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Calendar Confusion (5774/2013) … Article 5 .. Time for Thanksgivukkah (2 October 2013), Store – will not happen again for some 77,000 years … Article 6 .. Thanksgivukkah Recipes (November 6, 2013) – Pumpkin BIT (dairy or pareve) …
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This year, the first day – of Hanukkah falls on 28 November also happens to be Thanksgiving – and the second night. This particular accident, according to a calculation will not happen again for some 77,000 years, and some American Jews are pretty excited ………. ***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors …………. Message header for item 1 Devour tov! American Jews we are not prepared ThanksgivukkahVergessen, a food mash-ups to commemorate a stay of pilgrims energy and a real bravery of Jews, along with a spectacle of a night life oil 8 days. Pumpkin latkes, apple-cranberry salsa and fried turkey, anyone? … Articles ….. 1) … Devour tov! American Jews for Thanksgivukkah prepared …… South Carolina News … … Updated every hour … HOME »COLUMBIA» reading: 7 October 2013Von Leanne ITALIEAssociated Press NEW YORK (AP) – It’s a turkey. It is a menorah. It is an intensely singular Thanksgivukkah candidate in this year of Thanksgiving and the start of Hanukkah has a noise in the Talmud kombiniert.Es proportions are a number crunch: The last time it happened was in 1888 or during slightest one last time, where Thanksgiving was a sovereign holiday by President Lincoln announced, and a subsequent time have competence to Jews lighting their candles from spacecraft 79,043 years from now to a calculation. It’s a trade: A 9 year old child New York invented a “Menurkey” and lifted some-more than 000 on Kickstarter for his already trademarked, Turkey-shaped menorah. Woodstock-inspired t-shirts have a turkey perched on a guitar neck and petition “8 Days of Light, Latkes freedom.” The makers nabbed a title songs have emerged adults with texts like this from “The Ballad of Thanksgivukkah” “Thanksgivukkah.”: “Imagine Judah Maccabee, sit to fry a turkey and potatoes Squanto scurry …” Rabbi David Paskin, a song co-written and co-director of a Kehillah Schechter Academy in Norwood, Massachusetts, proudly declared himself a Jewish day we do not propagate the next Plymouth Rock.Vergessen, a food mash-ups to commemorate a stay Energy Pilgrims and a real bravery of Jews, along with a spectacle of a night life oil 8 days. Pumpkin latkes, apple-cranberry salsa and fried turkey, anyone? “It’s flattering extraordinary to me that in this country, we can get rich physical and rich eremite celebrations and that those of us find that can live in both worlds moments when they can clearly record and applaud that convergence. There are a lot of places in a universe in which we do not mean to do that would be, “said Paskin.Die inlet of a lunisolar Jewish calendar created Hanukkah and other eremite observances seem deposit some from year to year when compared to a U.S. or Gregorian, calendar. But most of the amour about Hanukkah this year is buried in a little history of Thanksgiving itself, which is not always tied in a same place. This caused some initial difficulties over Thanksgivukkah, aka Turkukkah.Im 1863 gave Lincoln Thanksgiving as the last Thursday in November (the month seldom has 5 of them) and regulate a holiday remained there until President Franklin D. Roosevelt sealed a corner steadfastness of Congress they do not overlap on a Gregorian calendar, Thanksgiving and an initial full day Hanukkah as the fourth Thursday 1942.Seit starting in 1863. Jewish use calls for a first of eight days of Chanukah candle lit by one night before Thanksgiving Day this year, so technically Thanksgivukkah falls on a “second candle” Nacht.Und then there is Texas. Before 1863 every state have motionless on a date for Thanksgiving. As late as 1956, Texans still enjoying turkey and stuffing one week than any other, according to a history compiled by a Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic Jews of transformation. This means that the Jews their first Hanukkah candle lighting in 1945 and 1956.Es were in this state competence are some more early Thanksgiving science and 2,000 year calendar tinker with a Jewish calendar, although we gangling dir.Jonathan Mizrahi, a Quantum physicists during Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM, picked up indefinitely on a final accession of January in a blog post with buzzed-about line graphs adults from others online. More than 100,000 people have visited a blog then, he said, including some that made and stirred to incorporate one of his clarifications posten.Er had not done transparently, his calculations of the question that he become a “second candle” Night of Hanukkah relate, and he was not happy thanksgiving was verschoben.Das by a final one fourth Thursday in November, interest, Mizrahi said, “really blew me away. quite surprised I’ve only during a series of answers.” While whole thing is much fun, there are some really great function here Well, there’s Comet ISON, which is expected to happen from a tight object on Thanksgiving this year and competence make a good uncover is – probably even in daylight. Or not, if comets do not always expect werden.Mom-of-two Dana Gitell that radiate outwards to Boston, with an artist and a Jewish present location Modern Tribe and sell remembrance T-shirts, cards and a poster Partnership lives. She looks happy and suggestive chance and 10 percent deduction is Mazon, a Jewish desire to go service organization. “Cosmic? There is only one day in which Jews and the rest of America are on the same day to celebrate,” she said. “It is a unique event for us to applaud a Jewish American experience, and heckling in America for a eremite leisure, we give here suffer, and is possible for the creation of a Jewish American knowledge.” ___Folgen Leanne Italie on Twitter: / litalie Copyright 2013 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This element competence not be published, broadcast, rewritten or umverteilt.Artikel Source: 23627619/gobble-tov-american-jews-rea … ……… Item 2) …. youtube video … Paula Deen Deep-Fries a Thanksgiving Turkey … 6:40 minutes … Paula DeenHochgeladen 24 November 2009Hey y’all, I know we said the Turkey video would be up on Wednesday, but so many of you asked to see it before Thanksgiving, so here it is! Aunt Peggy and I take you through deep-frying a turkey, step by step. Be sure to listen to our tips on thawing, temperature, separating the innards, and Garzeit.Liebe and Best Dishes, Paula Category Entertainment License Standard YouTube License .. — Get Cookin ‘with Paula Deen. — Deep Fried Turkey. .. £ 12 turkey … 2 tbsp. Olive oil … 1 cup kosher salt … 1/4 cup black pepper … 1/4 cup garlic powder … Marinade (optional) … 2 gallons peanut oil products ….. 3 …..) …. youtube video … Deep Fried Turkey … 7:46 minutes … cooking out of the cave with Chef Pete on 10 TrusiakHochgeladen November 2011Chef deeply Pete Fry, is a turkey and we lose the footage of him removing the Turkey so we have to deep fry a whole chicken next weekend and replace the footage … For printable recipe, visit! Category Education Standard YouTube License Product license …. ….. 4) …. youtube video … Turkey Fryer Public Service Announcment … 1:03 minutes …. on CobbFireVideosHochgeladen 24th November 2008A comedic look at what happens when you have a frozen turkey in a deep fryer to platzieren.KategorieBildungLizenzStandard YouTube Lizenz.Cobb County Georgia Firefighter …. Thawing bird COMPLETE! … Use the right amount of oil … Only cook outdoors and away from combustible … Keep children and pets … Ready your Bedienungsanleitung.Cobb County State of GeorgiaFür more information go to ……… Item 5) …. Time for Thanksgivukkah shop …… … … Los Angeles … 2 October 2013Von Jonah Lowenfeld Follow on Twitter Now that the parade of Jewish holidays is over, it’s time to start planning for the imminent arrival of an unprecedented hybrid: “Thanksgivukah” comes this year, the first day – of Hanukkah falls on the 28th! November also happens to be Thanksgiving – and the second night. This particular accident, according to a calculation will not happen again for some 77,000 years, and some American Jews are pretty excited. “I’ve been thinking about for so long,” Dana Gitell said the first noticed this curiosity on their calendar before About a year and has a number of t-shirts and greeting cards to celebrate the holiday. “My children can not wait. You think everyone celebrates Thanksgivukah.” ……………………. Img code photo …. Happy Thanksgivukkah 2013 Gothukkah poster. Photos courtesy of Dana Gitell ……………………. Gitell, who lives in a suburb of Boston and works in the areas of marketing, loves the Asking “mashups” of the two holidays – turkey with latkes, pilgrims and rabbis, dreidel balloons at the Macy’s Day Thanksgivukah Parade.Die hybrid holiday – what Gitell has decided to spell it with a double-K “Thanksgivukkah” and holds two trademarks on the Use of this name – offers the chance to celebrate both Jewish and American values, she said. Your cards and T-shirts – Los Angeles-based illustrator Kim DeMarco developed – use icons of both holidays and in the spirit of the season, 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale will MAZON donated to the Jewish anti-hunger charitable Thanksgiving always falls on. the fourth Thursday in November, and the next time American Jews Hanukkah candle is lit on Thanksgiving in 2070, when the first night of the festival begins at sunset on 27 Be November. The overlap has not happened since 1918 – although in both 1945 and 1956, Jews in Texas and other states still celebrate “Republican Thanksgiving” on the last Thursday in November, the combined holidays marked haben.Egal, because the Jewish lunar calendar slowly falling out of sync with the solar calendar – with Jewish holidays progressing through the seasons at a rate of four days every 1000 years old – Hanukkah has slowly but surely became deeper movement in the winter and away from Thanksgiving, but this year, Hanukkah begins at sundown on Wednesday. 27th November that the day of Thanksgiving coincides with the Jewish holiday means. So on Thursday evening – sometime during the first quarter of the Steelers-Ravens game, for those on the West Coast – Family firing two candles in their menorahs, plus the shamash, natürlich.Um to do this, they can also have a “menurkey” – a ceramic menorah in the shape of a turkey, the idea of ​​Asher Weintraub, 9 Asher and his father, Anthony, the 000 project funded by a Kickstarter campaign that abgeschlossen.Dann early September there is the food – ideas for hybrids such as sweet potato latkes and cranberry sauce filled donuts abound “Manischewitz broth is. Official broth Thanksgivukah “Courtney said Manders, who works with Manischewitz as an account executive at The Bender Group, a PR firm in New Jersey. The 125-year-old manufacturer for his matzah and gefilte fish known makes a full line of beef, chicken and vegetable broths, Manders said, and last year was a new broth – turkey. “This works perfect for a variety of dishes Thanksgivukah,” said Manders.Manischewitz tapped kosher chef Jamie Geller to come up with some hybridized according courts and promotes a “mash-up recipe contest” from October to identify other culinary ways to celebrate Thanksgivukah . The company launched an online contest to a short video about Thanksgivukah who have a handful of ideas, including one titled “Close Encounters of the Art Thanksgivukah” The best video will win a prize of 000 was drawn to make gets the second place has 000, and of 10 videos October will be filed in order to be eligible. (No pilgrims, Native Americans or non-kosher animals, says the online newsletter – and do not mention Manischewitz wine, because “that’s actually a separate company.”) Like all things associated with Hanukkah, there is a healthy dose of consumption involved in this holiday. A listing on eBay describes a box of 12 Shabbat Candles in “autumnal shades of yellow, orange, green and purple” less than ideal “for a peaceful Sabbath on ‘Thanksgivukah’ or the whole year.” Another seller is hawking a plastic dreidel filled with kosher candy corn as “Thanksgivukah special.” Deborah Gitell – sister-in-law of Thanksgivukah greeting cards and t-shirts Creator – is planning a festival for 29 Thanksgivukkah November from Craig Taubman Pico Union Project in Los Angeles veranstaltet.Sie ​​trying to raise 000 done through crowd-funding website Jewcer the festival, and said that some musical acts – including the band and Moshav Beit T’Shuvah band – have already confirmed their participation. The Canter Deli food truck and Shmaltz Brewing Co. are also on board. Proceeds from the event will Pico Union Theatre is MAZON unterstützen.Thanksgivukah attraction programs and, for the most part, to its rarity “If the Jewish calendar is not in any way changed … [the first day] Hanukkah again on Thursday, 28 November fall in the year 79811, “Jonathan Mizrahi, of a PhD in physics and works for Sandia National Laboratories holds in Albuquerque, NM, wrote in a blog post in January this Jahres.Sicher Mizrahi notes, the Jewish calendar is probably long before then modified as Passover must be in the spring. Rosh Hashanah in July, anyone – to when the Jewish calendar, may be out of sync with the seasons and should be loop all the way around? -. Hanukkah and Thanksgiving would meet again in the 76695, when the eighth day of Hanukkah coincides with the autumnal American Festival “In all honesty, but these data are unfathomably far into the future,” writes Mizrahi, “that was really the point. “Dana Gitell T-shirts – sale to () – to play this aspect ………………….. img code photo … Thanksgivukkah 2013 … 8 days of light Liberty & Latkes …………………. “Our design of the logo for Woodstock is inspired,” said Dana Gitell of T-shirts, and compared to other Thanksgivukah relatively new, once-in-history moment. “It’s a bit like Y2K,” she said. “You were there, you lived through it, and it will never happen again.” Pixel trackers for EintragKOMMENTAREWir look forward to your Rückmeldung.DATENSCHUTZIhre data will not be shared or sold without your consent. Get all has rules for its commenting community.Get all Details.VERÖ reserves the right to use your comments in our weekly print publication ………. Item 6) …. Thanksgivukkah recipes …… Orthodox Union … … Strengthening Jewish life … By Eileen Goltz | 6 November 2013 | If you have not noticed, has a new national holiday created this year. Thanksgivukkah the day, latkes and turkey is going hand in hand, and pumpkin pie and chocolate coins and draydels compete for best dessert. Every so often, decides our wandering Jewish calendar, Hanukkah that should begin in late November or early December. With the second Day of the miracle of light falls on Turkey Day allows me the opportunity to do some really fun recipes to kreieren.Also what you ask, I’m going to make, serve both a turkey and stuffing and a menorah and latkes? Read out the recipes and find out .. SQUASH — BIT (dairy or pareve) … 2 cups pumpkin puree … ½ cup flour … 2 teaspoons baking powder, … Pinch of salt … 1 beaten egg … A little milk or water if the dough is too stiff … Oil for frying … Cinnamon sugar MischungIn a bowl all ingredients except the oil, water or milk. Mix to combine and add the liquid, if necessary. Heat about 1/2 inch of oil in a deep sauce pan and drop tablespoons of dough lightly into the hot oil (only cook 4 or 5 at a time so you do not over crowd the pot) rounded. Cook, flipping the dough ball as it is golden on one side. Repeat on the other side. Remove when golden and allow the fritter on paper towels. When cool and drained for a minute or so, sprinkle the fried fritters with cinnamon and sugar. Makes 14 to 16, depending on how large you. Krapfen.Verfasst of the Essie Ruthers Denver CO — Fried Cake (dairy or pareve) Dough: … 4 cups flour … 2 teaspoon salt … 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon … Pinch of ground cloves … 1 cup shortening … 1 cup milk or milk products do not refill … 4 ounces dried apricots … 4 ounces dried cherries … 6 oz package dried peaches … 3/4 cup white sugar … Pinch of cinnamon … Waters cover … 2 cups vegetable oil for BratenIn a large saucepan, combine apricots, cherries, peaches, cinnamon and sugar. Add enough water to just cover fruit. Cover and cook on and simmer until the fruit is soft. Remove the lid and continue to cook until the water is gone. Let the mixture cool for at least an hour before filling your cake When you are ready, your cakes, combine the flour, cinnamon, cloves and salt in a large bowl. Cut in the shortening with a fork or knife until the mixture is crumbly. Mix in the liquid and stir until the dough forms a ball. Roll the dough on a floured surface (about ¼ inch thick) and cut into 18 6-inch Kreisen.Teilen the filling between the circles (about 1/2 tablespoon each or a bit more) and pay attention to the filling (Do not overfill) in the center of each circle to keep. Fold the circle in the center to make sure none of the filling leak out. Seal the edges of the semicircle by a fork dipped in cold water along the KanteIn a pan heat the oil to a medium temperature. Fry a couple of pies at a time, flipping once the first page browned. Drain on kitchen paper. Allow to cool slightly before serving as filling will be hot. Win 18 (you can make the circles a bit larger if you like). MyFiles Source unknown .. — Baked Sweet Potato Fries (pareve) (Note: You must not use the cornstarch in the recipe, but I think it makes the fries sharper.) … Sweet potatoes (1 per person) …. 1/2 tsp corn starch per potato. (Optional) … 3 or 4 tablespoons of olive oil …. Salt and pepper … Paprika or garlic powder or onion powder (optional) Preheat the oven to 450 Peel the sweet potatoes and cut them into long, fry-shaped pieces (try to keep the size uniform). In a large bowl, combine the sweet potato, oil, combine cornstarch (if using), salt, pepper and what you decide you like. Mix really well so everything is coated. Lightly spray a baking sheet with sides with non-stick vegetable spray and spread the sweet potato fries on top. Not overlap the fries. Bake for 13 to 15 minutes, then turn the fries over so the bottom can cook. (I use a spatula) Bake an additional 10 to 15 minutes until the fries are bubbly, crispy and the edges look a little burnt .. My files, source unknown .. © Eileen Goltz chan13 …….

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