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Real Work From Home Jobs No Scams – Has anyone actually pay money from home without any start-up costs?

Real Work From Home Jobs No Scams

question of MsDeeva : Does anyone really make money from home without any startup cost to pay
Search within a single mom to make extra money (loan repayments primarily students) to help with bills. I can not get a second job, because that would take too much time away from my son. Does anyone know a real work from home jobs. No cheating, and no start-up Kosten.Vielen Thanks Best answer:

Henry answer
Unless you are very specific skills, such as graphic design, web design, computer programming, there are no real internet work at home jobs. You will be bombarded with all kinds of work at home scams.

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Real Work From Home Jobs No Scams
image of hermetic hermit
Why? Lifting the veil: wakey wake key ~ It’s time to wake up from the dream larvae. It’s time to emerge from the chrysalis and transform. It’s time to break out the plastic straitjacket step and remove the blindfold tightly around the body and mind bound by unsafe family, indoctrinate school and insincere relationships. It’s time to decide who you really are, what you’re really here – to ask and warum.Es’s time, “what is” work “, which is a ‘job’, what freedom is, and what in the hell is everyone does – and why “It’s time to stop, non-existent illusory money and anchoring disinterested social recognition by to speed your time and energy, the destruction of the biosphere of our planet – time, a real life in a real life world is running but a rat race designed by a pseudo-civilization of heinous architects concrete toilets in a meaningless maze of toxic termite towers leben.Ja, yes, you’ve all heard before and you already know what’s going on. You do not need to talk. You know what you must do. You already know how you could really live, thank you. You are about to get it in your own sweet time, if you have paid your debts, if your family is grown up, if you have some free time to pause and change tack when you retire, if you win the lottery. If you’re good and fertig.Sicher, buddy. Sure sis. You to get around to doing the right thing when you are dead – in your next incarnation on a planet that has helped you to thoroughly degrade and ruin – if you are born again in Bangladesh and Mongolia, and Sub-Saharan Africa rather than in a better, blessed place where you can actually be free and make a difference, like here and jetzt.Es is time to find ways to share what remains of our beautiful planet with honor and without guilt. It’s time to decide whether a life of truth and beauty to live or to die for a lie, you know, wrong. You have already chosen your actions and “lifestyle” are your choice, and the time has come to rethink your choices and make your new Schicksal.Es is time to realize why you look so incredibly rare and privileged life that you actually have the space, mentality and leisure time to sit back and read you have given this little polemic. Now is the time and the person you are on the spot. They are the ones we need to save the world – now, at this critical juncture between past and future. Life for life or death for the death? Select. Jetzt.Das system is designed to make you think that you are either on the road to material success or sliding doors are a slippery slope to failure of a loser, but it is designed to ensure that you will fail in the end. “Company” is set to anything you build or create will be taken from you, to ensure piece by piece, of plaice plaice, and select each of you, stolen to inherit it. Lazy obsolescence is in everything that you have been sold and everything you are told gebaut.In modern societies, all-consuming, you are taxed more heavily than all the old feudal serf, and even if you buy something outright you have just begun to pay for it only with what you can ever really own – your time. The time of your life is from those who you taxed for the world to vote on behalf of remote controls, who think they “own” and stolen. There are many alternatives to manipulate their systems, but they are all carefully verborgen.Die you most people base their whole life – plans, hopes, fears, dreams and strategies – for brainwashing by the time server in it programmed outdated assumptions. Smother their children in regimental uniforms and do not care enough to notice how playing time is attenuated, as mind restrained and retrained freedom in uniform dullness. Follow the footsteps of torpid boobies and wonder why a regimented life is boring sad. Subservience to by thousands of years of warring feudal lords Trained humanity can only by detours, which continues to approach lead people astray absolute truths (and long-term survival). Schooling is not education. It is a system in which an open mind successfully closed, and all that is not forbidden mandatory. Guaranteed ‘Modern’ education that always cheats prosper and that tyrants and liars always prevail in the “real” world outside of the Economy and Finance. Today’s educational institutions are developing stupid money factories to extort obedience voluntary slaves. No intelligent independent heads are found in them, no one can überleben.Schulen it, colleges and universities are swamps of brainwashing, cultural imperialism and mindless training for non-destructive jobs that will soon cease to exist – developed training meters to in the current needs of the industry ownership run by short-sighted paranoid sociopath to serve. They are the birthplace of hierarchy and corruption. You know it’s true. Any real learning is achieved is irrelevant. Scores and achieved a comfortable job where you can lord over others are everything. Learning and knowledge are secondary victims Ziele.Das system is manipulated by and by by and for the worst elements to ensure that only the most egregious people climb to the top of the dung heap and thrive. Only the worst control freaks and insecure jerks with killer instincts’ claw their way to the summit. You know it’s true. There is no “survival of the fittest” (or even the most adaptable) involved. Companies are involved in change and evolution, but in security, status, and stasis. And sooner or later stasis always mean extinction, not the Überleben.Aber you may be different. This will allow your children. Deny the loveless death of blind conformity and confirm a free loving life with each action. Be what you wanted before it to harm “not always be. If you meant well and as the multiverse provides. Choose. Jetzt.Die people are bigger than their straitjackets., You have the power to remove any blindfold and widen your vision, if you choose., you have the ability to concentrate, to meditate, to think and to liberate. Only you can do it. Only you can to rid yourself, heal yourself, to grow and learn. No one can do it for you, and who says that she is a liar, that you must avoid. And you have to do these things before the time or die blind, lonely and unvollständig.Sie are a psychic immortal, the exactly what you will get created. Only when people develop the inner divining and dowsing the facilities they are latent in all conscious beings capable of truth from lies-able to actually say, to know the truth., you can only be free if you drop all this culture system and to learn how to open your inner eyes., you can only decide what is what, what to do and why, if you real personal insight to haben.Willkommen on the new Aeon , a time will finally be laid to rest as dangerous ancient myths and legends healthier new permits, from the ashes of yesterday ignorance entstehen.Ein easy way to learn the truth is to ask two simple questions is “Why?” And “Who Profits? “Keep this liberating queries in mind as you continue to progress … Here’s a handy list of dangerous myths we need to lay to rest (and drive stakes through the heart. Repeats).” What have you done, around the world, Dad / Mom to save? ‘Lie # 1: The planet will absorb mess people machen.Es is not – not visible in any time frame from you. We will all be dead before the planet repaired and replanted it unless we go and clean up our messes, stop the destruction of the living resources, replant entire continents of forests and weeds and nourish them for generations, starting yesterday. Most deprived brain, corrupt “leaders” seem to think the planet only has to be paved again. Not for her plaster “solutions” to fall. Opt out of the deadly “civilization” and help you start fresh companies in the green living world beyond the Mauern.1b: Trees are a renewable resource. Forests grow again if we do not cut them after they are unten.Das. You do not have it. If the soil has washed up, went for the seed and rainfall is gone (because most of our forests to make rain, and store most of our fresh water) you have killed the most interesting, nourishing and beneficial plants and animals inherit a desert of sand, clay and rock. It takes centuries for trees to be large enough, with large cavities enough to support viable populations of animals – including humans. Forests without animals are exposed shaggy dead zones deprived Nährstoffe.Idioten are still cutting down trees for money if it provided better, cleaner, cheaper, and completely renewable solutions for everything from natural forests available – for everything except clean water, food and air ! Somewhere near you, right now, today, cut down a forest. Help all who try it is to stop. Jetzt.Ohne global forests will fit you not to drink the water to breathe air not fit and have to eat any plants. The truth is not “out there” – it is obvious to one who actually blinkered eyes to sehen.Lüge No. 2: is not dangerous for the ecosystem or the people burning fuels with deadly toxic gases, and we need to to do it to be a prosperous civilization to tanken.Es. We do not. If you do not know about better technologies that are already available to vampirise your head in the sand with the dust in the ‘realists’, in search of another oil field or coal seam. Some developed nations are already fueled entirely by clean, renewable energy. Literally hundreds of patents for new energy technologies are literally suppressed and stolen by “intelligence” and “military” in the name of the ruthless killer corporations every year. Clean, free energy systems have for over a century removed on the market and over again, along with their investors (see / search / label / free% 20energy ). A name should be sufficient to explain much, Nikola Tesla.Die truth is not “out there” – it is actively suppressed all around you. Why? The answer is a nested series of onion skins, the Russian dolls of money, control and power around an inner core of ultimate frightened uncertainty gehüllt.2b: man-made global warming is a lie by some unnameable group dispersed to control our lives and We have not ärmer.Ist. Instead of greed planet killers who make tens of mining and sell toxic and unnecessary products – The fossil power people have you been so successful that many or most people have convinced ecologists have some interest in misleading she lied. CO2 is a greenhouse gas “, whose levels, global temperatures have bestimmt.Ob for billions of years, we inject enough heat into the biosphere in order to prevent an impending ice age cycle or simply create a global desert, every industry, the carbon dioxide in the biosphere squirts as a byproduct of pumping far more deadly chemicals in your body all the time, in the interest of profit meaningless. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying or is just ignorant.Jedes time someone says that carbon dioxide not a greenhouse gas, or that manmade global warming is a lie, they ask for some data – no real facts – and you will not be those who are unable to get constructs of half-truths, misdirect distractions and lies people are heating the planet with toxic emissions independent of. industry shills and clandestine ignoramuses say (see nexusilluminati.blogspot .com/search/label/co2 .) Time for an inconvenient and little appreciated fact: If climate scientists say there will be, say, a five degree Celsius increase in global temperature, they are talking about global averages – including sea temperatures, which is unlikely to rise A ‘five degrees. average increase “a TEN DEGREES rise – or more – in the country (outside the tropics) – where you and everything is possible for you to survive makes actually lives. Forget drowning cities and islands are sinking – all that is left is desert and dust when we allow our “leaders” bribes from dust in ‘realists’ blind competitive to halten.Es is no truth on the side of profiteering companies, surprisingly enough – and the only “invested interest” Environmentalists have is the desire to survive and thrive. Have you heard of the precautionary principle? If you have not, google it. The truth is not “out there”, it is quite simple: the use of toxins by toxic fuels, angeheizt.Berechtigt order that the profits for toxic monopolies run by toxic people DocterdsLüge No. 3: We are repeatedly informed that ” Education is liberation. ” Is not it. Learning is liberation, education is quickly red indoctrination. The most dangerous, authoritarian ignorant are those who stayed in school the longest. No one with a doctorate is completely healthy. Can be trusted to heal No one who cash in exchange for the sick, demanded the rights and freedom of others protecting, repairing or the ecosystem education, they know nothing of truth and are part of the problem, not the solution. Everyone who benefits from another misery, hardship or terror is actually functional, a heartless Soziopath.In “Advanced” ideas today more people die from medical errors than from any other cause. Only a few years ago docterds ensure that just about everyone in the “developed” ideas had organs removed from the body “just in case” something went wrong. Each child was expected that their tonsils and adenoids (lymph nodes) have, appendix and wisdom teeth “removed”, just in case their docterd could not afford a flashy car or another lover. And many an operation led to another in order to correct the errors in the first. It was all bullshit and almost everyone fell for it because of how priests and lawyers prevail docterds entitled to a false monopoly on access to life and death and only by terror. See / 2012/09/16/freeing-god ‘s-slaves-the-e … Today, fluoridation, toxic vaccines, toxic medications and a variety of other techniques give slow death and eternal dissolution on the incredibly patient (trusting, ignorant and scared) Patienten.Siehe / search / label / fluoridation and / search / label / vaccines your health and mind are in your hands. Sawbones / surgeons may occasionally be useful in an emergency but best avoided at all other times. From time to time you can so much damage you need some repairs, but done the only real cure you, yourself to your body. The placebo effect – which, if you believe that you will be something to cure it, regardless of whether it has any active or not – is estimated from reputable sources as forty percent – that’s 40%! This means that almost half of all cures are widely accepted as a principle magical-consciousness-driven – in nature. The other sixty percent as gut.Zeit for a few WahrheitenCui Bono? Who profits? Who is he truth # 1: Who benefits? No one who does not have another planet or two readily available profits from old-style industrial societies. To destroy an entire planet and civilization – so that they can have surrounded a car or other flashier mansion complex of bodyguards and electric fences, but there will always be some deluded people in power willing are millions to töten.Es always those who so they have successfully brainwashed actually believe that Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Messiah, a Savior, a large bearded genocide racist asshole in the sky, his fallen enemies or his mythical toady son real – and these make NAIFS fine booty for patriarchal pedophile priests proselytizing pederasts. Who but the ignorant innocents fall for such superstitious drivel? Who but an insecure control freak with delusions of grandeur would like to keep yourself as an intermediary between you and your divine psychic heritage in between? Anyone who tells you the Divine is only by some gowns wear po-faced priest, or a Bronze Age tome as a merciless and barbaric dictators, or cobbled together by an idol or guru or scholar who is lying. All that some odd bod God or other fetish simply trained “worship” to doff the forelock, kneel, bow scrape, and be subservient to a dead or mortally psychopathic control freak. Attention, little girl! Bums on the wall, guys Christinanity, Islime and idiocy – to name just a few – are nothing more than some of the newer destructive heresies death focused on lies of the pie in the sky at the expense of happy, healthy life in the only real place – here and now. All other “great religions” are as bad or worse. Religion is a region with a li (s) in it. But they make huge profits tax-free! Cui bono? Truth is always simple. The only beliefs that are true, are the ones who spread the life, light, health and diversity – the marks of the true wisdom and survival. Everything else is deceptive Bullshit.Wenn you really learn how the deity who want to access the birthright and crown of all beings, all you have to do is listen to the endless programs through the wheel of the rat through the head – and transcend. Anyone can do it if they try, but the younger and fresher you deprogram yourself and tuning in “higher” or “lower” consciousness the better start. See / search / label / Meditation and / search / label / magic if you learn how you will wollen.Aufklärung always be available, to every true seeker with an open mind and compassionate heart. Guides are always available if you are looking for simple, but won accept no substitute for self-confidence – and anyone who demands money in exchange for spreading the light of universal consciousness is no person you with nothing to do.The Lore of the country Truth # 2: There is no government. There is no law. There are no companies or corporations. There is no money. They are fables, illusions, widely accepted truisms – but they are not the things. They do not really exist, except as agreements between people. You have no own power. They are clever perishable Illusionen.Wenn you will look closely you will notice that none of the laws in your country faces in every fact. In fact, you will find that your nation is just a term, agreed a fable of a cut segment some of the people, not all, and not necessarily the most, but only those who have the most to of the fable profitieren.Nein “higher power” or external “divine plan” or government controls your life. No dog, no masters. You are God (of the). All man-made laws are simply designed and made treaties and not written in stone. The only real proper law is the lore or karma and dharma – the “Golden Rule”: Treat others as you want by be performed. It is the only law and lore that works, and does not advocate or interpreter, not a priest, monk, scholar or scholars to preserve at all times or transfer. It is free for all, for immer.Der true law is no secret and has no officers. It needs no prophet, liars / lawyers, judges or arbitrators. As above, so below. They are part of a giant hologram, where the whole is more than the sum of its parts and each part contains the whole. In a holographic universe in which everyone shares the same consciousness is everything you do or for someone else to pick something that you do not ridicule yourself or for your tun.Mach to you that “good deeds for others fruits . ” Of course they will. But everything you need for your children, family or strangers you are actually doing, to do for themselves. Taking care of your family more than any other is quite understandable on a mechanical, biological and genetic level – but it is also the basis for the worst traits of humanity. Racism, genocide, slavery, and most forms of discrimination are outgrowths such as “love”, which is actually at the root of selfish. Everyone is your Familie.In fact, all of you, and you are all, for you are God (of the), again the manifest world from moment to moment on a level above and behind linguistic Denkens.Fülle and scarcity: There is Falseconomy, stupid Truth # 3: Money does not exist. It is a global pyramid scam in which only the first ones in at the top of the pyramid – everyone else loses. We have the ability to provide everyone on the planet with sufficient food, water and shelter – but we do not seem to have enough to do from an entirely imaginary commodity to it. Something is very wrong.The “science” of economics is bullshit, as any true scientist can tell you. Arbitrary rules are constantly changing and no “economists” can make accurate predictions on the basis of “economy”. It is just another scam to make you think know “authorities” what they are doing and can be trusted to look out for your best interest. Lol.Geld is simply made up. It’s created a keyboard in a jiffy. It’s all made easy by (in) personal interests with “interest” invented. If the illusion is so arranged to make it appear that “economy” going downhill you go, the pipes circling – but the banksters, monarchs and dust realists, the actual, tangible things have not, as we all should recognize. This happens regularly and repeatedly. I will not go on – see / search / label / banksters and never take out a loan. Do not use banks. There are many Alternativen.Werden They live as independently and as sustainable as möglich.Menschen told they have to pay money to live in a patch of the planet, and because they have been trained to a great number of lies that of feudal societies of vile robber barons of gunmen they run just accept it umgeben.Menschen accept told they have to go to school every day and work to provide enough food, water, shelter and entertainment for themselves and their families. It is a lie. This has only happened because we diligently allowed robber barons and banksters to steal everything and arrange it so when we. A wide range of much better ways Now, at the beginning of the third millennium, the new revolution has begun and strive forward diligently, and new processes automation nanotechnology, such as 3D printing mean that the jig is up. Full “employment” is no longer possible or desirable. Now we need to provide shelter, food, water, transport and other necessities for everyone, even the rich, free – for now at least, we can, if you at any job that does not heal the planet actively work to actively destroy almost certainly!. If you make it to destroy debt. When you flush a toilet in a river or the sea, if you fossil-fueled transportation to and from work or power your home (and nuclear fuels are fossil fuels, too) you’re destroying it. If you do not at least growing some of your own food and drugs destroy you. If you leave your children in some regimented school (or even a daycare) to mindlessly raised to do and the same as you have been subjected to brainwashing, you have to destroy it – and ihnen.JUMP OFF – If you on a treadmill with no easy way out, but just jump and you take your chances caught sind.Sie be so glad you did competitiveness = Death Dealer Truth # 4: The “killer instinct ‘is not instinct – it is a result of the training Bullies!. and psychopaths made, not born – and they can not be made if you want to catch, retain and retrain them early enough without bullying children do not learn, hate, fear and struggle Non-Racquet children do not learn to be submissive Bullies need of… separated other children until they can be trusted with them. The same goes for Erwachsene.Der only reason to have a weapon, is murder. They are made for no other reason., you are the cowardly distance trade death weapon of choice. Only people afraid of their neighbors have guns – and that, of course, terrified their neighbors Violence begets violence and weapons attest weapons you have feedback loops gun ownership is always an arms race, the stupid doctrine of mutually assured destruction written for petty hoon crazy, scared cowardly and immature… idiots, the other may threaten small Anyone who wants a gun -., as anyone who wants a presidential – is exactly the person you do not want to be with a vertrauen.Zulassen of weapons possession in human society, only one form of collective madness or governmental Swat team -. Popguns No you will save you from a modern army you will only get you killed more quickly and safely That is the real lesson of modern history for all who look interested, not for.. the lies of the profiteers weapon fall. In modern conflicts, the survivors are those who avoid the fighting successfully. Save to save your money and a life that you can not have peace with a gun in his hand, and it is almost certain that no one is a free on you want if you do not. peace or war, you’re can not serve two masters. Choose. Jetzt.Alle companies have a good time without weapons population live constantly under a sword of Damocles., the U.S. , for example, is not a free society, but one that corporatocracy has had its freedoms, since surgically removed neoconmen assured King George II stole the (p) resident. freedom is free. How could it be otherwise? If you have something to defend

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Home Based Work – Genuine Home Based Jobs Without Investment – 100% Legit Work from Home Jobs

home based work

query of sheldon_koggs : What is sensible for a residence based mostly enterprise to charge itself for rent I am 1 of the two partners in a home based enterprise that is at present currently being run by my partner at home. The company also will take up area and utilities. I’m making an attempt to come up with a honest price for lease and a honest calculation for the use of tools to what is utilized for the organization. Can any person advocate a guideline here? Personally, I do not truly feel that the firm be total charge market value for rent, since I believe it is a comfort to be capable to perform at home to believe. Does any individual agree or am I off here Very best Answer:

Reply tidww
The IRS recommendations generally say the total square footage of the property and then add up the room for the enterprise. Share and you get a percentage. Far more of the complete utilites and mortgage loan / lease by this percentage. The space has only be utilized for retailers and some programs are not deductible, phone, if memory serves mainly simply because it., With or with no the organization

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Back at our Mississippi Yazoo # # @ Hampton Hotel home base, working on @ @ JodieEmery BCGreens campaign components Home Based Work
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one hundred% Legit work and U.S. & United kingdom primarily based operate.Online data entry and extremely good. Entirely free to register for the remote working positions to work with US-Uk and Aust … Video Rating: 3/5

home based work

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Contract Work From Home – How to buy a first home, without being exploited?

Contract Work From Home

question by Jody : How to buy a first home, without exploited
So we are looking to buy our first house and I do not know where to start. I have spoken with some realitors and some loan officers, but everyone says you can not trust what they tell you. Anyone have any rules of thumb to speak of buying a home? We have been looking at some land contract homes and a few foreclosures Best answer:.

response from Liz Lemon
The best thing to do is a real estate agent to get that you or someone that you trust to have been made. When you find the right one, tell them everything, which can be important: how much you are willing to spend, what you want, and the time frame. Be honest and open with them. If you have a real estate agent working on your side, you can not be taken advantage of. Brokers work does not pay until they get you into a home so that it. Both of your advantage to find the right place and be happy with what you have chosen for buyers

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Army Photography Contest – 2007 – FMWRC – Arts and Crafts – Cooling Down in Time
Contract Work From Home
image of familymwr
Army Photography Contest – 2007 – FMWRC – Arts and Crafts – Cooling in downtime Photo by: SSG Jessica TorralvaUm to learn more about the annual U.S. Army Photography Competition, visit us online at U.S. Army Arts and Crafts History After the First World War, the reductions to the Army left the United States with a small force. The War Department faced monumental challenges in preparing for World War II. One of those challenges was soldier morale. Recreational activities for off duty time would be important. The arts and crafts program informally developed to meet the needs of the War Department to erweitern.Am 9 January 1941 appointed Minister of War Henry L. Stimson, Frederick H. Osborn, a prominent U.S. businessman and philanthropist, Chairman of the War Department Committee on Education, Sports and Community Service.In 1940 and 1941 were the United States involvement in World War II more than sympathy and anticipation of the action. However, many different types of institutions were looking for ways to help the war effort. The Museum of Modern Art in New York was one of these institutions. In April 1941, the Museum announced a poster competition, “Posters for National Defense.” The directors stated “The Museum of the opinion that in a time of national emergency the artists of a country are as important an asset as men skilled in other fields, and that the nation-class talent should be utilized by the government for its official design work be … There are discussions with representatives of the Army and the Treasury who have expressed remarkable enthusiasm kept … “In May 1941, the museum presented” Britain at War “, a show by Sir Kenneth Clark, director of the National Gallery selected in London. The “award-winning Defense Posters” were exhibited until September at the same time in July “Britain at War.” The enormous overnight growth of the military mobilization meant construction at every camp. Construction was fast; facilities were nothing special, but bleak and deprimierend.Im 1941, the Fort Custer Army Illustrators, while strenuous war games maneuvers in Tennessee, documented the exercise of the Museum of Modern Art Bulletin, Vol 9, No. 3 ( Feb. 1942), described their work. “The results were surprisingly good, they showed serious devotion … to the purpose of illustrating the Army scene with unvarnished realism and a remarkable ability to capture this scene from the perspective of the soldiers. Civilian amateur and professional artists had in Soldier Artist transforms. Reality and straightforward documentation had supplanted (replaced) the old romantic glorification and false dramatization of war and the slick suavity (charm) of commercial drawing. “” In August of last year, Fort Custer Army Illustrators held an exhibition, the first its kind in the new Army, at the Camp Service Club. soldiers who saw the exhibition, many of whom had never been to an art gallery, it enjoyed very much. Civilian visitors also and admired came., the work of the group showed them a new aspect the army, there were many phases of Army life they had never seen or heard before. Newspapers made much of it and, most important, the Army approved. army officials saw that it was not only authentic material, but this was a source of stimulation (vitalization) to the Army and a vivid medium for the transport of the army purposes and processes to civilians and soldiers. “Brigadier General Frederick H. Osborn and War Department leaders were concerned because few soldiers were using the off duty recreation areas that were available. Army commanders recognized that efficiency is directly correlated with morale, and that morale is largely determined from the manner in which a person spends his free time. Army morale enhancement through positive off duty recreation is crucial in the fight to promote Rastplätze.Um soldier use of programs, the facilities drab and uninviting environment had to be improved. A program to use talented artists and craftsmen to lounges, canteens, recreation halls and other places of general assembly was established by adorning the bodies Section Special Services. The purpose was an environment that would reflect the life of the military tradition, accomplishments and the high standard of the army. The fact that this work was done by the men themselves had the added benefit of contributing to the esprit de corps (teamwork, or group spirit) of the Gerätes.Der plan was first tested in October 1941, at Camp Davis, North Carolina. A studio workshop was set up and a group of soldier artists were placed on special duty to design and decorate the facilities. In addition, recreation art classes were scheduled three times a week in the evening. A second test was at Fort Belvoir, Virginia formed a month later. The success of these programs lead to more installations requesting the Programms.Nach Pearl Harbor was bombed, the Museum of Modern Art appointed Mr. James Soby, to the position of Director of the Armed Service Program on 15 January 1942. The subsequent program became a combination of occupational therapy, exhibitions and morale Aktivitäten.Durch supporting the efforts of Mr. Soby, the museum program included a display of Fort Custer Army Illustrators work from February to 5 April 1942. The museum also included the work of soldier-photographers in this exhibition. On 6 May 1942 Mr. Soby opened an art sale of works donated to museum members. The sale was to raise funds for the Soldier Art Program of Special Services Division. The bulk of these proceeds were used to facilities and materials for soldier artists in Army camps throughout the country available to stellen.Mitglieder of the museum with paintings, sculptures, watercolors, gouaches, drawings, etchings and lithographs responding. Hundreds of works were received, including oils by Winslow Homer, Orozco, John Kane, memory, Eilshemius, de Chirico, watercolors by Burchfield and Dufy; drawings by Augustus John, Forain and Berman, and prints by Cezanne, Lautrec, Matisse and Bellows. To decorate the War Department plan using soldier-artists and improve buildings and grounds worked. Many artists who had been drafted into the army voluntarily paint murals in waiting rooms and clubs, to decorate living rooms, and landscape grounds. For each artist at work there were a thousand troops guarded. These bystanders clamoring to participate, and classes were offered in drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. Larger working space and more instructors were required to meet the growing demand. Civil engineering instructors and communities helped to become this cultural necessity justice by voluntary teaching and Einrichtungen.Einige proceeds from the Modern Museum of Art sale were used to print 25,000 booklets called “Interior Design and Soldier Art.” The brochure shows examples of soldier-artist murals decorated places that the General Assembly. It was a guide to organizing, planning and executing the soldier-artist program. The balance of the art sale proceeds were used to create the initial arts and crafts furnishings for 350 Army installations in the United States erwerben.Im November 1942, directed General Somervell that a group of artists be selected and dispatched to active in the theater of war scenes with provided that soldier artists would not in lieu of military duties malen.Aileen Osborn Webb, sister of Brigadier General Frederick H. Osborn, launched the American Crafts Council in 1943. She was a pioneer of the Programm.Während Army soldiers took part in fixed facilities in the USA, many troops were shipped overseas to Europe and the Pacific (1942-1945). They had a long time of idleness and waiting in staging areas. At that time the wounded were lying in hospitals, both on land and on ships at sea. The War Department and Red Cross responded by purchasing kits of arts and crafts tools and supplies to distribute “these restless personnel.” A variety of small “Handicraft Kits” were distributed free of charge. Leathercraft, celluloid etching, knotting and braiding are metal tools, drawing and modeling examples of the types of kits gesendet.Im January 1944 was more appropriate to the “Arts and Crafts section” Special named the Interior Design Soldier Artist program services. The mission was “to create the natural human need to provide opportunities for self-expression serve old skills and develop new ones, and assist the entire recreation program through construction work, publicity, and decoration to meet.” The National Army Art Contest was for the late fall 1944 schedule. In June 1945, the National Gallery of Art in its history opened in Washington, DC, for the first time its facilities for the exhibition of the soldier art and photography submitted to this contest. The “Infantry Journal, Inc.” printed a small paperback booklet containing 215 photographs of pictures in the National Gallery of Art ausgestellt.Im August 1944 organized the Museum of Modern Art, Armed Forces Program, an art center for veterans. Abby Rockefeller, in particular, had a strong interest in this project. The soldiers were to outline invited color or model under the guidance of skilled artists and craftsmen. An Intimate Portrait of the Museum of Modern Art was Victor d’Amico, director of the Museum Education Department, Good Old was in Russell Lynes book, quoted modernity. “I asked one fellow why he had made art, and he said, Well, I just came back from destroying everything. I promised myself that if I ever I got from the army and from the war was never going , another thing to destroy my life, and I decided that art was what I would do. “Another man said to d’Amico,” Art is like a good night’s sleep. come refreshed and at peace . “the end of October 1944, a crafts Branch of Special Services Division, Headquarters, European Theater of Operations was established. A versatile program of handicrafts among the Army occupation troops blühte.Das increased interest in crafts, rather than fine arts, at this time also on a new name for the program: “. Crafts Branch” available depend on the year 1945 published by the War Department a new manual, “Soldier craft “to the implementation of this new focus. The manual instructions for setting up crafts facilities, selecting included, as well as improvising tools and equipment, and basic information on a variety of art and Kunsthandwerk.Als the Army moved from a combat to a role peacetime were most of craft in the United States with woodworking power machinery for construction of furnishings and personal belongings residential facilities. Based on this new trend, in 1946 the program was again renamed, this time as “Manual Arts.” At the same time, the programs have been overseas now employs local artists and craftsmen to operate the facilities and crafts to teach in a variety of art and crafts. Helped these highly qualified, native teachers, to stimulate the soldiers’ interest in the respective native cultures and artifacts. Thousands of troops overseas were encouraged to record their experiences on film. These photographs provided an invaluable means of communication between troops and their families in the Heimat.Als ended the war, the Navy had an architectural firm and signatories on contract to design ships. To develop a series of instructional guides for arts and crafts: Since there was no longer a need for more ships, they were given a new task. These were called “Hobby Manuals.” The army with the quality of the manuals Navy was impressed and had it reprinted and adopted for use by Army troops. After 1948, the arts and crafts were practiced throughout the Army so varied and diverse that the program was renamed “Hobby Shops.” The first “Interservice Photography Contest” was held in 1948. Each service shall be entitled to two years of their winning entries forward message for the semi-annual interservice contest. In 1949, the first All Army Crafts Contest was held. Once again, it was clear that the program title, “Hobby Shops” was misleading and overlapped into other forms of Freizeitgestaltung.Im January 1951, the program was considered “The Army Crafts Program.” The program was recognized as an essential Army pastime with sports, libraries, service clubs, soldier shows and soldier music. In the official statement of mission, professional leadership was emphasized to insure a balanced, progressive schedule of arts and crafts in well-equipped, attractive facilities would at all Army installations performed werden.Keramik and sculpture, metal-working, Leather Crafts; Model, photography and woodworking drawing and painting: The program was now in the form of a “Basic Seven Program” which included defined. These programs should regularly in institutions such as the “multiple-type crafts shop.” Be performed known functional reasons, these facilities were divided into three separate technical areas for woodworking, photography and the arts and crafts unterteilt.Während the Korean conflict, used the Army Crafts Program staff and shops in Japan to soldiers train to unterweisen.Die in Korea crafts mid-1950s saw more soldiers with cars and the need to repair their vehicles at Fort Carson, Colorado, was recognized by the Craft Director. Soldiers familiar with crafts shops knew that they had become so well established automotive and craft tools. By 1958, the Engineers published an Official Design Guide on Crafts Shops and Auto Crafts Shops. In 1959, the first All Army Art Contest was held. Once more, the Army Crafts Program responded to the needs of Soldaten.In the 1960s, the war in Vietnam was a new challenge for the Army Crafts Program. The program had three levels of support;. “Kit Program” fixed facilities, mobile trailers designed as portable photo labs, and once again a kit program originated at Headquarters, U.S. Army, and it proved to be very popular with the Soldaten.Tom Turner, today a well-known studio potter, was a Soldier at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina in the 1960s. In the December 1990 / January 1991 “American Crafts” magazine, Turner, who already had a student in art school when he was drafted, said the program was “a godsend.” The Army Artist Program was developed in collaboration with the Office of Military History to document the war in Vietnam re-initiated. Soldier-artists were identified and teams were formed to draw and paint the events of this struggle. Exhibitions of these soldier-artist works were produced and toured the USA.Im 1970 was the original name of the program, “Arts and Crafts”, restored. In 1971, the “Arts and Crafts / Skills Development Program” for budget presentations and construction projects gegründet.Nach the Vietnam demobilization, a new emphasis was placed on service to families and children of soldiers. To this new challenge in an environment of funding constraints the arts and crafts program, the collection of fees for the classes began to meet. More part-time workers were used to teach formal classes. In addition, a need for more technical-vocational skills training for military personnel was met by close coordination with Army Education Programs. Army arts and crafts directors worked with soldiers during “Project Transition” to soldier skills for new careers in the public sector entwickeln.Die biggest challenge in the 1980s and 90s was, and is to be “self-sustaining.” Directors have been forced to find more ways to find more revenue to generate defray the loss of appropriated funds and non-appropriated funds to cover costs of the program. Have added programs and emphasis on services such as photo frames, gallery sales, engraving and trophy sales, etc. increased .. New programs such as multi-media computer graphics appeal to customers of the 1990 years.The Gulf War presented the Army with some familiar challenges such as personnel off duty time in staging areas. U.S. Army volunteer civilian recreation specialists were sent to Saudi Arabia in January 1991, to organize recreation programs. Arts and crafts supplies were sent to the theater. An Army Humor Cartoon Contest was conducted for the soldiers in the Gulf, and arts and crafts programs were up to soldier interests of justice gesetzt.Die increased operations tempo of the ’90 ‘s Army focus has to meet set of again “recreation needs of deployed soldiers. ” In arts and crafts and a variety of programs assets commanders must provide challenges of these very different scenarios justice müssen.Die Army crafts program, no matter what it has been titled, has made some unique contributions for the military and our society in general. Army arts and crafts does not fit the narrow definition of drawing and painting or making ceramics, but the much larger sense of arts and crafts. It is painting and drawing. It also encompasses: * all forms of design. (Fabric, clothes, household appliances, dishes, vases, houses, automobiles, landscapes, computers, copiers, desks, industrial machines, weapon systems, air crafts, roads, etc. ..) * applied technology (photography, graphics, woodworking, sculpture, Metal forging, weaving and textiles, sewing, advertising, painting, stained glass, pottery, charts, graphs, visual aides and even formats for correspondence …) * a way to make learning fun, practical and meaningful (through the process of designing and making an object the creator decide which materials and techniques must be used to engage in creative problem solving and discovery) skills taught have military applications. * A way to earn and save money by doing-it-yourself (making furniture, gifts, repairing things …). Products quality * A way to pursue college credit, through on post classes. * A universal and non-verbal language (a picture is worth a thousand words). * Food for the human psyche, an element of morale that for individual expression (freedom) allows. * The celebration of the human spirit and excellence (our highest form of public recognition is through a dedicated monument). * Physical and mental therapy (motor skill development, stress reduction, etc. ..). * A activity, independence and self-esteem promotes. * The record of mankind, and in this case, the Armee.Was the world would be like today if it had not been for the program usually unknown? To quantitatively state the overall impact of this program on the world is impossible. Millions of soldier citizens have been directly and indirectly exposed to arts and crafts because this program existed. One activity, photography can provide a clue to its effects. Soldiers encouraged, pictures, beginning with WW II, have shared those images you take with your family and friends. Classes on “How to Use a Camera” develop “How to Film and Print Pictures” were instrumental in soldiers seeing the results of using quality equipment. A good camera and lens could make a big difference in the quality of the print. They bought the top of the line appliances. When they were discharged from the Army or home on leave this new equipment was showed to the family and friends. Without this encouragement and exposure to photography many do not have recorded their personal experiences or known the difference quality equipment could make. Family and friends have not had the opportunity to “see” the environment their soldier was living in without these photos. Germany, Italy, Korea, Japan, Panama, etc. .. were far away places that most do not even seem besucht.Da the twenty-first century approaches, the predictions for an arts renaissance by Megatrends 2000 realistic practice based on the Army Arts and Crafts Program experience. In the April ’95 issue of “American Demographics” magazine, an article titled “Generation X” fully supports that this is indeed the case. Television and computers have greatly to “Generation X” being more interested in the visual arts and crafts you beigetragen.Verbinden with us: / FamilyMWR / FamilyMWR

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§ 60 (11 November 2012) … Article 3 .. Reminded Freedom (23 December 2012) … Article 5 .. U.S. soldiers fallen to his death in the back by Afghan teenager (April 1, 2013) …
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image of marsmet491
People grieve in a grave in § 60, an area buried in the members of the U.S. military who were killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan, during Veterans Day observances at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., on the 11th November 2012. (REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst) ……… ***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors articles ………. 1 …..) …. The Atlantic … … with Alan Taylor – In Focus Afghanistan November 20123rd December 2012 Most of the media attention to Afghanistan this month by a scandal over Gen. David Petraeus and Gen. John Allen, the two most recent U.S. military turned there. However, the scandal has had little or no impact on daily life in Afghanistan. Of greater importance is the continuing uncertainty. As a 2014 withdrawal of NATO troops approaches, people leave Afghanistan at a higher rate than they have since 2002. Iran and Saudi Arabia, rivals for influence in the region, are investments in the infrastructure of the country, each hoping to be the stronger partner after 2014. But it is far from clear what the future will bring. These photos show just a glimpse of the conflict in recent months, part of the ongoing series here on Afghanistan. [37 Photos] …….. Item 2) …. Operation Enduring Freedom … … news — 24/12/12 Tolonews: Policewoman in insider attack probably acted with PremeditationDie Afghan police officer allegedly shot and killed a U.S. civilian advisors in the vicinity of Kabul police chief compound seemed intentional act and crossed three checkpoints to get inside the high-security enclave, sources say TOLOnews. — 12/24 / 12 pottsmerc: Pottstown native Navy SEAL commander Job Price stirbtPottstown School Navy SEAL Cdr. Job W. Price, 42, died on Saturday during his time in southern Afghanistan … The Associated Press reported on Sunday that a U.S. military spokesman said the death “seems to be the result of suicide.” The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the death is still under investigation — 24/12/12 DoD:. IdentifiziertCdr Navy Casualty. Job W. Price, 42, of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, died 22 December of non-combat injuries while supporting stability operations in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan. Price became an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit in Virginia Beach, Va., assigned to NATO — 24/12/12: UnfallEin ISAF International Security Assistance Force service member died following an insurgent attack in eastern Afghanistan today. The insurgent attack in which these ISAF service member died unrelated to the shooting at the Kabul police headquarters today — 24/12/12 AP:. Afghan police officer says police killed U.S. BeraterEin Afghan police officer shot and killed an American consultant Monday outside the Kabul police, said a senior Afghan official. The circumstances of the killing were not immediately clear, but the shooting could be another insider attack by Afghans against their foreign Verbündeten.12/23/12 BNA: Mine explosion Martyrs Frontier Police, Wounds 2 was murdered in NangarharEine border policeman and two others in explosion injured in a mine Chaparhar district of Nangarhar province. Edress Mohmand Nangarhar border police spokesman told BNA bid, this explosion occurred in Dago area Chaparhar district while the vehicle is in the area of ​​border police was singing right — 23/12/12 thenews. Three Polish soldiers in Afghanistan three Polish soldiers were wounded on Saturday morning after coming under attack in Ghazni province, eastern Afghanistan injured. — 23/12/12 The incident occurred while the soldiers were on a routine patrol in the southwestern part of the province rferl. Huge fire ravaged Kabul market launch major fire has swept in a market near the center of the Afghan capital Kabul . There were no reports of casualties, but hundreds of shops and stalls were destroyed and near Kabul Currency exchange center was evacuated, authorities say — 12/22/12 WNA. Tackler coordinated operation in Herat Afghan getötetJoint National Army (ANA) troops and coalition forces repelled an attack by insurgents in Alibad village of Shindand district, the alliance said Friday. Two enemy fighters during the attack on Afghan National Security Forces, who were conducting a presence patrol in the area, were killed, said the statement — 12/22/12 AP:. Afghan girl is shot in the face by the Taliban after reconstructive surgery is recovering NY KrankenhausEin 6-year-old girl from Afghanistan in a Long Iceland hospital recovering from surgery on her face to repair damage done by a bullet Taliban. Newsday reported that the child kept unicorn named Marzieh, a toy and blew kisses as a nurse she wore last wishers before her surgery Friday at South Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside, New York — 12/22/12 AP.: ND native recovering from attack in Afghanistan, Army Captain Seth Nieman, a Calvin, ND, native, spent Christmas at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. But he would rather be back in Afghanistan with the Special Forces “A-Team” he leads. Nieman is recovering from wounds, including the loss of part of his right leg suffered 27 November, when a roadside bomb exploded while he and five companions were mounted patrol in Wardak province near Kabul — 12/22/12 AP:. Gunmen kill 11 Pakistanis, Afghans in Pakistan Swein official says gunmen have eleven Pakistanis and Afghans killed in a border town in south-west Pakistan, as they attempted to travel to Iran to cross to Europe as illegal immigrants. Local government official Zubair Ahmed said Saturday the shooting took place late Friday in the city Sunsar southwestern Baluchistan province …. Article 3 …..) …. Freedom reminds … Remembering Our Troops … / index.php / category / business-Enduri … Williams / nicolas-d-ch … … articles ….. 4) …. youtube video … Justin Hayward and John Lodge – Blue Jays (Full Album) … 50:50 minutes … theoldtavernVeröffentlicht 8 November 2012Blue Jays is a 1975 album by Justin Hayward and John Lodge. It was recorded and during the Moody Blues’ five-year Pause.Der track “Blue Guitar”, originally as a non-album single credited to Hayward and Lodge released in September 1975, but operated by Hayward with 10cc band, the album was with its re-release on CD in 1987 aufgenommen.Im 2004 the album was remastered and released on CD with the same Bonustracks.Side One “This Morning” (Justin Hayward) – 00.01 clock “Remember Me (My Friend)” ( Hayward, John Lodge) – 05.55 clock “My Brother” (Hayward) – 11.21 clock “you” (Lodge) – 14.52 clock “Nights Winters Years” (Hayward) – 19:27 UhrSeite Zwei23.04 – (Lodge) “Saved by the Music “” I Dreamed Last Night “(Hayward) – 29:17” Who Are You Now “(Hayward) – 33:45” Maybe “(Lodge) – 36:12” When you wake up “(Hayward, Lodge) – 41: 551987 Bonus Tracks (also 2004 remaster) “Blue Guitar” (Hayward) – 47:10 Justin Hayward – guitar, vocals John Lodge – bass, GesangJim Cockey – ViolineTim Tompkins – CelloTom Tompkins – viola kirk Duncan – piano Graham Deakin – Drum Blue Guitar “Justin Hayward – guitar , lead vocalsLol Cream – guitar, vocals Kevin Godley – drums, vocals Graham Gouldman – Bass, Vocals Eric Stewart – keyboards, vocals Category Music License Standard YouTube License …….. Item 5) …. “He was always a kid at heart”: U.S. soldiers stabbed in the back by Afghan teenager when he played with local children ….. Mail Online – Daily Mail … … Katie DAVIESVERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 12:30 EST, the first April 2013 | UPDATED: 15:40 EST, 1 April 2013 … A Kentucky soldier two months after coming home was stabbed to death by a teenager in Afghanistan after he stopped playing with a group of local children, it appeared heute.Sgt. Michael Cable, 26, of Philpot, Ky., guarding a meeting between Afghan and U.S. officials in the east of the country near the border with Pakistan on Wednesday, when a teenager, believed to be aged 16, attacked him from behind with a large knife. The soldier who would be out of Afghanistan back for a holiday in June and then permanently in September was with local children when the attack took place, play, according to reports ………….. img code photo … ………. Sgt Michael Cable, 26, of Philpot, Kentucky / i/pix/2013/04/01/article-0-1908A9D40000 … Killed: Sgt Michael Cable, 26, of Philpot, Kentucky, was sentenced to death in Afghanistan on Wednesday erstochenFacebook …………………… ………………… img code photo … A U.S. Army team led his remains / i/pix/2013/04/01/article-0-1907FA5F0000 … Remembered: A U.S. Army team carried his remains to be transported home on Thursday. He was from family and friends for his fun-loving spirit erinnerteAP ………………….. He died of stab wounds on Hals.Mitglieder his family flew to Dover Air see Base in Delaware on Thursday, his body back on U.S. soil and remembered their fun, outdoors love Sohn.Seine older sister Wendy Dickens recalled his surprise for the family to visit in November. “He was all the time . goofy and riding on a cart and pushed through the store, even though he was an adult he is just, he was always a kid at heart, “she said said Tri-state.comSeine mother Vickie Johnson:” I’m so proud of him because he is for the United States of America did. “Ms. Dickens and Cable other sister Lisa spoke of his great rapport with their children and how difficult it would be to explain his death.” I miss him so much, ” Lisa Osborne said. “I had already begun to dream of day when he came home. Football with Dave and children in the backyard. My boys have always seen him as a hero ……………… img code photo …. … Dedication: Michael cable signed in 2007 and had already served in Iraq / i/pix/2013/04/01/article-0-1907FAE30000 … Dedication: Michael cable signed in 2007 and had already served in Iraq. He was due to return home in June for a holiday and durable in SeptemberAP ………………… ……………….. img code photo … Prayer: / i/pix/2013/04/01/article-0-1907FE190000 … Prayer: Fellow soldiers pay their respects at DonnerstagAP ………………… Writing on Facebook, Dickens wrote: “Trying to figure out how to make a 5-year to answer and 9-year-old questions about death and dying. My little brother was the hero of my children they thought he was invincible. He was there own GI Joe and now he’s gone. “The fact that he was kind to the local community when he died, the family that he went into the army” have been “ascertained say. He signed up in 2007 and a tour had already been completed by Iraq.” Help He was very determined, “his brother Raymond Johnston Jr – named after her father – told the Courier Press.” He just felt that he really be a good soldier. He wanted to help. He was ready before. Everything for what happened left “Former school friends from Daviess County High remembered his sense of humor and was a Athletik.Er Daviess County runner and will run in its class, the second soldier to werden.Kabel killed teammate Matt Rowe, who currently coaches at Daviess County said, . “Michael’s attitude was contagious. He loved life, cared deeply for his friends, and was always the first to make you laugh. He was the type of person who has always been the back, although he perhaps through a tougher situation go at the time. His friendship was so sincere and Michael is someone that none of us will ever forget. “Michael Cable’s death is another in a tragic month for U.S. troops in Afghanistan.14 soldiers were killed in a strong this month increase in the number of deaths, which is in January and February 4 war.Eine investigation into the death of cable Gange.Er guarded swearing in of the Afghan Local Police in Shinwar district in the province Nangarhar.Der young man who carried out the attack escaped into Pakistan . The Taliban said he was acting independently but had joined the militant Islamic movement since the flight of the Szene.Kabel funeral takes place on Saturday Read more: Brother: Slain Western Kentucky soldier for ‘all’ prepared American Hero honored and remembered ….

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