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Working Online

Question by Frank J: Working online ?
Lots of people say you can make money online. But do they actually do it and know of websites or are they talking out their piehole?

Please list any sites you know 100% are honest and good, and what the work entails. Thanx.

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Answer by Eric Gees
Well, I’m freelance web programmer, I work online and yes I make money and pay taxes. check scriptlance website and rentacoder and some other sites. they are good to start at if you have skill. there are sites involve other kind of works, other than programming like writing, or entering data, or typing. but the more unique the more possible money making.

also try making a blog, but you need skill in writing, and popularity, you need to try, and have the will, don’t expect too much, but don’t expect less. have the will , the plan and work on it and you ll make money.

other choice selling things on ebay, but you have to find things unique and cheaper than market value for such items, or at least rare, or antique,

there are people who make money by selling on their sites, ideas of things, buying used stuffs in lower value and selling them at higher. or making things and selling them. but all those stuffs need you learn ,plan, and work.

don’t follow easy money schemes, easy money only comes by lottery, but that’s not too easy to get either

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Working Online
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Working Online