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voyeurism … Malone says her phone company did not help her (June 20, 2011) … Point 3 .. UPDATE] voyeur video of “up-skirting” dozens of women Accused – He faces 86 offenses and five offenses. (Feb 15, 2012) …
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Malone was a victim of cramming – unauthorized charges that appear mysteriously on monthly phone bills. The FCC estimates Malone is one of the 20 million Americans who have schemed in this way ………. ***** All images are by their respective authors …………… Pos) 1 …. … provided by WFMY News … FCC Cracking Down On “Surprise” 23.51 clock, 20 June 2011Geschrieben vonCami MarshallAbgelegt under National & World www . / news / national / … article/180077/175/FCC-Cra Undated – The Federal Communications Commission is “cramming” tough on. Obviously, we are not talking about pulling an all night in hopes of acing your college finals. It is a term for unauthorized charges on your phone bill used. And it’s possible that you’ve paid for – without it opened to wissen.Samantha Malone their cell phone bill and discovered it for a game that they had never ordered indicted. “I saw a charge I think it was for $ 0.99 and I do not recall ever subscribed to anything that would justify this accusation.” Malone was a victim of cramming – unauthorized charges that appear mysteriously on monthly phone bills. The FCC estimates Malone is one of the 20 million Americans, who thus have intrigiert.FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said, “. Fees are for voice mail or long distance that consumers are not required” The costs are usually in the range of from 0.99 to 0.99, but only about 5% of consumers feel that they ripped off because recognize the fees difficult sind.Regler working on new rules to crack the problem, and they are the creation of a top sheet, which is available www. , help people to identify and stop suspicious shipments. Genachowski said, “You can call them for free a third party, that number should be on the bill, or call your phone company.” Consumers should ask questions such as: Do I know the names of all the companies included on my bill are? Are there any charges for calls I did not place, product or service that would not let me? Are the prices charged I’m in line with the price I signed up for? If you need help resolving the dispute, you can use the FCC to / complaints contact , or call 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322). Malone says her phone company did not help, but her credit card company, the problem gelöst.Letzte week the FCC recommended that more than one million in fines on four Company: Main Street Phone, Voicenet Telephone, LLC, Cheap2Dial Telephone, LLC, and Norristown Telephone, LLC .. They are all of billing tens of thousands of consumers for unauthorized charges vorgeworfen.CBS News / / WFMY News 2 ……. Item 2) …. Chrome Help Forum … Flickr account … Account was deleted without warning says Eric in SF: Flickr is a private company and is not answerable to you. Your only power in this game is the press and your continued business. Limit your losses and move on. Delete your account, if it makes you feel better, but expecting detailed answers is unrealistisch.Nein, Flickr reserves the right to delete an account for no reason. Seriously. Read the Terms and Conditions before you go too far with this. / home / headlines … Updated: 07.40 clock 15th February 2012 [UPDATE] Video Voyeur of “up-skirting” dozens of women beschuldigtTallahassee man over 90 new charges, the police say contain their computers “under the rock and videos of women in the shops in town Posted: 09.22 clock February 14 2012Reporter: Julie MontanaroE-mail address: @ julie.montanaro [UPDATE] Video Voyeur of “up-skirting” dozens of women 2-14 Noon Accused video voyeur Man arrested for Grocery Cart Camera / home / headlines / Video_Voyeurism_Man_Arrested_f … UPDATED 14/02/2012 18:30 by Julie MontanaroA Tallahassee man secretly video recording under the skirts of dozens of women vorgeworfen.Charles Korst was for an initial incident at the Publix sushi counter verhaftet.Eine review of his computer hard drive yielded 88 “up-skirt” video, and court records show, one of them is a girl as young as 10.Polizei Charles Korst was at home looking after a camera. They found an external hard disk with tape on the back of his dresser. On it, they say, dozens of videos, the women’s faces and look under their skirts were revealed. “It’s shocking and it hurt,” said Shopper Jessica Koon. “II come here all the time to run in, run out, and would have never guessed someone who does that.” “I think it is outrageous that someone wants to do something so outrageous as to look up someone the dress, “said fellow shoppers Tongy Rodriguez.” Get him off the streets. “arrest papers show Korst” skirted the law “most often at Publix, but investigators say it, Buyer at Best Buy, Target, Wal Mart say Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond, the wurden.Die captured on tape by the accused video voyeur perhaps shocking? arrest papers that at least two of the victims were children under 16 Jahren.Court papers show Korst a young teenager came into Home Depot for more than 16 minutes, at least 8 shots under her skirt, and even removing the camera from the basket, a full body shot to bekommen.Der other young victims is estimated that between the ages of 10 and 12 years. This video will appear in the toy aisle at Wal Mart will be taken. “He would not take long in the corridors I had someone try to see to do anything. I think people need to pay more attention to their children, “said shopper Brian Durham,” and people need to pay attention to the environment. “Arrest papers say some of the video clips even with full or partial views of own face Korst die.Die most videos from February to October 2011 were übernommen.Korst consists of video recording as many as six women took on a day to haben.Polizei also what they say, are three pornographic images of young children on the hard drive Korst Computers.Er faces 86 offenses and five offenses. to His bond, 000 eingestellt.Korst attorney had no comment on the latest charges. ——– ————————————————– arrested ———– UPDATED 02/14/2012 09:30 by Julie MontanaroA Tallahassee man for video voyeurism last month now faces dozens of new faces Gebühren.Charles Korst is 86 new charges of video voyeurism (misdemeanor) , two counts of video voyeurism on a child under 16 (felony) and three cases of possession of child pornography (crime). Prosecutor Jon Fuchs says that the charges after a review of Korst’s computer hard drive yet. He says it was even more videos on the computer, but he pressed charges only on videos that were under women’s skirts or showed Damenunterwäsche.Fuchs says that made the video appear to be in the shops in town, including Home Depot, Walmart and Bed, Bath Beyond.Korst and was arrested last month outside the Lake Ella Publix, after a woman reported he was trying to having a camera in his grocery cart, filming her skirt hoch.Korst is slated to perform in front of a judge on this Morgen.Fuchs says investigators do not beleive Korst the images of child pornography created. He says that seem to be downloaded images. —————————— ——————————– January 10, 2011 by Julie MontanaroA Tallahassee man is and stashing a camera in his grocery basket accused of trying to take pictures under a woman’s skirt. He was caught and we soon discovered that was not his first foray Zeit.Es happened on Lake Ella Publix shortly after noon on Montag.TPD arrest papers say a woman at the sushi counter The first time a man handheld grocery cart brushes notices against her leg. You did not know that it tell her pantyhose hook, arrest papers, so she moved. then it happened again, and when she turned around she noticed a camera in the corner of his basket “with the lens extended.” Tallahassee police arrested Charles Korst shortly thereafter in the parking lot on charges of video voyeurism. “I find it shocking that someone would even do something like that honestly. I’m just glad that the woman he ran and he got caught, “said Publix shopper Anna Smith.Eine review the Leon County Court Records Korst shows for voyeurism was arrested seven times. Most of them are misdemeanors and they date back to 2004 . WCTV has a story about him in 2006, when he accused the admission of women into the locker room at Target wurde.Court records show that he has made over the years 10 days in jail, on parole done community service and even entered a treatment Programm.Dieses time he is charged with a crime. “It makes you angry that he not learned his lesson. So maybe we have to teach him a lesson, “shopper Connie Walberg as she loaded groceries into her car.” Authorities must definitely know where he is all the time. There is no telling what this guy is capable of doing. It can lead to something else, “said Steven Shopper Walker.Korst was released from prison on bail 00. His lawyer Bill Davis says that he not comment on a pending case and has no comment on the last run Korst the Gesetz.Neueste Comments Written by Brandon Location: Tally on February 15, 2012 know to 14:09 UhrDu, even went through felony arrests WCTV it seems, you will see at least a sexual predator in the week, if not more, I think tax money dollar would. be a good idea in these cases. No, not to jail, but to see that any sexual predator never has the chance to do stupid things again. UNICS Make them, nothing, nothing to think about or try ….. Posted by: Robert on February 15, 2012 at 12:02 Uhrich am proud of my Scottish blood, and sometimes where a kilt when he filmed under my kilt then I hope it does not end up on a gay website or disclosed prior Gericht.Geschrieben by. Just a guy Location: Tally with on Feb 15, 2012 at 11:56 UhrWie it would let LE with this guy loose in a pen with all the women he photographed .. This way all parties get what they want .. the guy a bunch of women, and the women get their justice ….. let these ladies beat him … so we have no more taxpayers money you ausgeben.Klicken to publish here or read all 105 comments …..

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