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Virtual Jobs From Home

question by Ashley : things as jobs – work from home? Virtual Assistant?
Hello, I’d like more information about places where I can work from home and eventually move to where I want. I want to be paid in U.S. dollars, and when I pull out of the U.S., I would not work for $ 8/hour for recalls or so. Has anyone of American companies who have such jobs, where I as a virtual assistant or customer service rep, other than work odesk know? Thanks. * Virtual … sorry for the typo Best Answer:

response from john.mitchell
I once read about one of the airlines, I think it could have Jet Blue, but I could not swear that takes people to work from do at home reservations. You could by a Vonage phone line and high-speed Internet connection at Amazon.Com bekommen.Ich remember somehow something to do with home-based workers, auch.Good Luck!

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Virtual jobs of Home
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Virtual Jobs From Home