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Work From Home Training

Question by Kief Lips: Fighting home training?
I want to be a fighter.I dont care which type but i wont be taking classes for awhile.What are things i can do at home to train.I already go to the gym five times a week and do cardio three.I dont care if its ghetto and just a homemade punching bag but i want to train.Please nothing dumb but tips would be nice as well.

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Answer by Hunghang
You need to spar to apply what you’ve learned. And someone who will tell you when you are not doing the moves correctly. Otherwise you’ll develop bad habits.

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Work From Home Training
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I’m back in Vancouver after 9 days in England and Scotland. It was a great trip and I have lots of (underwhelming) pics to post. It’ll prolly take a day to get my legs back and I’ll probably spend the weekend playing catchup on work stuff so bear with me. 🙂

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Work From Home Training