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Question by kewlz: home based typist job in pakistan?
i am looking for a home based typist jobs (part time) which is genuine and with free registration.. what do I do ?

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Answer by Hot Leo
Hi Dear
Go to and make an account as professional and you will get projects from all over the world. But being a Pakistani its a little bit difficult. Because most people have misunderstandings about Pakistan and Pakistanis. Even we can do excellenct jobs on very cheap price. Anyway, try and search on Google or Yahoo search for freelance projects. You can talk within your community and tell everybody that you want to do this. I think it will be helpfull.

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Unsolved Murder of Sharon Hoare 1991
Work From Home Typists
Image by brizzle born and bred
Bristol girl Sharon Hoare’s ambition to become a model took her to London,but led to a life her family were unaware she was leading – one that was the probable cause of her death. It was the bright lights of London that lured 19-year-old Sharon Hoare away from a humdrum life in Bristol and to her death in a luxury Chelsea flat. For when the starry-eyed teenager’s, ambition of becoming a top model foundered after a few months away, she became a high-class prostitute, a call girl who was sent by escort agencies to clients at West End hotels, charging £300 to £500 a time for sex.

It was estimated that she could have earned £50,000 in a short time, but, strangely, that money was never traced. Then, in the summer of 1991, she was discovered by her flatmate, naked and beaten almost beyond recognition lying on her bedroom floor. After putting up a fight she had been throttled and hit over the head with a blunt instrument.

As there was no sign of a forced entry and neither rape nor robbery appeared to be the motive (£100 was left lying untouched) police inferred that she must have been killed by a client, or at least by someone she knew. The last person to see her alive had been the minicab driver who had dropped her on at her two-bedroom flat at 2am. She had been turned away from a top London hotel. Her family, who used to live in Bedminster but who later moved to Yate, were appalled to hear of her death. They claimed that they knew nothing of her new life in the capital. Her father Jack, a plumber, told the Bristol Post ‘The way they described her in the papers – that is not the Sharon we know. She wasn’t even a blonde, she was a redhead.’ Behind his grief was puzzlement at what his daughter had become after just a few months away from Bristol. ‘She used to be so shy she’d send someone else to ask for something in a cafe,’ he added.

On her attendance at Brimsham Green Secondary school, he said: ‘I think that she had a hard time there what with the stigma of her sister always being in trouble (sister Emma kept on running away from home and, at the age of 13 was taken into care) and then our divorce. And then there was our terrible unfortunate surname.’ Sharon had soon learned all too well, from bullying, what the word ‘whore’ meant. At 14 she moved school to The Ridings at Winterbourne where she settled in well and did a secretarial course before leaving two years later to take up a job as a typist.

Employers liked her, she always found work easily,’ said her father. ‘She enrolled with the well-known Sue Sheppard secretarial agency and got jobs all over Bristol.’ She was earning good money for her age.’ It was while working as a temp, in Whiteladies Road that she met Kirsty Moss, a girl other own age but more worldly and grown-up, who had great ambitions to work in London. She was the girl that Sharon would turn to when she had a break-up with her family It was also about this time. said her father, that she had her first serious affair – much frowned upon by her family – with a much older man. ‘Tina and I made it clear we didn’t approve,’ he said. ‘I told her she was looking for a father figure.’ Sharon started seeing him secretly, meeting him at the end of the road. She soon developed lavish tastes.

‘Her boyfriend gave her expensive presents like a solid gold bracelet, and encouraged her liking for expensive, fashionable, clothes,’ added Jack. ‘She started dreaming about owning an expensive sports car. She also started having ideas about being a model.’ Family relations became strained and Sharon eventually left home, firstly sharing a flat in Kingswood, and later a house with her boyfriend. Then, after learning of a fraudulent scheme she had hatched to exploit the unemployed, for a fee, with false promises of jobs, they severed contact with her. Then, in pursuit of a dream of a lavish lifestyle, she went off to London to stay with friend Kirsty, who was already working as an escort girl, andrented a Chelsea flat – in exclusive Brompton Park Crescent – for £1,000 a month, a lot of money then.

She had, apparently told the flat agency that she was working in the computer personnel training business. What puzzled people was just how Sharon had been able to walk straight into a luxury life in London, when most girls who went there struggled to find even a grotty bedsit. Who had taught the naive 19-year-old the ropes – how to use expensive hotels for sex under aliases such as Nicky and Siobhan? DS Bob Fenton, who was leading the 100-strong murder inquiry, said: ‘She was what you might call a high-class call girl. But she didn’t walk the streets of London – most of her work came through hostess agencies. Indeed, the picture that we have other is a modelling-type photo’ – referring to a glamorous, glossy, black and white photo in which the tall, attractive blonde girl appears in large costume earrings and a black lace gown. ‘It appears that she lived a reasonably affluent lifestyle,’ he added. ‘Apparently she put her name on hostess lists in London and built up clients from that. There was no evidence that she had a pimp – the flat was rented in her name.’ Sharon’s former boyfriend of two years, 40-year-old father of two John Peacock, who was questioned, released on police bail, and finally cleared, said: ‘I loved her then and I still love her now.’ He told the Post that he warned her about what might happen to her if she continued working as a prostitute.

‘She was adamant it was what she wanted,’ he added. ‘But she had been hooked on the lifestyle. She hated the work but loved the money and mixing with wealthy people and sharing thetr lifestyle – Ufestyles she would never have experienced in Bristol.’ Six days later another prostitute, 24- year-old Lucy Christopher, was attacked and left for dead in Kensington – just a mile away She was also a call girl who had been attacked in her own home and hit over the head with a blunt instrument. Police were convinced it was the same man – 30 to 32 years old, of pale complexion and having thick, dark brown fuzzy hair and a heavy.beard and moustache. Although a number of men, including ex-boyfriend Peacock, were questioned and blood samples taken from her many clients, no one was ever charged.

Although police said that they had five suspects – and even, at one time, thought that the killer might have come from Bristol, Sharon Hoare’s savage murderer is still, in all probability, at large. The case remains open.

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Work From Home Typists