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Customer Service Work From Home Jobs – Looking for work from home careers in customer service? Go for Facebook or Twitter jobs instead!

Customer Service Work From Home Jobs

Question by Christy Will: is there any work at home jobs like customer service?
i want to work at home , anyone no of like customer service work at home jobs ? or just any work at home jobs

Best answer:

Answer by survey_queenbee222
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Customer Service Work From Home Jobs
Image by Thomas Hawk
"I will make sure you will never be able to place an order on the internet again." "I’m an attorney, I will sue you." "I will call the CEO of your company and play him the tape of this phone call." "I’m going to call your local police and have two officers come over and arrest you." "You’d better get this through your thick skull." "You have no idea who you are dealing with."

These are all direct threats that I received today from an individual who identified himself as Steve Phillips, the manager of PriceRitePhoto in Brooklyn, New York when I called to inquire about my order with them. My crime? Telling him that I planned to write an article about my unfortunate experience with his company regarding the camera order I had placed with him yesterday.

How are these people able to stay in business?

I suppose I should have been duly warned based on PC World’s Camera Confidential expose written a few years back about unscrupulous camera operators operating out of New York, but I have never been so utterly offended by a retailer in my life. I guess in some ways this is my own fault, or as Steve Phillips reminded me, you’re a "professional photographer you should know better than to buy things on the internet this way."

I have been keeping track of The new Canon EOS 5D for a while. As those of you who visit this site regularly know, photography is a passionate hobby of mine. I’ve told myself that I’d pick up a 5D as soon as the price dropped below ,000. I’ve been regularly checking both Yahoo! Shopping and PriceGrabber for a while waiting for one to drop. Well yesterday for the first time I saw that the 5D was for sale for ,899 at PriceRitePhoto. I placed an order online and this is where my trouble began. The order went through and was confirmed and is shown below.

The first thing that happened was I received a call from an individual who identified himself as Joseph telling me that there was a "problem" with my order. He said he needed to "verify" the security code on my American Express. Although I had given that security code in the order I gave him this code again. He then tried to explain to me that I was going to need some accessories with this camera. For starters I was going to need a new memory card. When I told him that I already had a memory card he became somewhat insistent that mine was not good enough. After I wouldn’t buy his memory card he said I’d need new batteries for the camera. Again I told him that I already had two batteries at home and would not be needing to purchase these from him. He then thanked me for my time confirmed my order verbally, said that it would be shipping out in the next few days and hung up.

So today I checked on my order online again and saw that it had not been routed to shipping and called the company back again. Four times I was put on hold for a substantial amount of time and had to hang up and call the company again. Finally I was able to connect with an individual who said his name was Steve Phillips. Steve Phillips abruptly told me that the camera was out of stock. When I protested and told him that it was confirmed online yesterday and verbally by his sales rep he refused to budge. When I told him that even right now as we speak the camera was still showing online at that price on his website,(see below with today’s date) he still insisted that he did not have the camera.

At this point I thanked him and informed him that I would be writing an article about my experience with his company. It was at this point that he went ballistic. He first told me that if I did this that he would not cancel my order but just never fill it. If I cancelled it he said he’d charge me a 15% restocking fee. When I told him that that would be unethical he went nuts. He accused me of trying to "extort" him and said that he was going to have two local police officers come over and arrest me. He then went on to say that as a "professional photographer" I should have known better than to try and buy a camera this way and that he was an attorney and would sue me if I wrote an article about my experience.

He told me that I had no idea who I was dealing with and that as he had my work contact info that he was going to call both my immediate supervisor and the CEO of my company and tell them that I was trying to extort him.

"I will take this very personally," he said. He claimed to have recorded our phone call and said that he would make sure that I would "never be able to order anything on the internet again."

Of course these threats only served to agitate me more. After about 20 minutes of this abuse I told him that I had to go and he refused to get off the line. He said that if I hung up that he would just charge me for the whole camera and never ship it. I hung up and he called me back. I left for my meeting and he called back asking to speak with my boss.

This is by far the most abusive situation I have ever encountered with any retailer on the internet.

One of the things that troubles me the most about this situation is that I found this retailer through Yahoo! shopping and they were perceived to have positive feedback. Is the feedback mechanism for Yahoo! Shopping broken? How could this horrible retailer have a four star rating with 858 ratings. I’m convinced that there is a possibility that many of the "reviews" for this company could be fake. I should though have sorted through the reviews to the worst to see that many others had fallen prey to similar fraud by this company.

How is this company still allowed to offer their products through Yahoo! Shopping?

PriceRitePhoto may also be doing business as C&A Marketing and

Below are some examples from other users:

"very bad place for shoppping. Ordered a TV a week ago. when checking out, the shipping price was higher than displayed by Yahoo. That is ok. Called customer service 2 days later to make sure the order was ok. The guy from customer service tried to sell other things to me, and promised the item will come in 2 days. After 3 days, called again, I was told they over sold the item, and my order was cancelled. what a joke! Don’t buy thing from this merchant!!!"

"In all the years I’ve done business with online stores(and I’ve done plenty), this is by far the ABSOLUTE WORST company I’ve conducted business with yet. They’re customer service is almost completely inaccessible despite their 24/7 365 claim, they don’t deliver on anything they say they will, they’re rude and pushy, and any information that IS sent back is usually filled with vague half-answers that do nothing to solve any problems. This is just an awful business experience. Case in point: They claim to be open on Sundays over the phone from 10AM to 4PM EDT. Well, what they really mean is that the sales department is open, but customer service(who will place you on hold forever during the week) is closed, as is billing. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. And warn your friends. …"

"I gave this store an overall rating of 1. That is because Yahoo does not allow me to rate it any lower. I cannot stress enough how poor the customer service from the wretched excuse of a store. First off, they stress ‘we ship in less than 24 hours’. That is a blatant lie. An hour after placing the order, I received a call to confirm that I had indeed purchased a camera, and that the delivery address was correct. So far, so good. I returned the call, and informed them that yes I had indeed purchased a camera, and yes, the information was correct. The next day, I received another phone call to confirm the shipping address, and did I also want to purchase an extended warranty? Yes, the address is correct, and no, I don’t want your warranty. They assured me my camera would be shipped that day. Three days later, I again received a phone call to confirm the shipping address, which had now been done 3 times, and did I want to purchase the extended warranty? Yes, the information is correct, no I don’t want your stupid warranty, I was assured the camera would be shipped that day. It is, in my opinion unconscionable to delay shipping an order for over a week, just so a company can try a high pressure sales job, on a warranty a customer has already told them, repeatedly, that they don’t want. It has now been ten days since the date of purchase, and still no camera. My experience with this store is one I will never repeat, nor would I wish it upon my worst enemy!!"

and yet another review I found on the company:

"I placed an order with (aka PriceRitePhoto aka C&A
Marketing) on June 9, 2005 for a Sony DSR-PD170 camcorder. At the time
the price advertised on-line was very low, which should have raised a
warning flag, but a call to the company confirmed the item was in stock
ready to be shipped, that it was a US model, the user’s manual was in
English, and the salesman (Joseph) seemed helpful. There was some
pressure to add unwanted items like a tripod, extra battery, etc, but they
were declined. An offer to add insurance was offered, and initially I
declined but then agreed after being told that otherwise if the product
arrived and was non-functional I would be taking full risk. Before the
product could be shipped I was asked to sign and fax a form, appended
below, that indicated that if I wrote any negative feedback I would agree
to have my credit card charged 0, and that I also agreed to waive my
right to chargeback to the credit card company, and that product could not
be returned for any reason. I signed and returned this form with the
understanding that the company would send the item I ordered. However
after a week there was no indication of a product even having been
shipped, and the customer service contact indicated that only the
salesperson could give me order status, so after several tried I reached
Joseph again, and now he indicated that he couldn’t ship the product
unless I faxed him a copy of my credit-card!!! This I refused to do, and
have never, ever had to do for a transaction. I sent email to the company
requesting cancelation of the order, and received yet another email asked
me to sign and fax back a form indicating that I would not post negative
feedback and if I did I was authorizing my credit card to be charged
0. I refused to sign this.

I did post feedback to
the feedback links provided by the customer describing the details of the
transaction, including the forms I had been sent.

The day after posting the feedback describing my attempt to buy the video
camera from PriceRitePhoto/CameraMall, I received a call from a "John
Hancock", claiming to be the owner of the camera companies, and demanding
that I remove the feedback I posted. He said that he would charge my
credit card for the amount of the camera and and additional 0 for each
posting. He also said that he was shipping a Malaysian version of the
camera, without a lens, to me, and that he would make money on the deal,
and I couldn’t stop the shipment, or dispute the charge. My credit card
company confirmed that a pending charge had been placed by PriceRite, but
the charge was not yet posted, and once it was posted, I could dispute.

The next day, July 6, I received several calls from "John Hancock",
demanding again that I remove the feedback I had posted, and when I agreed
that I would remove anything that he felt was not accurate, but if he
could not indicate any inaccuracy, then the feedback would remain. He
screamed and swore at me over the phone, and said that he would post my
credit card number on the internet if I didn’t comply.

On July 8 a charge was posted to my credit card for 39.99 and a second
charge was posted for 0.00. I called my credit card company and
initiated the dispute process. The security department of BankOne Credit
strongly suggested that I cancel my credit card, and complete an internet
fraud report.
Description of how you were defrauded:
My credit card has been charged 38.99 for an cancelled order.
I’ve been threatened with additional multiple charges against my
credit card unless I change feedback posted to the Internet, and I’ve
been threatened with having my credit card number posted to the
Internet. I’ve had to cancel my credit card on the advice of my
credit card provider." Are you looking for work from home careers in customer service? You should consider going for high paying Facebook or Twitt…
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Customer Service Work From Home Jobs

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Customer Service Work From Home – Kelly Services, the setting is 100 work from home customer service representatives!

Customer Service Work From Home

question of ulett_d : How do I find a good starting point job
I’m looking for an in-depth customer service home based job that is not a start-up fee is not required. Can anyone help me Best Answer:

response from mikcorp2003
any home based job as a fee

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Customer Service Work From Home
image of DrJohnBullas
Everest home improvements customer service, I can not fault their service went the questions, I just had to go up to the point I complained directly to their dept. ================ ===== Everest windows were installed as originally easily damaged, we can go in with the brand, as it would have meant not equipped with them, the catch was received damaged and was then replaced – the fitter initally worked Saturday in compensation for us to spend a day in on Monday was not notified prior to they were not come up, but he was a thorn among roses and laid the EinbauDer engineer who came to inspect the damage then told us units of this size really need 2 handles per unit – Everest said, since that was the size of the breakpoint, so they made it with ONE not two but what not pick up on this engineer, was that the villain had fitter “tweaked” the handles so they worked int without the unit push othe frame slightly, but this was in fact an integral part of the seals einwandfreiDie units were on the border of too big for two handles, but as soon as she sat selaing ok with the handles at the site of the factory they did, a seal okSo rogue fitter costs Everest remove two visits from engineers and the cost of mobilizing a team of installers and replace a perfectly servicable pair of units with two more and gave us the opportunity to “defective” units for £ 500 buy apir equipped to Upstairs glaze Admittedly, had the villain fitter not the polystyrene Zugluftstopper between the frame and the equipment used, as he should have done ….. So without replacement we would have always had a bit drafty units announces that Kelly is the setting. Enter the work at home Writer access https site Chasen Reseach 5 will pay for a food trial. Register here apply the setting web designers work from home. For the latest work at home jobs, please go to http or
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Customer Service Work From Home

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Customer Service Jobs From Home – Work At Home Customer Service – free practice and daily pay

Customer Service Jobs From Home

query of Lo : How do I start off my personal support company from home I have all the stuff for a buyer services company, or doing work from residence. I have a noise-canceling headset, higher pace web, fax machine, devoted mobile phone line (s) and scanner (s). I do not want o hired by scam organizations, if I do well in starting my own business. Can somebody assist me make sure you Finest Answer:

response from Jaws67

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staff make Camp Walker Lodge truly feel at property Customer Service Jobs From Home
image of Morning Calm News a lot more details Camp Walker Lodge personnel make you sense at residence DAEGU GARRISON – Army Accommodation is an crucial part of any military set up, the good quality of lifestyle of the initiative. Consequently Meejeom Green, general manager of the area lodges IV to any authorized the Soldier, family members members, retirees and DoD Civilian ‘comfort during their quick remain in the really modern day and award-winning U.S. Army Garrison Daegu services verpflichtet.Die Lodge, according to Green, is A short-term location for incoming personnel USAG Daegu Army Garrison. Making their way from different military and government institutions around the planet provide the Camp Walker and Camp Carroll Lodges comfort and a feeling of property away from property for hundreds of individuals to keep jährlich.Um this often weary travelers a constructive experience making, is green to its committed employees for their support. “Each and every day is an thrilling day for me since of the fantastic occupation we have. I like to place the emphasis on the education of my employees, the inspiration of workers and assured them that what they do is so critical. For that reason we have slogans like “function friendly ‘,’ whatever it takes” and “polite” in his pocket at all times. us don’t forget why we are right here and who we are here for. I believe that if we are proud and recognize our mission, and the remainder “of program, sie.Geläute said in the phrases of their manager, Kim Sun-re, an worker explained to the reception at the Walker Lodge the relevance of constantly on leading of things about the clock. She explained: “.. My perform is like my lifestyle, I appreciate what I am doing” The head of housekeeping, said Son Jong-okay, that encourage the slogans right here to go a good work, while Cho Tae-wuk deputy, director of operations, boasts of maintaining perform schedules and the instruction of his colleagues. “These individuals have a good deal of hard work into improving customer satisfaction top quality of lifestyle for soldiers and their families to go to the hut, and they obtain their targets by outstanding guest rooms, buyer support and superb care of the hut,” mentioned Green. All the challenging perform of the lodge personnel was really worth it. The Camp Carroll struck his army plant competitors by winning the 2007 Lodge of the Yr Award. In 2009, Camp Walker won the same award. The Camp Walker Lodge consists of 64 rooms, even though Camp Carroll 50 rooms provides the identical comfort and convenience. Supply the community with the finest feasible care and assistance, Green mentioned she is proud of what has produced their staff. She stated: “I am really proud, it is a credit to the personnel I typically tell my workers that they are my boss I say this because they are actually these who function so difficult and make a difference for the soldiers… their family members who make come via our doors. why practice with the slogan “smile I’ll meet and greet a guest before they greet me” is so critical. Therefore, the hut is typically referred to as the “residence away from house. “ At Property Customer Services perform – totally free coaching and Daily Pay mmediate function obtainable … Funds Everyday … Light + Per Day … Complete time or part time … No Expertise Essential … Full Education Program In Place … Take Action – Get Started out Now! Most men and women … Video Score: 5/5

Customer Service Jobs From Home

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Make money online or offline, and ways to make money from home …

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Make Money Online From Doing Social Media Jobs! http://tinyurl …

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Working online than in the break-even point we will see the results in your business from your home office it was meant to be a good thing because you business world isn't easy. … is an online business world and make money online ;; The idea that a person to be more facts;; Wouldn't it be great if you are working for a boss;; So let's say that you are literally millions of people find jobs not just online job is writing;; There are some of the best ways to build a real and sustainable business; …

Marketing Secrets for The Work at Home Woman

By Kelly Robbins Every successful business does some form of marketing. The “how” may vary quite a bit from business to business, but it happens none the less. From client referral programs to creating and placing traditional print advertisements there is a right way to market your business in order for it to be effective…

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The Best Work at Home Job You Ever Had – Real Ways to Earn …

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Make money online or offline, and ways to make money from home …
Make Money Online From Doing Social Media Jobs! http://tinyurl …
Suntrust Online Small Business Online Banking – Work At
Work For A Candle Selling Company Online – Work At
Marketing Secrets for The Work at Home
Legit Online Businesses – Work At
The Best Work at Home Job You Ever Had – Real Ways to Earn …
Free Online Businesses – Work At

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Work at home jobs in Ohio – who knows how to hire for customer service jobs? in Cleveland, Ohio, or a work at home sites?

work at home jobs in Ohio

question of arenee44120 : Anybody know how to retain the services of for customer service jobs? in Cleveland, Ohio, or a perform at home web sites? Greatest Reply: know far better? Leave your own solution in the comments!

Former Downtown Property of Boss Cox Work At Home Jobs In Ohio
Yr peak of elycefeliz “The folks performing the voting. I just see that the correct candidates are picked.” This was Boss Cox’s home before he had Samuel Hannaford Style and design ” Parkview Manor “mansion for him to Clifton. Historic Brownstone Boss Cox , 115 West 9th Street, Cincinnati, George Cox 1853 in Cincinnati, Ohio, was born. His father was an English immigrant who fights for his family members to support. When Cox was only eight years old, his father died, forcing Cox to leave school to support his family. He worked numerous different jobs, such as newspaper boy, shoe shiners, steamboat cabin boy, a grocery deliveryman, Butcher Boy and bartender before all Cox is eighteen years turned alt.Durch the early 1870s, had Cox saved adequate funds to open a bar in Cincinnati . buy It was in a notorious element of town, well-known for its unsolved murders referred to as “Dead Man’s Corner”. Cox was also in the policy in this period, drumming up illegal voters for the candidate he favored. He also won election to the City Council of Cincinnati in 1879.Cox ‘reason for the search of workplace was due to the many attacks against Cincinnati police officer created his bar. At this point the Democratic Party managed the Cincinnati city council. Cox ran as a Republican. He held workplace for two terms. Interestingly, right after taking workplace, the police raids against Cox’s bar gestoppt.Cox immediately proved to be the most potent member of the Republican Get together in Cincinnati by the mid-1880s. He was president of the Hamilton County Republican Committee. While Cox by no means political workplace held following his second expression as councilor, he was as good as the Cincinnati city council, by making use of a city-Chef.Wie other city leaders, Cox presents and income to assistance themselves in the doing work class in Cincinnati to create. Throughout the elections, Cox would then have his followers for the candidate that he agree to support. As Cox the moment stated: “.. Individuals do vote I have just observed that the proper candidates are chosen” by the late 1800s, when a particular person tries a political office in Cincinnati, he had to win to Cox’s approval, to acquire the office. Cox and the men and women he positioned in workplace to appoint loyal Cox followers of other government agencies is needed. These positions incorporate police officers, firefighters, street cleansing, secretarial positions, and many other Berufen.Bis 1905 had managed to cover nearly every single Republican Chairman Cox Ward a city workplace. To develop assistance for the Democratic Party, and Cox appointed members of this get together on 40 % of their appreciation Stadtbüros.Um demonstrate, Cox, these appointees had to turn close to 2.5 % of their wage to the Hamilton County Republican Committee. Cox then used that cash to vote in elections to kaufen.In particularly near elections, Cox paid residents of close by states have come to Cincinnati to vote illegally. He had no problem with the truth that some voters casting much more than a single ballot beneath a false name – as prolonged as the particular person for the candidate selected on Cox 1905 Cox began the dominance of Cincinnati government to fall apart. In the subsequent handful of many years promoted Cox to annex his supporters in the city administration surrounding communities. Several of the folks in these neighborhoods have been middle-class residents. They opposed Cox’s political corruption. A lot of of these individuals were supporters of the progressive motion and tried to return to standard American values ​​and morality. Failed, the city boss that his candidate for mayor of Cincinnati in 1911 – with this influx of new voters – voters that Cox could not control. City bosses maintained their power via the guarantee that they fulfill their promise to the candidates. Cox failed to do so in 1911, and his followers left him quickly. Cox retired from politics now, even even though some of his subordinates are making an attempt to proceed the unsuccessful handle of the city suffered a stroke in the up coming Jahrzehnt.Cox 1916, and he died the very same year on 20 May possibly Spring Grove Cemetery grave of George Cox

Your guide to find

, work at house, at residence company ideas, existing work listings, beneficial posts, tips and significantly a lot more. From what a little further every single month to setting up your own on-line enterprise. This webpage is your a single-cease manual to producing money on the web resources, how to generate funds on the internet … Video Rating: /five

work at home jobs in Ohio

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