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question of Perel : How can I work from home? Ideas? Runs?
I want to work from home, I do not want to put my baby in the nursery. ? Any ideas, besides their own medical billing and opening Kita Best Answer:

response from Rick B
you had a career before the baby? Ask your old boss if you can work from home.

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This is me
Work From Home Leads
Year peak of WordRidden
I am, I work on the Web – if not to design in the traditional sense, or designing websites. I am a translator, and with access to the web as the world’s largest dictionary reference to my right Fingerspitzen.Ich’m generally online from morning to night. I am in the morning to turn the espresso machine, my email, make a latte, and get to work. My work is completely digital: The people you send me information by e-mail, and I translate them and send them back. I 99% of my online research, and I’m pretty proud of my information sleuthing skills (I once used as a research librarian, because I love the thrill of finding things out). I work from home and lead a pretty solitary job existence, but I kind of like it that way. As a shy introvert, I’m being good in my own much more suitable, and as a control freak, I do not like someone hanging over my shoulder and tell me what to do. That’s not to say that I do not like to socialize, I just need a lot of time on my own, my batteries recharge as it is extremely important for Internet war.Das my life. When I go to my own work, which is my gateway to the wide web world. I live far away from my family and many of my friends in person, then the path of my connection to them, if I can not be with them. I love to cook, and the Web is a giant cookbook and cookery school for me. I love to get too clever, and the Web is like a knitting circle, showing a jewelry-making class and a craft. I play bass in a band, and the track is a distributor and a way to make contact with (potential) fans around the Welt.Ich visit a lot of web-related events, and I have a bit of a complex about not being ” geeky “enough. I always think people must wonder what the hell am I doing at this conference or gathering that if I did not really work in “the industry” is not. When I meet new people to Webby things that I often find myself almost apologizing for the fact that I am a translator and not some web guru. But this is just insecurity on my part, because I at all events, visit the web-I, I never, ever had anyone make me feel like I can not hear it. I love the diversity and enthusiasm of the Web community, the interest in technology and the future, the passion for life in general, the desire to make things a little better Ă¼berall.Gelegentlich for the people I’ve wondered what it would be to focus more on the nuts and bolts of actually creating the web rather than only involved with it. I’ve put in the right programming, always trying my hand or on the design. But ultimately, my real passion lies with the written word, and I’m very happy doing the work that I do. And I guess as a blogger and Flickr and Twitter-he-he-and site-translator and all-round web users, I play my own part, contribute to the Web what it is.

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