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Question by Integrity: Job description for a college admin. asst.?
I have been working at this new job for just over a year. The original job description has changed on me (I am helping the faculty and Program Director do some of their duties.) My starting pay was only $ 16.00 (in Sacramento, CA) and I received a 70 cent raise 6-7 months ago.

In addition, I help the Campus Director and the missing Dean of Education.

I took a HUGE cut in pay to help out a relative. I’m 35 years old. I am edumacated. Ha Ha! ‘Educated.’

My question: Anyone out there with this job and can tell me if this is a normal pay rate or is it low?

This is a private college, so the funding is much higher that community colleges or universities. I mostly enjoy my job, but if this is top, I will pursue other things.

Would I be out of line to put pressure on the powers that be?

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Answer by aarthi j
check this link its good


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Hacking Working at Home
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