Mothers who work from home – at home and mothers who stay to work outside the house, we can resolve our differences and find common ground?

mothers who work at home

question of SCC : Stay at home and mothers who work outside the home, we can resolve our differences and find common ground

It seems like we have a lot of mothers who feel the need to defend their choice either to work or stay home. Many of us do this from different Gründen.Warum we can not accept that neither situation is 100% right in all circumstances rather than to criticize those who are either stay at home moms or work outside the home is not a way Mütter.Kann to support and encourage each other rather than to criticize or be defensive against our decisions Best Answer:

response from Paula t.
I say it’s a personal choice and should be treated as such, same with breastfed compared with formula. Whatever works best for you and your family.

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Moms Who Am Home work
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mothers who work at home