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Question by 2220: online colleges?
Does anybody know any good online colleges?

Best answer:

Answer by CoachT
Harvard – Harvard teaches online and they are outstanding.

UMass, UFlorida, UTexas, Florida State, UC-Berkeley, UCLA, UTenn, it can go on and on. In fact, just about everyone is teaching online these days.

Those “as seen on TV” online programs are usually not listed in the same list with “good … colleges”, those are usually the bottom of the pile. That’s why they have to advertise.

Which is really best depends on whether you want some classes or a whole degree and what level degree. It also depends on what you’d like to study.

Take a look at this list of searchable online degrees at Peterson’s You’ll be surprised at some of the places you can get a degree from online.

You can even get a master’s from Oxford online these days. It’s not 1981 any longer – everyone is online. It’s like asking if anyone knows of a college that uses books – of course, they all do.

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