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question of blue_prince_of_dallas : Is there a free way to my property computer from my office to access I have Windows Vista House Edition property. I want to be capable to connect to my house computer from function and I want it risk-free. Unauthorized end users Do I subscribe to anything like GoToMyPC or can I set up it with one thing Microsoft has presently totally free Ideal Reply:

response from tail
You can use the free of charge, created in, remote desktop program that comes with all versions of Windows. On your home computer, go to handle Panel> Method. Allow remote connections on the Remote tab. Then pay a visit to the website and create your IP handle. From function, download the Remote Desktop consumer, click Start> Run, kind mstsc, press Enter. Alternatively, I consider it listed underneath Start> Programs> Accessories. Either way, the remote desktop plan, and it will inquire you what you want to connect. Put in your IP handle and press Enter. You have just to your house laptop verbunden.Diese instructions change a bit when you set up a router or a firewall at property but have. You must open port 3389 on the firewall, and forward port 3389 in your router to your laptop.

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Work At Home On Computer