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Work From Home Jobs In Utah

Question by scarlett: I need a stay at home job thats not a SCAM! ?
I need a stay at home job thats not a SCAM! I’m sick of all the ads when searching the topic online…they wnt you to PAY for the job! No way…thats a scam.Got any ideas? Or jobs that have worked for you? I live in Provo Utah. I have a brand new baby so it needs to be somewhat flexible. Thanks!

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Answer by dumshitz
Try E-Bay

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2.29.12 #F29 – Debutante Ball for the Corporations
Work From Home Jobs In Utah
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Itza Hernandez- "On the evening of Sunday, November 20, 2011, my friend Lalo Aguilar Trejo was leaving his work around 11 o’clock at night in downtown Salt Lake on his bike. His chain had broken off his bike during his ride home so he had started to walk it home when he saw a patrol car parked with two officers inside.

You see, Lalo was an active member of the Salt Lake Dream Team. He had joined the organization earlier that year with the intentions to help out the undocumented community in Salt Lake City. He had been actively engaged with organizing events such as service projects, meetings, and rally’s that oppose Utah’s newest anti-immigration law HB 497. On that night of November 20th Lalo decided to approach the patrol vehicle to ask the officers what their thoughts and opinion was regarding HB 497. Little did he know, that minor question to two officers would land Lalo in jail and in incarceration for the next 3 months in the Utah County Jail. Little did Lalo know, a small question to two officers would prevent him from spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years with his loved ones.

You see, no one knows what happened between the officers and Lalo that unfortunate night. However, what we do know is that Lalo was slapped with 4 charges that night, the two arresting officers condescendingly refer to him as “Jesus” in the police report, his family is burdened with two bail bonds because he is an undocumented immigrant, and the only surveillance footage of the arrest was erased from the Boston Buildings. This footage was “thrown away” after have beening judged by the security to be blurry and unusable. All in all, an undocumented young man was arrested and is now facing immediate deportation after obvious discrimination—all for asking two officers what their thoughts and opinions were regarding HB 497. This demonstrates how dangerous House Bill 497 can be as well as similar dehumanizing immigration bills that are popping up around the nation. They not only allow ordinary police officers to function as immigration agents, it has the effect of keeping our prisons full and overcrowded. This is not something that is unplanned for. The connection between these bills, and the reason that they all have adopted nearly Identical language is because of the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC. ALEC is a conference held several times a year where coroporate representatives will get together with our legislators to draft model bills that will later be voted on by those legislators and benefit those companies. ALEC is directly behind anti collective bargaining legislation and the privatization of health care, education, and prisons for profit. In regards to the private prison industrial complex, corporations such as MTC, in Centerville Utah, and CCA, some of the largest private prison for profit companies, will meet with local legislators at ALEC conferences in order to craft model legislation such as Three Strikes You’re Out, E’verify laws, and immigration bills such as HB497. The combination of these laws in our legal code help keep prisons full and, in turn keeping them profitable. The main motivating factor behind private prisons is not about corrections or rehabilitation, it is about profitability. The reason that we have more people incarcerated per capita today in the United States than at any point in history throughout the world has nothing to do with crime rates or the effectiveness of our law enforcement, it is because we have created a modern domesticated form of slavery through these types of legislation. We are all constantly being reminded by politicians of how American Jobs are being outsourced at an increased rate to our neighbor economies at significant low wages. How often are we reminded that a product or food item is manufactured here on US soil by America’s invisible workforce or as others know them as– US prison innmates. ALEC enables the use of modern slavery within our private prison systems and destroys communities and families in the process. CCA for example has recently volunteered to buy up the rest of the prisons in the US that are not private in return for a guaranteed 90% occupancy rate. Why would you need a guaranteed occupancy rate if prisons are about corrections and rehabilitation. This modern form of slavery cannot continue.

When all’s said and done, ALEC is a malicious organization which threatens the moral fiber of our society. ALEC is the mechanism by which corruption is drafted into our democracy. ALEC exploits the labor of hard working communities around our nation and it is time we hold our leaders accountable and keep corruption out of our politics. We cannot stand by idly and allow for this injustice to take place any longer. We must continue our fight against this corruption to save hard working and compassionate members of our community such as Lalo Aguilar Trejo who is currently being torn from his family. Our legislators across the country who participate in the ALEC conference are not acting for the public good, they are acting for the benefit of a privileged few. It’s time we make our stand!"

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Work From Home Jobs In Utah