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Work From Home Indiana

Question by dianna47265: home improvement stores in Indiana?

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Answer by melykiskv
home depot, go to there website and do a store finder search by zipcode

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Work From Home Indiana
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Some of the detail work on the wrought iron gates that cover the entrance to the memorial.

A huge memorial building made from granite and marble commemorates the site on which in 1779 Clark and his small force of frontiersmen captured Fort Sackville from the British. Soon we find out that the history of Vincennes is a vibrant and moving story. Ancestors of Indians lived here some 12,000 years ago. Many, many years later, the Piankashaw and Shawnee Indians called this area home. French trappers were among the first White men that came. They built cabins, cleared land, married Indian girls, raised families and stayed. Soon French missionaries came, witnessed, taught and established congregations. Sieur de Vincennes was commissioned to build a fort on the Wabash River as defense against the British expansion. From 1763 till February 1779, the British occupied the fort and renamed it Fort Sackville. On February 5, 1779, George Rogers Clark departed from Kaskaskia on his famous march to Vincennes to capture Fort Sackville. On February 25, 1779, Colonel Clark marched into the fort and raised the American colors. To show Clark’s greatness as a leader, we find three quotations from him inside the memorial: Great things have been effected by a few men well conducted — Our cause is just . . . our country will be grateful — If a country is not worth protecting it is not worth claiming.
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Work From Home Indiana