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question of trowis : Really should I work for a company in India, and pick to function from home [USA]

I sent about getting an outsourced jobs to India or some of these countries, and then perform thought of residence, so to commence operate no day until about 18.00 clock, 9 hrs of operate while absolutely practically nothing at house, and get paid for it. Any guidelines or tips? Thoughts you, I’d be taking advantage of tele-commuting, so I created on the internet or by cellphone to function in the comfort of my residence, and nevertheless worthy of mention with the actual work, and ready individuals in a accent that is understandable to support. All voices? The entire thought was a parody of businesses outsourcing our jobs to India, and to annoy me. So, get active for a occupation in India, but select to operate from residence, and BAM! Circumvention of the outsourced activity by creating it back Very best Solution.

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