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Question by nexgen: Total number of homes in USA?
Hi friends,
Can some one please tell me the total number of homes in USA. (from small to big.. old to new.. every single home that shelters people).

I know it’s tough but… atleast an aprx. number (not a guess) will do for my research.


Best answer:

Answer by Spock (rhp)
Census Bureau counts approx. 160 million households. About 70% own their home [or did recently], so that’s about 102 million.

there are homes that are rented. and others that are a second home for the well to do. and others that are owned by foreigners.

you might try on the web and search for “housing statistics”.


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Saturday we finally got a good dusting of snow here in Clinton Township. It sounds sick, but I’ve sort of been waiting for it to happen after many weeks of seeing mud and slush on the roads. I’ve been studying strobes more, but I can’t stand being cooped up for a long time. Sunday morning the skies were nice and clear and most importantly it wasn’t snowing so I didn’t have to worry about getting snow on my lens. I drove down to my parents place in Romeo looking for old dilapidated barns and ended up getting shoed away by people thinking I was some type of thief trying to steal barn wood. I even ended up scoping out the abandoned schoolhouse but then realized how trendy that had become. What was also great was that it was 17 degrees (F) out and I didn’t have my gloves. Thank god for my mom’s stash of gloves at home!

After getting frustrated with subjects that were unremarkable, I decided to head back home and take a walk in the Frank H. Budd park… the one no one goes to anymore LOL! It was really relaxing, despite the frigid temperature, walking and enjoying nature like I used to when I was a kid. The best way to describe it is almost like a feeling of liberation from working as an engineer all week and then burning away my time planning our budding photography business and pumping iron in the gym. Oh yea, I also saw I wild beaver for the first time! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! I can’t wait to take some more winter shots!

… you guessed it. This is HDR! There is NO WAY you’ll get a result like this straight out of Photomatix though.

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