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question of Nico : What is the law for eviction someone in Indiana? Is a 30-day notice period required if drugs were found?
I have a holiday home in Indiana and find myself in a situation where I need to evict the current tenants. I do not have to hand the lease today it is at home. So I do not know if I made no specific provision as from the hand “if drugs are found on the premises, you have to consider in breach of the lease and will have 24 hours to vacate the premises.” What is the time frame prescribed by law if I did not like something in the lease Best Answer:

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If it is not a violation of the rental agreement, you have no reason to sell. This is especially true if you are not in the unit in the first place. (Landlord legally have up to 24 hours notice before entering) If you do in fact have reason to drive the process takes anywhere from 30-90 days depending on how cooperative are your tenants.

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Pioneer Home of Joseph Plummer
Work From Home Indiana
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Original photograph is in the Genealogy Room of the Chanute Public Library.E Co., 17 IND. InfanterieDie Chanute Daily Tribune, 15 December 1916J. E. Plummer, PIONEER, Dead funeral in ME CHURCH Sunday afternoon on a portion of the first settlers Town Siteer and his wife came heretofore 47 Jahren.Sie went through the struggles derPioniere and then enjoyed dieIndian Summer of Prosperity An active soldiers. The funeral of Joseph E. Plummer, the first settler in what is now part of the Chanute townsite will be held in the First Methodist Church by 2 clock on Sunday afternoon. They will be conducted by the Rev. JR McFadden pastor of the First Methodist Church of Wichita if it is possible for him to come. The Grand Army of the Republic, the Sons of Veterans, The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs have free. Mr. Plummer died at 10 clock yesterday morning after a long illness. The death was caused by a general breakdown due to age. He was so powerful and robust that he survived his illness for a long time, but finally had to ergeben.Hier came 47 years ago. Mr. Plummer was almost 79 years old. He was in Peeble County, Ohio, 22 January born in 1838 and came from Whitley County, Indiana, Kansas, to 47 years ago. 23, September 1869, crossed Mr. Plummer and his young wife, the Neosho River in a “dugout” near the site of Osage City, the first city in the county, and held the first night with SE Beach. They immediately took possession of the claim on which they lived ever since, and now largely built on as part of Chanute city and settled on their land, 14 October 1869.Ein Pioneer Home. Mr. Plummer built a box slums of native wood within a few meters from the place of his subsequent home. The 16×20 booth when you are ready to occupy had just about exhausted its modest supply of cash. Cottonwood sold boxes and wooden floor in a thousand feet and shingles were high, so the house of a pioneer, however modest, was worth more than his country, billing country to its value in those days. The first season of Mr. Plummer broke a part of his claim, but picked up nothing on it, so the following winter he and his faithful wife took a job of grubbing for their first acquaintance, Mr. Beach, from home before dawn, walking three miles and come home after dark, when the day’s work done by wurde.Wateten ice. At another time Mr. Plummer spent the winter on stocks making rails. His work was on the other side of the river, and he would go to the stream, pulling off his boots to wade through all the mush ice floating down often, work all day and return in the evening in the same way. When the various rival cities was merged formed in the consolidation taken by the Chanute, Mr. Plummer received employment in the city as a stationary engineer and was thus occupied for nine years or more, while his wife manages matters on the Bauernhof.Stadt Sprang Up On country. In the early 70s the east eighty acres of their farm were 0 redeemable for cash, some stock and implements necessary to cultivate the rest of the farm, since this is the first camp of any kind in their possession by the date they were settlement the county. The strenuous pioneer days were succeeded by an Indian summer of prosperity. The expansion of the city improves rated the country, and made them rich. Mr. Plummer was one of the original stockholders of the First National Bank of Stadt.Angeworben morning. He was a soldier of the Union in the Civil War, enlisting 21 April 1861, as a private company in the e Seventeenth Indiana Infantry under Colonel, later General Wilder. His regiment was a part of the Army of the Cumberland, and remained with the Fourteenth Corps from autumn 1861 to the end of the war. 4 January 1863, Mr. Plummer veteranized in Pulaski, Tennessee, and was in Chattanooga with the First United States Veteran engineers, when the war closed stationiert.Saw much struggle. He was in 200 different engagements and participated in seven of the real battles of the war. In February 1863, he was detailed to scout and served as such until 2 August 1864. He was elected and had been recommended for a Lieutenancy, but before he could be put into operation the handover Lee ended the war. He had the distinction of serving longer in the Union Army than any other soldier from Whitley County recruited after. In the service four years, five months and five days He was one of the first rural route carrier in Neosho County, starting service 15 August 1900, at Chanute Route No. 1 and is used for a number of Jahren.Verheiratet fifty years. Mr. Plummer married Martha A. Spangler in Whitley County, Indiana, 15 November 1866. They celebrated their golden wedding one month ago today, at which time about 200 of her friends called her to congratulate. Mr. and Mrs. Plummer had only one child, a son in infancy in 1867 starb.Gew√§hlt for Lincoln. Mr. Plummer threw his first presidential election of Stephen A. Douglas, but the problems of the war made him a Republican, and when he saw an opportunity to vote for Lincoln in 1864, while in the field he did so in the name of “John Smith” of eighteenth Ohio, the regiment was stationed near his own, while tuning the state of Indiana without law allowing his soldiers in the field. Mr. Plummer was the Tioga community member of the Republican county central committee for two terms and had served two terms as a police officer and two terms as road overseer. He was an active member of the Grand Army of the Republic, and had visited most of its national camps. He also belonged to the Odd Fellows and its related companies. He is survived by two brothers and two sisters and a number of nieces and nephews, most of whom live in Kansas. WA Plummer this city is one of the nephews.

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