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question of Meyaw : For stay-home moms, how do you divide your tasks between you and your husband
I am a stay at home mom of a 14 month old. I’m interested to know what other mothers expect their husbands in terms of the tasks after the husband returned from work. Is it expected that certain chores, or do nothing? I think both the man and the stay at home mother to go to both a full-time job, only the location is different. So the evening tasks should ideally be divided evenly. What do you think Best Answer:

Reply by Tootsie
I agree with you 100 percent. When I had my first child, I always felt overwhelmed, and took it to everyone. I felt like my husband was not doing enough, as soon as he returns from work. Of course he was tired, but it was very hard for me to understand. He always told me “just ask and I’ll do it,” but I wanted him to get up and help without asking me. Help with what? Honestly now for me, just to me in the kitchen (instead of the remote control) was usually enough, because it felt that he was being sympathetic to me. That was 5-6 years ago. Now it’s different. I think I’ve learned a thing or second I do not expect to cook it because it, but if it’s just a bad cook because he’s doing the great vacuum chore is washing the white carpets basically, he does all the male tasks, while working in the kitchen , stick and guess what, we are still so in love than ever, because we each other better verstehen.Und another tip, make sure dinner is always before he is ready at home so that you do not start as a maid, while he is busy flipping through the Kanäle.Viel luck!

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Stay At Home Mom Jobs
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Been given to women what the Torah calls binah yesera, an extra helping of intuition, and that is the situation where we need to use this ability to figure out how to respond. Nagging and criticism are not only unlikely to be effective, but can push him to act out and get into this behavior even more (perhaps to maintain its independence) ………. ***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors articles ………. 1 …..) …. Dear Emuna: Wandering Eye … … … Home »Current Events» Dear Emuna .. ………………………. img code photo … Dear Emuna: Wandering Eye ……………………… My husband thinks it is normal that the most beautiful woman in the room bemerken.7. März 2013/25 Adar 5773von Emuna Braverman Dear Emuna, Whenever my husband and I go, he always comments on or even pay attention to the most beautiful woman in the room. I’ve seen it time and again that it bothers me, but said he dismisses my concerns by saying that his reaction is normal and that I just have to relax. Is he right? It makes me not want to go out with him. Am I overreacting? What should I do? Paranoid Wife Dear loving wife, As they say, “Just because you’re paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you” Or, to paraphrase, it does not mean it is not true. I do not think you overreact. You are correct that your husband should keep his eyes on its own (or you!). In fact, on Yom Kippur, especially for their men have wandering eyes bereuen.Aber as with many things in marriage, the question is not who is right, but how to handle it. In this case, I understand how this painful and humiliating, even though your husband probably does not mean it and will probably be more “clueless” as malicious. Your task is to bestimmen.Frauen the most effective way to reach your goals has been given what the Torah calls binah yesera, an extra dose of intuition, and that is the situation where we need to use this ability to find out how to respond. Nagging and criticism are not only unlikely to be effective, but can push him to act out and get into this behavior even more (perhaps to maintain its independence). So what should you do? I think you should be able to do my everything, begin to keep his attention on you and your relationship. When you are together, dress up for him. Talk to him to be interested in him, ask him questions about his Gedanken.Sie may bristle at this consultation. After all, he did make the mistake, why is it your responsibility? But the answer is that you are in this together, and you want to do everything to make to improve your marriage. I believe that the man gets more attention from his wife, who are less likely, his eyes wander. Maybe you’ve stopped trying, maybe you take the relationship for granted, perhaps too tired to make the effort to be. We can never stop trying, we can never stop the trouble – not if we want to keep our marriage alive. And that goes for everyone, in every marriage if her husband has wandering eyes or not.If despite all efforts, he continues in this behavior, I recommend that you go for some counseling. Maybe he will be able to hear, by a third party, which he does not hear from you – how demeaning and insensitive his behavior feels to you. And maybe he will be able to in a safe environment to express that it is certainly not his intention to hurt you and the two of you able to figure out better communication skills and behaviors .. — Where is the spotlight? Dear Emuna, last night was my daughter’s school production, her big song and dance extravaganza. She has been practicing for weeks and talked of nothing else so I was very excited to go. But the experience was not as pleasant as I expected. I understand that some talented girls are always the lead roles dramatic, musical and dance solo parts. But beyond that, it seemed to me that some girls in all dances or choral numbers were (and still front and center no less), while my daughter dance group got about 30 seconds of stage time. When my daughter said to me on the way out the door, “Do not blink or you’ll miss me.” While I enjoyed many aspects of the production, I was not able to suppress my feelings of frustration and resentment. Can you help me?. — Green-Eyed Monster MomLieber Tiger Mom, you are clearly a mother is zealous on behalf of her daughter. This is good. It’s a mother / parent job where they want to do their best for their children to be their advocate. This is just a variation of this instinct – are taken to the extreme. For it is certainly not clear that a major role – with all its glory and attention – is always what is best for our Kinder.Der main point here is your daughter’s attitude. Does she like to participate in the game? She was so frustrated and angry as you or she just having a good time? Was she able to the sense of unity and fun that enjoy rippled through the whole school? Was your comment meant good-natured or it was an expression of anger? If it is (and maybe even more than fine), not in order allow your frustration to get to it you do not kommunizieren.Verderben their experience and especially not imagine envy and resentment, where it is to take their instructions from you, so you need to get over it, to no gibt.Ihre daughter! When she has the opportunity to take delight in the welfare of others, then learn from their good character. Sometimes our children are our best teachers .. — WIN by fraud Dear Emuna, My 5 year old daughter loves to play games. The problem is that they are always changing the rules, I dare to say cheat, to ensure that they win. Is this normal or is it a bad quality that I immediately try to uproot? Unsure MomLieber uncertainty Mom, This is probably just a reflection of the innate desire to win, our inherent selfishness and it is certainly not uncommon in children of their Alters.Ein very positive side effect would suggest that they are a very creative person whose talents are things like “rules” in the game (that’s the excuse my husband does when we play Scrabble!) Locked ist.Aber because life indeed have rules that we must follow, and we want to promote honesty, I would carefully introduce the idea of ​​choosing some rules at the beginning of the game and sticking with them (although I would not fight over it). This is, “stay away from falsehoods.” In accordance with the Torah’s dictum “M’dvar sheker tirchak” I do not think there is anything to worry about at this point, but I think you should try slowly and carefully eliminate this behavior, both for her character and for the sake of their social life. Other children will only put up with this kind of action so long before they react negatively to it and then the “winner” must always keep a little bullying their way to tun.Auch I do not think you are at this point, and I do not believe it. concern at the moment I think you should act (slowly, carefully, gently) before ist.Geben Tzedakah! Help inspirierendeArtikel, Videos, and Blogs with timeless Jewish wisdom ….. articles ….. 2a.1) …. Marlene Dietrich – Hot Voodoo Lyrics … Artist: Marlene Dietrich Album: MiscellaneousGenre: World … SONG LYRICS – Do you know the words … Have you ever heard of voodoo? 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She sang the following: – I can not give you Anything But Love, Baby ……. — Timeline 3:25-La vie en rose …………………………………. ….. ……… — Timeline 5:59-The guys in the back room ………………………….. — Timeline-09:15 Jonny IF your birthday ………………. — 11:29 Timeline-The Laziest Gal in Town ……………………………. — Timeline 15:20 Lola ……………………………………. ….. …………………. — 18:20 Timeline-Honeysuckle Rose …………………………………… . — Timeline-20:35 Lili Marlene …………………………………… …. — Timeline-23:40 Tell me where flowers are dying …………… — Timeline 27:14 – Falling in Love Again ………………………… — Timeline 31.52KategorieMusikLizenzStandard YouTube License ………………………………. 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