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all the way (1951) ran ….. Items 1 .. Apocalyptic squattersville recession for Refugees (October 9, 2011) …
work at home jobs no fee
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Carranco, an ex-Marine and jack of all trades, lost his job in a factory in San Diego when it shut down, lost his apartment when he could not pay the rent, his home lost to time, when the city towed his van , and the car lost for good when the parking fees climbed to unreachable heights. More than a thousand dollars – have just been so good million …… Item 1) …. Website …. … About American Spring Sunday, October 9, 2011 9:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time Apocalyptic squattersville recession FlüchtlingeSie come to Slab City, no job and little hope, to heat, sand storms and the life on the edge ertragenVon Evelyn NIEVES ……… IMG Code ………………………………….. photo …. Slab City ….. almost there!×307.jpg (credit: Misha Erwitt) ………………………………….. / 09/apocalyptic_squattersville_for_ … TOPICS: American Spring, Great Recession, slide ShowsWie Carranco George wound up in Slab City, is a squattersville at the end of the earth, a story for these hard Zeiten.Carranco, an ex-Marine and jack of all trades, lost his job at a factory in San Diego when it shut down, lost his apartment when he could not pay the rent, his home lost to time, when the city towed his van, and got the car for good when the parking fees on unreachable height climbed. More than a thousand dollars – might as well have one million years later gewesen.Drei bad breaks, Carranco had enough. He revived a ’83 Dodge camper, which he picked up and free with his girlfriend and five Chihuahuas, to the east, 155 miles from San Diego, where to avoid the roads and the desert übernimmt.Flüchtlinge out of recession: Without knowing it The 56-year-old Carranco had joined the latest wave of migrants in Slab City. Down by a brutal economic hit, they recover to this desolate outpost of societal dropouts to return to their minds, and the remaining duck national Malaise.Natürlich Slab City is not a city, and no piece of cake. Some 640 hectares of state-owned sand and scrub near the Salton Sea, it offers no electricity, no sewerage, no running water. Once, there was a Navy base. When it was decommissioned, was nothing but the concrete slabs where once abandoned barracks. Heal gradually, people with souls and demons, to get started camping on the plates would töten.Vielleicht after the apocalypse, the world as Slab City look. Slabbers live in caravans, trucks and buses old scattered, as if a whirlwind had thrown her and left her. Electricity comes from solar cells, batteries and portable generators – you are rich here, if you have one. Signs and structures are called tires, wires and spare parts gemacht.Bis recently, only about 75 to 100 people Slab City at home all year, and they have to tell their own sad story, mostly with separations, bankruptcies or brandy. But these days, they are more interested in talking about the newcomers who swelled the ranks of the population throughout the year at about 200.Es already says something about the state of the nation, Slabbers will tell you, shaking their heads when Slab City is becoming a refuge for the “Some people come to walk” down from than ever before. said Ben Morofsky who is 49 and has lived in Slab City for 22 years. “They have lost everything.” Tent cities appeared starting around the country once the recession began to take its toll, and some, like Dignity Village in Portland, Oregon, and Nickelsville in Seattle, are officially sanctioned by city officials. Village itself would make potential residents fill applications, but is there not squat in the country such as Slab City. Here are the rules of residents as they go along, and county and state officials they should be, if that happens real problems. Rarely has to happen by a sheriff. It’s even rarer that they will be called. Utter detachment from the rest of society may Slab City is one main attraction sein.Niemand that comes and goes – There are no official statistics on Slab City, the assessment of the interviews here are new to the boards of trekking around the world. Staten Iceland Seattle to San Diego to Tennessee. Single men, mostly in their 40s and 50s. But couples also. Even a few families. “It’s not the best place for children”, James Edward, who moved to the plates before nine months from Montgomery, Alabama, with his wife and two children, said 11 to 14 years old. Edward, 38 years old, was a regional manager for the restaurant chain Applebee’s work, he said, to pay for many hours and too little. He looked and looked, he said, but could not find a better job. So he and his wife decided to ride to the economy Platten.Die people come here out of desperation. But as Edward, and many want or need a reprieve from the normal date, in which workers work longer hours for the same pay in jobs they hate, but fear of a loss. You have of Slab City by the 2007 film version of “Into the Wild” is and how the rich pageant of life, the film displays. “Into the Wild” Slab City is a hobo boho Shangri-La. The people live free and happy to sell books to tourists for a living, cooking meals together. Take the visitor Salvation Mountain, a three-story sculpture made of clay, straw and color that stands near the entrance to the plates made. They have concerts every night, strumming guitars, clanking beer around Feuerstellen.Das warming is the Slab City, that a 25-year-old woman from Kansas City Slab hitchhiking when she did not want them on the payment of bills all the time worries was decided. It is the Slab City, which left a 48-year-old man who had left his business in Staten Iceland landscaping for a relationship that failed in Oregon, dressed him with nothing. “Into the Wild” showed him, he said that there are a happy friendly alternative to a bum back to Staten Iceland and moved with his Eltern.Slabbers. Slab City, and not hold weekly concerts. But there is hardly a romantic Leben.Nur the strong survive and the crazy here. In summer temperatures reach 125 degrees in the shade, and the runty Joshua trees are precious and few. Just live is a full time job. Water, the residents buy into the nearby town, is pulled over again, boiled or bottled. Everything is rationed, and take tasks such as washing dishes or cooking twice as long as in the real world. Bathing is a luxury to be indulged only when very notwendig.Die Niland ruined city, five miles west, offers a grocery store and post office. For purchase of gas or more, head to Slabbers Calipatria, 12 miles south, Brawley, south 25 miles, or over the border in Mexicali, about 50 miles down, where a dollar buys more than it tut.Die in the States Most survive on government Slabbers checks, food stamps and donations from ministries. Come in winter when hundreds of pensioners trailered, or snowbirds descend on the plates for the season to make the regulars money doing odd jobs for them. Some newcomers arrive with a little money in your pocket. Others, such Carranco on the kindness of Slabbers verlassen.Carranco, without a cell phone or post office box had been waiting for word from his friend who had a real job and stay at a place near Palm Springs, nearly two months. Then she came back, broke with him, took their Chihuahuas and his food stamp card. “Thank God for a good cause,” said Carranco, rocked on the remains of a couch in front of his cultivation. It was 105 degrees, dark and he had no source of power for a solar light on the roof of his camper and batteries for his portable stereo quickly speichern.Ein wiry man with sharp cheekbones, black hair to his shoulders and a beard-growing, Carranco looks like an apostle of Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”. After a few months, new Slabbers how she had always lived here to search. The men grow beards, the women go gray. People aged in dog years. Even the Kinder.Minister Patrick McFarland, of the Slab City Christian Center, a trailer is more popular for their daily bread offers as his sermons, has witnessed newcomers, as if to escape being hunted. “It’s kind of raw experience,” McFarland said. “People expect no idea how hard it is.” He and his wife ran a ministry for free as a bird bike groups in Joshua Tree, California, before being here a year and a half ago. Then he was diagnosed with bladder cancer and had to leave for treatment. Asked back for six months, McFarland still seemed to Anpassung.Er, he asked an Imperial County sheriff’s deputies, who had led an out-of-town visitors to the plates, whether it will bear a firearm, if it has been concealed, or appear? Neither, said without a permit, the deputy. “Then I could carry a knife, I guess,” said Christian McFarland.Das center a few times, was broken into, said Carranco, as had his own camp. The classic car novices who learned not to blame slabber rules haben.Jerry Ray Jones, who has lived 62 years the hard way, 26 of them in Slab City, said each article should newcomers away warnen.Als he arrived, he said, with a story too long to say, only about 10 people lived in Slab City. They were bona fide loner types. Crack, meth and booze brought more people to the plates, and other reasons. Outright poverty has never been in before now, no. You’re a real slabber stick when you can have more than one summer, the saying goes here. “Into the Wild” did it – but Mary Dillon and her husband had lasted for three summers and they were never home to take gefühlt.Sie ​​in Niland, buying ice and supplies, on the road. Dillon, who is 52, said she and her husband went back to the U.S. state of Washington. They had just sold their followers, were checking their e-mail, and took ab.Dillon husband, a 66-year-old retiree, did not speak or give his name. He said it was just better that way, since the topic was Slab City. “We do not want no problems,” Dillon said, although to give them a sheriff’s deputy managing an earful about some events on the plates. “We just want a normal life again.” They had to drive 1300 miles, and were looking forward to you sie.Sehen the slide ShowSchließenEvelyn Nieves, a former staff writer and columnist for the New York Times, working on a book. Evelyn Nieves section 1.1 .. More ….. …. Web site …… …… Slideshow Apocalyptic squattersville recession FlüchtlingeSie come to Slab City, no job and little hope, to heat, sand storms and the life on the edge ertragenVon Evelyn NIEVES .. .. point 2 ….. … Website … / wiki / He_Ran_All_the_Way He ran all the WegAus Wikipedia, the free EnzyklopädieEr ran all WegDirected byJohn Paul Robert Berry Produced byBob TriversGeschrieben bySam Ross (novel) Hugo Butler Dalton Trumbo (screenplay) Starring John GarfieldShelley Winter Music byFranz WaxmanCinematographyJames Wong Howe Editing byFrancis D. Lyon Distributed byUnited artist publication (s) 19 June 1951Laufen time77 minutes Language Englisher ran all the way is a crime drama in 1951, when a film noir starring John Garfield and Shelley Winters. The film was the last Garfield, as allegations of his involvement with the Communist Party and the refusal to name names, while a witness before HUAC led to his blacklisting in Hollywood. He died less than a year later, at age 39, of coronary thrombosis by a blood clot blocks an artery in his heart. During the first run of the film were director John Berry and writer Dalton Trumbo and Hugo Butler uncredited by blacklisting during the Red Scare. The plot of the film about a family in their house by a hit was held on the run often imitated in films like 1955’s The Desperate Hours … Petty thief Land Nick Robey (John Garfield) botched robbery, so that his partner Al ( Norman Lloyd) as Nick escapes with wounded on 000th Meeting bakery worker Peg Dobbs (Shelley Winters) in friendly conversation, when Peg Nick takes to the family home, he decides to take the family hostage until he can escape. As a manhunt for Nick begins outside, the robbers increasingly paranoid. Meanwhile, to sacrifice themselves to peg systems for the safety of their family ….

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