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Question by Christian: Getting a job at finish line help?
I am 16 years old.. I really like shoes and I’m looking for a job. Since I really like shoes I was thinking maybe I could get a job at finish line. I know since I’m only 16 I will probably not get on but I’m going to try but I have some questions.
1. Do they have to be hiring to fill out an application?
2. Is there any good tips or things to to do to get on easier?
3. Do you think they will hire me?
I’m not a bad kid, I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs or any of that, I have a really good personality and I’m really good with people. Like I’m always good at talking to people, and nice. Thanks for reading and no stupid answers. Please help.

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Answer by Freefromdrama
One must be at least 16 years of age to work at The Finish Line.

Well first from what I read provided by people who interviewed at Finish Line you need 3 references to ‘clear’ you until they offer you the position. Therefore since it appears you had no prior experience you need to speak to three (3) people NO family members to attest to your character i.e. polite, friendly and outgoing, honest, dependable. The references could be i.e. school teacher, pastor or priest at church, club you belong to in or outside of school, volunteer assignment, mature family friend or friend’s mother/father, neighbor, etc. Please ensure you have interview attire, i.e. dress pant in black or navy, long sleeve white shirt or blouse, closed dress shoes i.e. loafers, tie up, flats or low heels in black. Below are interviews shared by people who applied. Lastly read the website to find out i.e. how long in business, types of products, best sellers, community involvement, reward cards or credit cards etc. Good Luck!!

Interview Question – How do you handle friends or relatives when asked to use your employee discount for them? (ALWAYS state you would never allow friends or family to use your employee discount card)

Sales Associate Clearwater, FL
I applied online and the process took 1 week – interviewed at Finish Line in August 2013.
Interview Details – I was called about a day or two after applying. Had a few phone call conversations…. the “so tell me a bit about yourself”” line and were pretty basic.
I came in the next day for the real interview. It was extremely basic. He just went up and down my resume and had me talk about my experience.
Nothing too hard to worry about.
They pay on commission too. It’s like $ 4 something an Hour plus commission which is only 1% of shoe sales and higher for accessories. Seem’s difficult to sell 4+ pairs of shoes an Hour, especially on a slow day.
Interview Question – What would you do if you couldn’t find someone’s shoe size in a particular shoe? A: Get them another pair that is in their size.

Interview Questions
•Why do you want to work at finish line? Answer: I love shoes, sales, and competing

•What are weaknesses?

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On Line Jobs
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