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question of velly1ooo : Is there a connection with online jobs worldwide, where you pay to work at home,
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Bushwhacked! … Article 2 .. Law helps scrap A / C unit thefts – Merritt Iceland (10.18, Oct. 22, 2012) …
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Central Brevard law enforcement agencies have a scrap metal task force to these thefts, which is used to fight a quick source of over-the-counter cash for criminals ………. ***** All images are by their respective authors ………… Header for The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionDiejenigen in the recycling business have to follow strict state laws, such as requires a valid photo ID, which is then photocopied said Rick Gölsen, president of Atlanta Metal. “Everyone, to that we of sign an affidavit buy, “said Gölsen that recyclers have to know exactly what is brought in. pay said:” If it does not look like junk, it’s not to scrap “…….. Pos) 1 …. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution … … HOME> NEWS> Local Updated: 12:55 clock Thursday 23 June 2011 | Posted: 10:07 clock Wednesday 22 June 2011A / C copper thefts a hot VerbrechenVon Alexis Stevens news / local / ac copper theft-a-hot-crime / … The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionAls whether Georgia summer days not already hot enough, some criminals are doing their part to make things even steamier. They will break in air conditioning systems with only one goal: theft of copper inside …………………………….. . img code photo … Atlanta Police … Atlanta police are investigating a truck full of air conditioners adopted in October last year that werden.John taken from the houses in the city’s West End Spink ……………… …………….. It is not a new crime. But it is a title that does not stop signs anytime soon. Vacant houses, churches, schools, businesses and apartment complexes have the latest target in metro Atlanta. And only a handful of those responsible are caught ……………………………. img code photo … A / C unit / shared / img / photos/2012/08/11/b1/f9/a … thieves are increasingly on the copper in Klimaanlagen.Channel 2 Action News …………………………… For about 30 minutes of work, often at night, criminals can about 0 by selling the metal recyclers, when they receive a sufficiently large unit pocket money. But once destroyed, that the same unit could cost to replace the 000th “The money issue is the copper,” Tom Mutz, service manager for Moncrief Heating and Air Conditioning, said the AJC. “You pull it down and take off the outer metal casing and remove the metal coils and each row a set they can get.” Swapping units may require extensive work in a house that also depends on the age of the house and the amount the damage done during the theft, said Mutz. The larger the air conditioner, the more copper in for thieves so popular targets commercial units, said Mutz. Vacant or foreclosed homes are also popular destinations, as well as churches, according to Metro Atlanta Polizei.City of Atlanta police officers responded to 150 incidents obtained with copper thefts only in June after the AJC crime statistics. The crimes have to reach the police, to church leaders invited to discuss ways to prevent further thefts, said Carlos Campos, spokesman for Atlanta police. “Churches, especially the smaller ones, to make opportunistic targets because they usually only on Sundays and Wednesday nights are busy, “Campos sagte.Die crimes were extended to the suburbs, too. Since 1 May Paulding County deputies have damaged about 24 cases of air conditioners or stolen parts, reacts Sgt. Brandon Gurley said the police could AJC.Einige the suspects indeed steal to ertappen.Letzte week, Cobb County police arrested a 26-year-old man was arrested for the air conditioning unit from a vacant house on his own street defendants, according to the warrant. Bradley Andrew Pearson, of Kennesaw, with theft was commissioned by taking and criminal damage after he was captured on video surveillance and by a witness, slide the unit on the front of the house with a set of hand trucks, police mit.Diese week announced were three people with a ring in at least 30 suspects involved in copper by DeKalb County police arrested and more arrests are expected. Dozens of air conditioners worth 0,000 were stolen in the North Indian Creek Drive area alone, Mecca Parish said with DeKalb Polizei.Und earlier this month to steal Hall County deputies two people arrested copper from air conditioners on a primary school suspected that damage 000-0000 von.Aber the problem may be too big to overcome for the prosecution alone, say some recyclers. “It takes an effort between the victims, the police, the recyclers and the public prosecutor,” said Joe Bulat with Schnitzer Southeast, an Atlanta-based recycling companies. “Without one of these four units, you can do with this crime.” Bulat contributed to growing a group a few years ago that in the Southeast Metal Task Force. Based in Atlanta, including 1,000 members of the group police stations and metal companies from all over the city. The group’s website lists warning messages for metal thefts police and recyclers in search of criminals to keep. “I can not tolerate these criminals,” said Bulat. “They give us all a bad name.” Those in the recycling business have to follow strict state laws, such as requires a valid photo ID, which is then photocopied said Rick Gölsen, president of Atlanta Metal. “Everyone that we of characters To purchase an affidavit, “said Gölsen that recyclers have to know exactly what is in. brought pay said.” If it’s not as scrap looks like, it is not to scrap “But copper pipe rarely any kind of mark on them so that it is almost impossible to know where it came from, said Bulat. A can of spray paint is an inexpensive way to would-be copper thieves by painting just one section of the metal with a bright color to scare, he said. “They are not the ones. In their minds, it is marked,” said Bulat . “If we do not receive coils with spray paint, we will call the police.” Other solutions include adding motion lights. An air conditioner or a pressure switch having a home alarm system to alert when a line is cut Aware of the vacant homes in your area is also a good idea to say no Experten.Während copper theft crimes show no signs of slowing, many hope that spreading the word will help in the fight against expensive – and hot – problem. “When you go to pick up cans, pick up cans want,” said Gölsen. “But do not pick someone else cans.” …….. Item 2) …. Florida Today … … Law helps scrap A / C unit DiebstähleSuntree companies discretely identify 20,000 crimes verfolgen10.18 clock, Oct 22, 2012 | …………………….. ….. img code photo … Cocoa, Florida / apps / pbcsi.dll fancy /? & Site = A9 … real estate developer Ralph Perrone had stolen several air conditioners from its properties. In Cocoa, he installed new units 11 feet above the ground. / MARK MALCOLM DENE / FLORIDA TODAY …………………………. Posted vonRick NealeFLORIDA TODAYAbgelegt under news local news … | news well | text | Home | sMerritt Iceland – Florida tougher scrap metal seem resale legislation cracking down on thefts of air conditioners, said Brevard County Sheriff’s Agent Lee Wenner.Und planning a Suntree companies discretely identify 20,000 A / C units – 15,000 in Palm Bay, 5000 in Cocoa – try with numbered “microdots” scrapyard thefts verfolgen.Ab the first July do secondhand metal dealers get statements, fingerprints and photographs signed by the sellers; buying metal by check or wire transfer as a payment method, and transmits transaction data to Strafverfolgungsbehörden.Sie also need to verify ownership before buying A / C coils. Earlier this month, said Cocoa Police Detective Doug Levine thieves broke into his city Public Works compound, where two large A / C units have been saved. “They did not even touch. You walked right by them as they were just a bucket of paint , “Levine said.” They were sitting there ripe for the picking. A year ago she would have shredded, “said er.Zentral Brevard law enforcement agencies have a scrap metal task force to these thefts, the earlier a quick source of over fight-the-counter cash for criminals ist.Merritt Iceland landlord Ralph Perrone, the Task Force set up by three A / C units were stolen during Memorial Day weekend by one of his Cocoa building, racking up 500 Schadenersatz.In this spring Perrone and a co-investor, bought the former Circuit City property on Merritt Iceland. He has recently discovered that thieves had three Florida Power & Light transformer behind the building, stolen along with 000 worth of copper cable, “Who has it absolutely had to know what they were doing -.. Or they would have fried They knew exactly to steal something to separate what exactly, “Perrone sagte.Rob Webber, of Garden Street Iron & Metal has in Fort Myers, vice president of the Florida Recyclers Association. The group helped craft the tougher state regulations, which he praised. “Scrap theft does not exist in Lee and Collier Counties,” Webber said. “The biggest thing was getting all dealers to participate in board and more law enforcement agencies. It is made of phenomenal.” Shawn Andrew is the co-founder of Uneighbors, an online neighborhood-watch network. During a meeting of the Task Force earlier this month, he announced plans to 20,000 Label A / C units with numbered microdots, the measure is about 1 millimeter breit.Mikropunkte visible with ultraviolet light, and their ID numbers can be a magnifying glass . You can use clear adhesive sticks or aerosol spray cans and werden.Levine Wenner said the technology could also be used to pawn stolen items like Xboxes, laptops, weed eaters, golf clubs, boat motors, artwork and bicycles to identifizieren.Andreas said the A / C labeling campaign should start mid November.Kontakt Neale at 321-242-3638oder ….. work from home secured an established company. Now you can be a home business and in the business today and in the position daily paid by direct deposit to your bank or you can choose to be paid weekly by check. Team up with a company traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The company is rated a + by the Better Business Bureau. Make money from home and learn how to expand your home based business all across North America. Are you sick to work for someone else? Tired of knowing that if you do not eat then you do not have? Would you like to finally be there for your kids? Visit the link in the beginning of this description, and learn how you work from home and paid daily.
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Get Paid to work from home