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Make money at home Jobs
eyewashdesign Year peak of A. Golden
New Yorkers protest against the US0 billion (U.S. billion) Wall Street bailout Wall Street, New York – 25 September 2008VOTE your conscience at 04 November 2008 Photo by: a. golden eyewash design – c. 2008.Freunde, The richest 400 Americans – that’s right, only 4 to 100 people – more than the combined bottom 150 million Americans! 400 of the richest Americans have gone more than half of the entire country hidden! Their combined wealth is 0.6 trillion dollars. In the eight years of the Bush administration has increased its assets to nearly 0 billion – the same amount that they requested we give them for why they do not just spend the money, according to the “bailout”. To save Bush from himself? They would still leave distribute nearly a trillion dollars over the course they are not under going to do that – at least not voluntarily. George W. Bush was handed a seven billion surplus when Bill Clinton left office. Because the money was our money and not him, he did what the rich prefer to do – spend it and never see again. Now we have a 0.5 trillion debt, the seven generations take to recover from which is. Why – on – has – – soil type – – our – “representative” this – Raiders – Barone – $ US850 billion – of – OUR – Last week, my own money proposed bailout plan?. My suggestions, listed below, were predicated on the unique and simple belief that the rich must be drawn up by their own platinum bootstraps. Sorry, folks, but it drilled into our heads one too many times: THERE IS … … no … FREE … LUNCH TIME ~! And thank you for encouraging us to hate people on welfare! So, it should have no benefits from U.S. FOR YOU! Last Friday, after voting against the bailout, in an unprecedented turn of events, the House flip flopped, her “no” and said “Yes” in a rush version of a “bailout” bill vote. DESPITE THE PEOPLE, the overwhelming rejection of the bailout bill … DESPITE millions of calls from people CRASHING Washington “representative” “… Despite CRASHING OUR PHONE LINES politician Sites … In spite of hundreds of thousands of people protesting all over the country … They voted for this bailout! The first people on Monday with the House succeeded, but failed to do it with the Senate and then averted the house ON U.S. TO! It is clear, but we can not protest just continue without this respect is exactly what we think it is this idiot should / ‘ve do / a. So, after consulting with a number of people smarter than Phil Gramm, this is the proposal, now known as “Mike has a rescue plan.” (From Michael Moore’s rescue plan) It has 10 simple, direct Points are that you do not, but should be able to:. 1. Appointed a special prosecutor, who prosecuted the INDICT anyone on Wall Street who knowingly contributed to this collapse Before any new money has been spent, should the Congress shall have by resolution to criminal Track all that had something to do with the attempted sacking of our economy. This means that each person, insider trading, securities fraud or any action that helped bring about this collapse have committed and MUST go to jail! This Congress should for a special prosecutor who vigorously after each, the chaos would be created, and anyone else who tries to scam the public have called in the future. (I like playing Elliot Spitzer ~ it a little hanky-panky … Wall Street hates him and that’s a good thing.) 2 The rich pay for their own bailout! you may live in 5 houses instead of 7. You have to drive 9 cars instead of 13 maybe. The chef for their mini-terriers need to be reassigned. But there is no way in hell, after forcing family incomes to go down over 000 dollars during the Bush years, that should have the working people and the middle class to shell out a penny for the next boat she really needs the purchase unterschreiben.Wenn 0 billion they say they need, well, here is a simple way they could raise it: a) Every couple of makeing a million dollars a year and every single taxpayer, the more than 0000 a year was to make an extra 10% tax for five years to pay. (It’s the Senator Sanders plan. He’s like Colonel Sanders, only he is to fry the right chickens.) This means that the rich would always even fewer have been paying income tax than when Carter was president. This would increase total 0000000000.b) like almost every other democracy, it should be a 0.25% tax charged on each transaction bearings have. This would more than 0 billion collected in one year haben.c) Because every stockholder is a patriotic American, stockholders should receive a dividend check for one quarter have dispensed with and instead the money would go to help the state treasury, for the bullsh * t Rettungsaktion.d pay) 25% of large U.S. Companies currently pay no income tax. Federal corporate tax revenues currently amount to 1.7% of GDP, compared to 5% in the 1950s. When we raised the tax BACK to the level of the 1950s, this would give us an additional 0000000000.All this combined would have enough to have to stop the catastrophe. The rich would get to their homes and their servants and our government to keep the United States (“a country!”) Had a little left over, some roads, bridges and schools repair, would be … 3 You would save the people losing their homes, not the people, an eighth HOME build! There are 1.3 million households in foreclosure now. That is, what is the core of the problem. So, instead of give the money to the banks as a gift, they should be down any of these mortgages are paid from 0000. They should force the banks to renegotiate the mortgage again, would have to pay so the homeowner to its current value. To ensure that This assistance is not to speculators and those who make money by flipping houses tries to leave, should have been the rescue package for people who are primary residences. And, in return for the 0K to pay down the existing mortgage would come the government, to share in the ownership of the mortgage have, so it could get some of his money back. Thus, the total initial cost of fixing the mortgage crisis at its roots (instead of with the greedy lenders) is not 0 billion, 0 billion .. And let us make clear conditions for people who are not in default on their mortgages. “bad risks” They are our fellow Americans, and all she wanted was what we all want: a home to call their own is lost to fall. But, during the Bush years, lost millions of people, the decent had paid jobs. SIX MILLION fell into poverty! SEVEN MILLION their health insurance! And saw each of them their real wages, 000! Those who look down DARE made on these Americans who were having a bad break after another should be ashamed. We are a better, stronger, safer and happier society when all our citizens can afford to live in a home that they besitzen.4. It had an agreement that if your bank or company GOT ANY of our money in a “bailout” Then we would be his own YOU. Unfortunately, that’s how it goes. If the bank gives me money so I can buy a house The bank “owns” the house until I pay it all back -.. with interest Same deal for Wall Street Whatever money you need to stay afloat, if our government considers you a safe risk – and necessary for the good of the country – then you can get a loan, but we should have you, if you default, we will sell you this is how the Swedish government did it and it funktionierte.5 ALL RULES SHOULD have been restored… been. The Reagan revolution is dead! This catastrophe happened because we have the fox the keys to the henhouse. In 1999, Phil Gramm passed a bill to all regulations drafted remove governed Wall Street and our banking system. Law passed and Clinton signed it Here is what Sen.Phil Gramm, McCain’s chief economic adviser, said at the signing Bill. “In the 1930s … it was believed that the answer was the government. It was believed that stability and growth of government was overriding the functioning of free markets. “We are here today to repeal [that] because we have learned that the government is not the answer. We have learned that freedom and competition are the answers. We have learned that we promote economic growth and we promote stability by competition and freedom. “I am proud to be here, because this is an important law, it is a deregulation bill. I believe that the wave of the future, and I’m awfully proud to be a part of so you have it a reality. “So that this does not recur, you should have removed that BILL! Bill Clinton could have helped by efforts to the repeal of the Gramm bill and the restoration of even tougher regulations regarding our financial institutions. And when they were done with that, should they should have the regulations for the airlines, the inspection of our food, the oil industry, OSHA, and any other person, our daily life have restored influence. had all regulatory standards for all “bailout” enforcement monies attached to them and criminal There are consequences to all Straftäter.6. If it is too big to fail, then that is to say, it’s too big! So the creation of these mega-mergers and not enforcing the monopoly and anti-trust laws has are number of financial institutions and companies allowed so great that thought highly of their collapse in an even bigger slump in the economy. No one or two companies should mean ever that kind of power! The so-called “economic Pearl Harbor” can not pass have when hundreds – thousands -. of institutions where people have their money, if we have a dozen auto companies, if one goes belly up, we have not before a national disaster if we have three separately-owned daily newspapers in your town! , then one can not call all the shots media companies (I know … What do I think? Who reads a paper more? Sure glad all those mergers and acquisitions, leaving us with a strong and “free” press!). laws should have put in place for companies as large and dominant that with one slingshot to prevent the eye drops and the GIANT DIES. And no institution should be possible to set up money schemes that no one knows his. If you can not explain it in two sentences, should not attend someone money! seventh NO executive more ever than 40 times their average employee will be paid, and NO EXECUTIVE, any kind of “parachute” but the generous salary HE OR YOU MADE to receive while working for the company. In 1980 the average American CEO made 45 times what their workers made. By 2003, they made 254 times what their workers. After 8 years of Bush, they now have 400 times what their employees make on average make. As we have admitted this is done in corporations beyond reason. making in the UK, the average CEO 28 times what their employees on average make. In Japan, there are only 17 times! The last thing I heard was the CEO of Toyota in the lap of luxury, live in Tokyo. How does he do it on so little money? Seriously, this is an outrage! Do we have the salad, we are in by the people the top become bloated stop beyond belief with creating millions of dollars. to be! Not only should no executive who help you benefit from this mess of it gets, but any executive who was responsible for the management of his company into the ground FIRED should before the company receives a help sein.8. Congress, the FDIC has strengthened and made him a model to protect not only people’s savings, but also their pensions and their homes. Obama voted to propose expanding FDIC protection of people’s savings in their banks by 0000. But has this same kind of government, our insurance never about whether the money they put away for her age, it will be given to worry. This should be stricter government oversight of companies that meant their employees manage money have – or maybe it means that the company would have forced them to turn over those funds and their management to the Government of People’s private insurance must also be protected, but perhaps it is time to think, not one as to retire at the casino? The stock market investing known? Our government should guarantee a sacred duty, that no one who grows old in this country to becoming worried about the destitute hat.9. Everyone needs to breathe deeply, calm down, and not let FEAR the rule the day. Turn on your TV, we are NOT in the second Great Depression. The sky is not falling, Chicken Little! experts and politicians have lied to us and so FAST FURIOUS it is hard not affected by all the fear-mongering be. Also, I wrote and repeated what I heard on the news last week that the Dow had the biggest drop of 1 day in its history. Well, that was correct in terms of points, but its 7% drop was not close to Black Monday in 1987 when the stock market in one day lost 23% of their value. not withdraw in the 80s closed 3000 banks, but America out of business. These institutions have always had their ups and downs and eventually it works. It must not because the rich do not like their wealth is interrupted, you have a vested interest in calming things down and over again in their whirlpools before they hatch in their millions of high quality sheet to drift off into a peaceful, vodka tonic and Ambien-induced sleep . As crazy as things now are, have tens of thousands of people a car loan last week. thousands took to the bank and got a mortgage to buy a house. Students simply rediscovered college banks more than happy, in the ankle placed for the next 15 years with a student loan. I was even approved for a personal loan Everyone already. Yes, life on the go with little-or-no change (except for the whopping 6.1% umeployment rate, but the is what has happened in the last month) gone. Not a single person lost all of his / her money in the bank or a treasury note or a CD. And that’s perhaps the most amazing thing that the American public do not buy then the …? scare campaign stop flashing, the citizens, instead of saying that take bailout congress and push it That was impressive, why did the people of the horrors succumb filled warnings from their president and his paladins Well, one can only say: ” Saddam has the bomb “seen so many times before the people, you’re a lying sack of shit. After eight long years, the nation is worn out and can not simply can not take more. The world is fed to it and I give them not guilty. 10th should a national bank, “People’s Bank.” have created, because they really are itching to print up a trillion dollars, instead of a few rich people, why do not we bring it ourselves? Now that we own Freddie and can provide Fannie, why not a national bank established? One that low-interest loans for all types of people who want to own a house, start a small business, go to school, come with the cure for cancer or create the . next great invention And now that we own AIG – the nation’s largest insurance – let’s take the next step and provide health insurance for everybody Medicare for all bring it saves us so much money in the long term (not to mention peace of mind.! all). And America is not 12 on the list of life expectancy, we are able to have a longer life, enjoying our government-protected pension, and live to see the day when the corporate criminals who caused this misery to leave the jail, so that we can help you acclimatize them back to the good old ordinary civilian life – a life with a beautiful home and a gas car with the help of the People’s Bank erfunden.PS Call your Senators NOW! —> Since they voted against the existence of the extension of unemployment benefits and hopped out of order “campaign” to us, to be re-elected … call them and tell them you will vote for the other “guy” if they do not get their act together UPDATE: The bailout is a truly Bad Disaster and enabler Pelosi Must GoWir hear more and more reports about how bad the ill-advised banker bailout is handled, multi-million dollar bonuses for old cronies Paulson at Goldman Sachs go billions to finance the takeover of rival banks, so the ” Too big to fail “even bigger, and the taxpayers get an otherwise rotten deal for their investment. We even heard a Republic senator ask how quickly they could be the money it would blasen.Nichts without the complicity of the fawning Nancy Pelosi, who said It is shameful Bush’s proposal to come forward instead of being done with a robust alternative plan. Like Bush, she believes, is immune, she thinks she is unpredictable, and shame on us if we did not do anything to it . to defeat this Tuesday, and replace it with Cindy Cindy is Sheehan.Hier last TV spot Please make any donation you can bet on this ad on the air in these critical last Tagen.Letzte Cindy TV Spot Action page: There is still time for you to make a real difference. We thank all our participants who have already donated so generously to make this campaign what it is. For those who can not afford to contribute, please refer to the help of telephone banking, and there is a link for this oben.Das on the side only, we know is that we continue to talk about it. We must continue to challenge. Giving up is what our current so-called representatives in Congress as vulnerable to, not what we should do. Final victory is assured is not only possible, if we as hard as we can to work for real change, not just the rebranding of the same old guys “Netzwerk.Und we promise, immediately after the election we will go right back to pure question of advocacy work full time to bauen.Bezahlt are still the basis of action for the future of Cindy Sheehan for Congress donations to Cindy Sheehan for Congress are not tax absetzbarBitte act now so that we can win all victories that supposed to be our be, and forward this alert as much as you want möglich.Wenn to get warnings like this, you can do so at www.usalone want. net / in.htm Or if you cease to receive our messages, just use the function at www.usalone. net / out.htm

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