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§ 60 (11 November 2012) … Article 3 .. Reminded Freedom (23 December 2012) … Article 5 .. U.S. soldiers fallen to his death in the back by Afghan teenager (April 1, 2013) …
Online Jobs From Home
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People grieve in a grave in § 60, an area buried in the members of the U.S. military who were killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan, during Veterans Day observances at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., on the 11th November 2012. (REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst) ……… ***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors articles ………. 1 …..) …. The Atlantic … … with Alan Taylor – In Focus Afghanistan November 20123rd December 2012 Most of the media attention to Afghanistan this month by a scandal over Gen. David Petraeus and Gen. John Allen, the two most recent U.S. military turned there. However, the scandal has had little or no impact on daily life in Afghanistan. Of greater importance is the continuing uncertainty. As a 2014 withdrawal of NATO troops approaches, people leave Afghanistan at a higher rate than they have since 2002. Iran and Saudi Arabia, rivals for influence in the region, are investments in the infrastructure of the country, each hoping to be the stronger partner after 2014. But it is far from clear what the future will bring. These photos show just a glimpse of the conflict in recent months, part of the ongoing series here on Afghanistan. [37 Photos] …….. Item 2) …. Operation Enduring Freedom … … news — 24/12/12 Tolonews: Policewoman in insider attack probably acted with PremeditationDie Afghan police officer allegedly shot and killed a U.S. civilian advisors in the vicinity of Kabul police chief compound seemed intentional act and crossed three checkpoints to get inside the high-security enclave, sources say TOLOnews. — 12/24 / 12 pottsmerc: Pottstown native Navy SEAL commander Job Price stirbtPottstown School Navy SEAL Cdr. Job W. Price, 42, died on Saturday during his time in southern Afghanistan … The Associated Press reported on Sunday that a U.S. military spokesman said the death “seems to be the result of suicide.” The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the death is still under investigation — 24/12/12 DoD:. IdentifiziertCdr Navy Casualty. Job W. Price, 42, of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, died 22 December of non-combat injuries while supporting stability operations in Uruzgan province, Afghanistan. Price became an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit in Virginia Beach, Va., assigned to NATO — 24/12/12: UnfallEin ISAF International Security Assistance Force service member died following an insurgent attack in eastern Afghanistan today. The insurgent attack in which these ISAF service member died unrelated to the shooting at the Kabul police headquarters today — 24/12/12 AP:. Afghan police officer says police killed U.S. BeraterEin Afghan police officer shot and killed an American consultant Monday outside the Kabul police, said a senior Afghan official. The circumstances of the killing were not immediately clear, but the shooting could be another insider attack by Afghans against their foreign Verbündeten.12/23/12 BNA: Mine explosion Martyrs Frontier Police, Wounds 2 was murdered in NangarharEine border policeman and two others in explosion injured in a mine Chaparhar district of Nangarhar province. Edress Mohmand Nangarhar border police spokesman told BNA bid, this explosion occurred in Dago area Chaparhar district while the vehicle is in the area of ​​border police was singing right — 23/12/12 thenews. Three Polish soldiers in Afghanistan three Polish soldiers were wounded on Saturday morning after coming under attack in Ghazni province, eastern Afghanistan injured. — 23/12/12 The incident occurred while the soldiers were on a routine patrol in the southwestern part of the province rferl. Huge fire ravaged Kabul market launch major fire has swept in a market near the center of the Afghan capital Kabul . There were no reports of casualties, but hundreds of shops and stalls were destroyed and near Kabul Currency exchange center was evacuated, authorities say — 12/22/12 WNA. Tackler coordinated operation in Herat Afghan getötetJoint National Army (ANA) troops and coalition forces repelled an attack by insurgents in Alibad village of Shindand district, the alliance said Friday. Two enemy fighters during the attack on Afghan National Security Forces, who were conducting a presence patrol in the area, were killed, said the statement — 12/22/12 AP:. Afghan girl is shot in the face by the Taliban after reconstructive surgery is recovering NY KrankenhausEin 6-year-old girl from Afghanistan in a Long Iceland hospital recovering from surgery on her face to repair damage done by a bullet Taliban. Newsday reported that the child kept unicorn named Marzieh, a toy and blew kisses as a nurse she wore last wishers before her surgery Friday at South Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside, New York — 12/22/12 AP.: ND native recovering from attack in Afghanistan, Army Captain Seth Nieman, a Calvin, ND, native, spent Christmas at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. But he would rather be back in Afghanistan with the Special Forces “A-Team” he leads. Nieman is recovering from wounds, including the loss of part of his right leg suffered 27 November, when a roadside bomb exploded while he and five companions were mounted patrol in Wardak province near Kabul — 12/22/12 AP:. Gunmen kill 11 Pakistanis, Afghans in Pakistan Swein official says gunmen have eleven Pakistanis and Afghans killed in a border town in south-west Pakistan, as they attempted to travel to Iran to cross to Europe as illegal immigrants. Local government official Zubair Ahmed said Saturday the shooting took place late Friday in the city Sunsar southwestern Baluchistan province …. Article 3 …..) …. Freedom reminds … Remembering Our Troops … / index.php / category / business-Enduri … Williams / nicolas-d-ch … … articles ….. 4) …. youtube video … Justin Hayward and John Lodge – Blue Jays (Full Album) … 50:50 minutes … theoldtavernVeröffentlicht 8 November 2012Blue Jays is a 1975 album by Justin Hayward and John Lodge. It was recorded and during the Moody Blues’ five-year Pause.Der track “Blue Guitar”, originally as a non-album single credited to Hayward and Lodge released in September 1975, but operated by Hayward with 10cc band, the album was with its re-release on CD in 1987 aufgenommen.Im 2004 the album was remastered and released on CD with the same Bonustracks.Side One “This Morning” (Justin Hayward) – 00.01 clock “Remember Me (My Friend)” ( Hayward, John Lodge) – 05.55 clock “My Brother” (Hayward) – 11.21 clock “you” (Lodge) – 14.52 clock “Nights Winters Years” (Hayward) – 19:27 UhrSeite Zwei23.04 – (Lodge) “Saved by the Music “” I Dreamed Last Night “(Hayward) – 29:17” Who Are You Now “(Hayward) – 33:45” Maybe “(Lodge) – 36:12” When you wake up “(Hayward, Lodge) – 41: 551987 Bonus Tracks (also 2004 remaster) “Blue Guitar” (Hayward) – 47:10 Justin Hayward – guitar, vocals John Lodge – bass, GesangJim Cockey – ViolineTim Tompkins – CelloTom Tompkins – viola kirk Duncan – piano Graham Deakin – Drum Blue Guitar “Justin Hayward – guitar , lead vocalsLol Cream – guitar, vocals Kevin Godley – drums, vocals Graham Gouldman – Bass, Vocals Eric Stewart – keyboards, vocals Category Music License Standard YouTube License …….. Item 5) …. “He was always a kid at heart”: U.S. soldiers stabbed in the back by Afghan teenager when he played with local children ….. Mail Online – Daily Mail … … Katie DAVIESVERÖFFENTLICHUNG: 12:30 EST, the first April 2013 | UPDATED: 15:40 EST, 1 April 2013 … A Kentucky soldier two months after coming home was stabbed to death by a teenager in Afghanistan after he stopped playing with a group of local children, it appeared heute.Sgt. Michael Cable, 26, of Philpot, Ky., guarding a meeting between Afghan and U.S. officials in the east of the country near the border with Pakistan on Wednesday, when a teenager, believed to be aged 16, attacked him from behind with a large knife. The soldier who would be out of Afghanistan back for a holiday in June and then permanently in September was with local children when the attack took place, play, according to reports ………….. img code photo … ………. Sgt Michael Cable, 26, of Philpot, Kentucky / i/pix/2013/04/01/article-0-1908A9D40000 … Killed: Sgt Michael Cable, 26, of Philpot, Kentucky, was sentenced to death in Afghanistan on Wednesday erstochenFacebook …………………… ………………… img code photo … A U.S. Army team led his remains / i/pix/2013/04/01/article-0-1907FA5F0000 … Remembered: A U.S. Army team carried his remains to be transported home on Thursday. He was from family and friends for his fun-loving spirit erinnerteAP ………………….. He died of stab wounds on Hals.Mitglieder his family flew to Dover Air see Base in Delaware on Thursday, his body back on U.S. soil and remembered their fun, outdoors love Sohn.Seine older sister Wendy Dickens recalled his surprise for the family to visit in November. “He was all the time . goofy and riding on a cart and pushed through the store, even though he was an adult he is just, he was always a kid at heart, “she said said Tri-state.comSeine mother Vickie Johnson:” I’m so proud of him because he is for the United States of America did. “Ms. Dickens and Cable other sister Lisa spoke of his great rapport with their children and how difficult it would be to explain his death.” I miss him so much, ” Lisa Osborne said. “I had already begun to dream of day when he came home. Football with Dave and children in the backyard. My boys have always seen him as a hero ……………… img code photo …. … Dedication: Michael cable signed in 2007 and had already served in Iraq / i/pix/2013/04/01/article-0-1907FAE30000 … Dedication: Michael cable signed in 2007 and had already served in Iraq. He was due to return home in June for a holiday and durable in SeptemberAP ………………… ……………….. img code photo … Prayer: / i/pix/2013/04/01/article-0-1907FE190000 … Prayer: Fellow soldiers pay their respects at DonnerstagAP ………………… Writing on Facebook, Dickens wrote: “Trying to figure out how to make a 5-year to answer and 9-year-old questions about death and dying. My little brother was the hero of my children they thought he was invincible. He was there own GI Joe and now he’s gone. “The fact that he was kind to the local community when he died, the family that he went into the army” have been “ascertained say. He signed up in 2007 and a tour had already been completed by Iraq.” Help He was very determined, “his brother Raymond Johnston Jr – named after her father – told the Courier Press.” He just felt that he really be a good soldier. He wanted to help. He was ready before. Everything for what happened left “Former school friends from Daviess County High remembered his sense of humor and was a Athletik.Er Daviess County runner and will run in its class, the second soldier to werden.Kabel killed teammate Matt Rowe, who currently coaches at Daviess County said, . “Michael’s attitude was contagious. He loved life, cared deeply for his friends, and was always the first to make you laugh. He was the type of person who has always been the back, although he perhaps through a tougher situation go at the time. His friendship was so sincere and Michael is someone that none of us will ever forget. “Michael Cable’s death is another in a tragic month for U.S. troops in Afghanistan.14 soldiers were killed in a strong this month increase in the number of deaths, which is in January and February 4 war.Eine investigation into the death of cable Gange.Er guarded swearing in of the Afghan Local Police in Shinwar district in the province Nangarhar.Der young man who carried out the attack escaped into Pakistan . The Taliban said he was acting independently but had joined the militant Islamic movement since the flight of the Szene.Kabel funeral takes place on Saturday Read more: Brother: Slain Western Kentucky soldier for ‘all’ prepared American Hero honored and remembered ….

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Online Jobs From Home