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Work Form Home – Is there way to e-file form 5405 Home buyers Tax credit?

Work Form Home

Question by Shantel D: Is there way to e-file form 5405 Home buyers Tax credit?
I tried doing my taxes online through turbotax however was informed at the end that I would need to mail in a paper copy of taxes instead of e-filing due to home buyers tax credit form 5405. Is there any way I can e-file instead of having to wait 6 weeks for a refund.

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Answer by Willie J
No, at least right now

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Numbers And Finance
Work Form Home
Image by kenteegardin
I created this shot in my studio for use on my site, SeniorLiving.Org but I want to share it since it is applicable to much more than just senior retirement planning. Feel free to use this image but please give attribution by linking to www.SeniorLiving.Org or give us a Plus one or even a Facebook like. It is very difficult to get seniors to +1 so your help can really help us establish the site as a great resource for caregivers and seniors. facebook alexis ralls text me 541-787-7284 for any questions or answers or email me at or alexiscochran…
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Work Form Home

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Real Work At Home Jobs No Scams – Are there any honest jobs tat you can do from home?

Real Work At Home Jobs No Scams

Question by clbmeb04: Are there any honest jobs tat you can do from home?
I have a 9 month old daugther at home and my husband works during the day and we only have one car, I was wondering are there any jobs online that are real and not a scam and you don’t need money to start up? My husband doesn’t make a whole lott his job. Thanks! 🙂

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Answer by NETILIAN
Most are scams. Some sound so good that look real deal but they are not. My advise is get part time. We have one car to and my wife works after when I get back home at 5pm. she goes 5:30pm at local store and works until 10pm and also weekends she works whole days and I stay home with my 2 year old boy and after work too. That has been going for last 4 years and we like it and saved a lot of cash not paying additional insurance maintenance, year car stickers etc. and now at the end of this year we plan to buy new.

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Historic Moment: the Fall of an Empire – 25 SEP. 2008.
Real Work At Home Jobs No Scams
Image by eyewashdesign: A. Golden
New Yorkers Protest the US0 BILLION (US TRILLION) Wall Street BAILOUT: Wall Street, NYC – September 25, 2008

Phototgrapher: a. golden, eyewash design – c. 2008.


The richest 400 Americans — that’s right, just four-hundred people — own MORE than the bottom 150 million Americans COMBINED! 400 of the wealthiest Americans have got more stashed away than half the entire country! Their combined net worth is .6 trillion. During the eight years of the Bush Administration, their wealth has increased by nearly 0 billion — the same amount that they were demanding We give to them for the "bailout." Why don’t they just spend the money they made under Bush to bail themselves out? They’d still have nearly a trillion dollars left over to spread amongst themselves!

Of course, they are not going to do that — at least not voluntarily. George W. Bush was handed a 7 billion surplus when Bill Clinton left office. Because that money was OUR money and not HIS, he did what the rich prefer to do — spend it and never look back. Now we have a .5 trillion debt that will take seven generations from which to recover. Why — on –earth – did — our — "representatives" — give — these — robber — barons — $ US850 BILLION — of – OUR — money?

Last week, proposed my own bailout plan. My suggestions, listed below, were predicated on the singular and simple belief that the rich must pull themselves up by their own platinum bootstraps. Sorry, fellows, but you drilled it into our heads one too many times: THERE…IS…NO…FREE… LUNCH ~ PERIOD! And thank you for encouraging us to hate people on welfare! So, there should have been NO HANDOUTS FROM US TO YOU! Last Friday, after voting AGAINST this BAILOUT, in an unprecedented turn of events, the House FLIP-FLOPPED their "No" Vote & said "Yes", in a rush version of a "bailout" bill vote. IN SPITE OF THE PEOPLE’S OVERWHELMING DISAPPROVAL OF THIS BAILOUT BILL… IN SPITE OF MILLIONS OF CALLS FROM THE PEOPLE CRASHING WASHINGTON "representatives’" PHONE LINES…IN SPITE OF CRASHING OUR POLITICIAN’S WEBSITES…IN SPITE OF HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE PROTESTING AROUND THE COUNTRY… THEY VOTED FOR THIS BAILOUT! The People first succeeded on Monday with the House, but failed do it with the Senate and then THE HOUSE TURNED ON US TOO!

It is clear, though, we cannot simply continue protesting without proposing exactly what it is we think THESE IDIOTS should/’ve do/one. So, after consulting with a number of people smarter than Phil Gramm, here’s the proposal, now known as "Mike’s Rescue Plan." (From Michael Moore’s Bailout Plan) It has 10 simple, straightforward points. They are that you DIDN’T, BUT SHOULD’VE:

1. APPOINTED A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR TO CRIMINALLY INDICT ANYONE ON WALL STREET WHO KNOWINGLY CONTRIBUTED TO THIS COLLAPSE. Before any new money was expended, Congress should have committed, by resolution, to CRIMINALLY PROSECUTE ANYONE who had ANYTHING to do with the attempted SACKING OF OUR ECONOMY. This means that anyone who committed insider trading, securities fraud or any action that helped bring about this collapse should have and MUST GO TO JAIL! This Congress SHOULD HAVE called for a Special Prosecutor who would vigorously go after everyone who created the mess, and anyone else who attempts to scam the public in future. (I like Elliot Spitzer ~ so, he played a little hanky-panky…Wall Street hates him & this is a GOOD thing.)

2. THE RICH SHOULD HAVE PAID FOR THEIR OWN BAILOUT! They may have to live in 5 houses instead of 7. They may have to drive 9 cars instead of 13. The chef for their mini-terriers may have to be reassigned. But there is no way in hell, after forcing family incomes to go down more than ,000 dollars during the Bush years, that working people and the middle class should have to fork over one dime to underwrite the next yacht purchase.

If they truly needed the 0 billion they say they needed, well, here is an easy way they could have raised it:

a) Every couple makeing over a million dollars a year and every single taxpayer who makes over 0,000 a year should pay a 10% surcharge tax for five years. (It’s the Senator Sanders plan. He’s like Colonel Sanders, only he’s out to fry the right chickens.) That means the rich would have still been paying less income tax than when Carter was president. That would have raise a total of 0 billion.

b) Like nearly every other democracy, they should have charged a 0.25% tax on every stock transaction. This would have raised more than 0 billion in a year.

c) Because every stockholder is a patriotic American, stockholders should have forgone receiving a dividend check for ONE quarter and instead this money would have gone the treasury to help pay for the bullsh*t bailout.

d) 25% of major U.S. corporations currently pay NO federal income tax. Federal corporate tax revenues currently amount to 1.7% of the GDP compared to 5% in the 1950s. If we raised the corporate income tax BACK to the levels of the 1950s, this would give us an extra 0 billion.

All of this combined should have been enough to end the calamity. The rich would have gotten to keep their mansions and their servants and our United States government ("COUNTRY FIRST!") would’ve have a little leftover to repair some roads, bridges and schools…

3. YOU SHOULD HAVE BAIL OUT THE PEOPLE LOSING THEIR HOMES, NOT THE PEOPLE WHO WILL BUILD AN EIGHTH HOME! There are 1.3 million homes in foreclosure right now. That is what is at the heart of this problem. So, instead of giving the money to the banks as a gift, they should have paid down each of these mortgages by 0,000. They should have forced the banks to renegotiate the mortgage so the homeowner could pay on its current value. To insure that this help wouldn’t go to speculators and those who tried to making money by flipping houses, the bailout should have only been for people’s primary residences. And, in return for the 0K pay-down on the existing mortgage, the government would have gotten to share in the holding of the mortgage so it could get some of its money back. Thus, the total initial cost of fixing the mortgage crisis at its roots (instead of with the greedy lenders) is 0 billion, not 0 BILLION.

And let’s set the record straight. People who have defaulted on their mortgages are not "bad risks." They are our fellow Americans, and all they wanted was what we all want: a home to call their own. But, during the Bush years, millions of the People lost the decent paying jobs they had. SIX MILLION fell into poverty! SEVEN MILLION lost their health insurance! And, every one of them saw their real wages go DOWN by ,000! Those who DARE look down on these Americans who got hit with one bad break after another should be ASHAMED.! We are a better, stronger, safer and happier society when all of our citizens can afford to live in a home they own.

4. THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN A STIPULATION THAT IF YOUR BANK OR COMPANY GOT ANY OF OUR MONEY IN A "BAILOUT," THEN WE OWN YOU. Sorry, that’s how it’s done. If the bank gives me money so I can buy a house, the bank "owns" that house until I pay it all back — with interest. Same deal for Wall Street. Whatever money you need to stay afloat, if our government considers you a safe risk — and necessary for the good of the country — then you can get a loan, but WE SHOULD OWN YOU. If you default, we will sell you. This is how the Swedish government did it and it worked.

5. ALL REGULATIONS SHOULD HAVE BEEN BE RESTORED. THE REAGAN REVOLUTION IS DEAD! This catastrophe happened because we let the fox have the keys to the hen-house. In 1999, Phil Gramm authored a bill to remove all the regulations that governed Wall Street and our banking system. The bill passed and Clinton signed it. Here’s what Sen.Phil Gramm, McCain’s chief economic advisor, said at the bill signing:

"In the 1930s … it was believed that government was the answer. It was believed that stability and growth came from government overriding the functioning of free markets.

"We are here today to repeal [that] because we have learned that government is not the answer. We have learned that freedom and competition are the answers. We have learned that we promote economic growth and we promote stability by having competition and freedom.

"I am proud to be here because this is an important bill; it is a deregulatory bill. I believe that that is the wave of the future, and I am awfully proud to have been a part of making it a reality."

FOR THIS NOT TO REOCCUR, This BILL SHOULD HAVE BEEN REPEALED! Bill Clinton could have helped by leading the effort for the repeal of the Gramm bill and the reinstating of even tougher regulations regarding our financial institutions. And when they were done with that, they should have restored the regulations for the airlines, the inspection of our food, the oil industry, OSHA, and every other entity that affects our daily lives. All oversight provisions for any "bailout" should have had enforcement monies attached to them and criminal penalties for all offenders.

6. IF IT’S TOO BIG TO FAIL, THEN THAT MEANS IT’S TOO BIG TO EXIST! Allowing the creation of these mega-mergers and not enforcing the monopoly and anti-trust laws has allowed a number of financial institutions and corporations to become so large, the very thought of their collapse means an even bigger collapse across the entire economy. No ONE or TWO companies should EVER have this kind of power! The so-called "economic Pearl Harbor" can’t happen when you have hundreds — thousands — of institutions where people have their money. When we have a dozen auto companies, if one goes belly-up, we DON’T FACE A NATIONAL DISASTER! If we have three separately-owned daily newspapers in your town, then one media company can’t call all the shots (I know… What am I thinking?! Who reads a paper anymore? Sure glad all those mergers and buyouts left us with a STRONG and "FREE" press!). Laws Should have been enacted to prevent companies from being so large and dominant that with one slingshot to the eye, the GIANT FALLS and DIES. And no institution should be allowed to set up money schemes that NO ONE understands. If you can’t explain it in two sentences, you shouldn’t be taking anyone’s money!

7. NO EXECUTIVE SHOULD EVER BE PAID MORE THAN 40 TIMES THEIR AVERAGE EMPLOYEE, AND NO EXECUTIVE SHOULD RECEIVE ANY KIND OF "PARACHUTE" OTHER THAN THE VERY GENEROUS SALARY HE OR SHE MADE WHILE WORKING FOR THE COMPANY. In 1980, the average American CEO made 45 times what their employees made. By 2003, they were making 254 times what their workers made. After 8 years of Bush, they now make over 400 times what their average employee makes. How We have allowed this to happen at publicly held companies is beyond reason. In Britain, the average CEO makes 28 times what their average employee makes. In Japan, it’s only 17 times! The last I heard, the CEO of Toyota was living the high life in Tokyo. How does he do it on so little money? Seriously, this is an OUTRAGE! We have created the mess we’re in by letting the people at the top become bloated beyond belief with millions of dollars. THIS HAS TO STOP! Not only should no executive who receives help out of this mess profit from it, but any executive who was in charge of running his company into the ground should be FIRED before the company receives ANY help.

8. CONGRESS SHOULD HAVE STRENGTHENED THE FDIC AND MADE IT A MODEL FOR PROTECTING NOT ONLY PEOPLE’S SAVINGS, BUT ALSO THEIR PENSIONS AND THEIR HOMES. Obama was correct to propose expanding FDIC protection of people’s savings in their banks to 0,000. But, this same sort of government insurance must be given to our NEVER have to worry about whether or not the money they’ve put away for their old age will be there. This should have meant strict government oversight of companies who manage their employees’ funds — or perhaps it means the companies should have been forced to turn over those funds and their management to the government? People’s private retirement funds must also be protected, but perhaps it’s time to consider not having one’s retirement invested in the casino known as the stock market??? Our government should have a solemn duty to guarantee that no one who grows old in this country has to worry about becoming destitute.

9. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO TAKE A DEEP BREATH, CALM DOWN, AND NOT LET FEAR RULE THE DAY. Turn off your TVs! We are NOT in the Second Great Depression. The sky is NOT falling, Chicken Little! Pundits and politicians have lied to us so FAST and FURIOUS it’s hard not to be affected by all the fear mongering. Even I wrote to and repeated what I heard on the news last week, that the Dow had the biggest one day drop in its history. Well, that was true in terms of points, but its 7% drop came nowhere close to Black Monday in 1987 when the stock market in one day lost 23% of its value. In the ’80s, 3,000 banks closed, but America didn’t go out of business. These institutions have always had their ups and downs and eventually it works out. It has to, because the rich do not like their wealth being disrupted! They have a vested interest in calming things down and getting back into their Jacuzzis before they slip into their million thread-count sheets to drift off to a peaceful, Vodka tonic and Ambien-induced slumber.

As crazy as things are right now, tens of thousands of people got a car loan last week. Thousands went to the bank and got a mortgage to buy a home. Students just back to college found banks more than happy to put them into hock for the next 15 years with a student loan. I was even pre-approved for a USK personal loan. Yes, life has gone on with little-or-no-change (other than the whopping 6.1% unemployment rate, but that happened last month). Not a single person lost any of his/her monies in bank, or a treasury note, or in a CD. And, the perhaps the most amazing thing is that the American public FINALLY didn’t buy the scare campaign. The citizens didn’t blink, instead telling Congress to take that bailout and shove it. THAT was impressive. Why didn’t the population succumb to the fright-filled warnings from their president and his cronies? Well, you can only say ‘Saddam has the bomb’ so many times before the people realize you’re a lying sack of shit. After eight long years, the nation is worn out and simply can’t take it any longer. The WORLD is fed up & I don’t blame them.

10. THEY SHOULD HAVE CREATED A NATIONAL BANK, A "PEOPLE’S BANK." Since they’re really itching to print up a trillion dollars, instead of giving it to a few rich people, why don’t We give it to ourselves? Now that We own Freddie and Fannie, why not set up a People’s bank? One that can provide low-interest loans for all sorts of people who want to own a home, start a small business, go to school, come up with the cure for cancer or create the next great invention. And, now that we own AIG – the country’s largest insurance company – let’s take the next step and PROVIDE HEALTH INSURANCE FOR EVERYONE. MEDICARE FOR ALL! It will SAVE us SO MUCH MONEY in the LONG RUN (not to mention bring peace of mind to all). And, America won’t be 12th on the life expectancy list! We’ll be able to have a longer lifespan, enjoying our government-protected pension and will live to see the day when the corporate criminals who caused this much misery are let out of prison so that We can help re-acclimate them to plain old ordinary, civilian life — a life with ONE nice home and ONE gas-free car invented with help from the People’s Bank.

P.S. Call your Senators NOW !!! —>

Since they voted against passing the extension of unemployment benefits and skipped out to "campaign" to us to be re-elected…call them and tell them you will vote for the other "guy" if they don’t get their act together!



——> THE Historic ELECTION <——

"A work in PROGRESS."

Nov. 4th, 2008.

A great American leader once said, "As individual fingers We can be easily broken. But TOGETHER We make a mighty fist." These words too were spoken by a minority leader. He was the venerable Chief Sitting Bull. No, Barack Obama’s not the first American minority to speak eloquently and he most certainly won’t be the last. Though, in the end, this election wasn’t even close !!! The world watched as, "YES WE CAN!" turned into, "YES WE DID!" as it now ushers in, "YES WE MUST!" time is NOW!

What WE do with this moment shall define US, forthright. America has now elected a man with a background of partial African – American descent as President elect. A new leader with roots from Kenya to Kansas (with a step-father from Indonesia), will be working in conjunction with a vice-Presidential of Anglo-European roots. This is something in which citizens of ALL races – both here and the world ’round – have loudly REJOICED. Why talk about race? Is race important? You bet! Because – like it or not – race has dominated and governed Our daily lives for thousands of years. After all: "To know where We’re going, We must first know where We’ve been".

We’ve come a LONG Way baby! What was once "acceptable" in 1965 is no longer in 2008 and THANKFULLY.

This is a changing of the guard. Especially since forty-percent of America’s population is considered to be a "minority". Only four generations removed, the repression of African slaves by Anglo Saxons caused hundreds of thousands of brothers to kill brothers in a viscous and bloody battle that changed the fundamental principals of this Constitutional Republic from rhetoric to reality. This too was a significant changing of the guard.

For the first time in the history of the country, the ancestors of these very same people who so passionately fought for slavery have now OVERWHELMINGLY voted for a minority leader. This too ushers in a new chapter in the history of America. This is a tremendous nod to those great American leaders before Us who risked everything so that We find ourselves at this precise moment in time. We must give thanks to these men and women who both tirelessly and unselfishly gave their lives to cross and to help shatter the racial, sexual and social boundaries imbued in the history of the United States of America.

It has now taken place. There’s a palpable renewed sense of HOPE for a better tomorrow – a HOPE that these same crippling boundaries shall finally once and for all be erased. Yet it is wise to also remember the adage, "Actions speak louder than words" and Our rhetoric must now be turned into action. The ability to truly rise above differences and to not just speak of doing so, tells much of Our long and continuous journey. If We remember the old North American Indian saying, "We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." We might just have a fighting chance.

The People have spoken! A record-setting 130 million Americans’ turned out to vote in Tuesday’s election, in which Barack Obama made history on a Democratic tidal wave of victory. Polling suggests voters came out in record numbers because of growing concerns over the economy, jobs, health care, energy, and the war in Iraq.

Clearly, the Obama administration and the new Democratic majority in Washington have a chance to make profound changes in Our lives – stretching ­from Wall Street to Main Street. Yes, this moment shows decency about human possibility and let’s face it, We could use just a little decency RIGHT NOW.

Perhaps more importantly, this moment speaks volumes as it’s an utter rejection of the right’s politics of fear and greed? It will now be decades before there’s another Republican majority in Congress. Never have the words, "Ask not what Your country can do for You, but what You can do for Your country," seemed more true for SO MANY. For, We-Are-Our-country. And We’re at a MAJOR crossroads. Where, oh where to begin?

OBAMA / BIDEN Campaign.

Here in New York, Working Families voters, members, affiliates, supporters and chapter leaders poured everything they had into critical campaigns that proved successful. Many are now understandably exhausted – though more than a little proud of what was accomplished. And, the results were terrific ~ if not downright Historic. For the first time since the mid-1930, the State Senate will NO LONGER be controlled by Republicans. It’s now in the hands of a Democratic Working Families majority! Just-take-one-moment-and-soak-this-in. MASSIVE Democratic majorities in BOTH the HOUSE and the SENATE!

Together, the W.F.P built a solid partnership with Senate Democrats, knocking on more than half a million doors for progressive CHANGE. And, in the end, "We the People" overwhelmingly responded. This is a MILESTONE. There’s now a renewed sense of real HOPE resonating from Washington, indeed, around the world. This is powerful. Because, without HOPE, there’s simply nothing to gain.

However, We must be careful not to fall prey to disillusionment. If illusions tear People asunder, then disillusion outright kills the human spirit. In other words, divided THEY conquer, united, WE stand. That this historic moment was ushered in during Native American Indian month is apropos. Because, We must not forget the very real foundations of this idealistic country and pay homage to the 500 plus year struggle of Our First Peoples’ for the basic rights afforded them in Our own Constitution. Obama’s victory is indeed a victory representing the multitudes. It is precisely because his success mirrors the masses, rather than a few wealthy, power-elite that this is so electrifying. A VERY palpable, "Finally!" was the expression heard ’round the world.

The world woke up WEDNESDAY with the real possibility of a very RARE OPPORTUNITY – the best in most Our lifetimes. This is a chance to truly transform America.

But, We mustn’t forget the VERY hard realities existing in this country. Just ask any woman…any "person of color"…or, any First Peoples living in this "great" land. For, as long as Native American Indians in Our country still live in policies of containment on reservations without the very basics, such as running water, electricity, or heat… as long as more than 75% of the prison population includes African-Americans, First and Taino Peoples …as long as We continue to allow Our tax dollars spent to be three times more for each of these prisoners per head than on Our own school childrens’ education…as long as American women continue to earn less than men for the SAME work…as long as We allow privately held corporations to exist without extreme MAJOR reform…as long as We continue to allow Our children to trample on foreign soil to kill and to be killed in "Our" names…as long as We sit idly by expecting or content to let others to "Do the right thing," for us… as long as We DON’T ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE TOGETHER in challenging and fighting for OUR OWN WELL-BEING for the betterment of future generations… as long as We choose to remain ignorant and in denial to Our faults…TRUE CHANGE can, and will NEVER HAPPEN.

Though, like anything rare and unique, We must first take proper time to Honor…to give thanks to those before us who, without their dedication and sacrifice, made this moment possible. We must come together. Immediate formulation and a real plan to guard and to protect this moment with fierce determination is required. New leaders are needed and will emerge so We ensure moments like this become the norm, rather than a mere token fluke. If We HOPE to transform Tuesday’s results into a real break from the shipwreck of the most immediate last thirty years – We MUST start by realizing this election represents just that – a START. It’s Round One of Our LONG and CONTINUOUS struggle.

And, Round Two will be just as tough, if not more so. Staying the course can easily be forgotten when People are dying from inadequate health care; when they’ve found themselves on the streets for lack of shelter and as they grow ever more desperate due to lack of job opportunities. Just ask people of Native or African American descent. Or, one of Our homeless veterans living on America’s streets of plenty.

Yes, the house of cards has fallen HARD and FAST. And, President / V.P. elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden have inherited many seemingly insurmountable challenges. REAL CHANGE – not rhetoric – is what’s needed. And to get it, We MUST demand it. We MUST march and be watchdogs for the sake of the coming generations. Communication with Our politicians is a MUST. MOST importantly, We MUST stand TOGETHER and be willing to fight to protect what is right and what is good for the MANY, NOT the FEW.


A President Obama will need to be simultaneously supported AND pushed. His training as a community organizer gives one confidence that he’ll not only understand, but should also expect this dynamic. It’s imperative for us to mind the trusty, "Follow the money" strategy. Don’t forget, President elect Obama dually made history by raising the most unprecedented amount of campaign dollars in the HISTORY of U.S. Presidential elections. According to CNN, if annualized, the Obama campaign’s ad spending on the post-primary Presidential campaign would come to US0 million. This amount is only exceeded amongst large corporations such as Verizon and AT&T – both heavy sponsors of the Republican AND the Democratic national party conventions.

At the start of October, the Democratic National Committee announced it raised US.9 million with US.5 million sitting in the bank. The party raised money through joint fund-raising events with Obama and was able to use that money to assist his candidacy. These numbers were only possible because he opted out of the public financing system for the fall campaign. John McCain chose to participate in the system, which limited him to US million for the September / October stretch prior to the election. After initially promising to accept public financing if McCain did, Obama changed his mind after setting primary fund-raising records. In fact, by the time the primaries hit, Obama was raising as much as US million each and every day. The Obama / Biden campaign raised more than US0 million in September alone – a stunning and unprecedented eruption of political giving. This extraordinary fund-raising is bound to set a new standard in politics that could doom the current taxpayer-paid system set up in the 1970’s.

HOPEfully NOT.

The party presidential nominees – Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain – together spent more than US BILLION, also an unprecedented figure. According to White House for Sale, a nonpartisan group that tracks political giving, Obama had 605 bundlers, or donors who collect money from friends and associates and bundle them together. Four years ago, Democrat John F. Kerry had 588 bundlers and, in 2000, Al Gore had none. McCain had 851 bundlers working for his campaign, compared to 557 who raised money for the Bush-Cheney re-election committee in 2004. George W. Bush is largely credited with institutionalizing the role of bundlers in 2000, when he recruited a then unprecedented 555 surrogate fundraisers.

Ask Yourselves: Who really benefits most from having donated to the Obama / Biden campaign?

President – elect Barack Obama & John McCain’s U.S. Presidential campaign funds details:


Total: US2,525,058
Bundlers: 851
Lobbyist Bundlers: 77

See the Center for Responsive Politics Presidential campaign monies for a better perspective:

2008: Obama AND McCain – US.3 BILLION

(Obama: US0,767,963 million / McCain: US2,525,058 million)

2004: Bush AND Kerry – US.2 BILLION

2000: Gore AND Bush – US.56 MILLION

1996: Dole AND Clinton – US.82 MILLION

1992: Clinton AND Bush – US.24 MILLION

* TO SEARCH FOR MEGA-DONERS, CLICK here:… McCain&StateSelect=&SortOrder=Last_Name, First_Name, Middle_Name, Suffix.*

Democrats in Washington and will be under enormous pressure to "play it safe", even as everyone knows We need bold action and some kind of new, New Deal. And, if We allow the "play-it-safe" crowd to dominate, then Obama (and We) will not succeed. Make NO mistake: the corporate big-wigs and free-market fundamentalists see this for exactly what it is: THE FIGHT OF A LIFETIME. They want nothing more than for the Democrats to disappoint, because then the HOPEfulness that Obama represents can be stuffed back in the bottle and cynicism can once again regain its place in Our national political culture.

WE Can’t Let This Happen!

Whether it’s revamping our health care system…implementing a new fair-based trade policy…creating a sound, realistic and well thought-out immigration plan…jobs programs…organizing rights in Washington, or campaign election reform, family leave or fair taxes, this election has set the stage for an ENTIRELY NEW social contract between the government and the People. This election opens up a real possibility – small, but real – that We could make genuine progress as a society, in terms of equality and freedom and true sustainability. In other words, the democracy We preach, but don’t teach. What comes next is up to US. And, We need to seriously ready OURSELVES.

In short, the real meaning of this election hasn’t yet been decided.

Overall, there’s a lot of work to do. It’s imperative that EVERYONE do his share – whether this means attending a neighborhood or union meeting, signing a petition, organizing or riding a bus to a demonstration, going on a lobby visit, making a financial contribution, or just talking to a stranger about the need and desirability of the common good.

Thanks for all you do!
Live your values. Love your country.
And, remember: TOGETHER, We can make a D-I-F-F-E-R-E-N-C-E !

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Work From Home Jobs In Colorado – Are there any legitimate work from home jobs out there that don’t cost you anything?

Work From Home Jobs In Colorado

Question by monica d: Are there any legitimate work from home jobs out there that don’t cost you anything?

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Work From Home Jobs In Colorado
Image by Zach Dischner
This summer ran me ragged. Had a full time job doing computery stuff for a satellite instrument, and then had another project that I decided to keep working on from the school year. It was supposed to be part time, but, like in the week this was taken where it took about 85 hours, things are never as they are supposed to be.

The project is called "DayStar", and its really pretty interesting, as long as you are a super nerd like me. Basically, we built an instrument for a high altitude balloon (same height as the famous Red Bull jump). It is supposed to take and analyze pictures, in a sciency way

This was taken on our way back home from Pallestine, TX (yep its a place), where we had to put our instrument in a thermal vaccuum chamber and test it out. Both the drive there and back were started at around 11:00 PM, and we had to drive through the night. At this point, it was about 4 hours of sleep per night for about 8 days.

At this point, my truck ran out of gas, in the middle of ‘holy crap we are so far from anyone’-nowhere. Only gas stations for a hundred miles was closed and the credit card machine didn’t work. So what better opportunity to run around a desolate highway and practice my light painting! Tired as hell, broken down with almost no cell service, and with only energy drinks for nourishment, and this was probably the highlight of my trip. That and the nametag I ‘forgot to return’ that says "NASA Scientist". Hell yeah

Zach Dischner Photography | 500px

Never sold online before? It’s easy. Your new Colorado job is moments away. The Business Rocket Store Front is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Simpl…

Work From Home Jobs In Colorado

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Work From Home Jobs Online – Is there a legit @ home job available online?

Work From Home Jobs Online

Question by love2bowl777: Is there a legit @ home job available online?
I was wondering if there are any home based jobs that are legit or with the BBB?

Best answer:

Answer by extra v
Doing an online job requires a lot of work and some initial research. And yes, working from home is very easy. I can’t stress enough the importance of starting out with something you really enjoy doing yourself – if you enjoy it, you’ll be willing to put time into making it unique, which will lead to success on its own.There are actuallymake money online. The Best Part Is that there is NO INVESTENT. Hope this helps you.

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Film Fun Magazine (May, 1924) … The science of landing a job — blame it on the outfit (Apr. 8, 2013) …item 2.. Jobseekers Invited To Attend Local Career Expo (Feb 19, 2014) …item 3.. Pulp Fiction – They’re Your Clothes …
Work From Home Jobs Online
Image by marsmet532a
DC (Darnell Clarke): Don’t you dare go to college and just settle for a degree without work experience. Let me tell you what will happen if you don’t follow this step: you will obtain your degree and find yourself working at the Foot Locker selling sneakers or working at a bank as a teller, because that’s the only thing that your degree without work experience will prepare you for. Remember, employers are only concerned with addressing one question and that is: “What can you do for me?” (i.e. Can you save me money? Can you make me money? Or, can you be more efficient by saving me time?). Employers are hiring you for a reason; you must connect your work experience with one of those reasons.

……..*****All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ……..

… FLICKRIVER … marsmet532a … interesting


….item 1)…. The science of landing a job …

… FSU News …

FSU News / section / News …

Fortune 100 hiring manager shares interview tips for college students …
12:16 AM, Apr. 8, 2013 |

Written by
Kristy McDaniel
Staff Writer

FSU News
FSU News Life…

Blame it on the economy, blame it on the outfit, blame it on bad chemistry; these days FSU seniors and graduate students know the stress of starting their careers, or more aptly, trying to start them. According to Darnell Clarke, Fortune 100 hiring manager and author of Employmentology: A Practical Systematic Methodology of Finding Employment, the job rarely goes to the person who is the “best qualified,” but rather to the applicant who can master an interview. The FSView and Florida Flambeau tested Clarke’s knowledge on the science of how to land employment.

FSView & Florida Flambeau: What are the three things that managers are looking for, particularly from college students?

Darnell Clarke: The hiring managers are really only looking for the answers to two questions: “Tell me about yourself,” and, “What Value Added Proposition (VAP) can you bring to our company to help solve a problem?” These are the bottom-line questions which all employers want you to answer. Everything you do and say in the interview must address this VAP question.”

FFF: What will prevent college students from getting hired?

DC: Not getting the right degree. You cannot afford to get a general studies degree. You must get a degree that has a particular job or career associated with it. For example, if you receive a computer science degree, that degree prepares you to become a computer programmer. Likewise, an engineering degree prepares you to be an engineer. If you get a general business degree, that degree does not prepare you for a particular job.

FFF: Do managers look more for experience from internships or for a high GPA?

DC: Don’t you dare go to college and just settle for a degree without work experience. Let me tell you what will happen if you don’t follow this step: you will obtain your degree and find yourself working at the Foot Locker selling sneakers or working at a bank as a teller, because that’s the only thing that your degree without work experience will prepare you for. Remember, employers are only concerned with addressing one question and that is: “What can you do for me?” (i.e. Can you save me money? Can you make me money? Or, can you be more efficient by saving me time?). Employers are hiring you for a reason; you must connect your work experience with one of those reasons.

FFF: What are the best ways for college students to network with future employers?

DC: Internships and co-ops are two of the top college experiences that employers value. They are the most effective ways to gain career-related information and identify. Networking should be used to create the process of developing professional relationships and partnerships that support you as you explore and pursue your career goals. It is one of the most effective ways to gain career-related information and identify internship opportunities with that company.

FFF: What questions should college students ask during interviews and what questions should they not ask?

DC: There comes a point in the interview where you are asked if you have any questions. At this point a very shrewd thing to do is to pull out your questions list from your portfolio or binder, and start from question number one. You need to have your questions prepared in advance; these questions are important. The questions you ask, including the words you select to express them, will strongly influence the interviewer’s assessment of you. After the interview, you can easily determine the information you still need to get and this information will help you decide whether this opportunity is right for you. The interviewers will notice; I always did. The answer to your questions will prepare you for your closing statement. This will make it crystal clear to the interviewer that you took the interview seriously and were prepared.

Here are some impressive questions for a candidate to ask:

What kind of person are you looking for to fill this position? What is your ideal job candidate like? What are the day-to-day responsibilities of the position? What are the most important responsibilities of the job? What are this job’s priorities for the first 90 days? Do you have any other questions or concerns about my ability or work history that you are not comfortable with to determine that a next step is warrant? When will a decision be made about the person hired? What are the next steps?

Areas a candidate should avoid asking about:

How quickly do I accrue vacation time? How often can I work from home? How often will I get paid?

If by the end of the interview you are interested in the position, ask for the job. Be ready, because they just might make you an offer right on the spot. This does not commit you to anything. It may be the difference between getting an offer or a rejection letter. Tell the key interviewer (probably also your supervisor-to-be) that you are interested in working not only for the company, but for them personally. If the “chemistry” is good between you, they need to know it so they’ll go to bat for you.

…..item 2)…. Jobseekers Invited To Attend Local Career Expo …

… WCTV News … … Coverage You Can Count On ! …

Home / Headlines List / Article

By: Press Release By: SWGTC Email
Updated: Wed 7:19 PM, Feb 19, 2014…

Press Release By: Southwest Georgia Technical College
February 19, 2014

Thomasville, GA- The 13th Annual Cairo/Thomasville Career Expo is scheduled for Thursday, February 20, from 9:00 a.m. to noon at Southwest Georgia Technical College’s main campus in Thomasville.

This event is sponsored jointly by Southwest Georgia Technical College (SWGTC), the Georgia Department of Labor Thomasville and Cairo Career Centers, Thomas and Grady County Employer Committees, Georgia Department of Labor Veterans Services, Thomasville-Thomas County and Cairo-Grady County Chambers of Commerce, Thomasville Times Enterprise, The Cairo Messenger, and radio station WGRA.

img code photo … RESUME

MGN Online


This event offers employers and job-seekers an opportunity to meet and discuss local employment options. Those seeking employment may apply for both full and part-time positions with participating employers, most of which currently have open positions or expect to in the near future. Last year, more than 50 businesses and resources participated in the Expo, and event organizers hope to get even more organizations involved this year. Among the expected employers are Archbold Memorial Hospital, Florida State University, New Hire Solutions, Thomasville City Schools, and many more.

“This is an excellent opportunity to pair employers seeking well-qualified applicants with highly-skilled individuals looking not only for a job, but for a career opportunity to utilize their education, skills and strong work ethics. It’s a win-win for the community and for local industry. This year we have more employers and resources already committed to attend than we have ever had. I believe this is an indicator that the economy is building and that employers feel it is safe to enlarge their workforce. This job fair is the venue to make that happen,” commented Dr. Jeanine Long, Director of Career Placement and Development at SWGTC.

The public is cordially invited to attend this event. Job-seekers are asked to dress in business attire and bring resumes with them. More information may be obtained by calling Dr. Jeanine Long at SWGTC at (229) 227-2668.

…..item 3)…. youtube video … Pulp Fiction – They’re Your Clothes … 1:44 minutes


Uploaded on Sep 3, 2011

You have to wash after blowing off someone’s head.

Film & Animation

Standard YouTube License


Genuine Work From Home – Looking for genuine work from home opportunities? Then this video is right up your alley. I am actual…

Work From Home Jobs Online

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Work from home jobs – Are there any at home jobs that are real jobs?

Work From Home Employment

question of sjmarquez2 : Are there any at property employment jobs that are genuine I am homebound for about 2 months. Are there any on the web occupation possibilities that are real Thank Dank.sjmarquez2 Best Response:

eoin.oleary reply
Sorry, but most finish up paying out at house employment jobs significantly less than the minimum wage, or not pay überhaupt.Nur individuals promote the putative lists of house employment jobs do not you Geld.Wenn a ability that you could do from property, have you read and / welcomeand checklist itself dort.Die rates are not great, but at least you will bezahlt.Eoin

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Earle Richardson: Employment of Negroes in Agriculture, 1934 Work From Home Employment
picture of americanartmuseum Employment of Negroes in Agriculture Earle RichardsonGeboren: New York, New York 1912Gestorben: New York, New York 1935Öl on Leinwand48 x 32 1/8 inches (121.8 x 81.six cm.) Smithsonian American Artwork Museum Transfer from the U.S. Division of Labor1964.1.183Earle represented Richardson his colleagues African-Americans in a southern cotton field function barefoot, but the artist refused demeaning stereotypes to emphasize the dignity of his subjects. These workers are not bent more than to select cotton, which have three youthful figures a monumental aspect by. Their amazing energy to manage heavy baskets of cotton Only an older girl bends in excess of her job. The staff quiet pride overcomes her identity as a guide laborer. They are at the front of the painting, exactly where they confront the viewer as equals who are prepared for a much better existence sind.Die Public Works of Artwork Venture welcomes African American artists this kind of as Richardson, who would paint “Negro themes.” But they counted only about ten artists between the 1000’s employed in the undertaking. Richardson was unusual even in a scene that is far away from his home. The artist was a native New Yorker, but he exhibited his painting in the south, to make a common statement about his race. Richardson and fellow artist Malvin Gray Johnson planned to discover far more about the background and the guarantee of black people in their mural series Negro efficiency, scheduled to arrive in the New York Public Library 135 Street Branch to install say, but neither young guy lived prolonged adequate to complete the set up undertaking. Personalized, educational and non-industrial use of digital photos from the collection of the American Art Museum is permitted, with assignment to the Smithsonian American Art Museum, for all images except if otherwise mentioned. spot at property task fair perform for American support of Monday 9 September from ten.00 bis 05.00 clock. Click here https://www2.gotomeeting to register …. Video Rating: 4/5

Work From Home Employment

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