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Work At Home Jobs For Students – Looking for work at home job for high school students?

Work At Home Jobs For Students

Question by Laivwudbbetorw/omwuah: Looking for work at home job for high school students?
I know it’s really hard. but does anyones where I can apply for a work at home job if I’m a high school students. I live in Virginia.

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Answer by michael_sammons2003
sell avon

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Coeds with Hoes
Work At Home Jobs For Students
Image by OSU Special Collections & Archives : Commons
Image Description: The county experimental hop yard recruited Oregon State College coeds for a quick job of hoeing.

Original Collection: Harriet’s Collection

Item Number: HC972

You can find this image by searching for the item number by clicking here.

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We’re happy for you to share this digital image within the spirit of The Commons; however, certain restrictions on high quality reproductions of the original physical version may apply. To read more about what “no known restrictions” means, please visit the Special Collections & Archives website, or contact staff at the OSU Special Collections & Archives Research Center for details.

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Work At Home Jobs For Students

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Home Typist – anyone have any reliable employers looking for at home typists?

Home Typist

Question by ganagup: anyone have any reliable employers looking for at home typists?
I love working on my computer and would love to find a job where I could work at home using Excel or Word or another similiar program to either input data or work spreadsheets or correspondence and get paid.

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Answer by quiiet_grl
I personally share this interest, and looked high and low for accredited business looking for an at home typist, and found not one legit online business. I found maybe two legit surveys, and one legit business that I now work with from home. The company employs you to be your own boss and work your own schedule and hours. If you are interested, please feel free to email me anytime for more info. Also, be very leery of all of the companies that claim to offer data entry jobs from home, and check them out. Investigate. Or you wil probably end up getting scammed. Good luck!

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OLPC XO: Background and Review
Home Typist
Image by robertogreco
As many of you are already aware, we created the Pudú mascot for the One Laptop Per Child campaign in Chile (Un computador por niño). While the Chilean initiative does not call specifically for the OLPC hardware developed by Nicholas Negroponte and his team at MIT, it was inspired by the work done there. So, for a lomg time we have been following news about the OLPC machine which is named the XO. Having now lived with an XO for about three weeks, this is our preliminary review of the software and hardware including the story of why we bought our children a computer and how we decided on the XO over other options. For a shorter version, just skip to the parts about the XO as an e-book reader and Scratch. I must apologize in advance for the poor writing, but I’d rather get this up now than later. More photos in the OLPC set.

———– Background ———–

A few months ago I posted about our experience with programming. At the time we were staying at my parents house and had access to a total of three computers: ours (a Mac laptop), my father’s laptop (running Vista) and my mother’s desktop (running Windows Me). We actually had our old swing-arm-display iMac with us, but didn’t bother setting it up for lack of space in addition to the fact that the other computerss were available for the kids to use.

Meanwhile we were gearing up for a six month trip overseas. Knowing that we would have limitations with regard to luggage weight and would unlikely have regular access to lending libraries, we decided that it would be a smart decision to find some sort of e-book reader for our travels. This was especially important after a summer and fall reading binge that amounted to having checked out at least five hundred books. Sophia alone was consuming a thousand pages per week. (We know this because in October she was curious about such. So we sat down with the receipts from the library, searched for the lengths of the book on Amazon, and plugged them all into a spreadsheet (including the URLs for each book) which spit out a total of 23,507 pages for the previous twenty-two weeks.)

OLPC had recently announced the Give One Get One program in the United States and Canada during the holiday season and the ASUS Eee PC was becoming available as well. We also looked at some handheld devices that would serve for e-book reading like the iPod Touch, the Nokia N800 or N810.

Considering that the price of the handhelds were either the same or not much lower and that they didn’t offer the same chance to continue dabbling in programming, it seemed like a better option to get one of the two laptops that would allow them to further explore. We talked it over with Sophia and Enzo and they decided that one laptop for two children would be a great gift. The bonus was being able to have one sent to a child somewhere else in the world who wouldn’t likely have a computer otherwise.

At the time we placed our order, the estimated delivery date was for mid January and that was to their grandparents home in Washington State. Of course, the G1G1 program was only shipping the computers to addresses in the participating countries meaning that my parents would have to send it to us in South America when it arrived, so the kids also had to agree to wait until as late as February to receive their XO.

We eventually left Washington, spent two and a half weeks in Argentina and on December 21 having just arrived in Chile, we received an email from OLPC (dated December 21) letting us know that the XO had shipped on the 19th. The message included a FedEx tracking number and when we plugged into the FedEx website it showed that the package had been left at my parents’ front door. The good news was that it arrived much earlier than the anticipated delivery date. The bad news was that my parents had gone to visit my brother and were not planning to return home until the 27th.

Since they were also unlikely to be checking email, I sent off an email to all of my siblings asking for them to either contact my parents or if they knew anyone in the area to ask them to bring in the XO from the cold and possibly the rain as well. We quickly heard back from my sister and confirmed after a few days that someone had been able to give it shelter.

Eventually, my parents returned home, made arrangements to pick it up, tested it out, and got it in the mail around mid-January. It arrived here in Chile eleven days later and the kids have been loving it ever since.

———– Review ———–

There have been plenty of reviews lauding the hardware. The XO is solidly built and includes a few technologies that are not found in other laptops. Everyone who has seen the kids’ machine has marveled at what has been packed into it for such a low cost. (Yeah, we know it was supposed to be a 0 laptop, but if you consider inflation since that target was set, the current price of 8 is getting pretty close.) For example, not having a hard drive makes each minor and major jolt the machine takes much more bearable to someone who is used to handing computers with care. Speaking of handling, the handle is great for kids and the two smaller holes allow for them to add some sort of strap which we haven’t gotten around to doing just yet. Finally, most people are not used to having a built-in webcam (although that is fast becoming standard issue on most laptops).

I have not a single complaint to report about the screen. The low power setting works like a charm for reading outside with strong sunlight as we have been experiencing just that with the clear skies and long summer days here in Viña.The fact that it swivels around and folds flat is another plus that can only be found in tablet computers at this time, the Eee PC did not offer this and that too helped make our decision.

This is perhaps the major hardware drawback, but I am really the only one complaining and not much at that. The sealed keyboard is designed for a purpose and meets the goal. The kids are hunt-and-peck typists (as am I) with petite fingers (here’s my problem), so they haven’t had much problem as they go about inputing text and keyboard commands.

The wifi reception has been walking all over our Mac and has given us a pretty impressive picture of the wifi penetration here in Viña del Mar. We would love to try the mesh networking features built into the XO software, but will have to wait until we find some other XO users to do that.

We added a 16MB SD card (that came with our camera) to it which is primarily used for transferring files from our Mac and for save the most important files that the kids create, a sort of backup system.

There are too many activities to touch on each one as this review is much longer than it was intended to be, so here I’m mostly mentioning some of the kids’ favorites and giving some more information on those that they’ve used the most.

Sugar Interface (XO’s GUI)
First off, the user needs to be willing to adjust to a new way of considering the operating system. Sugar has been criticized and laughed at by many, but the kids have picked it up without delay and even I have come to appreciate many of its charms. Do note that they had played with the interface previously when I let them run it off a CD on an old Dell laptop from work that was headed for the trash. There is room for Sugar to improve, but when you consider the true target audience is going to work with these computers without much (if any) prior experience on any computer, the readjustment pain is instantly removed from the equation.

Draw and Write (pre-installed)
There are no frills in either of these activities. They serve exactly the purpose that their names imply. When the kids want to write a story or other document, Write (which I believe is a version if AbiWord) steps in swiftly and does the job. If they need an illustration for said story or some other purpose, Draw works more or less just like Paint in Windows.

Browser (pre-installed)
The kids have few complaints, especially after upgrading from system 650 to 653 which appeared to deliver considerable speed improvements in the browser, although that may have been the result of something else – no definitive proof there. I created a little web launch pad we call Soen – Nose for the kids (a text-only page so that it loads quickly) that contains links to many of the sites that they frequent on the web. A somewhat clunky version of the Adobe Flash plugin can be installed and we did at first, but as we upgraded the system software we didn’t install flash again.

XO as an e-book reader (pre-installed)
One of the reasons we chose an XO over other options like the Asus Eee PC, was it’s ability to work as an e-book reader.

Before leaving on our trip, Sophia had read H.G. Wells’s The Time Machine which I had recommended to feed her science fiction addiction. So, after the XO arrived we immediately downloaded several science fiction classics from H.G. Wells and Jules Verne as e-books in different formats (.pdf, .txt, .html). So far our favorite sources are and Project Gutenberg. The kids’ launch pad has links to several other sites as well.

Many Books is especially nice as it offers many different formats for each book including HTML, large print PDFs, PDFs formatted for the iPhone (which Sophia likes on the XO) and even better (in my opinion) an option to create custom PDF and HTML files. The XO can handle both. While the Reader icon does not appear at the the bottom of the screen like the other activities, it is pre-installed and launches when a PDF file is opened. HTML files open in the Browser. TXT files

Here are some of the books we’ve got loaded on the XO at the moment:
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in 80 Days, The Mysterious Island, A Journey to the Centre of the Earth, The War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, and The Invisible Man.

eToys (pre-installed)
I’m not sure how to describe eToys. For the kids it wasn’t exactly new having already played with Squeakland (on which eToys is based) using both Mac and Windows machines. The activity allows them to play with and combine a variety of media.

TamTam (pre-installed)
Both of the kids enjoy the four TamTam activities which allow them to create music in different ways.

Turtle Art, Pippy and Turtle Art with Sensors (first two pre-installed, last one add-on)
Turtle Art is an XO version of Seymour Papert’s Logo which allows students to write programs (series of instructions) directing a turtle around the screen and leaving a trail (the drawing). Pippy is a version of the Python programming language for the XO. Turtle Art with Sensors allows for the turtle to be controlled with sound level and pitch and (through a connected device) resistance an voltage.

Scratch (add-on, must download separately)
When a version of Scratch for the XO appeared for downloading about a week and a half ago, the kids were elated. Scratch is by far their favorite programming environment and while they enjoyed playing with Turtle Art and Pippy, nothing could compare to Scratch. They have not been disappointed as they have spent countless hours working on a variety of projects either alone or as a team. I might go as far to say that if the XO was no more than a portable Scratch machine it would be worth the price, but of course it is much more, so that stretch doesn’t need to be made.

Sim City (add-on)
SimCity is a classic. The version available for the XO is the original release and aside from the small text which can be a bit difficult to read, it works wonderfully. Since loading it on the XO, the kids have spent many hours learning the ins and outs of the game.

Guido van Robot, Ruler, Stopwatch (add-ons)
These are some of the other activities that we’ve downloaded and installed. The ruler and stopwatch are practical for exactly what you would expect them to be. Guido van Robot is another programming type activity which we’ve tinker with a bit.

Acoustic Tape Measure and Chat (pre-installed)
These are two activities that we’d love to try out but, like the mesh networking, we’ll need to wait until we have some more XO owners around to do so.

Not all has been perfect with the XO, but we knew going in that the software was still in something of a beta state. Although our first attempt to get online was an easy success, we subsequently had a few snafus connecting to wifi which have since been resolved. We also have met with some frustration regarding some of the additional software (none of the items mentioned above) that can be added. Finally, we had some issues with the volume being set to zero and not being able to readjust it. All that said, we have successfully upgraded the system from the version 650 with which it shipped to 653 the day after receiving it and eventually version 656 which is currently the latest stable version released. At this point everything is working well.

———– Conclusion ———–

The XO is not for everyone. If you can afford a full-blown laptop, if you are looking to do extensive touch typing, if you have no interest in experimenting with a new interface, or if you are unwilling to deal with beta-ish software, it’s most likely not the machine for you and you should look elsewhere. The target audience for this machine is a child who is eager to experiment and learn. The XO fits that bill splendidly. It also serves as a great, albeit a little heavy, e-book reader.

One important point I forgot to make was that the kids are asking for a USB mouse because the built-in trackpad seems to be too sensitive to make drawing on the XO a pleasurable experience. Work from home jobs and typing jobs for home typist.
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Home Typist

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Customer Service Work From Home Jobs – Looking for work from home careers in customer service? Go for Facebook or Twitter jobs instead!

Customer Service Work From Home Jobs

Question by Christy Will: is there any work at home jobs like customer service?
i want to work at home , anyone no of like customer service work at home jobs ? or just any work at home jobs

Best answer:

Answer by survey_queenbee222
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Customer Service Work From Home Jobs
Image by Thomas Hawk
"I will make sure you will never be able to place an order on the internet again." "I’m an attorney, I will sue you." "I will call the CEO of your company and play him the tape of this phone call." "I’m going to call your local police and have two officers come over and arrest you." "You’d better get this through your thick skull." "You have no idea who you are dealing with."

These are all direct threats that I received today from an individual who identified himself as Steve Phillips, the manager of PriceRitePhoto in Brooklyn, New York when I called to inquire about my order with them. My crime? Telling him that I planned to write an article about my unfortunate experience with his company regarding the camera order I had placed with him yesterday.

How are these people able to stay in business?

I suppose I should have been duly warned based on PC World’s Camera Confidential expose written a few years back about unscrupulous camera operators operating out of New York, but I have never been so utterly offended by a retailer in my life. I guess in some ways this is my own fault, or as Steve Phillips reminded me, you’re a "professional photographer you should know better than to buy things on the internet this way."

I have been keeping track of The new Canon EOS 5D for a while. As those of you who visit this site regularly know, photography is a passionate hobby of mine. I’ve told myself that I’d pick up a 5D as soon as the price dropped below ,000. I’ve been regularly checking both Yahoo! Shopping and PriceGrabber for a while waiting for one to drop. Well yesterday for the first time I saw that the 5D was for sale for ,899 at PriceRitePhoto. I placed an order online and this is where my trouble began. The order went through and was confirmed and is shown below.

The first thing that happened was I received a call from an individual who identified himself as Joseph telling me that there was a "problem" with my order. He said he needed to "verify" the security code on my American Express. Although I had given that security code in the order I gave him this code again. He then tried to explain to me that I was going to need some accessories with this camera. For starters I was going to need a new memory card. When I told him that I already had a memory card he became somewhat insistent that mine was not good enough. After I wouldn’t buy his memory card he said I’d need new batteries for the camera. Again I told him that I already had two batteries at home and would not be needing to purchase these from him. He then thanked me for my time confirmed my order verbally, said that it would be shipping out in the next few days and hung up.

So today I checked on my order online again and saw that it had not been routed to shipping and called the company back again. Four times I was put on hold for a substantial amount of time and had to hang up and call the company again. Finally I was able to connect with an individual who said his name was Steve Phillips. Steve Phillips abruptly told me that the camera was out of stock. When I protested and told him that it was confirmed online yesterday and verbally by his sales rep he refused to budge. When I told him that even right now as we speak the camera was still showing online at that price on his website,(see below with today’s date) he still insisted that he did not have the camera.

At this point I thanked him and informed him that I would be writing an article about my experience with his company. It was at this point that he went ballistic. He first told me that if I did this that he would not cancel my order but just never fill it. If I cancelled it he said he’d charge me a 15% restocking fee. When I told him that that would be unethical he went nuts. He accused me of trying to "extort" him and said that he was going to have two local police officers come over and arrest me. He then went on to say that as a "professional photographer" I should have known better than to try and buy a camera this way and that he was an attorney and would sue me if I wrote an article about my experience.

He told me that I had no idea who I was dealing with and that as he had my work contact info that he was going to call both my immediate supervisor and the CEO of my company and tell them that I was trying to extort him.

"I will take this very personally," he said. He claimed to have recorded our phone call and said that he would make sure that I would "never be able to order anything on the internet again."

Of course these threats only served to agitate me more. After about 20 minutes of this abuse I told him that I had to go and he refused to get off the line. He said that if I hung up that he would just charge me for the whole camera and never ship it. I hung up and he called me back. I left for my meeting and he called back asking to speak with my boss.

This is by far the most abusive situation I have ever encountered with any retailer on the internet.

One of the things that troubles me the most about this situation is that I found this retailer through Yahoo! shopping and they were perceived to have positive feedback. Is the feedback mechanism for Yahoo! Shopping broken? How could this horrible retailer have a four star rating with 858 ratings. I’m convinced that there is a possibility that many of the "reviews" for this company could be fake. I should though have sorted through the reviews to the worst to see that many others had fallen prey to similar fraud by this company.

How is this company still allowed to offer their products through Yahoo! Shopping?

PriceRitePhoto may also be doing business as C&A Marketing and

Below are some examples from other users:

"very bad place for shoppping. Ordered a TV a week ago. when checking out, the shipping price was higher than displayed by Yahoo. That is ok. Called customer service 2 days later to make sure the order was ok. The guy from customer service tried to sell other things to me, and promised the item will come in 2 days. After 3 days, called again, I was told they over sold the item, and my order was cancelled. what a joke! Don’t buy thing from this merchant!!!"

"In all the years I’ve done business with online stores(and I’ve done plenty), this is by far the ABSOLUTE WORST company I’ve conducted business with yet. They’re customer service is almost completely inaccessible despite their 24/7 365 claim, they don’t deliver on anything they say they will, they’re rude and pushy, and any information that IS sent back is usually filled with vague half-answers that do nothing to solve any problems. This is just an awful business experience. Case in point: They claim to be open on Sundays over the phone from 10AM to 4PM EDT. Well, what they really mean is that the sales department is open, but customer service(who will place you on hold forever during the week) is closed, as is billing. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. And warn your friends. …"

"I gave this store an overall rating of 1. That is because Yahoo does not allow me to rate it any lower. I cannot stress enough how poor the customer service from the wretched excuse of a store. First off, they stress ‘we ship in less than 24 hours’. That is a blatant lie. An hour after placing the order, I received a call to confirm that I had indeed purchased a camera, and that the delivery address was correct. So far, so good. I returned the call, and informed them that yes I had indeed purchased a camera, and yes, the information was correct. The next day, I received another phone call to confirm the shipping address, and did I also want to purchase an extended warranty? Yes, the address is correct, and no, I don’t want your warranty. They assured me my camera would be shipped that day. Three days later, I again received a phone call to confirm the shipping address, which had now been done 3 times, and did I want to purchase the extended warranty? Yes, the information is correct, no I don’t want your stupid warranty, I was assured the camera would be shipped that day. It is, in my opinion unconscionable to delay shipping an order for over a week, just so a company can try a high pressure sales job, on a warranty a customer has already told them, repeatedly, that they don’t want. It has now been ten days since the date of purchase, and still no camera. My experience with this store is one I will never repeat, nor would I wish it upon my worst enemy!!"

and yet another review I found on the company:

"I placed an order with (aka PriceRitePhoto aka C&A
Marketing) on June 9, 2005 for a Sony DSR-PD170 camcorder. At the time
the price advertised on-line was very low, which should have raised a
warning flag, but a call to the company confirmed the item was in stock
ready to be shipped, that it was a US model, the user’s manual was in
English, and the salesman (Joseph) seemed helpful. There was some
pressure to add unwanted items like a tripod, extra battery, etc, but they
were declined. An offer to add insurance was offered, and initially I
declined but then agreed after being told that otherwise if the product
arrived and was non-functional I would be taking full risk. Before the
product could be shipped I was asked to sign and fax a form, appended
below, that indicated that if I wrote any negative feedback I would agree
to have my credit card charged 0, and that I also agreed to waive my
right to chargeback to the credit card company, and that product could not
be returned for any reason. I signed and returned this form with the
understanding that the company would send the item I ordered. However
after a week there was no indication of a product even having been
shipped, and the customer service contact indicated that only the
salesperson could give me order status, so after several tried I reached
Joseph again, and now he indicated that he couldn’t ship the product
unless I faxed him a copy of my credit-card!!! This I refused to do, and
have never, ever had to do for a transaction. I sent email to the company
requesting cancelation of the order, and received yet another email asked
me to sign and fax back a form indicating that I would not post negative
feedback and if I did I was authorizing my credit card to be charged
0. I refused to sign this.

I did post feedback to
the feedback links provided by the customer describing the details of the
transaction, including the forms I had been sent.

The day after posting the feedback describing my attempt to buy the video
camera from PriceRitePhoto/CameraMall, I received a call from a "John
Hancock", claiming to be the owner of the camera companies, and demanding
that I remove the feedback I posted. He said that he would charge my
credit card for the amount of the camera and and additional 0 for each
posting. He also said that he was shipping a Malaysian version of the
camera, without a lens, to me, and that he would make money on the deal,
and I couldn’t stop the shipment, or dispute the charge. My credit card
company confirmed that a pending charge had been placed by PriceRite, but
the charge was not yet posted, and once it was posted, I could dispute.

The next day, July 6, I received several calls from "John Hancock",
demanding again that I remove the feedback I had posted, and when I agreed
that I would remove anything that he felt was not accurate, but if he
could not indicate any inaccuracy, then the feedback would remain. He
screamed and swore at me over the phone, and said that he would post my
credit card number on the internet if I didn’t comply.

On July 8 a charge was posted to my credit card for 39.99 and a second
charge was posted for 0.00. I called my credit card company and
initiated the dispute process. The security department of BankOne Credit
strongly suggested that I cancel my credit card, and complete an internet
fraud report.
Description of how you were defrauded:
My credit card has been charged 38.99 for an cancelled order.
I’ve been threatened with additional multiple charges against my
credit card unless I change feedback posted to the Internet, and I’ve
been threatened with having my credit card number posted to the
Internet. I’ve had to cancel my credit card on the advice of my
credit card provider." Are you looking for work from home careers in customer service? You should consider going for high paying Facebook or Twitt…
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Customer Service Work From Home Jobs

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Looking For Work At Home – Apple Work From Home: The Real Apple Is Looking For Talent From Home

Looking For Work At Home

Question by keora: how to look at homes with virtual tour?
where can i find a website to look at homes using virtual tours i dont want to make one i juss wanna look at some houses in virtual form using virtual tours.. &nd it could be to buy a house or rent it
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee help meh

Best answer:

Answer by eskie lover
I don’t see a lot of property management companies offering virtual tours on rentals, but those that do have them on their company websites, so you have to know their names. Same really goes for homes to buy. You can check real estate websites for their listings and next to the listing it has VT or an icon representing that it is available for that property. In my area, Prudential is one realty that does offer it.

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Looking For Work At Home
Image by Adventures of KM&G-Morris
I went to see the Mustangs of Las Colinas!

In Irving Texas is the community of Las Colinas, the home of the Mustangs sculpture. Robert Glen, the artist who was commissioned in 1976 by Ben H. Carpenter, spent 8 years creating the 9 mustangs that would eventually be housed at Williams Square. The most amazing part of the story is that the designers of the architectural development were given the artwork for the sculpture and told to design around the Mustangs. I first saw photos of the Mustangs in the ’80s and I’ve wanted to see since then. Some 20+ years later I visited the scupture and was not disappointed. Here’s the view from the front of the arrangement and you’ll eventually see part of each beautiful work of art.

Robert Glen, the artist, was born in Nairobi, Kenya. He began his career as an artist in 1970. The Mustangs was commissioned in 1976 and completed in 1984. A small museum dedicated to the sculpture and the artist is housed in one of the buildings alongside the sculpture and it is worth the visit.

This is my favorite work of art! Beautiful! (Sad isn’t it, that Dallas is only a 3 hour trip from Houston and it’s been at least 18 years since I was last there?)

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Looking For Work At Home

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Work At Home Assembly – I am looking for a legitimate work at home assembly job?

work at home assembly

question of emmysmowmow 😕 I am looking for a legitimate work at home job assembly
I’m looking for a legit work at home assembly job. I have heard of some that there are, where you at home to mount things like earrings and how to you for a profit and want to know if anyone knows, is part of a legit site or company where I can start to work from my home . Any help on this subject is very appriciated Best answer:.

Answer It depends on how handy you are, but most of the assembly jobs are scams, they may have little or nothing to pay, so if you how things together make it yourself and sell them on eBay or you can open an eBay store, but you have to buy a product people, and you, you set prices to hidden costs such as fees Pay Pal and the product at an additional cost to . meet

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Hamas rockets (January 2012) … Article 2 .. Rocket attacks in Israel (October 28, 2012/12 Cheshvan 5773) … Article 3 .. ISRAEL DIARY> Gaza escalation (Nov 14, 2012/29 Cheshvan 5773) …
Work At Home Assembly
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I am angry that in 2012, more than 600 rockets from Gaza have been fired with no end in sight. I am angry that the world is only noticed when Israel commits its (sovereign) right to defend its citizens. Can you imagine, even if only a missile at Washington, London, Paris or Moscow fired? No nation on earth can or should tolerate such attacks on its people.I am angry that, while the United Nations never hesitates to call a “special emergency meeting” on the “Question of Palestine” or pass the x- th resolution blindly condemned Israel, that I am still waiting for a meeting about the “question of Israel and Palestinian terror. Indeed, 24 hours after the rocket attacks started, I’m still waiting for even a syllable of condemnation by the UN Security Council, the UN General Assembly or Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights ………. ***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ………. ….. item 1) …. … … The truth about the advance of global Islamism list of rocket attacks on Israel by “Palestinians”. 1 January to 12 October 2012-17 October 2012 Page Liste17 -attacks-israel-palest … …….. Point 2) …. … / jw / id … HOME ISRAEL ISRAEL diary rocket attacks into Israel My country is under attack. worry you? ………… img code photo … …………. rocket attacks in Israel media ……………………. arsenic Ostrovsky28. Oktober 2012/12 Cheshvan 5773 / jw / id / rocket attacks in Israel . html I am wütend.Sie see how most Americans wake up this morning, and those in Europe and elsewhere around the world were going to their everyday life, here in Israel – over a million people were for the cover from a hail of rockets by Palestinian rained runs terrorists in Gaza. During a period of 24 hours from Tuesday night fired 80 rockets into southern Israel. This is more than three rockets per hour. When I have finish this article, the chances that number to 85 missiles gestiegen.Nur to put things in context. than a million Israelis Thirteen percent of the U.S. population is roughly equivalent to 13 percent of the population is approximately 40 million Menschen.Ein dozen Israelis have been injured, several of them seriously. The only reason more is not violated, because Israel has millions of dollars in bomb shelters, and the defense system Iron Dome invested, while Hamas has millions of dollars in foreign aid in more rockets investiert.Aber here is why I get angry bin.Ich ‘m angry that in 2012, more than 600 rockets from the Gaza Strip have been the end is not fired in sight. I am angry that the world is only noticed when Israel commits its (sovereign) right to defend its citizens. Can you imagine if even one missile at Washington, London, Paris or Moscow fired? No nation on earth can or should tolerate such attacks on its people.I am angry that, while the United Nations never hesitates a ” special emergency meeting “on the” Question of Palestine “call or pass the umpteenth resolution blindly condemned Israel, that I am still waiting for a meeting about the” question of Israel and Palestinian terror. In fact, 24 hours after the rocket attacks started, I’m still waiting for even a syllable of condemnation by the UN Security Council, the UN General Assembly or Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Menschenrechte.Ich’m angry that Ban Ki -Moon, the UN Secretary-General, was a moment to the Palestinian rocket to condemn not find, but find time to laugh and dance with South Korean rapper Psy from the popular dance craze Gangnam Stil.Ich’m angry that the EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton struck Israel in the past week about the construction of hundreds of apartments (in an area that will probably remain part of Israel anyway) that I’m still waiting on them to the Palestinians slam firing 80 rockets at a Tag.Ich’m angry that there are those who for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) continue call against the Jewish state, but silent in the face of the Palestinian Terrors.Ich’m angry that ships and fleets continue to rate adjusted to Gaza to ‘Solidarity’ to point with the Palestinians, but where is their solidarity with the people of southern Israel? I’m angry that while human rights organizations such as Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, Oxfam and others not a single opportunity to Israel for human rights violations against waste condemn Palestinians the human rights of Israelis are apparently not important enough for them. Is Jewish blood really so cheap? I am angry that mainstream newspapers like the New York Times, lead their stories about the rocket attacks with headlines such as “Four Palestinian militants killed in Israeli air strikes,” and not “Palestinian terrorists Rain Down Over 80 rockets against a million Israelis. “I am angry that so many people are blind to the fact that Iran, which has called for Israel to be wiped off the map, and trying to get nuclear weapons, now is the primary financial backer and arms supplier Hamas. I am angry at the fact that all civilians in southern Israel were instructed today to send their children to school and stay in air-raid shelters. What kind of inhumane way is that for children to live? I’m angry when people say that “settlements are the main obstacle to peace, and not Hamas, a terrorist group that does not recognize the existence of Israel and attempted its destruction continues I am angry when I see these pictures that hit a house in southern Israel by a rocket from the Gaza Strip to say the audacity today. “ah, but they are just like toys, what harm can do it “, I’m angry that there is someone who do not know me not, and has never met me, but wants to kill me still – for no other reason than that you Israeli.Klicken here to Aish? . com free weekly e-mail to erhalten.Ich’m angry when I hear, say residents in southern Israel: “We are right at the top of our children and try to protect them with our bodies,” or that we ” living on borrowed time “- and yet the world seems blind to their desperate Hilferufe.Nein, I’m not angry I’m empört.Dieser article originally appeared in the Huffington Post ………. Item 3). …. … Home …> Israel> Israel Gaza escalation diary … What other country would tolerate this? ………………………. img Code Photo … Gaza escalation ………………………. Corey Feldman14. November 2012/29 Cheshvan 5773 / jw / id / Gaza Escalation.html A soldier who wishes to remain anonymous due to limitations army sent, the following op-ed to me, which I now pass on to you are: In the last 24 hours like 107 rockets into southern Israel One-hundred and seven rockets fired with the intent to kill, injure and maim one hundred.. aim and seven rockets at the civilian population of a sovereign state. And is that we are not engaged in full operation with the deal responsible for this violence, of course I will ask the question, “What other country would tolerate this?” What other sovereign nation in the world would such a blatant violation of its borders and its security without a comprehensive response to enable? Targeted reprisals are a start, but it just before the response, fall like require attacks. Part of the reason for Israel’s actions measured is that Israel to a standard that is called, is maintained, no other country in the world, and Israel values ​​the opinion of the world.The world demands Israel again “exercise restraint” on the face of unprovoked attacks on the population, and to ask this, I but one question: “Under what precedent” Having lots of small incursions into much larger actions of other sovereign nations led Between 1936 and 1939 the British dealt with the Arab Revolt by burning entire villages and kill 3,000 Palestinians in the 1970s.. , King Hussein killed the Palestinian unrest in Jordan by massacring 2,500 Palestinians in ten days., 1989 in Panama have four unarmed U.S. Navy a wrong turn and ended up at a military checkpoint. they tried to escape, and one was and one injured. Bush described this as “an enormous outrage” and marched in Panama with 20,000 soldiers. 60 minutes reported that up to 4,000 people were killed wurden.Seit beginning of the year 2009, around 2,262 rockets from Gaza have been fired into Israel, primarily on civilian centers . During the three years since the last Gaza operation, according to the IDF’s official blog, 11 people were killed and the rocket attacks from Gaza injured 127. In recent weeks, the attacks from Gaza have intensified. On 23 October was an IDF captain severely wounded on a routine patrol of the border. Last week, an IDF soldier was moderately wounded and two others slightly injured when they were attacked during a routine patrol. Two days later, terrorists in Gaza opened fire on the a routine patrol IDF.Gestern started the latest wave of violence, at around 4 clock, when a Jeep from my base, four soldiers, two of which I know, was made head of a rocket. One of these soldiers is in critical condition and may or may not be recovered. Nowadays three civilians were injured on their way to work in the southern town of Sderot. yesterday entrusted by us with the first answer on the Gaza border, armored vehicles have been limited., we have minutes, not hours slept, and in these armored vehicles that we ate trying to sleep, laughed, complained, sang, joked and sometimes gebetet.Eine our main duties as first responders to protect the communities and kibbutzim near the border against terrorist infiltration and rocket fire is is often the precursor to a terrorist attack. As a result, when the rockets fall, first responders rush to hurry their vehicles while civilians to bomb shelters. And thus we saw all last night and today, one with a clear view, from inadequately protected vehicle dozens of rockets flew into Israel from the Gazastreifen.Wenn a rocket in your general direction started to see it always appears, at least at first, sent directly to you. If you’re smart, you will learn to stop watching. If the tzeva adom (rocket warning siren) went, we sang, cried and prayed, insulted each other’s girlfriends, do everything possible to think we have too much to prevent. Inevitably, the missile would strike and the earth would, to varying degrees, depending on how far it was to shake, rattle not only our vehicle, but our collective Vernunft.Obwohl we do not ask for this escalation, we are ready and willing, our homes and our families to verteidigen.Und so I write now, not as citizens, but as a soldier. I’m ready because I’ve never been to war, I do not know what that entails, I just know that this is not acceptable also a daily rain of rockets from the Gaza Strip.. currently a downpour is not acceptable. Our families deserve better. Our country deserves better. To be clear, no one wants a war, especially not a soldier serving in a combat unit, on the border with the Gaza Strip. I understand the dangers, and I did not take them lightly. But at the end of the day we have to be ourselves for combat soldiers. And although we did not ask for this escalation, we are still ready and willing, our homes and our families to verteidigen.Wir they asked for peace, and our enemies responded with rockets We asked our children to school without worry that they will not send back,. driving to begin without fear of rockets falling of the rush hour to work while to make our lives without the fear of missiles and terror live, and we have responded with a resounding “No!” Click here to free weekly e-mail to erhalten.Da pulls out of Gaza in 2009, our desire for peace been hit with thousands of missiles, missiles that are tantamount to a declaration of war, we do not have to ask this and we did not want that, but at a certain point the cost of inaction is too high As John Stuart Mill once wrote…. ” War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. “This blog originally appeared in the Times of Israel ….. top Click for the best work from home ideas! This work from home ideas tips will change the way you think! Yo …

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