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query by maria V : Do you want a resume assist for stay home mom I was a stay at house mother for some time and operate also manage tiny UnternehmenIch would like, but a lot of locations request for the Lebenslauf.Ich do not know what to write on the resume, if I’m not in front of a Genuine occupation. Any suggestions Very best Answer:

response from Rebecca
My mom has gone through specifically the identical point. It does not matter that you are not a “genuine” job in a even though. Label that section of your resume “expertise.” Then you can list your management of small businesses. You might also examine all volunteer possibilities that you have completed. You could want to include a section known as “capabilities” and lists all the fantastic attributes you have obtained by a keep at house mom (leadership, management, inspiration, multi-tasker, etc.). Without having many specifics, this is as a lot guidance as I can give. Great luck on the job hunt!

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