Work From Home Jobs In Colorado – Are there any legitimate work from home jobs out there that don’t cost you anything?

Work From Home Jobs In Colorado

Question by monica d: Are there any legitimate work from home jobs out there that don’t cost you anything?

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Answer by bellavirgo79
i have been looking cause we need the extra cash but i havent found any! if you find one let me know.

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Work From Home Jobs In Colorado
Image by Zach Dischner
This summer ran me ragged. Had a full time job doing computery stuff for a satellite instrument, and then had another project that I decided to keep working on from the school year. It was supposed to be part time, but, like in the week this was taken where it took about 85 hours, things are never as they are supposed to be.

The project is called "DayStar", and its really pretty interesting, as long as you are a super nerd like me. Basically, we built an instrument for a high altitude balloon (same height as the famous Red Bull jump). It is supposed to take and analyze pictures, in a sciency way

This was taken on our way back home from Pallestine, TX (yep its a place), where we had to put our instrument in a thermal vaccuum chamber and test it out. Both the drive there and back were started at around 11:00 PM, and we had to drive through the night. At this point, it was about 4 hours of sleep per night for about 8 days.

At this point, my truck ran out of gas, in the middle of ‘holy crap we are so far from anyone’-nowhere. Only gas stations for a hundred miles was closed and the credit card machine didn’t work. So what better opportunity to run around a desolate highway and practice my light painting! Tired as hell, broken down with almost no cell service, and with only energy drinks for nourishment, and this was probably the highlight of my trip. That and the nametag I ‘forgot to return’ that says "NASA Scientist". Hell yeah

Zach Dischner Photography | 500px

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Work From Home Jobs In Colorado