharma – the “Golden Rule”: Treat others as you want by be performed. It is the only law and lore that works, and does not advocate or interpreter, not a priest, monk, scholar or scholars to preserve at all times or transfer. It is free for all, for immer.Der true law is no secret and has no officers. It needs no prophet, liars / lawyers, judges or arbitrators. As above, so below. They are part of a giant hologram, where the whole is more than the sum of its parts and each part contains the whole. In a holographic universe in which everyone shares the same consciousness is everything you do or for someone else to pick something that you do not ridicule yourself or for your tun.Mach to you that “good deeds for others fruits . ” Of course they will. But everything you need for your children, family or strangers you are actually doing, to do for themselves. Taking care of your family more than any other is quite understandable on a mechanical, biological and genetic level – but it is also the basis for the worst traits of humanity. Racism, genocide, slavery, and most forms of discrimination are outgrowths such as “love”, which is actually at the root of selfish. Everyone is your Familie.In fact, all of you, and you are all, for you are God (of the), again the manifest world from moment to moment on a level above and behind linguistic Denkens.Fülle and scarcity: There is Falseconomy, stupid Truth # 3: Money does not exist. It is a global pyramid scam in which only the first ones in at the top of the pyramid – everyone else loses. We have the ability to provide everyone on the planet with sufficient food, water and shelter – but we do not seem to have enough to do from an entirely imaginary commodity to it. Something is very wrong.The “science” of economics is bullshit, as any true scientist can tell you. Arbitrary rules are constantly changing and no “economists” can make accurate predictions on the basis of “economy”. It is just another scam to make you think know “authorities” what they are doing and can be trusted to look out for your best interest. Lol.Geld is simply made up. It’s created a keyboard in a jiffy. It’s all made easy by (in) personal interests with “interest” invented. If the illusion is so arranged to make it appear that “economy” going downhill you go, the pipes circling – but the banksters, monarchs and dust realists, the actual, tangible things have not, as we all should recognize. This happens regularly and repeatedly. I will not go on – see / search / label / banksters and never take out a loan. Do not use banks. There are many Alternativen.Werden They live as independently and as sustainable as möglich.Menschen told they have to pay money to live in a patch of the planet, and because they have been trained to a great number of lies that of feudal societies of vile robber barons of gunmen they run just accept it umgeben.Menschen accept told they have to go to school every day and work to provide enough food, water, shelter and entertainment for themselves and their families. It is a lie. This has only happened because we diligently allowed robber barons and banksters to steal everything and arrange it so when we. A wide range of much better ways Now, at the beginning of the third millennium, the new revolution has begun and strive forward diligently, and new processes automation nanotechnology, such as 3D printing mean that the jig is up. Full “employment” is no longer possible or desirable. Now we need to provide shelter, food, water, transport and other necessities for everyone, even the rich, free – for now at least, we can, if you at any job that does not heal the planet actively work to actively destroy almost certainly!. If you make it to destroy debt. When you flush a toilet in a river or the sea, if you fossil-fueled transportation to and from work or power your home (and nuclear fuels are fossil fuels, too) you’re destroying it. If you do not at least growing some of your own food and drugs destroy you. If you leave your children in some regimented school (or even a daycare) to mindlessly raised to do and the same as you have been subjected to brainwashing, you have to destroy it – and ihnen.JUMP OFF – If you on a treadmill with no easy way out, but just jump and you take your chances caught sind.Sie be so glad you did competitiveness = Death Dealer Truth # 4: The “killer instinct ‘is not instinct – it is a result of the training Bullies!. and psychopaths made, not born – and they can not be made if you want to catch, retain and retrain them early enough without bullying children do not learn, hate, fear and struggle Non-Racquet children do not learn to be submissive Bullies need of… separated other children until they can be trusted with them. The same goes for Erwachsene.Der only reason to have a weapon, is murder. They are made for no other reason. They are the cowardly distance trade death weapon of choice. Only people afraid of their neighbors have guns – and that, of course, terrified their neighbors. Violence begets violence and weapons attest weapons. You are feedback loops. Gun ownership is always an arms race, the stupid doctrine of mutually assured destruction written for petty hoon crazy, scared cowardly and immature idiots who likes to threaten other small. Anyone who wants a weapon – as anyone who wants a presidential – is exactly the person you do not want to deal with a vertrauen.Zulassen of weapons possession in human society is a form of collective madness. Or governmental Swat team – No Popguns will save you from a modern army. You will only get you more quickly and safely killed. That is the real lesson of modern history for all who look interested, do not fall for the lies of the gun profiteers. In modern conflicts, the survivors are those who avoid the fighting successfully. Save your money and save a life, you can not have peace with a gun in his hand, and it is almost certain that no one is on one you want if you do not. War or peace, you can not serve two masters. Select. Jetzt.Alle free societies have a nice time without weapons population live constantly under a sword of Damocles. The U.S., for example, is not a free society, but one that corporatocracy has had its freedoms, since surgically removed neoconmen assured King George II stole the (p) resident. Freedom is free. How could it be otherwise? If you have to defend or promote something “freedom” to do, it is not the freedom and you are not free. The opposite view is oxymoronic Absurdität.Flaggen only colored rags are used to connect sacrificial lambs eyes and cover her mutilated body. href=””