Work From Home Jobs In Utah – where can i find an at home sewing job in utah county?

Work From Home Jobs In Utah

Question by Kiffon: where can i find an at home sewing job in utah county?
i’ve already looked on craigslist and KSL

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Answer by ibu guru
Unless you do alterations and tailoring and obtain your own local clients, forget it. All those “sew at home” things are SCAMS! If you are an expert quilter and have won awards at quilt shows, you may find a market to sell your quilts. If you sew your own designs for tote bags or whatsits, you might find a market for those. In short, you either start your own business, or fuggedaboutit.

NEVER sign up with some outfit which claims you can do home sewing of their toys, curtains, cushions or whatever! These notorious scams have been going on for so long that your grandmother and great-grandmother should have warned you about them!

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Two Dolphins Kissing-Double Arch in Moonlight
Work From Home Jobs In Utah
Image by Keith “Captain Photo” Cuddeback
Post processing your HDR on the road. After shooting a day and a half at Arches National Park, I had plenty of shots on the SD card and I knew some were going to turn out to be amazing. So why did I post some hideous attempts at finished photos?

These days it’s too easy to take a laptop computer traveling so today’s question is: Should we post process on the road, just because we can?

What’s your experience with processing your HDR photography on the road? Do you have a great setup you’d like to share? Now that I’m retired from my day job, there will be a lot more traveling for photography so that’s why I’m interested in this topic.

My first shot of Double Arch taken in the light of the full moon is a case in point. My first go at processing today’s photo went rather badly. It ended up being a…. (use all the bad things you’ve heard about HDR here}. Ever since posting it my energy has been calling me to re-make it the right way on my production iMac here at home.

So I did. The first photo I even took down from G+, it’s that bad. Shhhhh…. I’ll have to scrap it from the blog right away too. The one I’m posting here is what I meant to do…;-). I’m tempted to title this one "Two Dolphins Kissing" That’s what I see every time to look at the front arch. See that? This was processed in Lightroom 5 using the Perfect HDR Workflow (

I have a golf game today in a couple hours, then I’m off to be with Mai for a few days. Meanwhile, I’m finishing up processing the Arches NP photos because I’ won’t be post processing on this Macbook Air while I’m gone. It will be my time to do my other work on the blog and get my update out to my Private List.

Be well. ~Captain Photo

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Work From Home Jobs In Utah