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question of bjd72003 : Does anyone know a legit work at home jobs for stay at home moms do in free time
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Military parents join ranks of heroes at home for the children of warriors 090217
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Caption: John Thayer watches as parent educator Kajsa Blansett teaches Emily, 15 months (left) and Rhys, 3, how to make tie-dye butterflies with coffee filters, water and food coloring, with eye droppers – Photo by Rob McIlvaine, FMWRC Public Affairs. Military parents join ranks of heroes at home for the children of warriors 090217 By Rob McIlvaineFMWRC Public Affairs “Heroes at Home”, a military partnership with parents as Teachers (PAT) National Center for military families at 12 garrisons since 2006, will be expanded this year to serve families in 24 other garrisons. This expansion includes additional parent educators, training, technical support and publicity to States strongly of National Guard and Army Reserve deployments at military sites where parents at teacher-Heroes Home (PAT-HAH) are programs already in effect and the development of PAT-HAH-programs “Our mission is caring and it’s a task we take very seriously” in new locations across the country. said Shirley A. Young, children’s and youth specialist with the U.S. Army Child , Youth and School (CYS) Services Center of Expertise, supervised the training of staff. “The support of military families, especially those with very young children, strengthens our military families, our service members and our nation.” The mission is more important than ever, because of the frequent operations that have made some garrisons “revolving doors” for soldiers after Young.Fast half of all active service members have children. almost 40% of these children under the age of five Since more than a third of first-time military parents are 21 or younger, to recognize the pressure on the child’s needs and where to get help and serve our country is strengthened. “As a military family, we lose our support network, since the deployments and changes station. As a result, we have no immediate support from family and friends, “said Melinda Thayer, a mother of three in Fort Bragg, NC HAH a support network, teaches us activities, so that we interact with our children can, and will help us balanced by the extreme changes that we experience as a military family, “Melinda and her husband, Captain Peter Thayer, Delta Company, 90th Civil Affairs, first joined PAT-HAH at Fort Lewis, Washington, two years before she transferred to Fort Bragg. Though she was in the army, Melinda left active duty before begann.Integral with children to the success of PAT-HAH parents are teachers, many of whom are military family members who step for her fellow parents helfen.Kajsa Blansett is a PE for two years. Previously, she worked as a pre-school teacher at the Child Development Center (CDC) in Vilseck, Germany, as they stationed there with her husband, 1st Sgt. Chad Blansett. ” As I have to Fort Bragg, “recalls Blansett” I began looking for a job and saw an ad about the parents Educator program, so I called and spoke with Dr. Janet Crow. They filled me what the program was all about, and I was inspired. “Dr. Crow, PhD, CFLE, recently Baylor University as a faculty member in the Child and Family Studies program. PAT National Center She was the project manager for” Heroes at Home “Working with DoD and the Army, the pilot programs at the implement the original 12 military installations. Currently, the project coordinator with the National Center Shirley Young Kate DeKoning.Crow 20-year career in child development, education, and family support in addition (with 11 years specifically for military families) to the military spouse, has its interior expertise in the U.S. Army, military families, deployments and how the military given lifestyle in young children. “Heroes at home her child,” said Blansett. “Their vision was to the program at all military facilities, so that when military families move from one garrison to another, the program would already be in place and you could pick to have where you left off. “” I went to the one-week training in St. Louis and learned how to work with families and emotional support by “Blansett said.” on every family strengths through home visits, for me this job is so rewarding. You see the difference you can make in their lives immediately. “Used parents enrolled in the program (Blansett visited 38 families per month) will receive updates every month about their child’s development. You also get handouts on topics such as preparing for deployment, stay connected during deployment and preparation for the reunion after a deployment .. is complete information about e-mail or by post to a parent location as well as on the website made available “We also take videos of family downrange the service provided to users to send,” said Blansett.Fort Riley, Kansas;; Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Fort Hood, Texas, Fort Bragg, NC, Fort Stewart, Georgia has the past two years PAT-HAH serves hundreds of military families at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Fort Lewis, Washington, Fort Wainwright, Alabama, Camp Lejeune, NC, Whiteman AFB, Mo., and Norfolk Naval Station, the new contract will Va.Unter fortsetzen.Bis included these 12 programs with 24 additional pages in the first year to the end of the first quarter 2009, the following ten locations to be implemented: Fort Richardson, Alabama, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, Fort Carson, Colorado, Fort Benning, Georgia, Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, Fort Polk, La, Fort Drum, NY, Fort Bliss, Texas, and Fort Eustis and Fort Story in Virginia. Fourteen other sites are based in the course of folgen.PAT-HAH on the premise that parents are the first and best teachers based. Following an intensive certification process at the PAT National Center, where PEs take the “Born to Learn “Of course, these parents can help tutor other military parents to mitigate risk factors of the military lifestyle, repeated operations, separation and geographical single parents.” Before we enrolled with PAT-HAH, I was getting parenting advice by telephone and fighting to get away from my friends and family and the help they could, “said Captain Thayer said.” teach No amount of talk about parenting can be as much as the experience of our parent educators on effective ways to talk to a child so that they can be heard . “Parents competence practices, and improved parent-child interactions, and increased parent competence and confidence; Heroes at Home parent educator also trained in a way to facilitate more connections between parents and their children during separations PE help with. Early identification of developmental disorders and other health problems, prevent, strong child abuse and neglect and increase school readiness and academic success by facilitating parent / school partnerships. “We first PAT contacted because our daughter fought us to get their way,” Melinda Thayer said. ” Our PAT educator taught us by example how to interact with one of our daughter. I miss not be able to raise my children, surrounded by my parents, relatives and friends. PAT has helped our family access to social activities for our children, showed wonderful ways to teach our children through play, and has directed us to other programs when our son is additional support required. “” In many locations we have been able, fathers or mothers that are currently in Iraq or Afghanistan with what’s going on at home connected through webcams and video conferencing to hold stationed, “said Young.Die expansion of the program will not only additional support for military families with infants and young children, will allow families is consistently parents as teachers receive services as they move throughout Land.Stationiert at Fort Campbell in Kentucky are Jessica Bryan and her son Adrian. Her husband, Spc. Dave Bryan currently deployed in Afghanistan. “I know that our parents Educator Angie Enlow and do not replace parents as a family of teachers, but they are a close second,” said Jessica. “Dave and I and our son Adrian are really happier people as part of a program for military families like us are made. “Parents as Teachers National Center is the resource base and backbone of Parents as Teachers, in St. Louis. It is a parent education and early childhood development program serves parents from pregnancy until their child in kindergarten, usually five years.The nonprofit National Center serves approximately 3,000 programs offering Parents as Teachers services nationwide as well as in several other countries. Heroes at Home program is customized to address the needs of military families, and is just one of the programs that military PAT angeboten.Wenn parents who help, but an HAI program is not available, they should check with Army Community Service, if a similar service on their Garnison.Für more information about Parents as Teachers, visit .

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