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Best Work From Home Companies – Work from home – Real companies?

Best Work From Home Companies

Question by ♥Teddy♥Princess♥: Work from home – Real companies?
I am looking for a legitimate work from home company. Id like start a family and work from home until my children are school age. Are there any true work from home companies that dont require out of pocket costs? Ive tried West ( and they are FOR REAL. Any others? Trying to weigh my options.
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Best answer:

Answer by taylrrch2211
I have tried a few. None have been legitimate unfotunately. If you find one. I would like to know. It’s a wild market out there.

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In Flanders Fields / Lt. Colonel John McCrae M.D. / Birthplace / Guelph, Ontario
Best Work From Home Companies
Image by bill barber
In Flanders fields, the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below…
We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields…
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields…

Videos related to the writing of the poem…

Armistice Day occurs next Tuesday… “at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month”. My father’s brother, John Barber died in 1917 when a stove exploded in a Belgian army camp. My mother’s brother, Bill Watson, was killed on July 23, 1944, when the Wellington Mk X bomber in which he was navigator ditched into the Irish Sea while on a training mission. All on board were killed.

I decided it would be fitting to travel the short distance to Guelph, Ontario, to visit the birthplace of Lt. Col. John McCrae, who penned “In Flanders Fields” on a piece of paper held tightly to the back of his friend, Colonel Lawrence Cosgrave while they were in the trenches during a lull in the bombings on May 3, 1915. McCrae had witnessed the death of his friend, Lieutenant Alexis Helmer, the day before. The poem was first published on December 8, 1915 in Punch magazine, London.

The light wasn’t the best for my photoshoot, since the front of the house receives very little sunlight at any point during the day. Did my best. Someday I’ll redo it when the skies are overcast.

Over the next week, I will be posting images taken during the visit. I will also be posting pictures of Uncle Bill and Uncle John, as well as of Bill’s flight crew. I will tell as much of their stories as I know.

From my set entitled “John McCrae Birthplace” (under preparation)
In my collection entitled “Places”…
In my photostream

Reproduced from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lieutenant Colonel John Alexander McCrae (November 30, 1872 – January 28, 1918) was a Canadian poet, physician, author, artist and soldier during World War I and a surgeon during the battle of Ypres. He is best known for writing the famous war memorial poem In Flanders Fields.

McCrae was born in McCrae House in Guelph, Ontario, the grandson of Scottish immigrants. He attended the Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute. John became a member of the Guelph militia regiment.

McCrae worked on his BA at the University of Toronto from 1892-3. He took a year off his studies at the University of Toronto due to recurring problems with asthma.

He was a member of the Toronto militia, The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada while studying at the University of Toronto, during which time he was promoted to Captain and commanded the company.

Among his papers in the John McCrae House in Guelph, Ontario is a letter John McCrae wrote on July 18, 1893 to Laura Kains while he trained as an artilleryman at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario. "…I have a manservant .. Quite a nobby place it is, in fact .. My windows look right out across the bay, and are just near the water’s edge; there is a good deal of shipping at present in the port; and the river looks very pretty.’ [1]

He was a resident master in English and Mathematics in 1894 at the OAC in Guelph, Ontario. [2]

He returned to the University of Toronto and completed his B.A. McCrae later studied medicine on a scholarship at the University of Toronto. While attending the university he joined the Zeta Psi Fraternity (Theta Xi chapter; class of 1894) and published his first poems.

He completed a medical residency at the Garrett Hospital, a Maryland children’s convalescent home. [2]

In 1902, he was appointed resident pathologist at Montreal General Hospital and later also became assistant pathologist to the Royal Victoria Hospital Montreal. In 1904, he was appointed an associate in medicine at the Royal Victoria Hospital. Later that year, he went to England where he studied for several months and became a member of the Royal College of Physicians.

In 1905, he set up his own practice although he continued to work and lecture at several hospitals. He was appointed pathologist to the Montreal Foundling and Baby Hospital in 1905. In 1908, he was appointed physician to the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Infectious Diseases.

In 1910, he accompanied Lord Grey, the Governor General of Canada, on a canoe trip to Hudson Bay to serve as expedition physician .

McCrae served in the artillery during the Second Boer War, and upon his return was appointed professor of pathology at the University of Vermont, where he taught until 1911 (although he also taught at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec)

When the United Kingdom declared war on Germany at the start of World War I, Canada, as a Dominion within the British Empire, declared war as well. McCrae was appointed as a field surgeon in the Canadian artillery and was in charge of a field hospital during the Second Battle of Ypres in 1915. McCrae’s friend and former student, Lt. Alexis Helmer, was killed in the battle, and his burial inspired the poem, In Flanders Fields, which was written on May 3, 1915 and first published in Punch Magazine, London.

From June 1, 1915 McCrae was ordered away from the artillery to set up No. 3 Canadian General Hospital at Dannes-Camiers near Boulogne-sur-Mer, northern France. C.L.C. Allinson reported that McCrae "most unmilitarily told [me] what he thought of being transferred to the medicals and being pulled away from his beloved guns. His last words to me were: ‘Allinson, all the goddam doctors in the world will not win this bloody war: what we need is more and more fighting men.’"[3]

‘In Flanders Fields’ appeared anonymously in Punch on December 8, 1915, but in the index to that year McCrae was named as the author. The verses swiftly became one of the most popular poems of the war, used in countless fund-raising campaigns and frequently translated (a Latin version begins In agro belgico…). ‘In Flanders Fields’ was also extensively printed in the United States, which was contemplating joining the war, alongside a ‘reply’ by R. W. Lillard, ("…Fear not that you have died for naught, / The torch ye threw to us we caught…").

For eight months the hospital operated in Durbar tents (donated by the Begum of Bhopal and shipped from India), but after suffering storms, floods and frosts it was moved up to Boulogne-sur-Mer into the old Jesuit College in February 1916.

McCrae, now "a household name, albeit a frequently misspelt one",[4] regarded his sudden fame with some amusement, wishing that "they would get to printing ‘In F.F.’ correctly: it never is nowadays"; but (writes his biographer) "he was satisfied if the poem enabled men to see where their duty lay."[5]

On January 28, 1918, while still commanding No 3 Canadian General Hospital (McGill) at Boulogne, McCrae died of pneumonia. He was buried with full honours[6] in the Commonwealth War Graves Commission section of Wimereux Cemetery, just a couple of kilometres up the coast from Boulogne. McCrae’s horse, "Bonfire", led the procession, his master’s riding boots reversed in the stirrups. McCrae’s gravestone is placed flat, as are all the others, because of the sandy soil.

McCrae was the co-author, with J. G. Adami, of a medical textbook, A Text-Book of Pathology for Students of Medicine (1912; 2nd ed., 1914). He was the brother of Dr. Thomas McCrae, professor of medicine at John Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore and close associate of Sir William Osler.

McCrae was the great uncle of former Alberta MP David Kilgour and of Kilgour’s sister Geills Turner, who married former Canadian Prime Minister John Napier Turner.

Several institutions have been named in McCrae’s honour, including John McCrae Public School (part of the York Region District School Board in the Toronto suburb of Markham, Ontario), John McCrae Public School (in Guelph, Ontario), John McCrae Senior Public School (in Scarborough, Ontario) and John McCrae Secondary School (part of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board in the Ottawa suburb of Barrhaven). The current Canadian War Museum has a gallery for special exhibits, called the The Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae Gallery. Guelph is home to McCrae House, a museum created in his birthplace.

The Cloth Hall of the city of Ieper (Ypres in English} in Belgium has a permanent war remembrance[8] called the In Flanders Fields Museum, named after the poem.

There are also a photograph and short biographical memorial to McCrae in the St George Memorial Church in Ypres.

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PS Elements 5: posterization, b&w conversion, sandstone texture, ink outlines, sepia – Find out why Neucopia is one of the best work from home companies ever! See how I literally made 00 in one day! Cl…
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Best Work From Home Companies

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Best Careers To Work From Home – stay at home careers?

Best Careers To Work From Home

Question by Cydnei B: stay at home careers?
I have a two month old daughter, and I absolutely love being a stay at home mommy. The problem is, we really need an extra income right now. My husband is in the army, and unfortunately the military is way underpaid. I don’t want to leave my baby girl with strangers at a daycare, so my question is- does anyone know of any at home careers that aren’t scams? Your help would be much appreciated!!!

Best answer:

Answer by D R
They had a segment on Good Morning America, a while back. Look on their website ABC News Help! How do I work from home (try searching that exact phrase), I believe thats what it was called. They have a whole section on there site regarding jobs…..

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

TV Shows We Used To Watch – 1970s – Wrestling
Best Careers To Work From Home
Image by brizzle born and bred
Turn back the clock to the 1970’s when Saturday afternoon meant one thing and that was Wrestling.

Wrestling – a mainstay of the World of Sport schedule from 1955 until it ended. Many of the wrestlers featured became household names in the UK and the greatest rivalry was between Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks

Tag team action was from the man in the big black pants (and hair to match) Mick McManus and Steve Logan versus Kendo and Gorgeous George and the late Pat Roach who went onto star in 4 series of TV’s Auf Wiedersehen Pet and Leon Arris (the great late actor Brian Glover) plus Jackie Pallo the pony tailed hero the girls loved to hate.

Kent Walton, the former wrestling commentator on World of Sport who died aged 86, was instantly recognisable from his husky welcome at 4 o’clock each Saturday afternoon: "Greetings, grapple fans."

A smoker who cultivated a mid-Atlantic drawl, Walton hosted the wrestling for all of the 33 years that it appeared, sandwiched between the half-time and full-time football scores; at the end of the allotted time, he would sign off: "Have a good week. . .till next week." When the ITV schedulers finally dropped the sport in 1988, he announced that his lips had been dented by so much time at the microphone.

Walton’s understated, factual commentary described wrestlers from George Kidd (his favourite), Jackie Pallo and Mick McManus to the less athletic Big Daddy ("Ea-sy, ea-sy") and Giant Haystacks. Walton hotly refuted allegations that the bouts were fixed, and would put into practice on saloon-bar doubters some of the wrestling moves he had learned. In its televised heyday, wrestling attracted as many as 12 million viewers. They included the Queen, whose interest in the sport was mentioned in Richard Crossman’s diaries; and Margaret Thatcher, who asked Big Daddy for six signed photographs, and found him useful for conversation in Africa, where he was a household name. The Duke of Edinburgh was said to be captivated by Johnny Kwango’s head-butting technique, and Frank Sinatra told Giant Haystacks that British wrestlers were the best entertainers in the world.

Big Daddy

Shirley Crabtree, Jr, better known as Big Daddy (14 November 1930 – 2 December 1997) was a British professional wrestler famous for his record-breaking 64 inch chest. Known for wearing his various Big Daddy leotards, Crabtree’s original one was emblazoned with just a large "D" and was fashioned by his wife Eunice from their chintz sofa.

Shirley Crabtree’s brother Brian was a wrestling referee and his nephew Eorl Crabtree is an England international rugby league footballer.

Crabtree died of a stroke in December 1997 in Halifax General Hospital. He was survived by his second wife of 31 years, Eunice and six children.

Giant Haystacks

Martin Ruane (October 10, 1946 – November 29, 1998) was an English professional wrestler of Irish descent. Best known by his ring name, Giant Haystacks, he wrestled in such places as England, the United States, Canada, India, and Zimbabwe. Ruane was known for his massive physical size, standing 6 ft 11 in (2.11 m) tall and weighing 48 stone (670 lb; 300 kg) at his heaviest.

Martin Ruane was born in London, England to parents originally from County Mayo in Ireland. When he was 3, in 1949, Ruane and his family moved north from London to Salford, which remained his home. He worked as a labourer and as a nightclub bouncer before a friend suggested he take up professional wrestling as a career. He died of cancer on Sunday, November 29, 1998 at the age of 52.

Kendo Nagasaki

Kendo Nagasaki is a professional wrestling stage name, used as a gimmick of that of a Japanese Samurai warrior with a mysterious past and even supernatural powers of hypnosis. The name derives from the modern martial art of Japanese fencing (Kendo), and Nagasaki is the name of a city on the south-western coast of Kyūshū, site of the second use of the atomic bomb.

The original and most well known use of the gimmick is by the legendary British wrestler Kendo Nagasaki who made his name in ITV’s World of Sport. This version of the Nagasaki character dates back to November 1964.

A true enigma of the British wrestling scene, the man known as Kendo Nagasaki was a part of the industry for nearly 40 years and, in that time, cultivated a legend that endures to this day. Hidden behind a red mask lined with white stripes to simulate the imposing visage of the headgear worn in a formal Kendo match and maintaining a stony silence, Kendo Nagasaki was an intimidating sight to behold both in and out of the ring. This combined with a genuine understanding of the theatrical aspect of professional wrestling, and a certain degree of athleticism made him an effective performer and a superb villain.

Mick McManus

Mick McManus (born Michael Matthews on 11 January 1928 in New Cross, London England), is a former English professional wrestler. He is credited as being one of the most famous heel European wrestlers of all time and often went by the nicknames "The Man You Love to Hate", and "Rugged South London Tough Guy".

McManus very much set the standard for wrestlers such as Mark Rocco and Kendo Nagasaki who chose to bend the rules as far as they could go without being disqualified, much to the fury of the crowd. He was also well known for using short range forearm jabs in matches. He became famous for his trademark black trunks and cropped black hair and for his catchphrase "Not the ears, not the ears".

McManus had many appearances on ITV’s World of Sport. During his televised matches, which spanned more than 20 years, McManus would lose only twice in a Championship match: once by disqualification against Peter Preston, and then again in his final years when he lost his title to youngster Mal Sanders (at which time McManus was well over 50-years-old).

One infamous televised match he lost was to the controversial parody wrestler "Catweazle" (Gary Cooper), due to two submissions caused by the latter tickling him whilst pinned. Such was McManus’s fury at the manner he lost that he refused to wrestle Cooper again, but agreed to relent for his final televised bout.

Les Kellet

Yorkshireman Les Kellet was born in Bradford in 1915. After completing an engineering apprenticeship and travelling the world as a merchant seaman Les returned to Bradford following the Second World war and established himself as one of the most successful and popular British wrestlers of all time. His wrestling trainer, Len Pickard, and promoter George de Relwyskow Snr., are the two men credited with cajoling the reluctant Kellet to follow a professional career

"Bomber" Pat Roach

Pat Roach was born in Birmingham in 1937 and by the age of 22 had gained a black belt in Judo. From this impressive achievement the 6’5 tall near 20 stone giant went into the rings of Great Britain becoming an instant hit due to his size and skill. Even though Pat was one of the largest athletes in the ring he was able to match holds with some of the smaller and more technical men of the era, this combined with his immense size made him a devastating opponent for anyone.

Mike Marino

Mike Marino was one of the most beloved Professional Wrestlers to ever to put on a pair of wrestling boots, he was loved in equal measure by both the fans and the wrestlers alike.

Do you have memories of wrestling nights at the Colston Hall that you’d like to share?

See World Of Sport – Big Daddy V Giant Haystacks ( 1981 )

Top employment vacancies best free real work at home jobs for career in 2014-2015 home based job

Top employment vacancies best free real work at home jobs for career in 2014-2015 home based job…
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Best Careers To Work From Home

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Work At Home Jobs – the best at home jobs?

Work At Home Jobs

Question by : the best at home jobs?
what are the best at home jobs? i have looked on the internet and couldn’t really find anything. Does anyone know any good at home jobs? they can either be online or anything.

Best answer:

Answer by MarcapPub
There are a number of legitimate work at home jobs, but those jobs require experience just as any other job would. All those you see advertised online where you have to pay a fee to join, or a fee to bid on a job, are nothing but scams. You would never get anything for your money.

Legitimate work at home jobs would be in such areas as telemarketing, customer service, collections, website design, graphics work, database entry, script writing, article writing, proof reading, editing, etc., etc., etc. Those jobs will not normally be advertised online other that at well-known and respected job sites or on the company’s own website. Nor will there ever be any fee involved to apply for the job. Nor will there ever be a fee to pay before you start work.

Applying for such a job will be identical to applying for any other job. No one will hire you without first seeing a copy of your resume, or by having you complete their online job application. My advice would be to research every company before you apply to them for a job. Make certain that the company is indeed legit. And above all, know this. If any company ever tries to charge you a fee to apply, before actually starting a job, or at any other time, it is a Scam! No exception!

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

CANDID WHIRL for MEN ONLY — July 1952 .. Size Matters: California Love (13 Sept 2011) …item 2a/2b..Joe Walsh – I Like Big Tits – Well they come in twos hard to choose your favorite tit …
Work At Home Jobs
Image by marsmet523
It is widely recognized that California leads the way when it comes to progressive environmental policy, the number of start-ups, and public nudity laws (note: niche area alert!). It appears that they also lead the way when it comes to healthy work environments for small law firms. Here is to hoping that this policy works its way towards the rest of the country.

……..****** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ……..

Size Matters: California Love

13 Sep 2011 at 3:45 PM…

For the next few months, I am working and living in San Francisco. It’s not surprising, but I have met some interesting folks since I moved here. And, I have learned not to sit down on any public space.

It is safe to say to that it is a different world here than in Chicago. This difference, I have learned, is present not only outside of the office, but inside as well. How? No, people do not go to work naked (at least not many). According to several small-firm attorneys, this difference manifests itself in a work culture that stresses healthy competition in a supportive environment.

Let’s examine this difference in a little more detail….

In my small firm, there were an equal number of associates and partners. That often meant that you had to compete against more senior lawyers to get the most interesting work, and against other associates to set yourself apart as the go-to associate. Criticism was well-known, but praise was not. Indeed, the fact that you did not get in trouble was an indication of a job well done. And, if you made a mistake, you had to answer to The Screamer or The One Who Never Forgets. In sum, it was a warm and fuzzy office culture.

Here, by contrast, people talk about competition and collaboration in the same breath. One small-firm attorney told me that she often compares her work experience here to when she was working on the East Coast. “There is no cut-throat competition here. It is just a lot of really smart people working together and supporting each other.” Another told me that he “was afraid he had gone soft from working out here,” and so he could not imagine working anywhere else.

It is widely recognized that California leads the way when it comes to progressive environmental policy, the number of start-ups, and public nudity laws (note: niche area alert!). It appears that they also lead the way when it comes to healthy work environments for small law firms. Here is to hoping that this policy works its way towards the rest of the country.

Anyone working in a small firm in the Bay Area and have views on this subject, please email me. Or, email me if you live somewhere else and have a similarly positive work environment.

When not writing about small law firms for Above the Law, Valerie Katz (not her real name) works at a small firm in Chicago. You can reach her by email at and follow her on Twitter at @ValerieLKatz.
…..item 2a)…. youtube video … Joe Walsh – I Like Big Tits .mpg … 3:02 minutes

Uploaded by mclain8855 on Dec 28, 2011

Joe Walsh – I Like Big Tits. A very funny song with lots of hot women in the video. All rights belong to the original artist.


Joe Walsh I Like Big Tits Funny Humour Rebecca Black Ryan Dunn iPad

Standard YouTube License
……item 2b)…. LYRICS007 … Home >> Walsh Joe – I Like Big Tits Lyrics … ..

Something you should know about I Like Big Tits Lyrics
Title: Walsh Joe – I Like Big Tits lyrics
Artist: Walsh Joe Lyrics…

I like big tits
YOU see em on the street
left and right
i like big tits that right
i try to look away but i can’t resist
evertime i try to call it quits
Hear come some tits thats a big ten 4
Uh hu
I like big tits uh hu
Well they come in twos
hard to choose
your favorite tit
uh hu
i like tits for dinner a noon time snack
i like tits for lunch a big tit attack
i like tits for breakfast
iwhat it is
their where its at
they give me shivers when they bounce around
buckeld up or hanging on the ground
i like big tits
uh hu
tits save it all for me

Legit Work at Home Jobs that Pay Weekly Legit Work at Home Jobs that Pays Weekly Share this Video Subscribe to my channel to receive Great …
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Work At Home Jobs

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Best Home Jobs For Moms – Stay at home mom jobs?

Best Home Jobs For Moms

Question by Diana B: Stay at home mom jobs?
I stay at home with my daughter and my husband works full time I was wondering if any if you guys can give me your experiences I’m not looking for a get rich scheme just a job to make a couple hundred extra a month any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by Ryan M
Only things like Avon, Tupperware, or Mary Kay are available… MIGHT make a few hundred a month doing that.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Goodbye, Sammy. (With Flickr notes)
Best Home Jobs For Moms
Image by Earl – What I Saw 2.0
We have been a lot of places together, but that’s all over now. I couldn’t fix what was broken about you, so I had to let you go – even though I didn’t want to.

When I found you on the luggage carousel at BWI, this is what they had done to you.

I love to travel.

My parents gave me my first real piece of luggage in 1970, for my high school graduation – an American Tourister hard side three suiter, in green. (Green was a cool luggage color back then. You have to trust me on this.) I used it all the way until 1994, when a bottle of Jamaican Jerk Spice Rub burst inside it on the way home from a trip to Kingston. Jerk spice is pretty pungent, and I like it on chicken and burgers, but it’s not so hot on clothes. So I bought this one.

Hard sided luggage is kind of expensive, but it really protects your stuff – that’s why I like it. I got a Samsonite because it was the best there was at the time (maybe still) and I didn’t want to have to worry about my stuff getting broken or stolen while I was traveling. I always keep my can’t-afford-to-never-see-it-again stuff in my carry on.

Some places where Sammy and I have been:

Some good times:

Jamaica, 6 times
The Bahamas
Las Vegas, twice
Colorado Springs, CO, twice
Williamsburg, VA 5 times
Washington, DC, 5 times
Richmond, VA
Ocean City, MD – too many times to count
Rehoboth Beach, DE (see above)
Disney, Orlando
Outer Banks, NC – 4 times

Some sad times, too:

My mom’s and then my dad’s funerals, in Wilmington, DE
My Uncle Bill’s funeral in Wisconsin
My father-in-law’s funeral in Hagerstown, MD

It has traveled in the bellies of buses and airplanes, on trains, on roof racks, and in car trunks from everything from VW’s to Mercedes – and it never let me down. Not once.

I love to travel, and I even love packing for the trip. I guess it’s the old Eagle scout in me. I’m one of those guys who start to get excited folding, packing, adjusting all the stuff that’s going with me because it means I’m going somewhere, anywhere, for a fresh experience and to see something new, or to see something I’ve seen before and loved, again.

I love the way luggage feels when it’s empty, because it’s going to be filled soon, and I love the way it feels full, because it means I’m on the road or about to be in the air.

I love packing the car trunk with all of our bags, getting it all in right, and maybe getting it all in a little better than the last trip.

I love the hustle of airports, leaving early because I never sleep much before I travel – I’m too excited about it. I love seeing all of the people, and talking to other travelers.

I love customs lines, entering another country or coming home to this one, trying to guess where all of the other people are from, and seeing the different look of passports.

I really love getting my passport stamped, because that means I’m somewhere else, ready to get into a fresh culture and a fresh part of the world.

I guess – no, I’m sure of it – that when this bag was broken, somehow I felt like all of those other places and experiences were broken, too. I got mad about it because no one seemed to care.

I know "it’s just a bag."

I also know it’s a whole lot more, too.

I wanted to keep it, even though it didn’t and wouldn’t work right. I thought I could still use it for car trips. My wife said, and I’m sure she was right, that I needed to let it go. I know it’s just a thing. It’s just a thing that that has been with me for some special times, experiences and places, and more importantly, special people in my life.

So today I said goodbye. I put it out with the trash for pickup. And as I type this, looking out our front window at 9:40 a.m., I literally just saw the trash guys pick it up, toss it in the back with the rest of Ann Arundel County’s broken things, and drive off, back up our street.

Am I too attached to stuff that’s attached to good times, and good people? Maybe. Probably.


Goodbye. And thanks for everything.

The economics of stay-at-home moms –…/opt-out-or-left-out-economics-stay-home…‎ by Allison Linn – in 1354 Google+ circles May…
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Best Home Jobs For Moms

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Work At Home Jobs In Pa – Work From Home Jobs! work at/from home jobs, How To Make Money Online Fast Best Way+Legitimate

Work At Home Jobs In Pa

Question by ~*Sunny*~: Work from home jobs in pa?
i was wondering how to find legitimate work from home jobs in the pittsburgh area, i know that there are some where you create documents for drs but how do you go about finding them that arent scams iam not looking to sell avon but does anyone know where or how to find these jobs?

Best answer:

Answer by Ramon
What is your first sense when you meet some program that promise you to give money just for joining with no other efforts? “It is too good to be true” – is that? In prevalence it IS too good to be true.
The Internet is overload with all kinds of on-line business stuff. There are many usable programs either. But as far as I know by experience there aren’t way to earn money without investing your efforts. Firstly you must learn a lot to succeed in that field. Secondly you must implement what you learn. Without these main things every program that you join will seem scam.

What do you think? Answer below!

WHIRL Magazine (October 1959) … Rick Santorum – Linked Universal Health Services Facility: — The cleaning lady was trying to cast out the demons (January 6, 2012) …
Work At Home Jobs In Pa
Image by marsmet523
Santorum served on the UHS board’s compensation committee and the nominating/corporate governance committee, which appear to play no direct role in overseeing hospital operations.

But the board — like any corporate board — is responsible for maintaining oversight and making sure facilities are safe and do not violate the law.

Bloomberg has reported that Santorum has made close to 0,000 off his relationship with UHS.

……..***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ……
…..item 1)…. The Huffington Post … … Huff Post Politics …

Rick Santorum-Linked Universal Health Services Facility: Fraud, Assault And Alleged ‘Exorcism’

img code photo … Rick Santorum

Getty images

First Posted: 1/6/12 08:22 AM ET Updated: 1/6/12 12:05 PM ET…

WASHINGTON — Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) has become a top-tier candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in recent weeks by appealing to evangelical voters as a man steeped in family values and his Christian faith. From 2007 to 2011, however, Santorum served on the board of directors of Universal Health Services Inc., a large hospital chain which racked up dozens of allegations of abuse during that time — including everything from rape to suicide attempts allowed by neglect to murder.

Over the years, states have barred children from attending UHS facilities over safety concerns and the feds have put UHS on their radar. Department of Justice lawyers have filed two lawsuits accusing the chain of fraudulent activities. One lawsuit settled for .5 million. Another suit still pending in federal court in Virginia centers on a facility called Keystone Marion Youth Center.

The facility, located in Marion, Va., is a residential treatment center for troubled boys with mental-health issues. The majority of patients come from states’ child-welfare and juvenile-justice systems. The center promises stability, schooling, and clinically-approved therapies. It was also approved to accept Medicaid patients.

It did not have approval to perform an "exorcism."

But that is what appeared to be happening in an empty room at Marion in May 2007, according to a facility teacher who passed by the room, which was occupied by at least one nurse, a supervisor, a janitor and a boy with autism. Several in the room appeared to be hovering over the boy and praying, according to the teacher, who recounted the incident shortly after to Barbara Jones, the center’s director of education at the time.

The severity of the boy’s autism left him hardly able to speak and unable to walk on his own, Jones says.

"’They were trying to exorcise him. That’s why he had the autism, he had a demon in him,’" Jones recounted what the teacher told her to The Huffington Post. "The cleaning lady was trying to cast out the demons."

The Marion Center repeatedly fell into trouble with authorities before and during the time Santorum served on the board. He resigned this past June to focus on his campaign. UHS facilities across the country — from the former senator’s home state of Pennsylvania to Illinois to Tennessee to Texas and Kansas — have come under fire as well. Authorities have thrown around words like "systemic failure" to describe the UHS treatment centers and have sued them for millions in court settlements.

Santorum served on the UHS board’s compensation committee and the nominating/corporate governance committee, which appear to play no direct role in overseeing hospital operations. But the board — like any corporate board — is responsible for maintaining oversight and making sure facilities are safe and do not violate the law. Bloomberg has reported that Santorum has made close to 0,000 off his relationship with UHS.

Santorum’s campaign declined to comment, referring inquiries to UHS. But in an interview with Yahoo News this week, Santorum said that as a member of the board, he cooperated with the DOJ’s Medicaid fraud investigation.

"Any investigation, you obviously engage and fully cooperate with it, and that’s what we did. You try to get to the bottom of it. There’s always accusations that take place and that’s part of the responsibility of directors to make sure that we investigate that and get to the bottom of it," Santorum said. "I don’t have any stock options. I did, but I exercised them and they’re gone."

UHS issued a statement to The Huffington Post concerning the Marion Youth Center.

"There are hundreds of adolescents who have received high quality, successful care and treatment at Marion Youth Center," the company wrote in an email, "and have had their lives dramatically improved as a result of the efforts of the dedicated individuals that work at Marion."

The hospital chain responded directly to the exorcism charge, calling the allegations "absolutely false, libelous and knowingly untruthful."

A state report counters this claim and appears to back up Jones’ recollections of the incident as relayed to her at the time, and its subsequent fallout. According to the report, state investigators noted that the Marion Youth Center initiated an internal investigation into the matter as well. An administrator with the facility reported to state investigators that staff had been caught "praying over" a boy. "Provider determined the youth did not give consent for the event to occur," the state investigation found. "One regulation violation was determined."

The most shocking thing about the incident, however, was that it didn’t shock. As Jones says, "It didn’t surprise me."

* * * * *
Jones, 44, began working at the Marion Youth Center in July 2006 to take over the treatment center’s school. The center was small, holding only 48 beds, and it only took boys between the ages of 11 and 17 and sometimes older. She was in charge of setting the curriculum, supervising seven teachers and implementing a behavior modification program. "It was appealing to me to run a school," Jones says.

But when she arrived, Jones says there was no school to run. She found teachers would convert a group room into a makeshift classroom. There were no chairs. There were no books. She found boys either playing video games or sleeping on the floor.

"There was a couple broken down chairs," Jones remembers. "The walls were dirty. The floor was dirty. It was chaos. That was the best word. The teachers obviously didn’t like it but that’s what they were told to do."

Jones says she had to beg the center’s management to make classrooms. She insisted that children were not meeting the contracted education requirements known as Individualized Education Programs. "They were saying they didn’t have enough staff to be in the classroom," Jones explains. "It was about money and coverage. I had to pull out their educational plans … to pull out the child’s IEP — a legal document."

The boys of Marion didn’t just miss out on school. They were missing basics like proper clothing, Jones found. Many kids didn’t have socks or shoes. A 17-year-old kid sent from West Virginia walked around in shower slippers and pants an inch or two too short.

"He didn’t remember anyone buying him clothes," Jones says. "He hadn’t been out of the building for a year."

The kids, she said, only had thin blankets on their beds. The facility had them sell Christmas cards to raise money for new blankets. "The kids designed them, and then I went out and sold them," Jones says.

As for treatment, the head psychiatrist rarely made appearances. Therapy was sometimes conducted in hallways. "It was called ‘drive-by therapy,’" Jones says. "They would walk with the kid to the cafeteria and the kid would get their food. It would be written up that [the] therapist had seen the kid."

If a boy mouthed off or provided the slightest provocation, Jones says, sometimes the staff response was "brutal force." Virginia records obtained through a public records request show the state investigated assaults, AWOL’s and inappropriate encounters between staff and patients at Marion during the time Santorum served on the UHS board, from 2007 to 2011.

In January 2009, Leslie Anderson, the then-director of Virginia’s Office of Licensing for Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation, and Substance Abuse Services, emailed her superiors a scathing review of Marion.

"They just got cited for systemic abuse for letting several youth beat and pick on one resident repeatedly and not intervening," Anderson wrote. "They do not have a clinical director and their psychiatrists are very part time. They are barely functioning as a [residential treatment center]."

Incident investigation records bear out Anderson’s assessment:

*On August 1, 2007, Virginia records show, "a youth alleged to a staff person that another staff ‘slammed’ his face onto the floor when restraining him" in late July. The Department of Social Services determined the staffer had been abusive.

*In March 2008, a staffer held down a resident while another kicked the resident in the knee. Records show one employee resigned the day of the assault. When interviewed, the staffer that held the boy explained: "I didn’t realize that he kicked him that hard."

*In August 2008, a staff member admitted being the getaway driver for two boys who had gone AWOL. "One resident was transported to his home," the state investigation noted in a report written a month later. "Where the other resident was transported is not yet known." The report went on to state that the staffer had been cited for boundary issues with the patients. Two weeks before the escape, one of the boys said he had a "love letter" from the staffer.

*In May 2009, a mother reported that while her son was home for a few days during the previous month, he had numerous phone calls with a center therapist. During one call, records show, which was on speaker phone, she alleged that she heard the therapist promise her son a blow job if he didn’t run away. During the conversation, the therapist suggested that she had already performed oral sex on the boy. The boy refused to cooperate with investigators.

*In August 2009, a nurse was found to have sexually abused a boy on two occasions. A staff member reported witnessing one incident. Another staffer reported that the nurse had explained that she had to take the boy’s blood pressure. They were left alone for one hour. After that incident, the boy asked an employee "if he smelled like a girl."

Other incidents, Virginia records show, included a part-time staffer "diverting" ADHD meds, and criminal background checks not conducted for new employees.

Investigators also found that therapy goals were vague to the point of meaninglessness. Plans for patient care were not reviewed, and medications were managed without being documented. In one 2010 incident, a program director threatened jail if boys didn’t "straighten up.’"

Jones alleges that managers only cared about keeping those beds filled. In July 2010, she filed a federal civil suit against UHS over the goings on at Marion, saying she was forced out for raising the Medicaid fraud issue with management.

During meetings, managers repeatedly emphasized slowing down the process for a soon-to-be exiting child. There were kids that could have gone home but didn’t. "The kids that were warded to the state, those were easy prey for them," Jones says. State social workers were overworked and never seemed to make the trip out to the center. The kids were simply out of sight, out of mind.

"I used to call them ‘The Lost Boys’ because no one was really advocating for them," Jones explains. When staff couldn’t justify keeping them, the boy would suddenly have an outburst over the weekend. It would be characterized as "anxiety about being released." The boy would earn an extended stay.

Jones’s allegations echo those in the DOJ’s 2007 lawsuit against the Marion Center. The charges in that case include drive-by therapy sessions in the center’s hallway, doctoring records, billing for undocumented services, billing for 50-minute group therapy sessions that lasted half that time, and provoking residents into outbursts to justify a delay in their release.

In the 2010 amended complaint, DOJ lawyers argue that the center "was operated as a juvenile detention facility, not as a residential treatment facility, in violation of state and federal law."

The three plaintiffs in the DOJ complaint all worked as therapists employed by the Marion Center. All three raised the issue of the Medicaid fraud. All were fired in 2006. But both the DOJ’s case and Jones’ lawsuit contend that a pattern of fraud and whistleblower retaliation extended beyond that time, into the period when Santorum served on the UHS board.

In the statement sent to HuffPost in July, UHS initially denied the allegations brought by Jones and the DOJ. "We are defending these cases vigorously to demonstrate that Marion Youth Center did not engage in any fraudulent practices as alleged," the statement reads. The cases are ongoing, however, and the company declined to comment further.

But court records show that the company is close to finalizing a settlement with the government.

The Marion Center is closing. Its lease has run out and could not be renewed, UHS told HuffPost in an email. The last day for employees is Friday, UHS said. But hundreds of other UHS facilities remain open.

"For too many years, UHS has been given a free pass," says Susan Lawrence, a parent and advocate in Virginia whose adopted child had resided in a UHS facility. "And they’re not being held accountable by the government agencies."

Lawrence is especially angry with board members like Santorum. "I’m also tired of board members pleading ignorance and getting a free pass when their corporations break laws," she says. "The board should have known. It was their responsibility to know."

"If Santorum cannot be responsible for knowledgeable leadership of a corporation as a board member," she says, "he could never lead the greatest country in the world."

This is the third in a series of stories on UHS facilities during Santorum’s tenure on the hospital chain’s board. The other stories can be found here and here.

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