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Question by Ash: Help with residual income valuation model in finance?
I need help comprehending the residual income valuation model. A business earns $ one per share permanently, has a a hundred% dividend payout price, the price of equity is 10% and the present book value is $ six.

I know worth of of this firm is $ 10 per stock with the residual income model, I just don’t understand why. Can an individual clarify please.

Ideal response:

Reply by Mohammad
1. In respect of equity valuation, residual income is the income generated by a company following accounting for the correct expense of its capital.

two. Interest cost on the revenue statement only accounts for a firm’s value of its debt, ignoring its cost of equity, this kind of as dividends payouts and other equity fees.

3. Searching at the value of equity an additional way, consider of it as the shareholders’ chance price, or the needed fee of return. The residual income model attempts to adjust a firm’s future earnings estimates, to compensate for the equity expense and place a much more exact worth to a firm. Even though the return to equity holders is not a legal necessity like the return to bondholders, in purchase to appeal to traders firms need to compensate them for the investment danger publicity.

4. For particulars, please study an article on the topic at: or blog posts/fundamental-analysis/11/residual-earnings-model.asp#axzz27Mhm4Kd8


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Residual Income
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