Work From Home In Oregon – Can a friend of my landlord to do a review of my home?

Work From Home In Oregon

question of Tara : Can a friend of my landlord to do a review of my home
If I rent a house in Oregon and the owner lives in another state and want to come and check on the property and take a walk through the landlord who has to do it (that’s the only preson on the lease except me) or may be a friend of hers to do the inspection (a complete stranger to me and my family)? There is no property management or anything, just the host and me. lease on the . Thanks Best answer:

response from an idea
The landlord can an “agent” to appoint to do it. An “agent” is someone that the landlord has their work behald. This is not a “real estate broker”.

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Work From Home In Oregon
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Work From Home In Oregon