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Working From Home Scams – Working from home, no scams?

Working From Home Scams

Question by Carrie: Working from home, no scams?
I’m looking for something to do on a very part-time basis. I have a BA and I am a teacher. I stay home with my child now though and would like to make extra money. Please don’t tell me about any scams, I’m not interested. I’m also not interested in selling anything at all. What about medical billing? Anyone familiar with that or anything else?

Best answer:

Answer by Kat mom of 4
a friend of mine has a bookkeeping business from home, she charges about $ 100-200 a month to help other small businesses do their books, she writes checks and makes sure the checking accounts are balanced!

it may take a bit of marketing on your part but if you get 2 clients you will only have to work minimal amounts of time.

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Sergei Takes a Gratuity
Working From Home Scams
Image by Viewminder
The ‘smugglers’ who shared the cabin with me on the Trans Siberian always placed a generous cash gratuity into our passports as we were to be searched. Andre ‘the elder’ would assert his authority as the head smuggler and collect all four of the passports… including mine… and he would give them to the officials with a mischevous smile and a nod that said ‘this is my gift to you.’ This is my business. This is what I do.

Andre always put the American passport on the bottom… I think he thought it would draw less attention there…and then he always shushed me with a stern and piercing look as he prepared for these most critical transactions. The first thing the official would do is put the American passport on top. I began to realize that although we shared that cabin and the comraderie of the rails… or confinement thereof… that Andre ‘the elder’ didn’t really think that having an American in his cabin was all that much good for business. It seemed to bring a little ‘extra special’ attention and scrutiny to his little clandestine smuggling operation. Maybe he had to bump up the bribes a notch or two to insure the safe passage of his valuable contraband. Either way you could just tell by watching him that Andre was a bottom line kind of guy.

By the end of the journey though Andre had invited me to live with him and his family in Poland… to work at his store… and to marry his daughter who he assured me had the bluest of eyes and breasts that were the national pride of Poland. Although I never saw him again I came to love Andre as a father in law even though I never met his daughter… somehow I feel like I know her.

It’s no joke either about Polish womens breasts being an object of national pride. Somehow Andre ‘the elder’ seemed capable of working it into any conversation relating to his motherland… to which Andre ‘the younger’ and their female companion would invariably agree with.

This usually led to a toast… a clanking of the glasses… the tipping of a bottle and a slurred chorus of ‘nasdorovia’s.’

Whenever the merits of Polish breasts were agreed on, indeed that meant it was time to drink some more vodka. Even to this day… when I think of Andre or Polish womens breasts… it makes me want to knock back a shot of vodka… but I don’t drink anymore and really I am more of an ass man… but still. I never had the heart to tell Andre that… I mean, talking about Polish womens breasts really seemed to make him so happy. I didn’t want to take that way from him. You’ve just never seen a guy so filled with joy as Andre was whenever his favorite subject was being discussed or debated… it really lit him up from the inside.

Anytime you want to make a Polish national feel good… or homesick… just bring up the fact that Polish women have the best breasts. It’s been good for a lot of free drinks for me.

I had just left Asia… everyday I travelled closer to Europe. With the passage of time and distance Andre’s observations were indeed verified though… the closer I got to Poland… the larger breasts became. I’m not kidding. Andre was right.

The first Russian I met… the man smiling in the photograph… was like most Russians it seemed…named Sergei. A few were named Alexander or Andre. I think Russians have only three names… except for politicians or people of fame. I might have met a couple of Victors and a handful of Igor’s as well. Somebody once said they’d heard of a Russian named Nikolai too. Still… most men in Russia are named Sergei. That’s just the way it is there.

Seconds after I took this photograph Sergei slipped into his pocket without flinch or hesitation the currency that Andre had stashed in his passport. I knew it was coming and I was watching closely for it. I barely caught it. And I grew up in Chicago.

Living on that train with those smugglers was like taking an advanced college course in the subtleties and techniques of graft. It was Andre ‘the elder’ who taught me that you need to keep variable amounts of currency in each of your four pockets… like five in one, ten in the next, then twenty and a hundred…and that you must properly size up the person you are attempting to bribe and choose from one of your pockets the minumum amount you are betting it will take to pacify that official.

That’s helped me more than once in life since then.

Andre also showed me that it was really important to telegraph the bribe… to look the mark right in the eyes and demonstrate that one… you were about to bribe him and two… that you were going to reach into your pocket and take out all of the money you had available to you for this transaction. It was really deep psychology according to Andre. The man had an ethic and he was a perfectionist. It’s always remarkable to watch such a master at work.

Andre pointed out that it was good form to allow your pocket to turn slightly inside out so that the mark could see that indeed you really emptied it. This he noted made them feel really special. Like you went all the way for them. He also taught me that a bribe is never to be peeled off of a larger wad of bills or taken from a wallet… unless you had done business with the mark before but in his opinion it was still a bad idea.

Andre’s bribes never failed or produced even the slightest trace of hesitation. The man was truly a master. Andre ‘the elder’ was the maestro of bribery. And he taught me well. Halfway through the journey he announced that he was getting sick of the train and that he and his cohorts were getting off at Irkusk and flying on to Moscow.

He gave to me a case of vodka and an envelope with additional bribes in it and told me that he would meet me in Moscow with the ‘goods’ next week.

I was proud and honored that Andre ‘the elder’ trusted me with the ‘stuff.’

I was officially a smuggler now.

When I went through Japanese customs they even pulled me right out of line… took me to this little office where I presumed I was going to learn what a rough rectal exam was like. They never even looked in my bags though… they just wanted to know if I slept with any prostitutes in Bangkok… it was a real interrogation too… they didn’t believe me when I said I hadn’t… they even tried to say I must be gay then. the fact that I didn’t seem to take much offense at their calling me gay really seemed to disturb them because thry had a little conference among themselves… in Japanese… so I had no way of knowing what they were saying.

I told them that i did get a killer massage at the James Bond Turkish Bath and Massage House… but there was no happy ending if you know what I mean. I only went in because of the James Bond motiff. I’m a sucker for that stuff… like the cosmonaut cigarettes on the train in Russia.

Still they didn’t believe me but they let me go with a warning… a reminder to call them if I wanted to change my story and they gave me this pamphlet that described all of the symptoms one might have after a hedonistic weekend in the city of angels… Bankok. Reading the brochure it made me really glad I just stuck with the massage. The pictures, even though they were in black and white, they were especially disturbing.

Bangkok… really the only reason I went there is because I loved that song by Murray McMurray… you know the one… ‘one night in Bangkok makes a hard man humble.’ I wanted to see what the inspiration for that song was… and I thought I could use some humbling. Murray was correctamundo… I was indeed humbled.

I dealt with smugglers before in Japan… Nigerians… but dealing with the Nigerians always made me feel dirty. And that was before they became famous on the internet.

Those Nigerians… they are a resourceful bunch though. And the colorful clothing… you haven’t partied until you’ve partied with a Nigerian man wearing a yellow daishiki with a matching hat. I couldda stared at those intricate psychadellic patterns forever. I still felt dirty though. But as a rule, if you ever want anything illegal, if you want to find the corruption or a cities dark underbelly… look for the Nigerians… you can’t miss them the way they dress. Or you can just find cab drivers… who are often Nigerian anyway. Cab drivers are also a valuable resource when you are looking for some sin in a new city. I never once got into one of those three wheeled cabs in Bangkok called "Tuk-tuk’s" without being offered a "massagy-massagy," Not once.

When I was in high school and I wanted some beer or alcoholoc beverages… I’d just call for a cab… and when the guy got there… I’d tell him to go get me a twelve pack or something… then I would do that "rip the twenty dollar bill in half" trick and tell him he’d get to keep the other half when he came back. They loved that. It always produced for me. It’s one of the most secret agent like things you could do… ripping a bill in half like that… it’s an all or nothing move… it’s like saying neither one of us trusts the other but this twenty… that’s what it’s all about. Of course you gotta figure in the cab fare too.

I think Nigeria has the worlds biggest cab driver school or something. Most Nigerian guys grow up to be cab drivers… the ones with more education do internet scams… white collar work. From what I’ve seen… those are your only two career paths if you’re from Nigeria. Smuggling and dealing in hashish is just a very common side gig. And they had this scam where they used a computer to alter prepaid phone cards and increase their value. Nigerians can be geniuses.

It was a Nigerian that taught me that if you took the local train long distance in Japan you could have a friend get on at the station before your destination and give you an extra ticket he bought there for like a buck and you could save hundreds because if you over rode your fair they didn’t check on the train… you just had to pay when you inserted your ticket at the exit. Those Nigerians.

The Japanese didn’t have much an apetite for the devils weed… they preferred amphetamines… something I never did. I always thought it would be pretty hillarious to hang out with some really stoned Japanese people. I wondered what their eyes could possibly look like when they were smoking pot.

The other gaurd in the picture… the mean looking one… noted the transaction as if to say ‘I had better get my cut’ and the money quickly dissapeared with all of the magnificence of a Las Vegas slieght of hand magician.

You could see it in the officers eyes… and he didn’t appreciate my shutter happy finger either. I thought this would be another precious roll of thirty five millimeter lost to the angry hands of the authorities. That stuff is hard to come by in Siberia you know.

It was obvious these men were used to being treated to such gratuities. Probably they sent word ahead… there is a man in the rear cabin who treats security officials very well.

It reminded me of the consulate officer at the Russian embassy in Beijing who informed me that they were ‘all out of visas’ until I produced my last eight american dollars… and even then he motioned for me to show him the inside of my bag because I’m sure he wanted to make it an even ten. That’s why you keep your money in different pockets. Miraculously the rubber stamp that made visas was rejuvenated and after a strong smack on the stamp pad was good for just one more visa.

Our cabin and our bags were never searched. Not anywhere on the entire journey. They could have contained a ton of heroin or four chinese children set out to work in the kitchens of europe.

At this time I didn’t know what the two Andres and their female cohort were smuggling, but I had hoped that it was indeed something that would make the journey more pleasant.

My passport was taken from me there at Manzhoulli and I was issued Russian travel papers that I carried for the duration of the trip. Papers that were stamped with a radiation symbol the morning after we tore ass through the radiated zone caused by the disaster at Chernobyl. To this day I wonder how the passport was returned to me as I departed Russia at the Polish border.

Later Sergei ‘the compensated’ and I sat outside the Manzhoulli station where he smoked a cigarette and asked me questions about America. It wasn’t small talk… Sergei had a deep interest in the way things were there… why our countries grew up in this diabolic situation of mutual assured nuclear destruction. What was so different about us his words seemed to say in a meandering way. I saw then that Sergei was raised too on the same diet of propoganda that I was… just the other end of the spectrum. I remember it seemed as if we both realized that right at the same time… his deep basso Russian laughter overwhelmed mine and carried beyond our immediate confines to precede me into Siberia.

I uncapped the pewter whiskey flask in my bag… the one decorated with the golfers on it that I shoplifted from Carson Perie Scott’s in high school and we shared a sip. The same one the port official in Shanghai uncapped to smell but never dared to partake of. I crushed that flask when I had it in my back pocket when I fell off the back of a moving truck… the flask was empty… which undoubtably had something to do with me falling off of the back of a moving truck… but I was crushed too because I loved that flask. I ended up filling it with water and freezing it repeatedly until the crushed metal expanded outward. Plus I think it’s realy the only thing I’ve ever shoplifted… except for candy and stuff like that. I just fell in love with that thing the first time I saw it. I knew then that I had to have it and I carried it around the whole world.

In Siberia vodka was golden… but whiskey… even the cheap Japanese stuff I carried…Suntory I think… it produced a reaction in my Russian friends like nothing I had ever seen. One sip… savored as if it were sent from heaven above and there were kisses and bear hugs. One sip of whiskey to a Russian then always opened up an immediate and strong friendship. Sometimes it even lasted longer than the fire it produced in your stomach and the burn in your throat.

I watched the sunset there that evening in Manzhoulli. Alone at the side of the rails I wished that someone would have walked over… sat next to me… and even in the silence of those who speak no common language… just appreciated that Manzhoulli sunset with me.

If I could have found one…I would have paid a prostitute just to sit next to me and enjoy that there. But I’ve heard that prostitutes always make you pay extra for weird stuff like that. I did after all have a bag of Yuan’s that I worked out of the black market in China. The ones that I was left with after they wouldn’t let me buy booze with them. The ones only chinese citizens are supposed to carry. Foreigners in China are supposed to carry a different money than the Chinese… they’re called foreign exchange certificates. I called them ‘fecks’ because I like to come up with acronyms or slang names for things. It makes me sound smarter… like I been around the block a time or two.

Chinese money confused me… they rarely used coins… I’d break a one yuan note… worth maybe twenty cents and about the size of a buck… and for change I’d get a bunch of smaller notes of differing sizes. It was like some of their cash was as small as a postage stamp. After a week I had so much of the stuff and couldn’t figure out how to use it… I’d just open my hip bag and let the bus driver or shop keeper help themselves.

It was the hearbreak of the solo traveller… that I should be in a place of such significance and see something of extraordinary beauty and have no one there to even draw breath with in in the way one does when confronted with such magnificence. The sigh of beauty.

Envy was the emotion I always felt as I watched others hold hands or share the entwinement of a lovers arms… those who whispered to each other at these moments… them who had someone stand on the pier or at the station to wish them bon voyage… even more so they who met someone to welcome them to their destination.

I always stepped off of my conveyance alone.

I was there alone as the sun set on Asia… I said goodbye as it was dropping low over Mongolia and casting a gorgeous and firery reflection off of the steppes and the deserts miles distant.

It would be to me my last sunset of Asia.

And my last stupid thought. Possibly it was the vodka the Andres forced upon me there… but I clasped my hands behind my head and layed back on my backpack as the sun rounded the earth… and I entertained myself with a promise that if I were ever to become filthy rich that I would buy my childhood home… the one I grew up in… have it taken apart piece by piece and put into shipping containers where I would then have them shipped here… or maybe to the Steppes of Mongolia in front of me… and reassembled exactly as it was. I didn’t care where… I just thought it would be loads of fun to take my childhood home apart and rebuild it somewhere really far away.

That I might live in my house and look out the window at this place. TRANSCRIPT: In this very short video one of the things that I want to do is expose some of the common work from home scam…
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Working From Home Scams

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Work From Home In Oregon – how far is sweet home,oregon to corvallis,oregon and albany, oregon?

Work From Home In Oregon

Question by : how far is sweet home,oregon to corvallis,oregon and albany, oregon?

Best answer:

Answer by Skye
It’s 32.6 miles from Sweet Home to Corvallis and 30.3 miles from Sweet Home to Albany.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

73-11-19 Steve Prefontaine competing in and winning the 1973 NCAA cross country championship, Spokane, WA
Work From Home In Oregon
Image by The Happy Rower
Steve Prefontaine competing in and winning the 1973 NCAA cross country championship, 19 November 1973. Pre won the 6 mile race in a time of 28:14.8, at Hangman Valley Golf Course, Spokane Washington, in 38 degree F on a clear and sunny day. About 4300 spectators were in attendance. The University of Oregon team placed number one in team standings, well ahead of runner-up UTEP).

Pre is to the left of the photo behind Weber State runner Danny Dean wearing 404, who finished 191st. This was Pre’s last race as an Oregon Duck. He had red-shirted the fall of 1972 after the Olympics, so he was able to compete for Oregon the following fall after he graduated from that school.

The identified runners in the photo are as follows, left to right by the reference numbers below the photo (photographer unknown, may be by Jeff Johnson who took many photos of this event):

1. Wearing 221/finished 9th place – William Louv, Wm & Mary
2. 24 (dark singlet)/27th – Joe Rukanshagiza, Siena Col
3. 350/23rd – Charles McGuire, Penn St
4. 170/27th – Johan Halberstadt, OK St
5. 145 (hidden #)/1st – Steve Prefontaine, U of OR
6. 404/191st – Danny Dean, Weber St
7. 1 (hidden #)/9th – John Ngeno (head above 404’s left shoulder), WA St/Kenya
8. 310/109th – Michael O’Shea, Providence Col
9. 101/2nd – Nick Rose, WKY U
10. 93/34th – Tony Waldrop, UNC
11. 115? (1st # hidden)/36th – likely Paul Peterson, UTEP who wore 115
12. 19/63rd – David Anderson, Kansas
13. 92/24th – Sam Torres, Murray St
14. 205/7th – Doug Brown, U TN
15. 9/52nd – Keith Anderson, U WA
16. 202/158th – John Angel, U TN

The top 26 of the 210 runners who finished are listed below (the top 26 finishers were designated All-American cross country runners):

1. Steve Prefontaine (U OR) 28:14.8
2. Nick Rose (WKY U) 28:20.0 (won the 1974 NCAA XC championship)
3. Gordon Minty (E Mich U) 28:22.0
4. Neil Cusack (E TN St) 28:28.0 (won the 1972 NCAA XC–Pre red-shirted fall 72)
5. Waigwa Wilson (UTEP) 29:32.6 (3rd in the 1974 NCAA XC championship)
6. Pat Mandera (Indiana U) 29:38.8
7. Doug Brown (U TN) 28:40.4 (2nd in 1972 NCAA XC championship}
8. Cary Bentley (S Dak St) 28:44.0
9. John Ngeno (WA St/Kenya) 28:45.6 (2nd in the 1974 NCAA XC championship)
10. Craig Virgin (U ILL) 28:47.8
11. Ted Castaneda (U Col) 28:55.0
12. Christopher Ridler ((WKY U) 28:56.8
13. Larry Brown (UTEP) 28:58.2
14. Edward Liddy (E TN U) 28:59.4 (3rd in 1972 NCAA XC championship)
15. Edward Mendoza ((U Ariz) 28:59.6
16. Dan Murphy (WA St U) 28:59.8
17. Robert Eden (Duke U) 29:05.4
18. Michael Durkin (U ILL) 29:06.2
19. William Louv (Wm & Mary) 29:07.2
20. Michael Peterson (U CO) 29:08.2
21. Paul Bannon (Memphis St) 29:10.0
22. Terry Williams (U OR) 29:12.4
23. Charles McGuire (Penn St) 29:13.6
24. Sam Torres (Murray St) 29:12.2
25. Daniel Hayes (Indiana U) 29:12.2
26. Jim Koster (Air Force) 29:17.6

This was the third of three NCAA XC championships won by Pre. He won in 1970, 1971, and 1973. Gerry Lindgren of Washington State also placed first in three NCAA XC championships in 1966, 67, and 69. Pre remains the all-time highest-finishing NCAA XC championship top-ten winner, with four such finishes–he placed third in 1969.

The below narrative is derived from and quotes information from the following publications:
The Eugene Register-Guard, uncredited article, Nov 20, 1973
Spokane Daily Chronicle, article by Bruce Brown, Nov 20, 1973
Lewiston Morning Tribune, article by Phil Henzel, Nov 20, 1973
Associated Press newswire report, uncredited, Nov 20, 1973
United Press International newswire report, uncredited, Nov 20, 1973

Pre had to overcome a 50-75 yard lead set early in the race by by British sophomore Nick Rose of Western Kentucky University.

Pre stated: "It was the farthest anyone has ever been ahead of me in a cross country race that I can remember. I thought Rose had gone out too fast–8:57 for the first two miles is something–and I knew that I was coming to the strongest part of my race. My strong point is between the fourth and sixth miles. Rose was very competitive. He went after it [the championship]. I realized that after he had an 8:57 for the first two miles."

Rose ran a 4:20 first mile. Steve Stintzi of W. Michigan, and John Ngeno also helped set the early pace.The three were well ahead of the pack at three miles. Ngeno then faded back, as did Stintzi. Pre and Gordon Minty of E. Michigan suddenly forged into the scene.

After four miles, in 19:10, Rose has still hanging on to the lead, but Pre was running an excellent second, while Minty had passed Ngeno to take third position.

Rose was still up by 20 yards entering the 5th mile and was on top by 15 yards through mle 5. The first 5 miles were completed in 23:40. With less than a mile to go, Pre made his move.

It took Pre most of his strong four to six mile finish to overcome Rose’s lead and pull away to win. He had a slight edge on Rose as they crossed a bridge about a half mile from the finish line.

"I didn’t look around to find out where I passed him," said Pre. "We crossed a bridge with about one-half mile to go; we came to a hill . . . and I charged it, rested it up at the flat and, then, went at him [Rose]."

"I could’a walked it in!" said Pre, straight-faced.

Rose commented,"He caught me and dropped back on my shoulder . . . just dropped back; I was pretty surprised. Then, sat back . . ." As Pre said, he could have "walked in."

Rose said: "I was still with him then and really thought I had a chance. but then he we started coming past the people and they started yelling ‘Go Pre!’ Wow–he went, like a shot. He left me there."

"I was dreaming I had him," Rose chuckled. "I was satisfied with my race, I felt I ran my type of race." Nick would win the 1974 NCAA cross country championship the following year in Bloomington, Indiana.

Pre did pour it on, quipping "I really charged that last hill, just before the finish. I knew I had him then. I think I could have walked in from there, but I just kept my pace and came on home."

"It was a great race to end the [Oregon University] career on," Pre wowed. "Competition-wise, I’d say this was my toughest race; but the course itself was the easiest. It’s very fast . . . and an excellent course."

"In cross country, there are really no records," said NCAA cross-country record holder Pre. "In cross country, every course is different; every course offers a challenge . . . bridges to cross, hills to climb. You just can’t judge. Now, if it was always held here, then you could say it was here."

With the end of his college running career, Pre said, "I’ll be out job hunting . . . hope to work and continue my athletic endeavor. I’m a home-owner, taxpayer and have a lot of responsibility. When you’ve run as often as I have, you don’t have to run as often to stay in shape. I like to compete. I will compete in the mile or the 10,000 meter. But, right now, I just want to retain my rapport with the people of Oregon."

Pre added: "I’d like to run at least two more years and I think my potential as a runner is just now being realized. I think I could run for about another 10 years." But he said he was likely to retain his amateur standind, foregoing the fledgeling professional track circuit for a shot at the 1976 Olympics. [Pre turned down a 0,000 contract offer to turn pro, a huge sum of money in that era]

About pro track, in it’s second year of existence, Pre remarked: "At this particular moment, I’m not really interested. What they’re going to do is try to buy my athletic freedom. They’re a lot like a small-rise circus. That’s the way you always start out [if you’re in a new pro league]."

Pre was quoted a little differently in another story about pro track: "The pro track setup is still very young as yet and if they are to buy my freedom, amateur status and athletic talents, they are going to have to come up with a super offer. Right now I have a feeling they have nothing to offer me. They are still probably two or three years away from being a solid organization."

The six-mile distance was run 1965 to 1975. The NCAA XC race has run the 10,000 meter distance 1976 to the present (6.21 miles). Four miles was the distance run 1938 to 1964.

By the time he finished his career at Oregon University Pre had won seven NCAA national titles: Three in cross country, 1970, 1971, (he did not compete in the fall of 1972) and 1973 and four in the three-mile in track, ‘70, ‘71, ‘72, and ‘73. Prefontaine was the first athlete to win four consecutive NCAA track titles in the same event.

Hello, name is Jared, and today I am sharing with you how you can work from home in Oregon! Let me know your thoughts on the video. Thanks!
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Work From Home In Oregon

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Work From Home Options – Work From Home Trading Binary Options On Traderush

Work From Home Options

Question by Joe: Home mortgage options?
Is there such a thing as a loan or program out there if I sell my house less than what I owe on it (I am 75k upside down in my house), can I take that balance and apply it to a new house?? I am current with my mortgage payments no late payments or anything like that I just want to upgrade to a bigger house. What option do I have?

Best answer:

Answer by Realtoratheart
You’re kidding right? You’re option is to stay put until the value comes back to your current house. It is your only option. Otherwise you damage your credit and most likely won’t qualify to buy a used car.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Pedaling Through the Past
Work From Home Options
Image by brizzle born and bred
Frank Bowden (1848- 1921) was the founder of the Raleigh Cycle Co and the inventor of the Bowden Cable.

Born on 30 January 1848 in Bristol, the son of William Bowden (d. 1866), a Bristol manufacturer, and his wife, Louise (d. 1879), daughter of Henry White of Bath.

1879 He met and married Amelia Frances (d. 1937), daughter of Colonel Alexander Houston, one of the pioneers of California State.

When Bowden was 24 years old he made a fortune in the stock market. When he returned from Hong Kong he was seriously ill. His doctor gave him 6 months to live. On his doctor’s advice, Bowden took up cycling. After recovering from the illness he bought the company where he originally purchased his bicycle.

Sir Frank Bowden purchased a bike from a small firm of cycle makers on Raleigh Street in Nottingham. Within a short period Sir Frank Bowden had recovered and became increasingly interested in cycling. Impressed with his bike, Sir Frank Bowden bought an interest in the company who made it which at the time was producing three bikes a week. Production rose, and three years later Bowden needed a bigger workshop, which he found in a four-storey building in Russell Street. He changed the company’s name to Raleigh Cycles to commemorate the original address.

In December 1888 The Raleigh Cycle Company was founded as a limited liability private company. It grew rapidly and within a few years was a large public company capitalised at £100,000 equivalent to about £5m today.

By 1896 it was the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world.

He died of heart failure at his home, Bestwood Lodge, Bestwood Park, Arnold, Nottinghamshire, on 25 April 1921.

His only son, Harold Bowden, succeeded to the baronetcy and assumed control of the company.

It is one of the oldest bicycle companies in the world. From 1929 to 1935 Raleigh also produced motorcycles and three-wheel cars, leading to the formation of the Reliant Company.

In 1939 Raleigh opened a bicycle factory at 6 Hanover Quay, Dublin, Ireland and commenced bicycle production there. The Raleigh (Ireland) business expanded and moved to 8-11 Hanover Quay, Dublin in 1943. The plant produced complete bicycles and Sturmey-Archer hubs, and remained in production until 1976, when the factory burned down. Models produced there latterly were the Chopper and Triumph 20. The head badges changed in the late 1960s, possibly after the passing of the Trade Descriptions Act in the UK. Dublin-made machines no longer had "Made in Nottingham" on the Heron or Triumph head badge, the panel being left blank instead.

The Raleigh Chopper

The Raleigh Chopper was launched in Canada June 1969 as a children’s bicycle. It went on sale in the UK in 1970 and sold well, and was a key factor in reviving the company’s fortunes.

The Chopper featured a 3-speed Sturmey-Archer gear hub, selected using a frame-mounted car-like gear lever — one of its "cool" features. Other differences were the unusual frame, long padded seat with backrest, sprung suspension at the back, high-rise handlebars, and differently sized front (16") and rear (20") wheels.

Tyres were wider than usual for the time, with a chunky tread on the rear wheel, featuring red highlights on the sidewall. The price was from approximately £32 for a standard Chopper to £55 for the deluxe. Two smaller versions, the Chipper and Tomahawk, also sold well.

The Mk 2 Chopper was an improved version from 1972. It had the option of five-speed derailleur gears, but kept the gear lever. The Mk 2 also moved the rear wheel further back, to help prevent the bike tipping up. The Chopper remained in production until 1982, when the rising popularity of the BMX bicycle caused sales to drop off. However, the Chopper almost single-handedly rescued Raleigh, selling millions worldwide.

2002 – Raleigh’s Triumph Road factory finally closed yesterday as bicycle production is being transferred to the Far East.

Sources: Graces Guide

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Work From Home Options

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Work Form Home – Is there way to e-file form 5405 Home buyers Tax credit?

Work Form Home

Question by Shantel D: Is there way to e-file form 5405 Home buyers Tax credit?
I tried doing my taxes online through turbotax however was informed at the end that I would need to mail in a paper copy of taxes instead of e-filing due to home buyers tax credit form 5405. Is there any way I can e-file instead of having to wait 6 weeks for a refund.

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Answer by Willie J
No, at least right now

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Work Form Home
Image by kenteegardin
I created this shot in my studio for use on my site, SeniorLiving.Org but I want to share it since it is applicable to much more than just senior retirement planning. Feel free to use this image but please give attribution by linking to www.SeniorLiving.Org or give us a Plus one or even a Facebook like. It is very difficult to get seniors to +1 so your help can really help us establish the site as a great resource for caregivers and seniors. facebook alexis ralls text me 541-787-7284 for any questions or answers or email me at or alexiscochran…
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Work Form Home

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Assembly Work From Home – 140409-Z-HN930-0

Assembly Work From Home

Question by sandrocksistah: Honestly legitimate at-home assembly jobs?
I’ve done a lot of searching over a long time and I know that there are plenty of scams out there when it comes to at home assembly jobs. I’ve even tried one from Tiny Details (I think that was the name, can’t quite remember) where you make dollhouse miniatures. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be so I didn’t even finish the kit, so I’m not sure if they would have taken the product I made or not. Nonetheless, I do like the idea of an at-home craft type assembly job cause I can just work on it whenever I want. I was looking at Disciple’s Cross, where you make cross necklaces, but I’m not sure if I really want to give this a try yet. I don’t know if it is hard to do.

So … I would like to know if anyone does this kind of work and what company you do it for. Please, only respond if you really do this kind of work and are making money from it because I want to know what it really is like from an average person (don’t just name a website or post a link to a job you don’t even do yourself). If you make crosses for Disciple’s Cross, how is it really?

I really don’t need any bullshit (sorry to be frank) cause I am a stay at home mom and I really want to help make money for my family and I don’t want to waste any time or money on something that will not earn me anything.

OMG, already I’m getting the wrong type of answers … did you guys not read my question thoroughly?? NO LINKS to websites that post jobs!! All I’m asking for is an at-home assembly/craft job that you actually do and make money off of…. please.
I mean are these people robots or something? lol

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Answer by Ab
As u can see most are spam I encourage u to go to college it’s not to late.

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Assembly Work From Home
Image by NJ Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
The Veterans Memorial Home at Menlo Park holds its annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon at Pines Manor in Edison, N.J., April 9, 2014. Volunteers from more than 100 organizations have donated their valueable time helping the Home. These volunteers have worked nearly 19,000 total individual hours, which equates to approximately 0,000 in paid wages. (NJDMAVA photo by Tech. Sgt. Armando Vasquez/Released) When it comes to seeking reliable assembly work from home positions an individual will probably be hard pressed to dis…

Assembly Work From Home

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