Best Way to work at home – what is the best way to get online at home and earn money without spending too much money spenting work?

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question of payton_da_lil_dude2001 : What is the best way to get online at home and earn money without spending too much money spenting work
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Spenditol – America’s Best Choice (July 20, 2011) … Item 4 .. Two Tallahassee Builders Dodge Jail Time in ‘Ponzi Scheme’ (28 June 2012) …
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Jake Myddleton and John Philip each faced 100 years in prison for fraud, at least four customers out of thousands of dollars ………. ***** All images are by their respective authors ……… The “Spenditol” ad is a parody of a typical pharmaceutical commercial. It presents “Spenditol” invented as a new wonder drug of Washington to solve all our nation’s problems … but to show how the ad disclaimers … the drug has some dangerous side effects such as a mountain of debt and higher prices for all Americans. While “Spenditol” it makes you feel better now, it “pushes all the bad stuff” until later. “…….. ***** All images are by their respective authors …………… item 1) ….. Orlando Sentinel … . Central Florida Political Pulse attacks …. Blogs … New TV Spot Washington ‘Spenditol’ WegeUncategorized – by bshaw Posted on July 20 2011 16:31 / 07/new-tv-ad … Great ready for another display of another outside group condemning Washington’s budget mess. The Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee has plans 0.2 million in Florida and three other states spending, as congressional negotiations on the debt ceiling reached a crescendo is angekündigt.Hier how the group the ad describes. the “Spenditol” ad is a parody of a typical pharmaceutical commercial It presents “Spenditol” as a new wonder drug of Washington invented to solve all our nation’s problems … but to show how the ad disclaimers … the drug has some dangerous side effects such as a mountain of debt and higher prices for all Americans. During “Spenditol” it makes you feel better now, it . “expresses all the bad stuff” until later “Look here: ……………………………. ……………. ………….. Use …. youtube web link ……… Youtube video …. Spenditol …. 1:03 minutes This video is brought presents of Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC). Learn more at News & Politics Tags: cwalac spending budget fisical responsibility affected women obama congress cuts cap equilibrium License: Standard YouTube License …………….. …………………………… ……………… Item 2) …. web-link ….. Spenditol .. Introduction Spenditol … Congress’ answer to everything …….. Pos) 3 ….. web-link ….. America’s Best Choice …. americasbestchoice.blogspot. com/2011/07/spenditol-florida … Presented news and commentary relevant to traditional values, conservative principles, and issues related to Americans making the best choice! In addition to issues of interest to all Americans, we include stories related to Florida.22. July 2011Spenditol Florida ad addresses Sen Bill Nelson This video is brought to you by brought Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC). Learn more at on CWALAC, CSFA, concerned women, Florida, spending, budget, fisical responsibility, Bill Nelson, debt, deficit, debt limit, debt ceiling, cuts, cap, balance to shares or by post its website, on “Post Link” button,. Please mention / link to America’s Best Choice. Thanks Posted by Bill Smith: Post Link -> 14.21 clock …….. Pos) 4 …. WCTV News … / home / headlines … Two Tallahassee Builders Dodge Jail Time in ‘Ponzi Scheme “Posted: Tue 14.06 clock, June 27, 2012 … Reporter: Eyewitness News, Julie Montanaro Email Updated: Thurs 08.08 clock, June 28 2012Zwei Tallahassee Builders Dodge Jail Time in ‘Ponzi Scheme’ Builder in Court Builder in Court Last Builders’ arrests could grow 7-22Builders’ Scam 7-21Tallahassee – 28 June 2012 – 12.00 clock rel = / home / headlines / Tallahassee_builders_are_facin … Two Tallahassee builders known for their work on an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition dodge prison. They stood before a judge today pleas and sentencing and geben.Jake Myddleton and John Philip each faced 100 years in prison for cheating clients out of at least four thousand Dollar.Sie would be to take money from a customer, promising work, then the money instead of relying on their bills. In at least four cases, the contractors were hired, they paid in full for their work. To get this money, put the supplier liens on the houses homeowners leave from the money they already paid to Parker and Myddleton. They were arrested last year and charged with grand theft and. Embezzlement of funds On Wednesday, they were a judge. “I want to apologize, I’m sorry, I’m very sorry,” said Myddleton. “We have a lot of trust in people from us, and I feel terrible we can not get through,” said Philip.Am can end a century they have faced behind bars, but they were given three years probation and 360 hours of community service. They were also asked to pay more than 2,000 in restitution, which she has with bank checks in court. She told the court that she waren.Der able to secure this money by borrowing of 17 friends and family members judge also ordered Parker and Myddleton apology letters to the four customers schreiben.___________________________Aktualisiert 14.15 clock by Julie MontanaroJake Myddelton has no competition plea to eight felony counts registered. He faces a maximum sentence of 100 Jahren.John Philip Parker has no contest plea to eight felony counts registered. He also faces a maximum of 100 years in prison verurteilt.Die sentencing phase is now underway. At this point the defense to call witnesses to the character of Parker and Myddleton bezeugen.Bisher people say the two men are good and have served in a positive way to the Tallahassee community. A man mentioned the work of the two on the website for Extreme Makeover Home Edition tat._____________________________________Aktualisiert 27/06/2012 01:30 by Julie MontanaroZwei Tallahassee builder of the great theft and misappropriation of construction funds accused entered a plea in court this Nachmittag.Jake Myddelton and John Philip Parker is best known for spearheading an Extreme Home Makeover for Tallahassee family who adopted several children with special needs and bekannt.Parker Myddelton have entered pleas in major theft and misappropriation of construction funds. You have bank checks brought to court to redress to four families pay totaling 2.506.Jake Myddelton entered a “no contest” plea before Gericht.__________________________________AKTUALISIERT 22/07/2011 by Julie MontanaroDie arrest of builders Jake Myddelton and John Parker earlier this week is still talk of building sites throughout the Stadt.Smith Roofing is a small family. It is on a list of subcontractors, the detectives say, were never paid by Myddelton Parker Builders. Owner Troy Smith says he has no hard feelings but at the time, he needed that 15-wings and repeatedly tried to get it. “Got on the roof, sent a statement to the implementation in the roof, heard nothing, not a check and a month or so later I found out that they. in some serious financial difficulties, “said Smith. This week, detectives Jake Myddelton and John Parker was arrested for embezzlement and grand theft They say the builders abused construction fund failed to pay subcontractors and 154-thousand dollars is still vermisst.Arrest papers show that 11 subcontractors handled by 14 different liens against four house and apartment owners to try to get their money to decken.Die liens range from $ 900 and change to more than 20-thousand dollars. After arrest papers, some of the companies, including Jenkins Brick, Tile Sellers and Robert Hutton Inc. fired twice. “They paid some bills and others went unpaid. This happens in bankruptcy,” said bankruptcy attorney Allen Turnage.Turnage filed bankruptcies for Myddelton and Parker last November. He says that the builders have done everything to try to make things right, before doing so. “Prosecutors get the first swing and the debtor, the last swing. Money that is” missing “will be considered. I am 100% sure that Mr. Parker and Mr. Myddelton be “relieved Turnage sagte.Wir not have been able to connect with any of the homeowners involved in this case. ———- ————————————————- UPDATED 07/21/2011 by Julie Smith MontanaroTroy Smith Roofing, he says surprised at the arrest of owners John Parker and Jake Myddelton hören.Er was was one of the contractors who built not for his work on one of the houses Myddelton Parker paid wurde.Smith says that he placed ultimately try a lien on the house to recover more than 000 euros for his work. He says he has since canceled the lien and was saying with the homeowner for Teilzahlung.Smith it him. In a major bind when Myddelton Parker do not pay their bills, but he says they are not bad people “They were just trying their best to stay afloat,” said er.Smith says, things happen and it is not bitter, but he says, “Myddelton and Parker a lot of people owe a lot of money” and some of them are very angry with good reason, said er.Kitch encounters was another subcontractor who was not paid for his work on one of Myddelton Parker houses. Arrest papers show she placed a lien on the home for 10 Personen.Business Manager Martha Fenner says Kitch-Encounters “repeatedly requested payment of Myddelton Parker and even offered to compromise with the contractor”, but never paid. “We have everything we were legally obligated and entitled to do, “Fenner said. She called the pledge a “last-resort remedy.” As with the arrests of Parker and Myddelton said Fenner, “the case is still not settled and the legal system needs to work a chance.” Bankruptcy attorney Allen Turnage, says he was surprised to see Myddelton and Parker arrested. “But every time you lose money, it is not a crime,” said er.Turnage filed personal bankruptcy petitions for Myddelton and Parker in November 2010, and the company was dissolved. “They tried to finish this work, and at the end came up short of money, “he said. —————————————– —————– UPDATED 07.20.2011 by Julie MontanaroCourt records show that the two men have already posted bond and released records show worden.Court Myddelton was booked and released from the Leon County Jail in six minutes. His bond was not specify 000 eingestellt.Court records that lawyers —————————- the men in this criminal case. —————————- [UPDATE] Tallahassee, Florida – 20 July 2011 – 14:00 UhrLCSO Release: In December 2010, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office received information that Myddelton Parker Builders had embezzled funds from housing loans and then not have discovered to subcontractors for work on several houses under construction to zahlen.Financial Crimes detectives that Jake Myddelton and John Parker several construction loan draw conclusions during the course of the building at least four different homes in Leon County between November 2009 and August 2010. After receiving the money, Myddelton and Parker then not to subcontractors for construction work that had already bezahlen.Mindestens fourteen different instances were the subcontractors involved placing liens on the four properties under construction in an attempt to the cost of services and construction already provided recover. Together, the four sets of victims (those that the construction loan) obtained a minimum loss of 4,401.76 erworben.Haftbefehle were both on Myddelton and Parker for 11th July 2011 received. On 19 Parker was arrested in July 2011 in Greenville, South Carolina. Myddelton turned in at the Leon County Jail on 20 July 2011.VERHAFTETJake M. MyddeltonDOB: 1971.11.04Nebenkosten: Embezzlement / Misapplication of Construction Funds (four points), Grand Theft over0, 000.00 John P. ParkerDOB: 1972.05.12Nebenkosten: Embezzlement / Misapplication of Construction Funds (four points) , Grand Theft over0, 000.00 __________________________________Tallahassee, Florida – 20 July 2011Tallahassee builders are facing multiple felony Gebühren.John Parker and Jake Myddelton of Myddelton Parker Builders crimes each to four counts of misappropriation of construction funds are also at least three Kundenkonten.Sie before a charge of grand theft of more than 100 thousand dollars. Middleton turned into the Leon County Jail on that Morgen.Parker turned in Greenville South Carolina.Wir have more tonight on Eyewitness News …..

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