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Valley View Restaurant
Real Work At Home Jobs No Fee
image of D.Clow – Maryland
Home cooking, Cheap. After working in Washington DC, it’s nice to get coffee for $ 0.35 Friday OneFlog entry from the work, the fleet flight Friday before a holiday weekend. Everyone cracks a smile upon entering from the concrete and glass coffin of the corporate work week. The motorcycle is quickly gassed and loaded, I leave Washington DC at 3-30 swears, not the time for the rest of the adventure to be checked. Adventure, the American adventure of the open road, what I seek. The road, my cameras and Flucht.Rechts turn of 15th St. NW and I’m driving behind the Washington Monument and the White House. Harleys and clones are already along the Mall for the annual Memorial remembrance, Rolling Thunder. I’m soon over the bridge and on I-66 West. I plan to avoid highways if at all possible. Dear scenic byways to drab highways. 66 is a necessary evil to flee the DC metro area as quickly as possible. At the beginning of 66 is a good quick run, for awhile anyway. Loads of Rolling Thunder riders are in 66 eastbound Überschrift.Ich keep the ubiquitous two fingers on the side of greeting to other bikers for a longer duration. In my experience, HD guys return the acknowledgment about 30-40% of the time. No big deal, some animosity if the different bike cultures exist. Motor-ism two-wheel stereotypes. However with the Rolling Thunder guys there is a significant increase in response, perhaps due to no longer recognize only one other bikers, but a patriotic sharing of support and remembrance for those left behind, POW-MIA.Verkehr deteriorated further from 66 and I come a full-HD-dresser. Screaming Eagle back patch works with POW-MIA covers his vest and is topped by a “Run for the Wall” patch. I think we take a step back and the natural offset positioning of multiple Fahrern.Nach some 66 backup, stop-and-go, we propose a staccato conversation in the pauses of the traffic flow. Where were you, where are you going, see the rain coming? I tell him I’m headed to the mountains, Skyline Drive and West Virginia. He says he was only recently out of there before in DC for Rolling Thunder for the day and will be back again on Sunday. His license plate obscured by luggage, so I’m not sure of his port of Ursprungs.Später we will part ways and my thoughts turn. Of my parents friends only my step-father was drafted for Vietnam. Luckily for us, he only went as far as Ft. Hood, TX, and came up with some good stories about army life and venturing into Mexico (at least, that he shared with me). I think about all the life he has lived since then, all his experiences and joys. Thinking about what all those lost that were not returned, when they did not come home. The loss was. By those who loved them, families that haben.Regen a name on the wall in front of Manassas irrigation Enough to cool you off but not enough to get you worried yet, at least for a bit. Whooooo. Then come the big drops. I walk down the ramp to gear with the rain paraphernalia under the gas station pavilion. Finally, they get to all and get strapped back and pops the sun and the rain stops. Too funny. Now I have wet clothes on under the rain. Rain gear now keeping the wind out that would dry me. I engine as more rain is on the horizon versprochen.Dies brings a point about rain. People always ask: “What do you do when it rains and you do on the bike.” I reply simply, “I get wet”. Duh. Rain riding has never bothered me. On the straight highways it’s no big deal. Give more cushion to the cars in front of you. Drive like grandma on the achieved Ausfahrten.Mein turning point finally. Off of 66 west and onto 647, Crest Hill Rd at The Plains, VA. Crest Hill Road is my first piece of motorcycle heaven to be had this weekend. I am pleased to find that the squiggly line I traced on the map when planning this trip so well implemented in practice. The road is still wet from the passing rain clouds, and I give a small rabbit and then a chipmunk a near-death experience. My first of many animal crossings this weekend. The road is fantastic. A mixture of hills and tree-lined street canopies to create the forest tunnel. Speed ​​limit is 45 mph, 55-60 feels comfortable on most parts. Keep an eye out for photographing a hillside barn, which I saw in my mind’s eye, lit by the sun breaking through the clouds and backed by the mountain scenery. No luck on any of the barns actual placement of the idea I have framed passen.Crest Hill Road and Fodderstack Rd is a long stretch. I shots of a church and other buildings along Zachary Taylor Highway. Fodderstack is more of the same as Crest Hill, just a narrower road. The asphalt is of my favorite variety, freshly laid. Washington, DC is a small town of historic bed and breakfasts. Local wineries appear to be an attraction here too. Right after Washington the rain returns while I’m on my way to Sperryville. Then it really starts to come down, a full on summer thunderstorm. Visibility is down. Streets and parking lots soon resemble rivers. Rain drops of the monster exploding diversity on the pavement, and you know it hurts when they confirmed you treffen.Ich quickly soaking circuit Sperryville that there are no local hotels. I wait in a barn-like restaurant, duck. My drenched gear takes stool and I occupy another. There are more than a few flying pigs. The bartender me hefeweizen, and recommends the angus burger. Locally raised and grass fed, we exchange jokes about my passing the Hamburg relatives on the way in.Nicht about beer freak. I have a one only rule when riding. It was a meal (best burger of the weekend!) Various coffees, and this bar journal entry gefolgt.Irgendwo along Crest Hill road top I decided to keep the cell off for the weekend. In addition no tv, newspapers, internet or e-mail sound like a good idea. Of course I am now studiously avoid eye contact with the two beautiful plasma’s above the Balkens.Eintrag Two Hazel River Inn, Culpepper, VA, has the coolest street side seating in the Stadt.Der rain let up on Shady Farms bar in Sperryville and due to the lack local lodging I quiz the bartender for options. On the other side of the mountain, the opposite side of Skyline Dr via 211 Luray with lots of motels, but I want to save the mountain for the morning. The waitress suggest Culpepper, a Holiday Inn, etc.Stepping outside the sun broke through the clouds again. Enough for some shots of Shady Farms Restaurant and a bridge. Down 522, the Sperryville Pike, I keep an eye out for photo ops to catch the next morning as I will be forwarding again. Following the mantra of Dale Borgeson about tour riding in the U.S., I try to avoid large chain establishments, whether they are restaurants or hotels, and explore the mom-and-pop local variety businesses. I’ve come a dive-ish roadside motel in mind, Culpepper by the Sleepy Hollow Hotel.Vor the check in I ride through downtown historic Culpepper. It’s a cool place. The Shady Farm bartender had recommended the Culpepper Thai restaurant. I see it but do not visit, still full from the meal earlier. Cameron Street Coffee looks like a great place, located in an old warehouse. Unfortunately their closed for the Nacht.Dusche and changed, room 102 at the Sleepy Hollow Hotel. I jump back on the bike, refreshed and dry and ride through the warm night air back downtown. The coffee at the Hazel River Inn comes with a sweet fudge confection on the side. The Peach and Blackberry Cobbler with vanilla sauce is göttlich.Die reconfigured plan for this weekend is to shed. Shed worries about the job, career, housing, and relationships. My motorcycle is therapeutic. It’s 600cc’s of Zoloft on two wheels. The road lifts my spirits. This should not be a solo run, and there are stretches where I is the feeling of emptiness behind mir.Der Schuster finished and I can the sound of a band to hear their sound check. The beating of the drum requires Untersuchungen.Eintrag DreiIch Brown Bag Special in the cellar restaurant was the same restaurant I was in. On my way to the door the noise of the sound check floated up the stairs and directed my feet downward. Brown Bag Special opened the set, appropriately enough, with “I drink alone”. The old man, Big Money, would have been thrilled. Drinking alone is a Big Money Blues trifecta, “The Breeze” and “Mustang Sally” are launched. Then they made the mistake that a lot of bands that a great lead guitarist. They let him sing. The lead guitarist karaoke sucked his way through a Tom Petty hit. He was so off key in his singing made you appreciate the guitar solo’s all the more for the relief they provided. Thankfully the regular singer soon his duties and the night went. More good stuff from the band. Freebird Folsom Prison Blues Cheap Sun Glasses “Can not you see, can not you see what that woman, what she did to me” now off to bed now at the Sleepy Hollow Hotel with the ghost and shades of dead hookers and overdoses Vergangenheit.150 miles . Entry Four Saturday morning breaks on the Sleepy Hollow Hotel, a hot shower and I’m back on the bike. A quick stop downtown to shoot the Hazel Inn, then it’s back on the Sperryville Pike. More stations to capture some sights seen yesterday. Mr. & Mrs. Pump. The open mouth caricatures are an accurate representation of the current gas cost and the pumps eating your Geldbeutel.Ich tell my daughter that her first car, college car, will be a hybrid. She thinks they are ugly. The bike is not so bad, averaging around 40mpg. At about 180 miles on the Tripometer I’m starting to look for a refill, although I’ve pushed it to 211 miles hatte.Eine fast. Left in Sperryville on 211 and up into the mountain, Blue Ridge Mountains and Skyline Drive Heading up the mountain I get the first bite of the twisties I’ve pleasure. The fee at the gate to Skyline Drive is well worth the price. Great scenery and fantastic views. The only drawback is the 35 mph speed limit, the shoot also enforced by the Rangers wird.Ich some self-portraits at Pollock Knob overlook. You are so funny with all the scrambling and hurried to be the camera timer, then trying to effect a relaxed pose. I also broke out my old friend this trip, the Lubitel 166, a medium format 120mm film, twin lens camera. I’m like Jay-Z with this camera, I have to get it. In one take There is no digital review after the click for instant gratification. As a fellow photographer it’s “Point, Push, and Pray”. I’m excited to see the results. Not that I left digital behind. Carry both cameras, I’m an analog / digital double Bedrohung.Nach to grab the self-portraits and some dead tree shots I’m back on the bike and leave when I meet the preacher and his wife. He offers to shoot me with my camera and I return the favor to them. Conversation flows and in a ‘small world’ moment it turns out that he. For same Hazel family that operates the restaurant that I was in last night for his Monday thru Friday job owner I get a friendly “God bless” and I am in the South Skyline Drive. I make several more stops and break the cameras again at Big Meadow.Es is one gnarly dead tree in the middle of the meadow. It burn damage to the base, either the result of a wild fire, or perhaps a controlled combustion to be done in order to keep the field. I spot and shoot a few deer, they probably will not as they are far away for my lens on the D100. I shoot a couple of shots of the tree with the D100 and then totally switch processes with the Lubitel. The picture setup with the Lubitel takes about a minute-and-a-half. Manual zoom, ie, back and forth to the picture I want. Easy reading. Then dealing with the reversed optics of the look-down box camera. It’s fun, but to turn it on, change the pace and the dynamics. Just one click, though, I hope began auf.Es it is a long but enjoyable ride to the south end of Skyline Drive. Unless you really like slow cruising I would suggest picking which third of Skyline Drive you want to include your trip and leave the rest. I fall off the mountain and into Waynesboro. Find Mad Anthony coffee shop for a late breakfast. I overhear that it’s around noon. The Italian Roast coffee is good, in fact, it would prove to be the best coffee of the trip sein.Einer the benefits of travel by motorcycle, it’s an easy conversation starter. People ask where you from, where you’re heading, ask about your bike, tell you’re about their bike or the one they wish they had. One of the peculiarities of these conversations is that if the person even remotely familiar to anyone who has died on a motorcycle, they will be sure to share this fact along with details. These stories usually with a deer, a car pulling out, or someone a corner too fast. The conversation goes something like this: Stranger “nice bike” You “my cousin Bob had a friend hit a deer and died on his bike” “thanks” Stranger Short Schweigen.Sie “yeah, deer are dangerous, have to be careful,” I do not exaggerate when I say I’ve held variations on this conversation many times. Fortunately, this is not the conversation I have. The owner Mad Anthony He’s a former sailboat instructor, now finds the same release and head clearing on his motorcycle that he brings from his sailboat to gewöhnen.Dies mind the same wave – not so dynamic that sportbike to the between sailing sailors and power boaters, very similar & HD audience auftritt.Der owner is a coffee guru, we discuss roasting (my Italian roast just roasted Wednesday this week). We talk about the good and the evil of Starbucks. We both agreed that they roast their regular coffee, but I think their foo foo drinks are tasty. He has in his shop both the Bodum press and the Bodum vacuum coffee pot that I got my mom for x-mas. A shameless here the Bodum vacuum coffee pot makes the best home coffee ever. It’s also an entertaining crowd-puller, no Witz.Verlassen Waynesboro the plan was 340 northward to 33, then into Harrisonburg, VA (home of the Valley Mall and JMU). 340 proved to be boring so I jumped on 256, Port Republic Road, for a better ride to Harrisonburg. I do not know if the coffee wore off or if I simply worn. I pull over at Westover Park, pick out a spot of grass, and take a nap in the Sonne.Ich my bike had delivered bug me by my stepfather. My kindergarten school year we moved right at the end of the school year. Rather than switch schools at this inopportune time my Dad stuck me on the back of his Honda and rode me to school and back again for the last month or two. Even earlier than that I sit a great photo of me in 1973-4 on his chopper with him to have. Me in a diaper and him with his long hippy hair. Is the wild side of the Reverend Tat.Erfrischt from my nap it back to 33 to the west. Heading out of the Shenandoah Valley and Rockingham County is more glorious twisty roads and the George Washington National Forest. GW is a beautiful tree canopy lined road with a river on one side. Franklin, WV is the destination, a return to the Star Hotel.Ich stayed at the Star a few years ago when they first re-opened the historic Star Hotel. The owner, Steve Miller, is a great guy, friendly and chatty. I told him I would come back, but it’s been a few years than I thought. Late lunch at the Star is pesto grilled chicken on ciabatta bread with roasted peppers. Not the type of fare one might associate with West Virginia, but people have misconceptions everywhere. Steve promises a prime rib later at night to eat it sterben.Damit no misunderstanding, in as much as the Sleepy Hollow Hotel was a dive, the Star Hotel is a Traum.Dump the gearbox is back in the room to walk around on the bike for some. I go back a river road I passed on the way, explore rock Gap. It’s a gravel affair and I follow back a little bit. Photo some river shots. Further down there is a large cliff face with some college aged kids de-gearing after a day of climbing. I’ll try to stop back in tomorrow and shoot some climbing action, as well as some Fliegenfischen.Ich take a bottle of Barefoot Wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, and drop it with Steve at the Star to keep for later. I will enjoy the bottle later today from the 3rd Floor porch. South out of town I go into some very secondary roads. I shoot an old decrepit cabin, would be up Bobby Sargent Street. I have it in the metal folder for a possible future model shoot location, along with the flow passages which I have ever seen habe.Es a few stops on this little ride. Once for what appears to be a wild chicken, and then for middle of the road look with a young doe. She’s camera shy though and turned off, before I can get a shot. Sportbike probably is not the best promotion for nature photography. The pavement stops and gravel begins, I motor on. Rick & I once a day. Just about on gravel roads, crisscrossing the back country around Cumberland, MD So I am satisfied with the less than ideal riding surface. A few miles on the road dead ends at a pair of chicken houses (source of the wild chickens ancestors perhaps?) And I turn around and survey the valley I rode by. I have to stop the bike and soak in the scene. A picturesque farm is nestled in the corner of the valley, toward the mountains. I meet some inquisitive cows, along with the farmer and his Frau.Es seems that when you are in WV and you pass a sign that “snow removal ends here” that the already suspect road conditions deteriorate rapidly and will soon go to something more resemble a forest road says. I motor through some back country, no houses, no farms, just mountains, steep cliffs road, and wicked gravel switchback curves. The part that are you the willies the downhill corners where the road grade on the outside of the curve and the below is inclined. Whoa I creep along where a four wheeler would be much more functional. Although I still hit it a bit in the straights. Pavement is coming back and I’m unsure of my exact location. I follow the chicken farmers directions and soon discover myself back in Brandywine, intersecting the same stretch of 33 I rode on my way into Franklin.Zurück at the Star Hotel it’s a shower and fresh clothes before heading to dinner then. Below I find the prime rib to be as good as versprochen.Eintrag FiveWie is beautifully staged. Barefoot on the 3rd Floor patio, wine to ease the back and the pain in Knie.205 miles today, the last 30 after check-in to entdecken.SonntagEintrag SixOut in the early morning hours just to. I find no climbers at Rock Gap, unsure of the hours they keep. Out of Franklin was on 33 West, looking for another squiggly line I had seen on a map. Bland Hill Road name is a misnomer. A single lane country road winding through German Valley. I missed a few shots of German Valley from the 33. Before turning Bland Hill Now I find myself in the same place I hatte.Die shot from above road cuts through some open pasture land and I meet some cows on the road after rounding a bend stand. They are pleasant enough, if it is not in a particular hurry to cross, and do not mind posing for a shot or two before meandering on. People talk about the danger of hitting a deer, a cow would really ruin your day! From Bland Hill and down into the valley. I get on the rock formation I had seen from the overlook previously. It is not Seneca Rocks, but a form of the same species. I get a few photos, then in German Valley Road. I still stay in the Star, there is no real destination today. It’s relaxing as much as I like stoppen.Deutsch Valley Road puts me back on 33 west and not long after I’m ordering breakfast at the Valley View Restaurant. Dale Borgeson warns of places that offer home cooking, but that’s all you see in these parts. There are a number of cars here and that’s usually a good since the food will be alright. Hell might even make the army a good breakfast. It all works and it’s a heck of a lot, for toast, two eggs, hash browns, bacon and Kaffee.Von 33 I met 28, and turn on Smoke Hole Road, just because it’s there and looks interesting. Boy, what a find it is. (Gravel free in the corners), the combination of the curvy one lane country road with nice wide smooth pavement. It’s great. Smoke Hole Road turns out to be from 28 over the Seneca Rocks National Forest to 220 running on the other side. West to east it starts, all curves and hills, then ends by winding along the south branch of the Potomac. There are lots of fly fishermen here enjoying the catch-and-release section of the Flusses.Bis 220 to Petersburg, I run into some Ducati guys at the gas station. We swap riding info and I’m soon 42 north towards Mayville. Left hanging when I see a sign for Dolly Sods. I’m back on secondary roads and I soon pass another prophetic ‘no snow removal’ signs. It’s gravel the rest of the way up the mountain until it breaks in Dolly Sod.Ich’m really happy with today’s roads, as both Smoke Hole Road and Dolly Sods were unplanned ‘discovered adventures. “I do some rock scrabbling at Dolly Sod and enjoy the cliff top views. A fellow tourist snaps a shot for me an I wander far beyond the distance, go to the casual tourist and families. shot some more shots of the rock formations with both the digital and film camera. Do some more self-portraits. I then sit down to relax in the sun with the cliff breeze blows constantly and update this journal. Entry SevenNun, followers, if you use it the made have so far I’m impressed. Thank you for your patience. Rest of the day was spent riding without incident. Just more fantastic roads. you have yet to explore on par with Lewis & Clark to great rides in West Virginia find. Just be curious in nature and do not be afraid to leave the beaten path. Drop off the numbered roads and take the route less traveled. Soon you in your own undiscovered country. Blah blah blah.Von Dolly Sod and I find . myself to 32 Rough calculations put the dirt road travel around 25 miles for the day while we are on stats, here’s today’s animal road count: 1 dead Hahn1 Fuchs2 Kühe8 chipmunks7 Leben1 Toter3 dead Opossums1 Eichhörnchen1 dead Blob (indistinguishable) No fearsome Hirsche1 HundIch led me today from a rather plain map of asked to leave Dolly Sod on 32 puts me in Dry Fork and back on familiar 33 west to Elkins. I drive around Elkins on the off chance I’m going to a guy I know . pass the name Dallas All you need now is to know about Dallas is the following: I do not know his last name I once gave him a hair cut with dog grooming clippers I know he works at a bike shop making ChopperSie find out the odds from me to find him, near Null.Wenn your curious it was not the first time I cut hair, albeit the first time using dog shears In Korea I cut in the latrine for a cut or for a sixth – Pack. Everything was in the army barter. We had a cook, you make a great custom birthday cake for a case of beer would or feed you food out of the back of the chow hall at 03.00, when you staggered in drunk from the ville for the promise of a future round to be bought. Korea stories could fill another Tagebuch.Wie whatsoever, of Elkins and south to Beverly. Scott, if you’ve read it on my head as I walked through town, never forgive, never forget. So far I’ve only tried to write about the positive food experiences of the trip without throwing all under the bus. C & J served in Beverly however, only barely functional burgers and the vanilla shake was of the worst chemical prefab variety. There are some things that I put on myself is one good vanilla ice cream. the others that I’m picky about are beer, whiskey, steak, cheese-steak, and coffee. It’s just so disappointing when something you usually enjoy turns out to be below average sein.Nach C & J it’s 250 east to 28, which goes back towards Seneca Rocks and Franklin. It is a good prey through the Monongahela National Forest. A road of the scenic variety, with good twisties up the mountain and through the landscape. This type road have become quite a common occurrence here in WV. Back in Seneca Rocks and 33 east into Franklin. I never shoot Seneca Rocks, the light is never right, number one can tell how I my light erhalten.Die Star Restaurant on Sunday, dagger closed, so I shower and head to foot in Franklin. About Franklin, WV. It’s a nice little town, quiet and sleepy. No bars other than the VFW that I . could see Everyone I’ve met and spoken too has be pleasant, friendly and talkative, both here in Franklin and elsewhere in WV. I’m sure there are a variety of characters much as anywhere, this is just my observation from the tourist Ebene.Nach last night precedent I grab another vino from the Shell station. The Star closed a dilemma, I am in need of a cork screw (having borrowed the restaurants the night before). I walk back to the hotel, wine in his hand, and behind the hotel just a bit, until I meet an old man sitting on the doorstep. I explain my situation, wine without access, and he says he’ll sell me a corkscrew. He goes into the house , shortly with the necessary tools in hand back. I think I have it for -4 or maybe rent for a one-time use for. This proves unnecessary but he says just to take it and keep it. for future needs

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