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Work From Home Freelance

Question by WhiteRuffedLemur: Ideas for home based, freelance work.?
I want earn a little more of an income so I’ve been researching home based freelance work.

I quite like the idea of a home based secretary but have no idea how I’d go about doing that.
I’d prefer my job to be computer based.

I’m not wonderful with sales or numbers.

I can use a sewing machine but have no ‘out there’ ideas.

I suck at decorating cakes.

I am a graphic designer, but I’m not confident enough to do it on my own.

Any ideas would be welcomed with open arms.

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Answer by krad
In my opinion, since you had experience with graphic design why not continue it and study to enhance your skills. I believe it will give you better salary. I don’t know if there’s a home based secretary but what I know is a virtual assistant works the same as a secretary.

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Work From Home Freelance
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Work From Home Freelance